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The Photon – Seed of the Universe - A Digest of the Significance of this Foundational Particle - Commentary by David

Over time, the Wisdom Teachings series has delved ever deeper into the subject of pyramid science. This study has covered the subjects from basic effects of pyramid energy, to how this energy was first discovered, and how it affects matter and living organisms. It has been discussed as to why pyramids function and the universal forces which these devices amplify in order to produce the effects they do.

It has even been discuss in passed episodes the complex science of torsion physics and the mechanics of the black hole. These discussions examined the details of the new physical theory of fluid spacetime, which on its own, has redefined the world of physics in profound ways. This fluid model of spacetime has quite literally opened doors in science that were once thought never to have existed.
These discoveries make possible numerous advancements in science and prove many that have already been made. Anti-gravity, teleportation, time travel, even the afterlife can be substantiated by the science that has been divulged in these discussions. Who knows where it will turn up next? We cannot say for sure, but for now, we will examine the discussion on the photon and the oneness of the universe.

Taking Care of the Basics

In an earlier episode of the Wisdom Teachings series, it was discussed how the photon was much more than we ever knew previously. It was mentioned that these particles of light are known to spontaneously manifest out of the fabric of spacetime under the right conditions—the concept known as virtual photons. It was also mentioned that there was more to this concept of these virtual photons and their multidimensional characteristics which allow them to manifest in such unexpected ways. As we may remember, this seemingly random appearance of photons is one of the main reasons why pyramids work the way that they do. For review, here is a short excerpt on the subject.

It has been discussed that these photons—when absorbed in higher amounts via pyramid energy—have the potential to accelerate the evolutionary process, which is amazing in and of itself. As interesting as these principles may be, however, they are only the beginning of the story. According to the Law of One, photons are not only fractal particles of light. They are actually alive. In fact, these wave/particles may actually be the most basic form of life in our universe. Here is the Law of One with the details.

41.9 Questioner: Then what is the simplest being that is manifested? I am supposing it might be a single cell or something like that. And how does it function with respect to energy centers?

Ra: I am Ra. The simplest manifest being is light or what you have called the photon. In relationship to energy centers it may be seen to be the center or foundation of all articulated energy fields.

According to the text, the simplest form of life is not the cell as science has proposed it to be. The photon has all of the qualities of the universe compacted within itself. In fact, according to the fractal nature of the universe, the photon could be described as a seed with all of the information necessary to create an entire universe on its own.

So this principle that photons actually have life is added to the physical processes discussed in previous episodes. It would make sense that if these photons are in fact alive, they would have similar characteristics as we see in nature.

The principle of sacred geometry is likely to be common knowledge among most of those who frequent David Wilcock's material. This is the principle that maintains that highly symmetrical, fractal, and spherical geometry can be found at every level of scale throughout the universe. It is this geometry which serves as a template for all natural forms throughout the universe.

Getting Down to Business

The Wisdom Teachings series has covered the subject of the platonic solids on numerous occasions. These are the five geometric shapes which can be seen in both natural universal forms as well as numerous works of historical works of art. This knowledge seems to have been a major aspect of ancient wisdom among the various civilizations throughout Earth's history.
The knowledge of sacred geometry seems to be so consistent, so ancient, and yet so complex and scientifically significant that it seems that this knowledge came not simply from mere chance, but from intervention from a civilization far more advanced than that of ancient Earth. There are many who suggest that the ancient knowledge which parallels so many principles in modern science came from ET origins and was later spread throughout the Earth's population in the past. What can we learn from these ancient and yet advanced principles? Many have been discussed in past articles, but let's see what else we might uncover.

If we look at the similarities between the macrocosmic and the microcosmic facets of the universe, we will find the same fractal geometry throughout. This paints a clear picture of the relationship between the two. At one point, David Wilcock took the idea of this relationship one step further. He proposes that not only are these two worlds similar, but that they are the same in one extremely significant way. Wilcock states the Law of One principle that all things in the universe are actually alive.

The Paranormal Side of Pyramid Science - The Pineal Gland, Ghosts, and Astral Projection - Commentary by David Wilcock

Just as last week's episode mentioned how the photon was alive, if the universe is fractally based upon the shape and characteristics of one singular photon, this would mean that the entirety of the universe would have all of the characteristics of that one original photon. Consequently, if there is life on at least one system within our galaxy, that would mean that this life and/or consciousness exists within the original photon.

If consciousness exists within the universe, then this consciousness exists within the infinitely expressive photon which serves as a template for that consciousness. To add, if that original template is infinitely expressive, then chances are that life and consciousness are just as common as we see all other pronunciations of the fractal geometric structures in nature. We have heard David Wilcock mention this numerous times, but now we have an explanation to go with our own proposal.

As Wilcock shared, this insight came to him after finishing the Ascension Mysteries book, but he was only able to compile it afterward. This particular talk was the first time he has shared this level of insight to date.

Our Distorted Experience

The Law of One has been a helpful piece of literature for many. It seems to be a different type of channeled information than most other messages, in that it contains specific scientific knowledge within the passages. These principles are not excessively obvious as we may expect to see from a textbook, but their representation is undeniable once they are translated from their metaphoric form.

When the Law of One text was transcribed, the significance of the contents was not completely known. The data-points within it weren't even verified scientific knowledge at the time the messages were written down, but over time these messages would be proven to be more than just nice literature. This channeling turned out to be substantial on numerous levels. One of the data points of interest is the universal experience of conscious awareness. More specifically, we are interested in what the Law of One terms distortions.

27.13 Questioner: Is Love— is there a manifestation of love that we could call vibration?

Ra: I am Ra. Again we reach semantic difficulties. The vibration or density of love or understanding is not a term used in the same sense as the second distortion, Love; the distortion Love being the great activator and primal co-Creator of various creations using intelligent infinity; the vibration love being that density in which those who have learned to do an activity called “loving” without significant distortion, then seek the ways of light or wisdom. Thus in vibratory sense love comes into light in the sense of the activity of unity in its free will. Love uses light and has the power to direct light in its distortions. Thus vibratory complexes recapitulate in reverse the creation in its unity, thus showing the rhythm or flow of the great heartbeat, if you will use this analogy.

This passage refers to the beginning of the universe—a state of reality which could be termed infinite consciousness or intelligent infinity. In this state, there is only infinity “being-ness” (to use the alternative term). According to the Law of One, there is nothing that exists apart from the One. (This is where the title of the book series originated). However, in this oneness the Infinite Consciousness became bored. Due to the very nature of infinity, there is not much that it can do other than simply be. In other words, there is no movement or change of any kind that needs to take place. There is only the one Being that Is.

As any of us may experience in life, it's not very possible to stand still for very long without changing states. Whether it means getting up and walking around, sitting and daydreaming, or falling asleep and having actual dreams, we as conscious beings prefer change and movement of some kind—whether it be physically of consciously. In the same way, the Infinite Awareness wanted something to do. So in order to initiate this activity, this Awareness created the illusion or the distortion of separation. This was the illusion of the existence of different beings who could interact without fully realizing that there was only the One. This division is what we call the Law of Free Will, or the ability to make our own choices without fully understanding the consequences.

We may think of free will as the illusion that makes it seem as though the occurrences in our life are random, but in actuality we are the ones that plan and design these experiences on our own. Simply put, we create our own experiences by our actions. This runs along the same lines as the concept known as authorization. This act of authorizing an experience is achieved by the way we treat others. When we treat others a certain way, we authorize the same treatment back to ourselves.

Free Will was the first distortion which the infinite consciousness created. The second of these distortions we know as light. Light is the separation between the energy and the space without energy. The darkness and light work together to form the Oneness. One cannot function or exist without the other. This concept of life often exists in tandem with the concept of love (the third distortion) mentioned in the above. This love actually cooperates with the light in that the light initiates and the love receives.

In past articles, it was discussed how the love and light worked together in order to continue the existence of 3rd density. To review, here is a passage from a recent article on the interaction between the distortions of light and love.

Wilcock discusses love as the concept of a wormhole. When we love someone we actually create an inter-dimensional wormhole which connects us to them that crosses time and space. This is why we can feel the same emotions as the person we love from great distances. It is why cells of a person can exhibit the same energetic fluctuations as the person themselves, even when they are separated by hundreds of miles. It is also why we can feel the sensation of being watched even though the watcher may be viewing us through a camera.

These concepts of light and love can be seen as the masculine and feminine energy interacting. The feminine energy is that which receives, and the masculine is that which gives. The masculine acts and the feminine reacts. In the model, spacetime flows into the black hole via gravity (love), and as they do, more light steps down from higher dimensions into our physical dimension and races out at light speed to be received by another black hole in the form of an atom or another star. The light is the seed that continues the process. It is this seed that is either absorbed by another black hole, or steps down and becomes physical matter. It is this seed that also sustains living organisms. (The thought also came to mind that this is exactly how human inspiration and creativity operate.)

As mentioned, the photon originates from the white hole surrounding the black hole and races out into the universe to find another black hole to receive it. This photon is the manifestation of the distortion of light, and as mentioned, this photon is alive. The similarities of the interaction between the photon and the wormhole are much like the interaction between the male and the female genitalia. As Wilcock mentioned, these are not dirty or shameful as we have been taught to think of them. The genitalia are fractal/holographic representations of universal design. They do exactly what the entire universe is doing on a constant basis.

One thing we may note about sexuality in world society is that no matter what developed country we are in, chances are that society has indoctrinated its people with restrictive and counterproductive ideas about sex. In multiple “developed” countries, the subject and idea of sex is something to be shunned, kept quiet, and even feared in many cases. To be honest, I personally believe this counterproductivity to be by design.

If the act of sex is a universal constant then it could be that this constant holds within it unheard-of levels of energetic potential. On the specific subject of heterosexual sex between a man and woman, there has been so much avoidance and stringent restriction more than there has been education. (This could be said about multiple types of sexual relations. However, for this particular discussion we will keep to the subject of universal mechanics of sexual reproduction.)

This avoidance of interaction between the sexes has created a severely unhealthy divide between men and women. This happens first in childhood in social settings; then as children grow into adults, this divide is compounded. Instead of learning how to interact with one another (on a general level or a sexual level), our institutions (as well as most parents) avoid the subjects of sex and sexuality altogether so that children are left to learn either on their own, or not at all. What we wind up with is a society which can barely function on its most basic level.

This dysfunction is quite possibly the largest contributing factor to the problems of sexism and rape in society. This is a bit of a tangent, and I would like to stay on track. So for now, I will just point out that the modern rhetoric of those who claim to be interested in solving the issue of rape in society seem to be avoiding the root cause. To put it simply, the full knowledge and experience of healthy connection applied in the correct way will largely eliminate the existence of unhealthy connections.

So we have this natural universal mechanism of sexuality incorporated into the male and female anatomy. This is one of many iterations of the relationship between the conscious being and the conscious infinity. Another iteration of this repetition can be seen in the what could be refereed to as the heartbeat of the universe. We may remember the sonoluminescent process and how this process could be said to be the means by which stars function. We may also remember the fact that the astral surface actually expands and contracts over time, and that this can serve a similar purpose as the sound waves within the sonoluminescent bubble.

This universal heartbeat is a gateway for the light to come through into our universe and to interact, and to ultimately continue existence on multiple levels. In fact, there is one particular Law of One passage which mentions the connection between the energies of light love and physicality. Here is the text.

27.12 Questioner: I would like for you to define love in the sense— in its sense as the second distortion.

Ra: I am Ra. This must be defined against the background of intelligent infinity or unity or the One Creator with the primal distortion of free will. The term Love then may be seen as the focus, the choice of attack, the type of energy of an extremely, shall we say, high order which causes intelligent energy to be formed from the potential of intelligent infinity in just such and such a way. This then may be seen to be an object rather than an activity by some of your peoples, and the principle of this extremely strong energy focus being worshiped as the Creator instead of unity or oneness from which all Loves emanate.

According to this passage, there are two aspects of consciousness to the universe. These are intelligent energy and intelligent infinity. From what I gather, the energy represents the physical manifestation of the infinity. However, both of these are conscious and intelligent. This may mean that the energy we consider vacuum energy is not simply random amorphous potential. According to this passage, this energy is conscious and even intelligent. This may be another reason as to why David Wilcock maintains his belief that the universe is alive and intelligent. It is a Law of One principle spelled out in multiple passages.

Conscious Time and Infinite Potential

There was one instance in which David mentioned the principle of intelligent time and space. In one episode of Wisdom Teachings, he discussed the concept of time-travel as written in the novel, “The Montauk Project.” I have personally never read this book. However, from my understanding, there is one part of the story where a rather psychopathic Nazi-type of character travels into the past, and kills his own father simply to see what would happen. After this point, he is still alive and is confused as to why. However, three days later the man is killed by a speeding car while crossing the street. Wilcock gave this as an example of how time itself is conscious and intelligent.

As mentioned earlier, if the original photon which serves as the template for the universe hold intelligent potential within it, and this universe is fractal and holographic in nature, then everything within the universe will have the same characteristics as the original template. This means that not only is every object intelligently aware, but that all dimensions—including time—are intelligent as well. This could mean that in this intelligent time, paradoxes could be actively resolved such as in the example the Montauk Project gives.

If time is 3-dimensional, that means that the past is not set, and neither is the future. It means that events in the present can alter events in the past. If an action is committed in the present, it could very well be that the past changes to support that action—creating the support structure that would cause that act to have greatest influence. David Wilcock gave the example of the possibility that if present-day events transpire in a positive way, we all could end up preventing the civilization of Atlantis from sinking. This potential of time alteration is quite significant, I would say.

The above passage from the Law of One also mentions the concept that love is not simply a feeling or an action. It has actual substance to it. In fact, this substance of love could actually be considered to be a building block of the cosmos itself. This is an interesting concept to hear, I think. In passing, David Wilcock makes mention of the common pitfall which most people fall into in modern society. This is that with regard to love, we may only perceive love as possible in a partnership between self and others. This is not to say that relationships are not important. It is to say that we regard to self-love and care, we commonly fall short.

It is partially due to a social desire to be accepted and valued that we can miss the appreciation of our own value. Instead of providing this appreciation for ourselves, we choose to depend upon others to give it to us. This is not the healthiest way of living. This fixation upon external sources of love can also cause other significant issues in life.

Self Love - The Greatest Love of All

Often when people choose to pursue religious fulfillment, they can end up pursuing the love aspect of the universe as though it is the same as an outward social relationship. This is not true to the situation the Law of One spells out for us. If the universe is a fractal, holographic emanation of one singular source, then we are a part of that source. That source is within us, and is us. To attempt to pursue this source externally will always leave an individual empty-handed. To add, outward pursuits of love such as major religions leave us vulnerable to manipulative people and groups.

If we pursue love externally, we will never find it, but quite often we find cheap imitations of it in religious belief systems. This is not to knock anyone's faith. We each choose as we see best. However, along any path there is typically a time of awakening during which a person will begin to ask questions about the beliefs they have maintained for so long. During this time, the question “Why?” typically supersedes any blind inclination to obey any longer. This is the journey of the 22 archetypes.
Simply put, if our goal is unity with the Divine Oneness, our focus will not simply be one iteration of that oneness. Love is simply a building block of the universe, according to the Law of One. To focus on this love alone can be a dead end. There was one mention which Wilcock made about the Tibetan monks who have achieved rainbow body. That is that in order to achieve this ascent into higher consciousness, these monks do not focus on love. Instead, they focus on the Infinite Awareness.

As Wilcock stated, the focus of melding one's consciousness into the Infinite Consciousness is the key to attaining higher consciousness, and there may be an interesting reason as to why. If it is true that we are only fictitiously separated from the Oneness of the universe, that would mean that to acknowledge our true unity with that Oneness would dissolve the illusion and return our conscious awareness back to the reality of the Oneness. If that occurs, I imagine that after that point, our choices of experience would be infinite.

Our Multidimensional Reality

We have already considered the concept of a conscious universe in which the space around us, the energy within and around us, and everything in existence is alive. We have discussed the 3-dimensional, fractal nature of the universe, in that it is both the infinitesimal point-light source of the photon, as well as the infinity surrounding it. To this concept of conscious time, space and energy, we add the concept of 3-dimensional time. Here is the Law of One with the details.

27.14 Questioner: I will make a statement that I have extracted from the physics of Dewey Larson which may or may not be close to what we are trying to explain. Larson says that all is motion which we can take as vibration, and that vibration, which is pure vibration and is not physical in any way or in any form or in any density; that vibration, by— first product of that vibration is what we call the photon, particle of light. I was trying to make an analogy between this physical solution and the concept of love and light. Is this close to the concept of Love creating light, or not?

Ra: I am Ra. You are correct.

If you have not read the work of the late Dewey Larson, I suggest doing so. His theory of the universe seems to be validated in a number of ways in the above passage. In short, Larson was an engineer who derived his well-known theory from his observations of universal processes. There are a number of facets which his theory covered. However, the principle of the three-dimensional nature of both space and time are quite significant.

The above passage refers to the fundamentality of vibration within Larson's theory which he called the Reciprocal System of Theory. This is to say that everything within the universe can be resolved by certain vibratory constants, according to the theory. By my understanding, the questioner in this case is asking the Ra group if the form of the photon can be found in every aspect and scale of reality throughout the universe. The answer is yes, according to the text. If this is true, and the photon is the foundational form of life and existence within the universe, then it is quite possible that the photon has a very distinct form. But what is this form?

If we were to look for a form that was pronounced in all scales of existence in the physical universe, what would that form be? This would not be any of the Platonic solids, as those are only templates for energetic interaction and motion in the universe. They are not perfectly represented forms. Nor is the spherical torus which we see in so many energetic circulatory systems, though we can see pronunciations of this form in every living object. However, this is not a physical form, but only an energetic standing wave form, as we have seen in energetic waves, eventually the fluid substances within them succumb to gravity.

Sculpted Platonic solids

The standing wave form of the spherical torus

The spherical torus of an apple.  According to what we see in nature, only organisms made of cells are able to hold this shape.  If objects are fluid (such as gasses and liquids) or granular (such as sand), they do not typically maintain this form very well.

The North Pole of Saturn

Another of Saturn's North Pole

ESA - South Polar Storms on Saturn

Ocean waves operate with the same laws of harmonics as any other wave.  However, waves such as these are limited by the medium through which they travel.  In this case, water has its limit of amplitude, or height.  When this height is reached, the wave topples over.  This toppling is also caused by the wave's deceleration as it contacts the land.

Science of Summer: How Do Ocean Waves Form?

We may look at stars and planets and think that this form would be spherical (or semi-spherical in the case of gas giant planets such as Saturn and Jupiter). This sphere may actually get us close to the answer. However, the sphere is not a perfect constant, but acts as an outer boundary for the multiple forces that house the energy inside of any body. So what does this leave? According to David Wilcock, the answer of the form of the photon can be found within the Mandelbrot set.

As discussed in past articles, the Mandelbrot set is a mathematical function which was discovered by the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot. This was a function that was discovered at first by accident and was later confirmed by multiple other tests. To put it simply, this mathematical function was discovered while Mandelbrot was working for the AT&T company, and was tasked with figuring out why signals were not consistent throughout the company's national communication grid. He began gathering the data and graphing it out. The graph ended up becoming the well-known stylized two-dimensional version of the Mandelbrot set that we know. Later, Mandelbrot was shocked to see the exact same data calculated for the dynamic of the predatory relationship between a population of foxes and rabbits.

It would later be found that this mathematical function could be found in multiple relationships and interactions throughout nature. At one point, this mathematical function was plotted out in three-dimensional form. It was at this stage when this form was shown a possible universal template. Within the 3D version of the Mandelbrot set, we can see the possibility of infinite scale and fractal pronunciation of repeating form. We can see that from that single shape there are an endless number of possible iterations within the singular form.

3D renderings of the Mandelbrot set

David Wilcock explains how the 3D Mandelbrot set could be considered a form which has a sphere as the out-most form and within that sphere is the infinite complexity of this fractal form. In other words, this Mandelbrot set could actually be the form of the photon itself. This is the exact same way the Law of One describes the universe—as a single unit, but perceived as countless independent entities.

If it is true that we are all one, this principle may hold more implications than one can count. If we as sentient beings in this universe are truly united at a fundamental level, this means that there is no true separation, no division, nor any truth to the concept of alone as we know this concept to be. It means that we never have to feel lonely again, and that love and divinity are not detached, unattainable principles that are only available to us if we change our outward appearance to be accepted by others.

If the Law of One holds true, then our oneness is absolute, our unity fundamental, and our future reunion inevitable. This is something we may look forward to, but for now, we may have a few more days playing our game of fictitious solitude from that which we truly are. Of course there are countless up-sides to this perception of independence, but that is another conversation.

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