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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Pyramids and Photon Vortexes - Delving Even Deeper into the Science of Pyramid Technology

This revisit to the subject of pyramid science has been a refreshing detour along the course of disclosure. These ancient and yet advanced devices seem to represent some of the most beneficial technology we presently have on Earth. The ways in which these pyramids interact with spacetime go far beyond the impact of any drug or remedy we currently rely upon to keep us healthy.

Our modern technology consists of computers, smart phones, virtual reality, war machines, etc. However, none of these seems to benefit our lives in the way which matters most—that of our health. It seems that our “advanced” society does everything to either harm our health in some way, or to distract us from the fact of our ever-decreasing vitality. Pyramid technology contrasts this situation of mal health entirely.

This episode goes into detail on the function of pyramids—revealing the fact that they are photon generators and how these photons can affect everything around these structures. Within the discussion, David Wilcock goes further in depth on the findings of the Russian pyramid research. More specifically, he discusses why these studies yield so much evidence of the ability of pyramids to increase health and vitality, and to strengthen materials within and around them.

Heartbeat of the Universe

We have heard of the concept that pyramids are gravity collectors. As discussed in previous episodes, gravity flows into all matter and actually creates and sustains the structure of matter as a whole. We will also remember from past episodes on pyramid studies that any point in the form of an object will create a type of directional bias in the flow of gravity into that object. In other words, gravity will flow into the point of the object at greater rates than shapes which are planer or spherical in shape. As gravity flows into any form, it will flow at greater rates in the direction of the point.
We may think of these pyramids as upside down funnels where if we pour liquid into the funnel, the liquid will form a spiral as it flows out of the bottom of the funnel. This is exactly what pyramids are doing with the energy of gravity, according to Wilcock. In this way, pyramids act as solid-state gravity collectors.

These pyramids don't move in any way, yet because of this natural flow of fluid spacetime/gravity around and through them, they process, reform and redirect this spacetime/gravity in a desired direction. Like any fluid, gravity naturally forms this vortex as it flows through the pyramid. This vortex will remain as long as there is fluid flowing, and because it is seemingly impossible to run out of spacetime, these pyramids can produce endless supplies of free energy that can be used in different ways.

Building upon this topic, David Wilcock discusses the concept of sonoluminescence in which a spherical flask of water is subjected to specific sound frequency. A single bubble is then injected into the water below the surface and balanced in place with sound pressure, and as this is done the bubble begins to give off light. As discussed from the last episode, this bubble generates light as it rapidly collapses and expands back to its original size. Many scientists believe that this is occurring as a result of spacetime itself being folded in some way.

A close up of the phenomenon of sonoluminescence

Scientists believe that as spacetime is folded by the sound frequency, it produces a photonic discharge. It is as though spacetime is wringing out photons similar to the way we might wring out a washcloth. Because the sound frequency continues, the photons keep manifesting at a high rate of frequency. This process was termed “central oscillator” by Dr. Oliver Krane, the author of the noteworthy paper, “Central Oscillator and Space-Quanta-Medium.” In this process, the central oscillator is a spherical singularity being compressed and then expanding. As it expands it releases photons in all directions, and the cycle continues.

As David Wilcock explained, this rapid expansion/contraction cycle is being undergone by every aspect of the universe. Everything from the atom to the super giant star is contracting and expanding, and as it does, each of these objects releases photons. This is why photons tend to appear randomly even in completely sealed and darkened rooms. Wilcock refers to this expansion/contraction cycle as a sort of heartbeat.

Conventional science maintains the theory that stars operate based upon nuclear fusion. Consequently, this focus of science explains the expansion and contraction in terms of this theory. However, the new model of physics of the fluid universe presents this solar respiration as caused by the sonoluminescent process. As the star expands and contracts it is also wringing out spacetime and in the process, it is constantly producing incredible amounts of energy in light and heat.

Wilcock refers to this expansion and contraction as the heartbeat of all things. It is this oscillation which allows everything from atoms, to micro-cellular organisms, humans, planets and stars to exist. This is an expression of the fractal nature of the universe. In this way, the macrocosmic world reflects the biological world on multiple levels.

Photons from the Vortex

We think of the concept of photons as traveling through space at light speed in a perfectly straight linear trajectory. However, this is not actually the case. According to scientific observations, photons travel in a segmented path. This is because light is inter-dimensional in nature.

When spacetime is wrung out in the sonoluminescent process, photons will step down from higher states and manifest as light in the physical universe. As these photons emerge, they race away at the speed of light—traveling in their segmented path, hopping back and forth from higher dimensions to the physical universe—until they encounter the gravity of another object. As David Wilcock mentions, the DNA molecule is a particular attractor of photons. In his presentation from the Conscious Life Expo from early 2016, Wilcock gave a few details on the nature of DNA as a photon collector. Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote on this presentation on what science terms the “DNA phantom effect.”

DNA Attracts Light

In 1984, scientists Dr. Pjotr Gariaev and Vladimir Poponin discovered what is referred to as the "DNA Phantom Effect".  Simply put, these two scientists measured the photon distribution in an empty, completely dark, hermetically sealed room, and recorded the results.  Then they observed the difference of photon distribution with a strand of DNA inside the room, and were astounded by the results.

This image is the data from a photon counter in the room in both cases.  Without DNA, the distribution seems random.  When DNA is put in the room, it attracts the photons to itself and holds them.  To put this into perspective, there are no known forces in nature that can do this except one.  That is a black hole.  This DNA showed the same gravitational force of a black hole.  Notice also, in the case where DNA is in the room, there is not one stray photon.  They are all arranged in a helix,  just like the DNA strand.

DNA most likely attracts light because the light has something to do with healthy function.

(We now know that cancer is a scrambling of ultraviolet light at 260 nanometers.  We now know that all carcinogens cause this dispersion.  We know this because of further studies by more unrecognized scientists.)

Modern biology has no explanation for this.

The concept of the DNA phantom effect is one of controversy. It is also among the many phenomena which the pseudo-skeptics habitually attack without having any knowledge to support their opposing stance. This DNA phantom effect has been observed at the professional scientific level and seems to support the principle that not only do atomic structures attract photons, but that living DNA can attract and hold these photons. In fact, this attraction of light may be part of the natural function of DNA specifically for the purpose of maintaining health and full functionality of living organisms.

As David Wilcock points out, the cause for cancer had been found to be directly linked to the blockage of light at a certain wavelength. As stated in the excerpt above, this is the range of around 260 nanometers, or ultraviolet light. Wilcock goes on to explain that all carcinogens were found by Dr. Fritz Albert Popp to all scatter light in the ultra-violet range. If this is true, this could have extreme implications in the area of cancer research.

Below is a description of the research and achievements of Dr. Fritz Albert Popp.

Biophotonics is a branch of quantum biology dealing with interactions between single-photons and biological matter in order to understand the inner workings of cells and tissues in living organisms. It is probably the best solution for understanding cell function by integrating molecular activities within the living cells.

Fritz-Albert Popp is the inventor of biophoton theory, and has coined the term biophotons which refers to coherent photons emitted from biological organisms. Biophoton theory concerns DNA as the most probable source of biophoton emission.

The biological emission of photons (biophotons) is a term used to describe the permanent ultraweak (1-100 photons/sec/cm2) emission of coherent (phase-locked and/or frequency-locked) photons from living systems. (F.A.Popp 1976) Popp considered it to be a quantum biological phenomenon with bio-informational character distinct from the non-coherent emission of photons as by-products of metabolism, like thermal radiation and bioluminescence/chemiluminescence caused by radical reactions, oxidation etc.

Biophoton/ultraweak photon emission originates from relaxation of electronically excited states of the constituents of living cells, which are generally associated with the presence of an oxidative metabolism that accompanies the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which participate in the regulation of a wide spectrum of biochemical and physiological functions.

Biophoton/ultraweak photon emission reflects the pathophysiological state with respect to mitochondrial energy (ATP) production and the susceptibility to oxidative stress which is derived from the excessive production of ROS or a lack of activity for antioxidant protection.

Biophotons consist of light with a high degree of order, in other words, biological “laser” light. Such a light is very quiet (low-noise) and shows an extremely stable intensity, without the fluctuations normally observed in light. Because of their stable field strength, its waves can superpose, and by virtue of this, constructive and destructive interference effects become possible that do not occur in ordinary light.

Ultraweak Photon Emission
(UPE) or Biophoton emission (BPE) refers to the phenomenon of constant and spontaneous emission of light from all biological systems including humans due to metabolic activities, without excitation or enhancement. This occurs in the visible and UV part of the electromagnetic spectrum at ultra low intensities, on the order of 10-16 – 10-18 W/cm2.

The coherent emission of bio-photons is connected to energy and information transfer processes in the biological organisms, and has been linked to the function of DNA and to gene regulation.

There have been proposed various mechanisms of production, emission, and absorption of bio-photons, which concern metabolic and homeostatic processes, biorhythms, intracellular and intercellular communication, cell growth and differentiation, regulation of biochemical and morphogenetic processes, microtubule function, etc..

Furthermore, this phenomenon has been experimentally verified independently by many governmental and university research laboratories in unicellular organisms, separate cell cultures (which exhibit photon communication that results in synchronization of their emission pattern), tumor cells (which exhibit characteristic photon emission pattern different from normal cells), tissues, organs, plants, animals, and humans.

As for the differentiation in photon emission between health and disease, relative studies concern the effect of microbial infections in biological systems, the correlation with states of health, and new methods of interpretation and diagnosis in pathological states such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.
Further experimental studies have shown that ultraweak photon emission from the surface of the human skin is emitted in the visual and in the infrared spectrum and is also strongly correlated to electrodermal activity (Popp et al., 2006 ).

In cancer diagnostics, the use of near-field electrical measurements (Pokorny et al., 2011 ), besides the far-field method of ultraweak photon emission, utilizes frequency selective (resonant) absorption of electromagnetic waves in malignant tumors.

There is a lot of complex terminology in this excerpt. However, the concepts discussed are fairly simple and easy to understand. To put it simply Dr. Popp discovered that all biological organisms have a tendency to spontaneously emit photons. Even in a completely darkened room, these photons will appear and be reabsorbed by living organisms.
This photonic communication is not at all random, according to Dr. Popp's findings. The bio-photons in question are actually highly ordered in nature and include very little noise or interference as compared to normal light. In other words, it seems that life has a way of ordering these photons so as to use them as a medium of information transfer. This type of order cannot be found in random light sources.

Dr. Popp also found that many diseases can be directly correlated to the specific types of photonic discharges they give off. The article gives the example of cancer and multiple sclerosis and the diagnosis of these diseases by way of analyzing their photonic discharge from the surface of the skin. However, these findings may go much further than simple diagnosis, as David Wilcock has suggested in the past. If we know the photonic emission of any particular illness, and we know what the cell needs in order to remain healthy (that being an adequate source of bio-photons), then we will have a way of curing the disease which produced the initial findings to begin with.

If there were a way to concentrate and redistribute these bio-photons in a way which the anatomy of any living organism could absorb, it would be possible to cure virtually any disease that was cause by the deficiency. This principle may be why pyramids have been found to be able to cure virtually any disease and any ailment when properly utilized.

A New Take on Pyramid Science

The past episode on pyramids went into the scientific results of Russian pyramids studies quite thoroughly. As we may remember, these studies included the scientific expertise of Dr. Yuri Bogdanov and the Russian Joint-stock Company "Scientific and Thechnological Institute of Transcription, Translation and Replication" (or TTR for short). These studies focused on the effects of pyramid energy on a variety of materials and organisms. These subjects were covered in numerous other episodes. However, throughout those studies, the overall reasoning behind the effects was not included previously. This section is dedicated to breaking down the reason for why pyramid energy was so effect and beneficial in numerous ways.
David Wilcock mentions one particular aspect of the Russian pyramid studies headed by Dr. Bogdanov. The first subject covered was in the science of agriculture and the effects of pyramid energy on wheat fields of Ramenskoe in Moscow. These wheat crops were not subjected to any atypical factors besides pyramid energy. Here are the results from the website.

Dr. Bogdanov participated in the choice of a place under the building of several big model pyramids in Russia. Then he conducted consequent examinations of the properties of each of the pyramids and effects, which originated in them and around  them (see the previous point). One of the pyramids was built in the settlement Ramenskoe of the Moscow region. There a 12 m pyramid was constructed. With the help of "the effect of pyramids" it was possible in the domestic state farm "Ramenskoe" to augment productivity of wheat  4 times.

The result from pyramid energy alone was an increase of 4 times the normal yield at the Ramenskoe farm. This is unheard of. There was no change in nutrition of the plants, no additional fertilizers, or additives to these fields at all. The only change made to these crops was that they were exposed to pyramid energy. As Wilcock describes, these wheat crops grew taller, they had more berries on them, and if I am not mistaken, they were more resistant to detrimental factors as well.

We may think of a pyramid as a funnel which collects the energy of spacetime/gravity faster from its base than from other angles.  As this energy moves upward and out from the point at the top, the energy forms an energetic vortex inside.  This vortex remains constant just as the flow of spacetime is constant.  David Wilcock mentions that we may picture this as an upside-down funnel with the hole at the top of the structure, and the fluid spiraling though it is spacetime.

As David Wilcock explained, pyramid energy is photonic in nature. This means that the studies of Dr. Popp apply to these agricultural experiments in that every living organism requires these photons to survive and thrive in full health. Essentially, this photonic pyramid energy is life force itself. Due to the influence of this energy, these wheat crops were given the thorough dose of the photonic energy they needed to grow far beyond their typical level of health.

This Russian scientific revisit continued with the effects of pyramid energy on certain materials. In this case, carbon, concrete, and granite were the materials of choice. Here is what they found.

Studies of changes of properties of matter were conducted there as well. It was revealed that the half-life of carbon was altered; the structure of salt patterns changed; the strength properties of concrete varied; the optical behavior of crystals under consideration changed.

This demonstrates another aspect of photonic influence of pyramid energy. As we heard from the previous episode, pyramid energy is gravity and spacetime, and it is this gravity/spacetime that is needed by all matter to exist. So when this matter is exposed to concentrated amounts of this spacetime flow, it will naturally become stronger, more atomically organized, and more stable in structure. To add to this strength, we have the ability of the pyramid energy to decrease the half-life of carbon. This is not supposed to be possible. These types of results suggest that pyramid energy reduce the effects of anything that may be harmful to life.
David Wilcock compares this process of material strengthening to the act of stroking a magnet across an iron nail. Those of us who tried this as a kid will know that this will cause the molecules of the nail to align in the direction of the magnetic poles. This alignment progresses to the point where the nail becomes a magnet itself. In a similar way, the pyramid energy causes material to become more consistent and more resilient so that they are even stronger than they would otherwise be.

We may also remember the experiment by the Russian scientists which involved the scattering of granite (made of quartz crystal) across the floor of the pyramid and leaving it there for an extended period of time. If we do, we will remember how that granite changed color from red to white. This was due to the energetic interaction between the pyramid energy and the plastic nature of the quartz crystals within granite.

We will remember that all crystal is not completely solid in nature, but that the molecular structure of these crystals is flexible. When exposed to either electrical current of pyramid energy, this crystal begins to oscillate at a consistent frequency. As this oscillation takes place, all of the elements which had previously been dissolved into the quartz crystal structure begin to settle out. This process continues until there are no more elements inside the crystal—leaving it brighter in color.

To add to these discoveries, the Russian scientists recorded their findings of the effects of pyramid energy on animals. Here is what they found.

The studies of influence of the pyramid on animals showed the following: the physical endurance of rabbits and white rats was twice increased; the leukocytic composition of  blood was altered.

Just as the photonic energy of the pyramid allowed the wheat crops to grow more vibrant, more healthy, and more resilient, this energy also added life force to these animals. The rabbits and rats exposed to pyramid energy gained significantly in endurance and stamina, and their white blood cell count even increased. This means that they were significantly more resistant to illness and health problems. To add, the strengthening of these animals also correlates to the crystalline structure of the DNA molecule. Because of the pyramid energy, these animals had their DNA repaired and organized, according to Wilcock. This would have resulted in every system within their bodies functioning much better than they would have without pyramid energy.
According to these experiments, pyramid energy has the ability to increase vitality in living organisms. The photons that spontaneously emerge from the pyramid vortex feed the DNA of all living organisms so that they are able to function better. To add, this energy has the ability to strengthen materials due to its concentration of structurally reinforcing gravity/spacetime. Aside from these general findings, I have had my own personal experiences with pyramid energy, and my results have been interesting to say the least.

Personal Experience with Pyramids

My own studies with pyramids first began after the episode Pyramid Power: The Fire in the Middle aired. This subject of pyramids seemed fairly amazing, but I couldn't let it going without testing it for myself. I started with a four-legged, wooden, 72-degree pyramid. One pyramid became two. Then two became four. Each of these is about 15 inches tall and are currently spaced out near each of the four corners of my apartment floorspace.

I based this arrangement on the principle that pyramid energy was said to be effective not only within the pyramid structure, but between two or more pyramids as well. This arrangement was used the Russians for treating large oil fields and as they did, they were able to increase oil production from previously low-quality oil wells. I applied the same principle to my apartment space and have experienced significant improvements in health, endurance, muscle strength, and overall energy. Though these were positive effects, I did notice that I had trouble going to sleep while in this high-energy environment. However, the sleep troubles only lasted for around a week. Afterward, I became acclimated to the energy. Now sleeping is no issue.

There is a palpable difference within the space between the four pyramids. I deliberately set things up in my apartment so that not all of the floor-space was affected by the energy. When I cross the threshold of two pyramids and stand between the four, the difference is clear. It is as though the air is vibrating. To add, I only drink water that has been under one of these pyramids for at least 4 days. That way I am getting the full benefit. (I would not recommend anyone try this level of involvement unless they know the effect of this energy on their body. As I understand it, it is possible to absorb too much pyramid energy, according to the Law of One.)

2 of my 4 dowel pyramids

To add, I have a total of nine potted plants in my apartment space. (If you count the offshoots of these plants, it's actually a lot more than that.) After setting up the pyramids, I noticed significant improvements in the appearance of all of these plants. All of the branches and leaves stood up taller and reached for the sunlight more intently. They also seemed to grow more quickly after the pyramids went up, and seem to have more strength and larger leaf size as well.

In general, I have no doubt that pyramids are able to cure virtually any disease. From what I have seen, there is no health issue that cannot be amended by this source of vitality. Though I myself have extra factors that have actively sought to decrease my health, the pyramid energy has been a reliable source of energetic balance and a counteraction to these negative influences.

Earth, Energy, and the Pyramid Effect

One particularly interesting topic within this episode was that of the energy systems of the Earth. As discussed in previous articles, the Earth has been known to have an energetic anatomy which is spelled out through the ley-line grid system.

There was one section in the article titled “Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Pyramid Power - Fire in the Middle - Show Summary, In-Depth Analysis, and More.” There was a good amount of extra information which I added from past research on the physics of pyramids, sacred geometry, and the reason behind why we find pyramids in the specific location of the Earth that we do.

The deltoidal hexecontahedron

Each of the large pyramids we find on Earth seem to be built at the nodal points (or points of intersection) of the Earth's ley-lines. I discussed within the article how these ley-lines were traced by numerous means so that they wrapped the entire globe in the spherical geometric shape known as the “deltoidal hexecontahedron.” This is a dual polyhedron which consists of dodecahedron and an icosahedron. The points of this dual polyhedron map out the Earth's ley-line nodal points perfectly and represent the main components to the Becker-Hagens grid structure (a cooperative project which studied the location of the Earth's ley-lines from ancient to modern times).

According to intelligence, these nodal points may appear not only on the surface of the Earth, but can also appear above and below the surface of the planet.

David Wilcock mentions the fact that we can find a geometric arrangement of vortexes on the surface of the planet. Just as we are able to see these vortexes on the surfaces of gas giant planets, we are able to see this geometry in forms of large volcanic activity on the rocky planets including the Earth.

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter

The cloud bands of Saturn

The Great Dark Spot of Neptune

The bands of greatest sunspot activity on the sun

Gas giants express this geometry in the form of storms which last for hundreds if not thousands of years. The rocky planets express these vortexes as large magmatic whirlpools. These magmatic vortexes form upwellings in the Earth's crust which are the driving force that creates mountain ranges, as Wilcock states. This is why we are able to see various mountain ranges generally following the ley-line geometry of the Earth.

Olympus Mons of Mars

The Hawaiian Islands

Maat Mons of Venus

As we may see, mountain ranges have the highest peaks near the major nodal points of the Earth. Mountain ranges will typically form near the ley-lines that are adjacent to those nodes.

We can also see that virtually all of the Earth's super volcanoes form very close to these nodal points. Take a look at the map below. Notice how these volcanic formations seem to always form near nodal point of the global deltoidal hexicontehedron. This pattern has not been acknowledged by conventional science. However, the correlation is undeniable by my observation. We may also look at this map and realize that it is shy a few volcanoes.

One of the unacknowledged volcanoes seems to be located near the North Pole. This is an unnamed super volcano which is comparable to the size of the Yellowstone Caldera. This volcano is roughly 60 miles in length and around 40 miles in width. It is not typical that the Earth just creates random sub-oceanic formations like this. This formation may be indicative of yet another super volcano very close to the Earth nodal point at the north pole.

Video - 5/24/2016 - Global Earthquake Forecast + Super volcano Discovered at North Pole

Possibly an unnamed sub-oceanic super volcano at the North Pole

We have also heard from multiple whistleblowers that there is significant volcanic activity in the South Pole as well. According to people such as Corey Goode and William Tompkins, the Antarctic ice sheet rests over an area of multiple volcanic hots pots. Corey Goode would recall his trip through this area and was able to describe the numerous geothermal hot-spots which were so active over the years, that they had melted mountain-sized sections out from the ice sheet—creating a large igloo-like formation which kept the environment warm.

These hot spots which Goode described are consistent with the same formation we see at a super volcano such as Yellowstone. There, we can also see geothermal vents spewing out steam and hot gasses. These have been active for hundreds of years and show no sign of stopping. According to conventional science, this is because of the significant volcanic activity underneath the surface. In the alternative model of geophysics, we may consider the idea that these calderas are not simply stagnant pockets of magma, but sustained magmatic vortexes maintained by the Earth's energy grid.

So we have seen that mountains are likely the result of these magmatic vortexes found below the Earth's crust. As this magma spins, it creates upflow. This upflow in turn creates mountains, and these mountains act as a sort of pressure release valve for the Earth's energy. The mountains actually act as natural pyramid structures and can either send energy up and away from the Earth, or it can bring the energy downward. As this process takes place, the Earth naturally and energetically balances itself with gravitic and photonic energy.
Artificial mountains, or pyramids act as energy/spacetime/gravity collectors just like mountains do. These structures were build globally and come in a variety of forms. However, these structures are not presently doing the best job of balancing as when they were first constructed. According to the Law of One, these structures were intended to tune the Earth's energy like an instrument. However, as the text states, this global tune has become dissonant over the millennia.

4.5 Questioner: Is the size of the pyramid a function in effectiveness of the initiation?

Ra: I am Ra. Each size pyramid has its own point of streaming in of intelligent infinity. Thus, a tiny pyramid that can be placed below a body or above a body will have specific and various effects depending upon the placement of the body in relationship to the entrance point of intelligent infinity.

For the purposes of initiation, the size needed to be large enough to create the expression of towering size so that the entrance point of multi-dimensional intelligent infinity would completely pervade and fill the channel, the entire body being able to rest in this focused area. Furthermore, it was necessary for healing purposes that both channel and the one to be healed be able to rest within that focused point.

4.6 Questioner: Is the large pyramid at Giza still usable for this purpose, or is it no longer functioning?

Ra: I am Ra. That, like many other pyramid structures, is like the piano out of tune. It, as this instrument would express, plays the tune but, oh, so poorly. The disharmony jangles the sensitive. Only the ghost of the streaming still remains due to the shifting of the streaming points which is in turn due to the shifting electromagnetic field of your planet; due also to the discordant vibratory complexes of those who have used the initiatory and healing place for less compassionate purposes.

4.7 Questioner: Would it be possible to build a pyramid and properly align it and use it today [with] materials we have available?

Ra: I am Ra. It is quite possible for you to build a pyramid structure. The material used is not critical, merely the ratios of time/space complexes. However, the use of the structure for initiation and healing depends completely upon the inner disciplines of the channels attempting such work.

So it seems that the present-day pyramids are not doing the same job as they were 25,000 years ago. I imagine they are still of significant benefit to the planet, though this benefit could be increased. To add to this issue, David Wilcock mentions importance of maintaining the quality of pyramidal energy. He describes how the photonic energy of the planet can be distorted by pollution and various environmental factors which hinder the natural concentration and absorption of energy by these structures. So the presence of these pollutants combined with the degradation of the pyramidal energy has affected the quality of pyramid energy, according to Wilcock as well as the Law of One text.

It would seem that the presence of the pyramids alone is not enough to create balance and health for the planet. To ensure this balance, we must ensure the sustainability of the natural environment around us. This environment is designed to thrive as a whole. However, it seems that the corporate influences have sought to sustain themselves while destroying the environment for profit. They have ignored the signs that humankind is directly linked to the natural environment. However, this is another subject to consider.

David Wilcock mentions one phenomenon in passing that seems more on the side of the supernatural. Though the subject may seem a bit out of place, it may be yet another manifestation of the phenomenon that occurs inside of pyramids. This is the phenomenon of earthquake lights.

Strange Things

There are many things which cannot be explained by conventional science. Even in modern times, the boast of the scientific convention seem to fall shy of everything that we consider most interesting. These range from spirit sightings, to UFOs, ley-lines and more. These are common themes of horror films and the scientific mainstream seems to run from them just like in the movies. Despite the squeamish reaction that science typically displays, such phenomena as these may actually have similar if not the same explanation. These relate to pyramid science as well.
We have heard from last week's discussion how torsion physics is the primary study which can explain the gravity drive of flying saucer technology. We have also discussed how ley-lines represent the Earth's energetic anatomy and the major routes by which the Earth transfers and distributes energy. To add, the multi-dimensionality of pyramid science gives rise to the reality of alternate and higher dimensions of existence. These dimensions are separate from our base state energy. However, it has been theorized that wormholes formed from gravitic torsion are not only able to manifest photons, but that they can temporarily portal other things into the physical universe as well.

To this list of strange, and yet explainable phenomenon, we add that of what many refer to as earthquake lights. These are concentrated balls of light that typically manifest before earthquakes take place. They can be seen flying through the air as though they are UFOs. In fact, some have surmised that they were UFOs. However, there is another explanation, according to Wilcock.
Earthquakes occur as a result of building tectonic pressure in the Earth's crust, according to conventional tectonic theory. To this principle, David Wilcock factors in the presence of the magmatic vortexes discussed earlier. As these vortexes spin, they form wormholes (much like the pyramid does) and just as in the pyramids, photons emerge through these wormholes.

So in this process, gravity/spacetime forms the wormhole, the wormhole acts as a gateway, and the gateway becomes a conduit through which photons emerge from higher dimensions. As Wilcock suggests, this is what takes place to form earthquake lights. However, this process may not be all that is happening. As he goes on, Wilcock states that these lights may actually be alive or conscious. They consolidate photons that move around as a unit, and they move as though they are intelligently controlled. He even states that these photons are the reason that poltergeists are able to manifest in the physical world.

We may be familiar with the phenomenon of poltergeists. These spirits may actually come through the wormhole of the vortex and interact with the physical world. These spirits can even manipulate gravity and throw objects if they are able to learn how. This is not to say that any pyramid by itself will haunt your house though. It is only a possibility that such an interaction may take place. There are a number of other factors that cause these occurrences to take place, and as I understand it, the simple presence of a pyramid alone is not enough to summon Beetlejuice.

Wilcock tells one experience his father had which involved what many would call “ball lightning.” As he described the situation, this friend experienced what can only be described as a ball of electricity which entered his window, burn a solid line of carpet from one end of the room to the other, and then left through the opposite side of the room. As Wilcock explains, this may be an example of entities being able to manifest through spherical portals of energy. Similar to the earthquake lights, these portals can manifest as spheres of energy and interact with the physical world in a number of ways.

Though I myself cannot say that I have ever encountered a poltergeist situation, I have had plenty of paranormal experiences. There was one such experience I am still trying to wrap my head around. Maybe someone out there can relate.
There was one instance that happened to me on the September 14 of this month—a day before I began writing this article. I was sitting where I am now, typing just as I am now. It was in the morning and I was late getting up. I had just finished writing down my dream from the night before while chugging my morning water. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I see a bright flash of light behind me and to my right. The flash was just a little bit dimmer than a camera flash and looked similar to sunlight in color.

Usually when something like this happens it is because actual sunlight hits the windshield of a passing car in such a way that it reflects upward into my 3rd-story apartment window. However, I had forgotten to open my blinds that morning. There was no sunlight coming in, and checking the angles of the phenomenon, there was no mirror or object to reflect light.

Unexplained Flash of Light: Your True Tales - February 2015

There were no electrical explanations either, as everything on that particular side of the room remains unplugged until nighttime. I also happened to see this flash in the mirror on my bedroom closet. I saw the entire thing, but wasn't looking directly at it when it happened. It was bright, it happened quickly, and it was unnatural. It actually happened right above where I usually meditate, but a bit behind that spot. I have a 14” by 24” painting that hangs on the wall just in front of where this flash took place.

Everything about the experience tells me that this was a positive manifestation and that there were no poltergeists present. So I'm hoping my intuitive impression is correct. I simply said thank you for the experience and asked for more if in fact it was a positive experience. I do live inside a pyramid vortex. So this kind of thing might be expected if things are aligned properly—not that spontaneous manifestation was my original goal.

A Look Beyond the Appearances

We live in interesting times. As we have seen, the world seems to be turning upside down, and the various factions of the cabal are frantically trying to create their own version of the new world. At the same time, other factions of this group are hiding in a hole in the ground waiting for the sun to belch. As I have stated before: What we see is most definitely not all that there is.

We have much greater and more fulfilling experiences ahead. There is more for us to learn and much more that we have to look forward to. The appearance of present-day chaos actually has an ultimately positive purpose to it. In any story consistent with the Hero's Journey, the build-up to the end is always grim in appearance. Things always look bad, and just when it looks like there is no hope left, that is when the saving grace manifests, and the hero arises to victory. As we have heard so many times, we ourselves are that saving grace.

Expect great things.

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  1. I liked the idea of creating wooden small pyramids at home. Thank you.