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Wisdom Teachings and the Practicals of Pyramid Science - A Breakdown of the Studies of David Wilcock - Learning the Specifics of How to Jump-start the Light-Body

As human beings, we can grow accustomed to a certain way of life. As we progress through our lives, we develop habits and normal routine activities that we consider preferable and beneficial in one way or another. However, once in a while, something comes along and changes our perspective entirely.

We may be introduced to new concepts, new ideas and ways of thought which change our overall perspective on numerous aspects of life. Some of these introductions even seem to add entirely new dimensions to our lives, and completely enhance our life experience as a result. For many people including myself, this has been the precise effect which pyramids have had.

This technology of pyramids is one of the oldest and yet one of the most advanced and beneficial technology we have today. These devices have been used to heal and invigorate not just the human body or the surrounding nature, but the entire planet as a whole. As a collective, multi-faceted, global machine, the multiple pyramids on Earth act as a stabilizer for the planet. This global network is said to act as a natural balancing machine which harmonizes the Earth's energy and assists at maintaining planetary homeostasis.

There are a remarkable number of advantages to pyramids, and the episode titled Wisdom Teachings: Build Your Own Pyramid gets down to how we can benefit from this technology. In the discussion, we learn the specifics to building and fully utilizing this life-enhancing technology for ourselves. Along with the show's discussion, I have included commentary as well as a number of reference passages from the Law of One text and other sources. Together, these aspects give an extensive description of what pyramid technology can do for any individual.

New Insights on Previous Discussions

There have been quite a few details revealed over time on pyramid technology. Considering all of the new information, it may be helpful to review a few subjects for the sake of context. The more recent episodes in the series have discussed the intricate detail of the universal flow of gravity/spacetime into all matter. We may add to this the results discussed in the last episode of the spontaneous manifestation of photonic energy everywhere spacetime is folded such as inside the sonoluminescent bubble and inside of the pyramid.
In one of the previous revelations on Russian pyramid science, David Wilcock discussed the initial findings of these Russian scientists. We may remember the findings these scientists uncovered as they scanned the pyramid with advanced imaging technology. Here is a section from the article I wrote on this particular research.

Energetic Restructuring of the Earth

One particular study conducted by the Russian scientists involved a classified scalar, radio-location device which was designed to detect ionized gas particles in the atmosphere, and translates this data into visual information. This device was obtained by the R & D Institute TTR. ("TTR" stands for "Scientific and Technical Institute of Transcription, Translation and Replication".  Though it would be nice to know more about this device, it is currently still considered classified technology. It may very well still be in use in modern times, though a more advanced version would likely have been developed.  We do know that it is able to sense ionizing radiation, and that it is much different than the typical radar system.) The image below features this device, and one of the images it captured during the study of the 140-ft tall pyramid.

The TTR device (right) with a false-color image of the readings from the pyramid (left)

As you will remember, these pyramids are hollow on the inside. They are shells of PVC and fiberglass. So there is no other energy for this TTR device to detect other than what the pyramid itself is emitting. This image shows us the concentration of negative ionization (or air molecules) through the PVC pipe. (Notice the light areas which wrap around the outer wall of the pyramid structure.) According to the image, this energy seems to concentrate within this piping all the way to the top of the structure. This data is impressive, to say the least.  However, this was not the only energy this device was able to capture.

Another test done by these scientists was to view this pyramid from a distance of 30 to 60 km (18.6 - 37.3 miles) from the pyramid, and to take readings with this TTR device. What they found amazed them. They took readings of a concentrated column of negatively ionized air emanating from the top of the pyramid like a beam. (This negative ionization is actually very beneficial to health.) However, this beam was not simply coming out of the point of the pyramid, as one might expect.

This beam was 500 meters wide (1500 ft) and 2000 meters high (6000 ft). The pyramid was actually beaming this ionizing energy into the sky for over a mile's distance. Not only this, they were able to read a secondary area of ionizing radiation which permanently altered the atmosphere above this pyramid up to 2000 m and in the surrounding landscape out to a diameter of 300 km (186.41 miles). 

This phenomenon is known as “latent vacuum structuring,” according to Wilcock. It is a fundamental, and permanent change in the energetic makeup of the area as a whole. This means that even if the Russians were to dismantle the pyramid and completely get rid of it, this ionizing energy would remain completely intact. ...But what is this ionizing radiation, and why is it significant?

Ionization is what an air purifier does to clean the air around it.  These devices release negative ions into the air, which attract all of the airborne impurities. These impurities then fall to the floor (or ground) and out of the air so that they are no longer a hazard to breath. So this ionization of air helps get rid of pollutants, odors, and any airborne particles harmful to people and organisms.

The largest industrial air ionizer I have seen only treats a room roughly 130 cubic feet in area and requires 50W of electricity to run. Imagine how much power you would need to ionize an area of roughly 917 cubic miles (this includes the air-space a mile above the ground and a circle 185 miles in diameter). It boggles the mind to attempt to imagine just how much energy these pyramids are generating for free (though it did cost around $1 million to build, but that is not at all a high price compared to the benefits gained).

We see that as the pyramid absorbs spacetime, it creates an ionic field around itself. At the same time it forms an intense beam of ionic energy that projects into the air.  In the above article, it is discussed how this ionizing energy can be used to charge a battery. In this situation, we would have a flow of spacetime gravity being converted into electrical energy, and it is this conversion which is further supported by the discussion of another recent episode of Wisdom Teachings.

In the episode Pyramids and Photon Vortexes, David Wilcock discussed the relationship between gravity and electricity. He stated the findings of the fluid model of spacetime being one which included energy which flowed from negative to positive polarity and that which flowed from high pressure to low pressure. This was in context of the atomic nucleus or black hole which was surrounded by the white hole. If this is the case, this further supports the reason we see electricity flowing from high pressure to low pressure zones—from the base to the top of the pyramid.

As spacetime flows upward through the pyramid (from high pressure to low pressure), it is taking electrical energy with it, just like in the atom. This would explain the ionization in the air and the ability of these pyramids to charge batteries. To add, we will remember that these pyramids are constantly manifesting, concentrating and distributing photons into the air as well as the surrounding area adjacent to the pyramid.

Pyramidal Advisory

When I first heard of the significance and the power of pyramid energy, I was naturally curious to try it out. My research and experimentation into the matter came to be fairly extensive and is currently ongoing. It was good to hear Wilcock give details on how to build these structures so that more people could have similar experiences as my own. Upon examining what the Law of One had to say on these specifics, it made much more sense to me as to why pyramids of this type worked. Consequently, I have included quite a few insights from the Law of One texts in this section.

While studying the pyramid concept and the results that came from their studies, the Russian scientists at the RND Institute discovered that the best slope angle for building pyramids was between 70 and 72 degrees. The text did not specify exactly why this was the case, but the findings were definitive. Personally, I surmised that this was due to the way in which spacetime, gravity forms vortexes.

As we see in other fluids, such as water, the vortex has a 70 to 72-degree slope angle on the Z-axis. If this is the case, it would make this general angle ideal for creating and maintaining a vortex within a pyramid or cone in this shape.

As David Wilcock states, the pyramid does not actually have to be four-sided. It can have five or more side. It can be a cone, a cylinder, or a tower of sorts. As long as the 72-degree slope angle is maintained, this is the goal. To add, the pyramid does not even need to have sides to it (or a completely solid outer shell to it). A pyramid made from wire frame or from four simple pillars will work just as well as one with sides.
Another important point to remember is that in building a functional pyramid, one may want to avoid using any metal at all. This means that a person must avoid using nails, screws, washers, or any metal at all anywhere in the pyramid. As Wilcock describes, this is because metals have a way of absorbing the pyramidal energy and preventing it from having its intended effects.

These specifics support my own experience with pyramid energy as well. However, in these details, I decided to take things one step further. The Law of One text was mentioned on different occasions during the discussion, and how significant these texts are. I had a feeling that the text offered some specifics on pyramid construction, and it turned out that it does. Below is one such passage on the structure and function of pyramids.

58.10 Questioner: Would the pyramid shape work just as well right side up as upside down with respect to the surface of the Earth, assuming the magnetic alignment was the same in both cases?

Ra: I am Ra. We do not penetrate your query. The reversed shape of the pyramid reverses the effects of the pyramid. Further, it is difficult to build such a structure, point down. Perhaps we have misinterpreted your query.

58.11 Questioner: I used this question only to understand the way the pyramid focuses light, not for the purpose of using one. I was just saying if we did build a pyramid point down, would it focus at the Queen’s Chamber position or just below it the same way as it would if it were point up?

Ra: I am Ra. It would only work thusly if an entity’s polarity were, for some reason, reversed.

58.12 Questioner: Then the lines of spiraling light energy— do they originate from a position toward the center of the Earth and radiate outward from that point?

Ra: I am Ra. The pyramid shape is a collector which draws the instreaming energy from what you would term, the bottom or base, and allows this energy to spiral upward in a line with the apex of this shape. This is also true if a pyramid shape is upended. The energy is not Earth energy, as we understand your question, but is light energy which is omni-present.

58.13 Questioner: Does it matter if the pyramid is solid or is made of four thin sides, or is there a difference in effect between those two makes?

Ra: I am Ra. As an energy collector, the shape itself is the only requirement. From the standpoint of the practical needs of your body complexes, if one is to house one’s self in such a shape, it is well that this shape be solid sided in order to avoid being inundated by outer stimuli.

58.14 Questioner: Then if I just used a wire frame that were four pieces of wire and joined at the apex running down to the base, and the pyramid were totally open, this would do the same thing to the spiraling light energy? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The concept of the frame as equal to the solid form is correct. However, there are many metals not recommended for use in pyramid shapes designed to aid the meditative process. Those that are recommended are, in your system of barter, what you call expensive. The wood, or other natural materials, or the man-made plastic rods will also be of service.

58.15 Questioner: Why is the spiraling light focused by something as open and simple as four wooden rods joined at an apex angle?

Ra: I am Ra. If you pictured light in the metaphysical sense, as water, and the pyramid shape as a funnel, this concept might become self-evident.

We can see just how many points this text corroborates. The pyramid acts as a funnel for light or photonic energy which is absorbed from the Earth and spirals upward into the space above. Once again, the pyramid can be made from a wire frame alone without the faces to it. As it turns out, we can in fact use metal to build the pyramid. However, the metal must be a precious metal such as gold, silver, platinum, or any metal that is highly crystallized. The Ra beings speaking also specify other non-metallic materials such as wood or plastic as fine to use in pyramid construction.

There is also emphasis on the way which pyramid energy spirals upward as it is absorbed from the bottom of the pyramid toward the apex. These spirals are further emphasized in later passages, but before getting to those, here is a passage which include further details as well as advice on which dimensions and sizes of pyramids work best. Here is the Law of One.

57.30 Questioner: The dangerous pyramid shape for use today would be a four-sided pyramid that was large enough to create the King’s Chamber effect. Is that statement correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This statement is correct with the additional understanding that the 76° apex angle is that characteristic of the powerful shape.

57.31 Questioner: Then I am assuming that we should not use a pyramid of 76° apex angle under any circumstances. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is at your discretion.

57.32 Questioner: I will restate the question. I am assuming then that it might be dangerous to use a 76° angle pyramid, and I will ask what angle less than 76° would be roughly the first angle that would not produce this dangerous effect?

Ra: I am Ra. Your assumption is correct. The lesser angle may be any angle less than 70°.

Keep in mind that the cautionary advice only pertains to those who intend to build a pyramid the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza (481 feet or 146.5 meters tall). It is unlikely that anyone reading this article will attempt to build such a structure. However, the concept of an additional effect caused by a pyramid this size does seem interesting for another study at some point.

The above passage gives us the optimal angle for pyramid construction of 70 degrees—roughly the angle found by the Russian scientists to be best for practical pyramid construction. As previously stated, spacetime seems to have an optimal angle of influx when it comes to fluid vortexes. We see these form in ocean currents, in swimming pools, and in our bathtub, and no matter what size these vortexes come in, when they are left undisturbed, the form remains consent. This next passage describes this relationship between the fluid vortex and the shape of the pyramid.

59.6 Questioner: I’m trying to understand the three spirals of light in the pyramid shape. I would like to question on each.

The first spiral starts below the Queen’s Chamber and ends in the Queen’s Chamber? Is that correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The first notion of upward spiraling light is as that of the scoop, the light energy being scooped in through the attraction of the pyramid shape through the bottom or base. Thus the first configuration is a semi-spiral.

59.7 Questioner: Would this be similar to the vortex you get when you release the water from a bathtub?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct except that in the case of this action the cause is gravitic whereas in the case of the pyramid the vortex is that of upward spiraling light being attracted by the electro-magnetic fields engendered by the shape of the pyramid.

59.8 Questioner: Then the first spiral after this semi-spiral is the spiral used for study and healing. Relative to the Queen’s Chamber position, where does this first spiral begin and end?

Ra: I am Ra. The spiral which is used for study and healing begins at or slightly below the Queen’s Chamber position depending upon your Earth and cosmic rhythms. It moves through the King’s Chamber position in a sharply delineated form and ends at the point whereby the top approximate third of the pyramid may be seen to be intensifying the energy.

So it seems that the passage is developing the idea of pyramid energy even further in its description of this spiraling energy as it moves upward. As described, the energy builds from the lower portion of the structure and is concentrated at the upper portion of the pyramid. This corresponds to the fluid vortex as well. If we look at the vortex, we will see that as the spiraling currents flow, they increase in speed and energy as they move toward the center or the longer neck of the vortex. As they reach this point, they form tighter and tighter spirals until it becomes difficult to distinguish the boundaries between each spiral.

In the same way, the flow of light through the pyramid may concentrate closer to the apex, as described in the above passage. We may note that this passage is referring to a pyramid the size of the Great Pyramid at Giza. So it is possible that our findings would be slightly different or less pronounced than those in a smaller pyramid.

Bodies of Light

The most interesting point of David Wilcock's discussion was on the topic of the energetic and esoteric effects of pyramid energy on a person's life. This subject took up most of the discussion. However, I did not mind at all considering how many of my own experiences the subject seemed to validate. For a moment, let's consider the affect of pyramid energy on the human body and consciousness.

We have been over the concept of how pyramids harness, concentrate, and redistribute photonic energy. It was also discussed as to how these photons are collected and store inside of DNA molecules as maintainers of health and vitality. Wilcock refers to this process with regard to the spiritual teachings of multiple cultures. He refers to the concept of the tikkun, the ancient Hebraic word meaning “Shattered Vessels of Light.” This concept is known in other terms as well, and to get a better understanding of this concept, let's consult the website,

The Myth of the Shattering of the Vessels

How is it that a concept rooted in medieval Jewish mysticism has so endeared itself to contemporary Jews? In order to understand this unlikely development, let us first consider the myth itself, known as “The Shattering of the Vessels” (shevirat ha-kelim).

At the beginning of time, God’s presence filled the universe. When God decided to bring this world into being, to make room for creation, He first drew in His breath, contracting Himself. From that contraction darkness was created. And when God said, “Let there be light” (Gen. 1:3), the light that came into being filled the darkness, and ten holy vessels came forth, each filled with primordial light.

In this way God sent forth those ten vessels, like a fleet of ships, each carrying its cargo of light. Had they all arrived intact, the world would have been perfect. But the vessels were too fragile to contain such a powerful, divine light. They broke open, split asunder, and all the holy sparks were scattered like sand, like seeds, like stars. Those sparks fell everywhere, but more fell on the Holy Land than anywhere else.

That is why we were created — to gather the sparks, no matter where they are hidden. God created the world so that the descendents of Jacob could raise up the holy sparks. That is why there have been so many exiles — to release the holy sparks from the servitude of captivity. In this way the Jewish people will sift all the holy sparks from the four corners of the earth.

And when enough holy sparks have been gathered, the broken vessels will be restored, and tikkun olam, the repair of the world, awaited so long, will finally be complete. Therefore it should be the aim of everyone to raise these sparks from wherever they are imprisoned and to elevate them to holiness by the power of their soul.

Aside from the more heavy side of religious context, I see this story as very telling of our true potential as universal. Whatever our belief may be, we have seen how light is a key component in our physical bodies, and this, in turn, affects everything about our life's experience. In figurative terms, the Christian Bible refers to the body being full of light at the point when the 3rd eye is open. According to the King James Bible, Jesus spoke the words, “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” This is the version which seems to retain what the true meaning of the passage likely was. The “eye” is the 3rd eye. Other translations miss this key component and seem to misrepresent the actual intent behind the passage.

Generally speaking, the third eye must be opened in order for the body to house the most light possible. Much like the ancient Hebraic text, this biblical passage seems to communicate the same message. That light holds a large amount of significance in the function of the human body. It also seems that these texts indicate some level of effort and care which must go into maintaining the light within our body so as to ensure continued health.

This concept of light and the human body will likely be significant to those who are familiar with the Tibetan rainbow body. This is a subject which has been extensively covered in the Wisdom Teachings series. The rainbow body may be the most significant, the most profound, and the most revealing of immense opportunity for growth and advancement of human consciousness.

Chances are that we are all familiar with the human ability to evolve physically as well as in consciousness. However, some may not yet realize the true potential of what lies beyond this present density. The Tibetan discipline of developing rainbow body could be considered one of the most intense, one of the most dedicated, and advanced levels of energetic training the world has ever seen.

The phenomenon and practice of the Tibetan rainbow body is one of extreme discipline and dedication. This lifelong devotion to meditation and training takes thirteen years of non-stop positive focus and strict lifestyle. The practice typically ends when the practitioner actually transfigures into a luminous being and disappears from site. This lifestyle of meditation is one which truly links the physical world with higher levels of existence.

David Wilcock describes one specific practice within this discipline which involves the visualization of a cutting of karmic strings or cords between the practitioner and anyone else with whom the practitioner feels an unhealthy emotional attachment to. Many describe the necessity of healthy relationships in life as vital for spiritual development and growth.

This health in relationships cannot exist if unhealthy binds of obligation exist within the relationship. As Wilcock goes on, he describes the process of the connections we form with those around us. He says that either the strong love or strong hate we feel for them creates a portal which can send our photonic energy to that person. It may very well be that this exercise in the discipline of rainbow body is a means of closing off the portals we have formed in life so that we can preserve and build the light within unimpeded.

The perceived sin of obligation knows no bounds in the developing personality.” - David Wilcock: A message received through psychic reading

Each of these practices discussed all seem to be pointed in the direction of building light within the body. This means that as a practitioner of these disciplines moves forward, they continually build up photonic energy within their body. The person based upon the Jesus of the Bible refers to the opening of the 3rd eye as a key component. The Jewish myth of the shattered vessels of light communicates the idea that we are to repair the broken vessel that is our true divine form, and the Buddhist practice of rainbow body shows us how to protect the light we build within ourselves, as well as what amazing things can happen when this process is completed.

One interesting topic to note was that at one point, Wilcock mentioned the concept of the transfer of photons from one person to another. He states that an aggressive person actually draws photonic energy out of their victims. It is as though the aggressor has a straw and is milking their victims photons out of them and sucking them up for themselves. This parasite/host relationship can manifest in a number of ways. In fact David Wilcock mentions one which I myself have experienced first-hand.

There was mention of the relationship between muscular knots which were difficult to work out. These particular knots are miofascial tissue which were injured at one point, but did not heal properly. As Wilcock describes these knots are actually the point from which energy is drawn from us by an aggressive individual. As energy is drawn from us, we lose strength and exhibit what Wilcock refers to as contractive energy in reference to the work of Wilhelm Reich. This energy causes a person to tense up whenever an aggressor draws energy from an individual.

There was one evening when I actually had an experience which this topic now verified. I had one particular muscular knot on my right quadriceps that had formed after regular workouts and physical therapy. That evening, I fell asleep on my couch and at one point between sleep and waking state I saw a large tube attached to the exact spot where this muscular knot was. At first I thought this was just a typical abduction experience, but when I woke up entirely, the feeling was not the same. This was over a year and a half ago, and upon hearing these concepts in this discussion, I find it very interesting to see the corroboration between the two situations.

The next article will include some of the personal affects which pyramid energy can have on an individual aside from all of the health benefits previously discussed.

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Wisdom Teachings and the Karmic Influences of Pyramid Energy – Discussing the Aetheric Effects of Pyramid Energy with David Wilcock

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