Wednesday, November 30, 2016

REVEALED - How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring - Links, Video, and Commentary

In today's social climate of political tension, it can be difficult for us to consider the opposing views of those around us. We can feel angry, and commonly shut down when we hear an opinion that conflicts with our own chosen perspective.  However, in this case, the act of ignoring history and the classic warning signs of massive political corruption is by no means, a victimless offense.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Vatican has Paid Close to $4 Billion to Settle Child Molestation Lawsuits - Links and Commentary

We are currently living in what could be considered the most progressive time in the last millennia. These times have brought more eye-opening experiences, more earth-shaking revelations, and more disclosures of systemic official corruption than any other time in recent history.

The NDAA Legalizes the Use of Propaganda on United States Citizens - Commentary and Links, Plus an Interview with Dr. Udo Ulfkotte

In recent news, the claim that "fake news" is a problem in America has raised more than a few concerns among free-thinking citizens. These claims that this "problem of fake news" needs to be solved seem to hint at a desire to enforce control over what information citizens have access to. There have been many similar assertions coming from the White House and corporate entities such as Facebook and Reddit, claiming that some danger exists within simple information.

#PizzaGate - What We Know So Far - Video, Links, and Commentary

At this point, most of us have heard of the pedophilia scandal know as Pizzagate.  Some may look at this scandal and believe the propaganda which asserts that Pizzagate is illegitimate.  However, considering all of the documented cases of massive pedophilia rings in Western countries, I would say the chances are pretty high that America is no exception.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

UK Involvement In US’ Secret Drone War Revealed - The Untold Story of US-Promoted Terrorism

Source: Activist Post

November 3, 2016

By: Whitney Webb

The US’ secret drone war has largely been shrouded in mystery since its inception. Despite its secrecy there is no denying that the US drone program represents one of Obama’s most dangerous legacies as president – essentially enshrining extrajudicial assassination as a cornerstone US foreign policy with no accountability.

"SPIDER Bites CDC" - An Expose on CDC Corruption and the Gradual Progress toward Transparency

Published: October 20, 2016

By: Carey Gillam 

Concerns about the inner workings of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been mounting in recent months amid disclosures of cozy corporate alliances. Now a group of more than a dozen senior scientists have reportedly lodged an ethics complaint alleging the federal agency is being influenced by corporate and political interests in ways that short-change taxpayers.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dr. Bob Wood and William Tompkins - Part 2 of an Intriguing Interview - Video, Commentary, and Links

We may remember the information revealed from the early days of the Disclosure Project.  This project represented the effort to push for openness and honesty about the truth of ET life.  At first it seemed that there wasn't much more to learn on the topic of disclosure.  However, as time went on it became apparent that there was quite a bit more to the story.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services Exposed – Kidnapping Children for Sex

Source: Medical Kidnap

Published: November 24, 2016

By: Brian Shilhavy

In this Buzzsaw interview (below), filmmaker Sean Stone interviews Tammi Stefano, the Executive Director of The National Safe Child Coalition (NSCC), and exposes much of the corruption happening within Child Protection Services and Family Courts. This might be one of the few interviews currently available on the Internet that gives this much information on the child sex trafficking business that exists in LA County, and across the nation. Tammi Stefano reveals some very shocking information about the child and human trafficking business currently operating in the United States, which is a huge illegal business that brings in more money than the illegal drug trade and illegal arms trade combined.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

US Cited for Police Violence, Racism in Scathing UN Review on Human Rights - US’ second review before UN Human Rights Council dominated by criticism over police violence against black men

Source: America Aljazeera

Published: May 11, 2015

By: Natasja Sheriff

The United States was slammed over its rights record Monday at the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, with member nations criticizing the country for police violence and racial discrimination, the Guantánamo Bay Detention Facility and the continued use of the death penalty.

It’s Happening - These Cops Left Standing Rock and Refuse to Return

Source: The Anti-Media

Published: November 7, 2016

(TFC) North Dakota — Widespread outrage over both the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and violent police crackdowns rages on. That outrage is spreading even to police agencies now returning from deployment to the reservation. Two departments have already refused to return, citing personal and public objections. As if that wasn’t enough, an army of sympathizers is re-purposing social media to combat police efforts in Standing Rock.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Guiding Humanity to Ascension - Choosing Our Path to Ultimate Breakthrough

Many of us have enjoyed the progression of events which have been reported by Corey Goode and the Cosmic Disclosure series. These have been some of the most intriguing and amazing accounts many of us have heard thus far. There have been many episodes which I have personally enjoyed, and many which have inspired me to write on. However, there are a select few which I would consider my favorites.

BREAKING - Millions Watch as Water Cannons, Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, Concussion Grenades Being Used on Peaceful Protectors

Source: Collective Evolution

Published: November 20, 2016

By: Rajie Kabli

A situation is unfolding as you read this. A live feed with currently 60k people watching, 56k comments and 80k shares (and growing) is being shown on Facebook. Kevin Gilbert seems to be the only LIVE feed coming from Standing Rock at a police blockade on a bridge on HWY 1806. They are using extreme force on unarmed, peaceful water protectors. It is sub-zero temperatures right now at Standing Rock and police are using water cannons to spray the protectors. Tear-gas is also being used. In the LIVE feed, Kevin interviews a friend who was on the front lines providing blankets to people when she was heavily tear gassed and as a result, she vomited and peed herself.

5 Times Corporate Media Got Caught Publishing Fake News Causing the Death & Suffering of Millions

Published: November 17, 2016

By: Claire Bernish

A now-notorious list of ostensibly “fake” news sites — created by a liberal professor, seemingly out of thin air — spread like wildfire online in the past two days and was eagerly reprinted by corporate media presstitutes hoping to vindicate their own failed reporting on the 2016 election.

REVEALED - The Real Fake News List - A List of Mainstream News Sources with a History of Dishonesty

Source: Ron Paul Liberty Report

Published: November 19, 2016

By: Chris Rossini

We've seen the make-shift "fake news" list created by a leftist feminist professor. Well, another fake news list has been revealed and this one holds a lot more water.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Illuminating the Templars and the Maltese Cross – Surprising Correlations between the Photon and Numerous Historical Symbols

If we have done enough research in the areas of science and ancient knowledge, we may have noticed that numerous ancient symbols have been resurfacing in the latest discoveries in quantum physics. Not only are these discoveries surprising physicists, they are challenging many scientists to reconsider just how interconnected the universe actually is.

Review - Pentagon Caught Paying PR Firm $540 Million to Make Fake Terrorist Videos - Demonstrating America's Real Stance on "Fake News"

Source: The Free Thought Project

Published: October 2, 2016

By: Claire Bernish 

According to a new joint investigation by the Sunday Times and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the Pentagon paid a PR firm based in the U.K. over half a billion dollars to make fake terrorist videos in Iraq as part of an enormous propaganda campaign.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Benjamin Fulford - George Soros is (Not) Dead - A Short Update

A short update from Benjamin Fulford from November 20th appears to reveal the latest information on the status of George Soros and other Cabal perpetrators.  Here is Fulford.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - The Law of One and the Secret Space Program - Exploring the Striking Correlations between the Law of One and Past Testimonies of the SSP

Up until this point, we have heard some extraordinary accounts from Corey Goode and numerous other researchers and whistleblowers in the Cosmic Disclosure series. These accounts have been astounding with regard to content and the implications this content brings to our everyday lives. To learn about these concepts has been impactful for many of us. However, very little could prepare us for the amount of implication brought to us in this particular episode.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Sphere-Being Alliance - MSNBC and RT Discuss the Implication of the Pedophilia Scandal - Video, Commentary and Links Included

On November 15th, the Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, posted on the Sphere-Being Alliance (Facebook) page a short, but revealing video on the pedophilia scandal overshadowing the Clinton Foundation.  The subjects discussed in this video and any coming disclosures may be shocking to hear.  However, these revelations may represent the onset of a larger disclosure.  According to Goode, this may be a key opportunity for the people to rise up and demand to know the entirety of the truth that has been kept from us for so long.

Dr. Bob Wood and William Tompkins - An Interview to Remember - Corroborating the Accounts of Two Seasoned Veterans - Video, Links, and Commentary

Many of us know of the intriguing and revealing stories of Dr. Robert Wood and retired Colonel William Tompkins.  The accounts of these distinguished gentlemen are among the most telling stories of modern times on the subject of off-world operations and ET life.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Founders of Solar Warden with William Tompkins

It is always interesting to hear the accounts of credible and experienced whistleblowers. There can be very few of these whistleblowers whose stories hold such depth and detail as retired Colonel William Tompkins.

We may remember that Tompkins gave us a view not only into the Secret Space Program, but into the very formation and development of the Solar Warden program. In fact, it was the research and design work of Tompkins and his team which made such large contributions to these programs as we have heard them to be.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Universe is a Single Photon – Exploring the Unity between the Macro and the Micro

It has been discussed in previous articles how the universe is provably composed of one geometric form. This form has been shown to be an extremely interesting anomaly—consisting of both the nature of the infinitesimal and the infinite.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Billionaire Globalist Soros Exposed as Hidden Hand Behind Trump Protests, Provoking US "Color Revolution" - Video, Links, and Commentary

The recent national tension following the election of Donald Trump has been a major news highlight for some time.  It is understandable why many people have been upset by this occurrence, as Trump appeared to have done his best to be hated all the way to the White House.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Putin Congratulates Trump, Says Russia Is Ready To Restore Relations With The US

Source: Zero Hedge

Published: November 9, 2016

Perhaps the most beneficial outcome resulting from last night's loss of the Clinton Clan, whose "charitable" donations from generous donors such as Saudi Arabia to the Clinton Foundation just ended, is that with Hillary not in charge, the probability of World War III has been taken off the table.

BREAKING - Hillary’s ISIL Email Just Leaked & It’s Worse Than Anyone Could Have Imagined

Source: En-Volve

Published: November 4, 2016 

By: A. Michael Smith

Today Wikileaks released what is, by far, the most devastating leak of the entire campaign. This makes Trump’s dirty talk video looks like an episode of Barney and Friends.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Michael Tellinger Hacked - Posts and Website Links

This article serves as a record for the various posts on Michael Tellinger's Facebook page found to have numerous inconsistent, and which seem completely out of character for this well-established public figure.  These unusual posts were made during the week of November 6th and show numerous signs of gross inauthenticity compared to Tellinger's authentic, highly professional standard. This article may serve as evidence for anyone seeking to gain more information on this divergence from creative professionalism.

Michael Tellinger's Facebook Account HACKED – Convincing Evidence that the Account of a Well-Known Public Figure may have been Compromised

Currently, it is a well-known, but unfortunate occurrence when a person's Facebook account is compromised. When this happens to us, our information becomes vulnerable, our activities online are disrupted, and we have dozens of friends angry with us for posting and sending them strange material which seems out of character with our authentic personalities.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Land of the Free? Harvard Study Ranks America Worst in the West for Fair Elections

Published: April 15, 2016

By: Claire Bernish  

As if further proof could possibly be needed of the sorry state of the American electoral process, a new study just ranked the United States dead last in electoral integrity among established Western democracies.

Utter Bulls**t: FBI Wants you to Believe It Examined 650,000 Emails in 691,000 Seconds

Source: The Free-Thought Project

Published: November 7, 2016

By: Claire Bernish  

In no surprise to anyone paying even marginal attention, the FBI’s clearing Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing in its briefly reopened investigation — however, the time the agency took to reach this conclusion is not only bereft of logic and reason, it constitutes the most hubristic of insults to the public’s intelligence.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Tips on Discernment – Discerning the Self – Discussing the Vital Lesson of Self-Evaluation

How awake are you? No, really ... How awake are you? When we hear this question, the temptation might be to think of ourselves as completely adequate and thoroughly able to evaluate any and every situation with impeccable accuracy. Of course, with such overconfidence we may be asking for trouble.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Sacred Architecture – Discussing the Significance of Sacred Geometry in Art and Architecture – Commentary by David Wilcock

The significance of art and architecture from ancient times is commonly appreciated in modern society. Whether we realize it or not, these works have had influence in each of our lives. Even if we aren't too familiar with architectural design, we have become familiar with a wide variety of architectural forms.

We have learned through life that certain structures and designs correspond to certain functions of a building. We know that a wide-area building with a flat roof and a large glass door frame is most common at grocery stores. Also, when we see a multi-layered, helical, concrete structure, we know that we are most likely looking at a parking garage.

Exopolitics versus Exospin - A Response to Dr Steven Greer - An Exploration the Multiple Perspectives on the Process of Disclosure

By now, many have come to realize that the process of Full Disclosure is both complex and multifaceted. Additionally, there are numerous people who have different perspectives on this process as to how it ought to progress, and what the end result should look like.

Complete paradigm shifts are nothing simple. So it is understandable that there would be a difference of opinion as to how such a shift should take place. We may have noticed that there are a number of well-known figures involved in the disclosure process and that not all hold the exact same views. This difference of opinion is fine as long as we can all work together toward learning the entirety of the truth for the good of our planet.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Your Guide to ETs with Clifford Stone

The topics of UFOs and ET life together create quite a multifaceted subject matter.  There are nearly countless topics a person could study on the wide variety of off-world life said to exist.  Consequently, this discussion between Sgt. Clifford Stone, David and Corey includes topics we may not have yet heard of.