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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - The Ceres Pyramid - A Brazen Statement from an Anxious Cabal

In the recent past, there have been a number of headlines that have revealed much more than the typical song and dance of the mainstream. In contrast, these headlines have shown the most blatantly descriptive evidence that the common media monotony is no longer the order of the day.

There have been a number of these blatant signs in recent media publications which show that something has most definitely changed behind the scenes. One of these changes comes in the form of buzz-words which seem to hint at the reality of E.T. life. When these news publications refer to off-world locations they may use words such as “structure,” “lights,” or “second Earth” in describing features of planetary bodies.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA's Quiet Disclosure Part 2

Within this collection of words, it seems that very few hold more significance than the word “pyramid.” I would imagine that not many of us would have ever thought that a mainstream media source would even think to claim such a structure existed off planet. Yet they did, and there was much more to the story. This subject was one of many which this episode of Wisdom Teachings showcased.

A Planned Visit

The discussion started out with a review of the subject of Niara Terela Isley, who is a former airman in the United States Air Force and whistleblower on the reality of military abductions. Ms. Isley was the unfortunate test subject of one of the SSP faction known as the Dark Fleet—a group said to have originally been initiated by the Nazi breakaway group that colonized the moon after the Second World War.

One particular detail within this discussion was helpful in defining both the past and the current situations we see progressing out in space and here on the Earth's surface. We have heard throughout the Cosmic Disclosure series of the various E.T. groups currently residing in our solar system. We have learned that the Draco Reptilian group covertly manipulates much of the Dark Fleet as well as the as various cabal-controlled governments here on the surface. However, these Draco are not actually in control.

In past episodes of both Wisdom Teachings and the Cosmic Disclosure series, it has been discussed how long ago, the Draco Reptilians actually gave up their free will to an A.I. control structure in exchange for a number of benefits. From that point on, the Draco were subject to the will of this A.I. which sought to conquer the galaxy and take over as many star systems as possible.

These Draco Reptilians initially seduced the Nazis into a partnership and have been manipulating operations in our solar system to their own advantage. This also includes the A.I. controlled Greys. These Greys are actually a form of android, or PLF (programmable life form) which serve as the medical staff of the Dark Fleet at the Reptilian lunar base. This is said to be the reason why these Greys are reported by abductees to be present during the painful medical procedures they describe.

Niara Terela Isley

Along with this recap, Wilcock made the announcement that those at Gaia were working toward bringing Niara Isley in as a guest on the Cosmic Disclosure set and to give her testimony first hand. In my view, this would prove to be an extremely interesting conversation. Though this is still in the works, we may be able to see this interview in the near future.

Old "Ghosts" Return

The first topic of discussion revealed some telling details on the current financial situation here in the United States. The article of focus gave a fairly descriptive explanation of this financial climate. However, the most telling message within it is not necessarily overt in nature. This message is more subtle. The article mentions the concept of the “ghost of 1937”, but what does this actually mean?

In the previous episode, it was discussed how at one point the Federal Reserve had resorted to freezing the debt ceiling while continuing to print worthless money behind the scenes. This appeared to be a wanton act of fraud and would have been grounds for arrest if anyone else attempted it. However for the Fed, this crime simply represented business as usual. In light of this fraud, it becomes clear that the financial system is bankrupt. Moreover, this fraudulent financial system is proving to large a degree to be a significant liability as opposed to an asset, and not just in the figurative sense. Here is CNBC with the article of interest.

In trying to steer the economy of 2015, the Federal Reserve is fighting the foreboding spirit of 1937. Wall Street strategists, in fact, are worried that the U.S. central bank is so cautious over not making the mistakes of a long-ago ancestor that it may miss a solid opportunity to normalize monetary policy after seven years of decidedly abnormal times.

"Many policymakers and market observers assert that the risk of the Fed raising rates too early exceeds that of moving too late. This is the specter of 1937, when the Fed raised rates prematurely and exacerbated the Great Depression," Michael Arone, managing director and chief investment strategist at State Street Global Advisors, said in an analysis for clients titled "Why the Federal Reserve Needs to Bury the Ghost of 1937."

Most investors assume the prevailing lower-for-longer consensus is bullish for both equities and bonds," he added. However, Arone said his "view is that a tardy Fed has a good chance of proving bearish for bonds and, longer term, for equities as well."

The Fed's Open Market Committee gathers this week at a meeting that only a few months ago was expected to include the first rate increase in nine years. However, slower-than-expected economic growth has taken some of the urgency off the expected tightening.

Now, traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange aren't pricing in a hike until December. While Arone said he doesn't think the Fed should move now, he believes the risks of waiting too long outweigh those of tightening too soon.

"Risks in this environment are growing, not shrinking," he said. "The longer the Fed stays on this path, the more aggressively it may have to tighten and the crueler the asset price adjustment will be when it finally comes."

What's causing much of the consternation is fear that, like 1937, a desire to avoid bubbles and normalize rates will come too soon and plunge the economy back into a slump. The Fed took its short-term rates target down to zero amid the financial crisis and the Great Recession, and has been there since late 2008.

As Wilcock explains, this article is a subtle way of both stating that the financial game is over, but that officials are busy looking for a solution. More specifically, these officials are looking for a self-serving solution that will continue the global game of monopoly that we loosely term “economics.” Wilcock gives special attention to one particular statement in this discussion. That is the statement which referred to the Fed's efforts stating, “ may miss a solid opportunity to normalize monetary policy after seven years of decidedly abnormal times.” For some, this statement may pass as an acceptable string of euphemisms. However, in essence, it seems to communicate the same message we have been hearing.

Zero Hedge - Yes, The US Government Really Is Bankrupt

It has been discussed in previous episodes how the economic crash of 2008 left a significant hole in the world economy, specifically in that of America. Ever since that time the corporate media has done everything possible in attempt to communicate the concept of an “economic recovery.” However, as David Wilcock states, there is no recovery. What has been termed a “recovery” is actually nothing more than the continuation of the printing of worthless paper for the purpose of maintaining the illusion of recovery and success, and as it turns out, the use of the idea of a “ghost” in the above article is meant to scare the public into continuing the financial game that ended in 2008.

The fact is mentioned that presently, most American cannot handle an unexpected bill of only $400. In other words, within the majority of the population, if a household is hit with an unexpected expense of only $400, they have no way to pay for it. This is not a large bill. As mentioned in the discussion, this situation does not depict an economic recovery. This could hardly even be considered a successful economic state. These conditions along with those mentioned above spell recession and bankruptcy. This is the true story behind the corporate media charade, according to Wilcock.

Confessions from the UK and the Financial World

The revelations continue as the discussion moved to the one significant confession from one BBC reporter. It has come to light in past years how anti-Russian propaganda had become the norm and how events in the Middle East were excessively twisted and contorted according to the corporate cabal agenda. In one instance we would hear yet another confession which further reveals the true nature of the corporate media. Here is the website, with the story.

So we've already written about the massive problems with the Sunday Times' big report claiming that the Russians and Chinese had "cracked" the encryption on the Snowden files (or possibly just been handed those files by Snowden) and that he had "blood on his hands" even though no one has come to any harm. It also argued that David Miranda was detained after he got documents from Snowden in Moscow, despite the fact that he was neither in Moscow, nor had met Snowden (a claim the article quietly deleted). That same report also claimed that UK intelligence agency MI6 had to remove "agents" from Moscow because of this leak, despite the fact that they're not called "agents" and there's no evidence of any actual risk. So far, the only official response from News Corp. the publisher of The Sunday Times (through a variety of subsidiaries) was to try to censor the criticism of the story with a DMCA takedown request.

Either way, one of the journalists who wrote the story, Tom Harper, gave an interview to CNN which is quite incredible to watch. Harper just keeps repeating that he doesn't know what's actually true, and that he was just saying what the government told him -- more or less admitting that his role here was not as a reporter, but as a propagandist or a stenographer.

Here we have an article published on the same day as the previous article which confessed to attempted continuation of the global Ponzi scheme of central banking. To add, this article from Techdirt also holds significance. It may have been easy for some to miss the implications of the statement made by this reporter and the BBC. To the average person, this report may simply seem common-place.

There may be little reason to jump at the thought of government influence if an individual still believes that the establishment is their friend, is honest, and only wants the best for them. To such a person, this story may not be very significant. However, to those of us who have learned to question the status quo, this story may be extremely revealing. Within it, we see an open admission of a propagandist presented in an unapologetic and casual way. It seems that Harper has no regrets about falsifying journalism and deceiving countless people by printing propaganda instead of objective journalism. Even though this reporter reveals these distasteful revelations, his tone makes the impact of the statement seem less significant. It is this nonchalant way of speaking that may cause some to miss the implications behind this confession.

If we will notice, Harper even confesses to his failure to accurately confirm the truth behind any story he writes for the interests of the British government. He states that he typically confirms these stories with two different government officials. However, it is a long-standing trend that any government would maintain a homogeneous public image among its officials. These public figures can typically be given the same script to deliver to the public, as the majority of them work for the same financial interests. Consequently, there may not be much point in asking two bias sources to confirm one story which is already written in the interests of that government. It is from stories such as this that remind us that just like the collusion between Sony and RAND, the media and governance of cabal-controlled countries are one and the same entity.

On the same day of this confession of propagandizing the British people and the world, we have a basic confession from the LA Times which reveals what appears to be further artificial methods of propping up a financial system which has already collapsed under its own weight. Here is the LA Times.

Federal Reserve policymakers on Wednesday kept the central bank’s benchmark short-term interest rate near zero, opting against the first increase since 2006 after determining the economy still isn’t strong enough to handle it.

Fed officials sharply downgraded their economic forecast for this year. They projected the economy would grow between 1.8% and 2% this year, well below the range of 2.3% to 2.7% in its last forecast in March.

If you didn't catch the detail, what this report spells out is further fraud and tax evasion. To manipulate interest rates to one's own advantage is illegal. However, this type of excessive contortion of fair financial practices is common place in a system which only seeks to benefit itself at the expense of others. As this information comes forward, the cabal is steadily planning to save their own reputation by slowly leaking out information on what we have come to know as the Ancient Builder Race, which was found to have built out a tremendous infrastructure of advanced technology in our solar system millions of years ago.

More Hints on Outer Space

Personally, there is little more that gets me excited about the disclosure process than the truth behind the E.T. coverup. Though I realize that this revelation only represents a small portion of all there is to know about our planet and our galaxy, it seems to represent a very significant catalyst of global change and advancement. In this case, it seems humorous at times to see the mainstream media slowly hint at the fact of E.T. life.

One such report on the possibility on E.T. life came on the same day as many of the above reports (June 15, 2015). This particular story comes to us from and details the revelation whose title held more significance than many others we have seen.

Ancient astronaut alert! More weird features have been spotted by NASA's Dawn spacecraft on Ceres, a dwarf planet and the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

As Dawn first made its approach on Ceres earlier this year, it caught sight of large, bright and mysterious reflective spots in a crater on the big rock, which is also believed to contain quite a bit of water, ice and/or mud in its interior.

Now orbiting at a near altitude of just 2,700 miles, those big spots remain a mystery (the leading guess is still reflective patches of ice or salts), but Dawn is also beginning to pick out other bright spots and an odd pyramid-shaped peak that NASA estimates to be three miles tall, which would put it higher than any of the Rocky Mountains. The image with the peak was taken on June 6 and released Wednesday.

Plenty of observers have suggested -- with varying degrees of seriousness -- that the bright lights on Ceres could be evidence of current or past alien occupation of the dwarf planet. The discovery of a mountain-sized pyramid feature must have some cable channels looking into how much it would cost to get their own film crew to Ceres.

A “Pyramid” on the surface of Ceres—this is not the normal verbiage of corporate media. This NASA-approved proposal was formerly unheard of, and was formerly laughed at by both scientists and layman who sought to conform to the common mindset of blind skepticism. Though it may not actually be an artificial pyramid displayed in the article, the use of the word seems indicative of the intended message behind the article.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Russian Pyramid Research Part 4

Computer simulation of the formation on Ceres

For a long while now, we have watched as the cabal has slowly and gradually hinted at the seemingly obvious presence of life outside the Earth's atmosphere. This additional evidence of the change of the corporate script shows us that the influences behind the media are intent on this subtle suggestion, connecting the ideas of fresh water, to pyramids, and even ancient explorers. These people even go so far as to spell out the idea of “ancient astronauts,” making reference to the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel.

David Wilcock made mention of the fact that this report even referenced a cable channel crew traveling to this location and filming. It seems that these two references to the Ancient Aliens series were a deliberate suggestion that the ancient astronaut theory is a “very strong possibility.” Wilcock also mentions how the skeptical viewpoint is presented immediately after the interesting aspect of the story, and that this is a common trend within reports such as this.

The NASA disclosures continue as the revelation of further facts of Saturn's moon Titan come to light. This moon is one of Saturn's largest and holds many of the most interesting features among the Earth-like moons within our solar system. One of these features is that of polar winds, and though this may not seem significant, this feature holds much more implications than one might think. Here is the Huffington post with the details.

It turns out that Saturn’s moon Titan is way more similar to our own planet than we thought.
Scientists previously discovered that Saturn’s largest and haziest moon is the only object in the solar system — aside from Earth — to have rivers, rainfall and seas. Like Earth, it’s bigger than the planet Mercury and has a rocky surface.

And now, scientists have found something else that Titan and Earth have in common: Polar wind. In fact, the widespread polar wind is driving gas from Titan’s atmosphere out into space.

“We need to understand the mechanisms whereby Titan loses its atmosphere. We’d like to understand this better at Titan and at other objects,” Dr. Andrew Coates, a physics professor at the University College London in England who led the polar wind research, told The Huffington Post in an email.

Coates and his colleagues discovered the escaping gas after analyzing data from NASA’s Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft’s Plasma Spectrometer (CAPS) instrument, which had detected particles escaping from Titan’s atmosphere. Based on the distinctive spectra of particles detected, the researchers concluded that there must be a widespread polar wind on Titan.

Does yet another similarity between the mysterious Titan moon and our planet suggest that the strange moon could possibly host life? Not so fast, according to Coates.

“What it does have implications for is the atmospheric history of Titan over time,” he said in the email. “As an astrobiological target, Titan is potentially interesting due to the hydrocarbon and nitrile species present, and the presence of a subsurface water ocean as shown in other studies. But it’s thought Titan is and was too cold for life as yet - perhaps in a few billion years time when the Sun becomes a red giant and heats the outer solar system. More likely targets for past or present life are Mars, Europa and Enceladus.”

A paper describing the new research was published online in the journal Geophysical Research Letters on June 18, 2015.

Once again we see hints of the likelihood of present-day life on Titan. We have the revelation of the polar winds which behave very similarly to those we find on the Earth. In combination with the fact that Titan has rivers, seas, and even rainfall, these polar winds paint a very familiar picture to that which we find on habitable planets.

The proposition is made that when the sun grows over the course of millions of years into a red giant, this moon will be a likely candidate for colonization. However, as Wilcock reiterates, this is simply a subtle way of telling the public that there are already people living on Titan and that the interplanetary infrastructure is already in operation.

Financial Downturns

Another point of major significance was the downturn of the Greek economy. We may remember all of the drama which took place in Greece over the attempts of a reformed Greek government to leave the Euro-zone (the European Union which used the centralized euro as its currency) and to form an independent monetary system using the drachma. We may also recall how the reformed Greek government received so much opposition (which most likely came from interest within the central banking system) that they were forced to back down and to remain within the European Union.

The argument was made by interests of the IMF that to leave the Euro-zone would lead to economic hardship for Greece. The reason for the entire crisis in the first place was excessive public debt. However, those who are familiar with the ills of central banking will know that public debt is the end goal of this system. Consequently, to do away with the people's debt would be counterproductive for the central bank. This was the likely reason which the IMF opposed the Greek exit from the Euro-zone, and not the reason the corporate media suggested. We can actually see this in the results of the choice to remain with the centralized currency.

One specific article gives us a view into the results of the plan of the central bank to remain in the Euro-zone. It did not have the positive effect it was proposed to have. Here is the Huffington Post with the story.

ATHENS, June 27 (Reuters) - More than a third of automated teller machines across Greece ran out of cash on Saturday before they were replenished as Greeks pulled out money on fears their country was set to crash out of the euro, three banking sources said.

Anxious Greeks lined up outside ATMs after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made a surprise call for a referendum on austerity terms demanded by lenders, throwing talks with lenders in disarray and putting Greece on the verge of a default.

As Wilcock points out, this article would come just 3 days after the disclosure of the pyramid story, the bankruptcy of the United States government, the revelation on Titan, and the account of Niara Isley. With this in mind, it becomes clear that the cabal are in a race to set their story up so as to give their partial disclosure right when they need it.

Wilcock also points out the fact of how close the Greek financial system came to complete collapse. It was proposed that remaining within the Euro-zone would lead to better financial turnout. Even though the status quo of eliminated debt with greater debt (or printing worthless money to pay for all the other worthless money previously printed), the rest of the Euro-zone insisted that Greece remain unified with the rest of the Union. However, as mentioned, this proposal turned out to be completely false, and the Greek economy came so close to complete collapse that panic was inevitable.

We see in the above article, a large portion of the population would empty out their assets from Greek banks at ever increasing rates, so much so that Greek ATMs would commonly run out of funds. It would eventually be that ATM use would be regulated by Greek officials in order to prevent citizens from continuing these bank runs.

ATHENS/BERLIN, March 24 (Reuters) - Greece risks running out of cash by April 20 unless it secures fresh aid, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday, leaving little time to convince skeptical creditors it is committed to economic reform.

After talks with EU leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the past week, Athens said it will present a package of reforms to its euro zone partners by Monday in hope of unlocking aid and avoiding a messy default.

It is from stories such as these that we see just how unstable the central banking system has become in recent times. After the crash of 2008, the world would see that to hold such blind faith in a fraudulent system was not a wise course of action. It seems like a miracle that this system has lasted as long as it has, as it is based upon nothing more than blind faith. It only exists because the world has been convinced of its stability. However, it has become apparent that this is changing.

NASA Hijinks

By this point, most of us may have become familiar with the antics of NASA, and their tendency to conveniently experience technical issues the moment their ISS feed spots a potential UFO. It seems that at this point we can depend on NASA's ISS feed to cut out the moment these unexpected events occur. One such occurrence was recorded in mid-July in 2015. This event was covered by the website Below is a brief excerpt.

This shocking footage is causing quite a stir online.

Some have already branded the clip definitive PROOF of alien lifeforms.

The video – which is reportedly shot from the International Space Station – shows three unidentified flying objects blast out of Earth’s atmosphere.

The lights leave our planet seconds before the live video feed is cut by NASA due to a reported “loss of signal”.

You may have noticed this, but it seems that YouTube had some convenient issues with this video as well, as it is no longer available to view. Though this may simply be a choice by the poster of this video, I find it humorous to see the two-fold unavailability of one simple video on the subject of the long-standing UFO coverup. Though this video was unavailable, here is one I found particularly interesting.

Feed CUT As Horseshoe UFO Appears On ISS Live Cam

The excuses NASA typically involve range from technical issues, lost signal, space dust, and a variety of other excuses which seem to be meant to deter the public from the same message they are subtly hinting at in the corporate media. In this way, they deny in one breath, and in the next they strongly suggests the reality of E.T. life—believing that the public has not already caught on, or possibly thinking more highly of their own ability to handle such concepts.

The fact is that most of the public is already onto the notion, and all of the propaganda which the mainstream media continually feeds the public is mostly obsolete. In my view, the necessity of this propaganda was only another excuse designed to continue the game of financial manipulation and military domination of an establishment that has become increasingly obsolete itself.

Wrapping Up

Fortunately for us, there are reportedly those within the Secret Space Program who realize that it is time to end the secrecy and to let the human race develop in freedom. As we have heard from the Cosmic Disclosure series, these SSP operatives intend to deliver the entirety of the truth to the public the moment we demand it. If this is true, there may not be very much time until this data dump is delivered and we see the entire effect of the truth upon the whole of society. From my perspective, there is no reason to see this effect as the catastrophic revelation those in the cabal have been taught to believe.
The result of the long-awaited revelation will be so monumentally positive that most of us may not know what to think the moment it occurs. We may be so busy with our everyday lives that this disclosure will happen without first being noticed, but then, gradually, we will realized that we are in the moment we have been waiting for. We will be able to read about all that has been kept from the human race over the millennial and from our new knowledge, we will be able to realize the true meaning of our presence here on Earth, and we will finally begin to realize our place within the galaxy.

This time is coming, and the way that I see it, there is not a moment to waste in our preparation for its arrival. We see the old system crumbling all around us. Every moment, we witness the obsolescence of the former status quo, its fascist rule, negativity, and its overall disregard for human rights.

By my observation, we as a people deserve better than such things. We have a magnificent experience ahead of us, and it is my hope that each of us sets our sights on the highest level of existence we desire to experience.

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