Friday, October 7, 2016

Unmasking Fascism - The United Nations Makes a Shocking Admission about Syria and Western Corruption - Commentary and Links Included

In recent times, the excessive corruption and criminality of the United States government has become so obvious that one would need to be fast asleep in order to miss the fact. We have seen overt anti-constitutional moves backed by nothing more than propaganda being forced upon the people. We have seen open acts of abuse and murder under the guise of law enforcement without so much as a shrug from the judicial system, and we have seen an ever-building list of war crimes committed in the Middle East.

The crimes of the United States governance are no longer hidden under lock and key. They are open and obvious for all to see (or at least those who choose to). With all of these crimes against freedom and humanity in mind, one might wonder why such governance is still in existence. The positive side to all of this is the likelihood that this governance will not last much longer, and it is not difficult to see why.

Over the past few weeks, there have been more shocking revelations from mainstream and alternative news sources that spell the beginning of the complete end of illegal Western secrecy. These disclosures may also represent a new way of interacting on an international level. Let's take a look at one of these. This video is on the a recent United Nation Peace Council meeting, and as we will see, this meeting revealed quite a few facts about the true motives behind American violence and corruption around the world.

The United Nations and the Truth Regarding Syria

We may note that this admission represents a step in a positive direction.  However, this is not an entire admission of the true problem.  From my observation, the problem is rooted in financial corruption and the intent of a few elitists to manipulate and contort the entirety of our world for their own selfish gain.  These are the powers who finance and profit from suffering, death, and endless war, and it is the crimes of these people that must be dragged into the light for all of the world to see.

It is not difficult to see at this point, the significant change of pace with regard to the accepted narrative of global events. In the past, the tone of these UN Council assemblies boasted the infallible merit of the West, and the positive influence of the American governmental example. This no longer seems to be the case.

There are few people who are still unaware of the epidemic of corruption of Western governance. The presence of political and corporate corruption has become so common in the U.S. that to see a business that is actually ethically sound would be a shock to see. The sad state of the Union is such that it is illegal to feed the homeless, legal for police to murder citizens in cold blood, legal to steal land from its owners for profit when advantageous to corporate interests.  It is also legal to bomb the military of established countries as long as it is claimed accidental afterward (to add to all the other occasions in which the U.S. "accidentally aided ISIL).

From what I have personally seen come out of the United States over the past three to five years, I would have to conclude that the violent and corrupt governance has outlasted its usefulness. It has become the toy of the soulless and the tool of the corrupt, and the longer it lasts, the more damage it will be allowed to inflict on a national and a global scale.

This is not a Democratic or a Republican issue. This is not the fault of the Conservatives or the Liberals. It is not caused by Millennials, Pokemon GO, or any puppet presidential candidate. There is no reason that I can see to bow to the typical Hegelian con which demands us to fight each other when all of us have been victimized by the same criminals. All of us have been either manipulated, brutalized, robbed, or injured by the parasitic actions of the modern corporate and governmental establishment (though some more than others). All of us have a common problem which threatens our well-being, our health, our lives and prosperity. Each one of us who care about humanity realizes that the only way for true change to take place is to unite, demand it, and then to create it.
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  1. Fine article. This should be major headline news and the reason it's not is addressed by this video. Not 'shocking' to me but the fact that the UN has put this out is a major crack in the crumbling foundation of lies we are currently embedded in. Thanks Shem!