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Wisdom Teachings and the Karmic Influences of Pyramid Energy – Discussing the Aetheric Effects of Pyramid Energy with David Wilcock

What is Ascension? We have heard of this term used in numerous places, in numerous contexts, and with multiple ideas attached to it. But what does it truly mean? What are its origins and how do we ensure that we are doing our due diligence to attain it?

This article is somewhat of a continuation of the topics discussed in the Wisdom Teachings episode entitled, “Build your own Pyramid,” and features some of the most interesting and astounding effects of pyramid technology. These topics get to the bottom of at least one aspect of the ascension process and gives clues as to how we can accelerate our own journey of evolution.
The topic of pyramid science is one of extreme depth—so much so that this time around, it required more than one article for an episode. That, and I did not want to keep my readers waiting any longer. On a personal note, I have been experiencing some extreme writer's block as well as some issues with low energy. This was in combination with a two-week period of non-stop, fast-paced world events all taking place in rapid succession. So being as mentally stuck as I was, combined with still possessing a strong desire to assist in the disclosure process, I found no other alternative than to give the story in whatever form that I could.

It is my hope that after some good meditation and some hard-core nature walks, I will be ready for more heart-pumping, mind-blasting articles for many to benefit from. This method seems to be working so far. So, let's see what comes of it—on with the karmic influences of pyramid energy.

The Idea of Ascension

The concept of ascension is a very hot topic in present day societies. This is due to the numerous prophecies which all point to our present time period as being crucial for human development and evolution into higher states of consciousness. From the Hopi prophecies to the Law of One test, this present time period is to be the final deciding factor of how our evolutionary course is to progress.

The Law of One text refers to this time as “graduate” or the “harvest,” meaning that this is a time during which all souls must experience according to their own choice. When we are ready, we will experience an expansion of consciousness, of awareness, and of overall being. Our definition of existence may completely change as we develop and move along our path of discovery as beings of light.

This concept of graduation is spoken on in numerous passages within the Law of One. Below is one such passage which gives a rather clear understanding of what it is to progress to higher states.

47.5 Questioner: Then at fourth-density graduation into fifth is there anything like the percentages you gave for third-density graduation into fourth for polarization?

Ra: I am Ra. There are, in your modes of thinking, responses we can make, which we shall make. However, the important point is that the graduations from density to density do occur. The positive/negative polarity is a thing which will, at the sixth level, simply become history. Therefore, we speak in an illusory time continuum when we discuss statistics of positive versus negative harvest into fifth. A large percentage of fourth-density negative entities continue the negative path from fourth- to fifth-density experience, for without wisdom the compassion and desire to aid other-self is not extremely well-informed. Thus though one loses approximately two percent moving from negative to positive during the fourth-density experience we find approximately eight percent of graduations into fifth density those of the negative.

47.6 Questioner: Well, what I was actually asking was if 50% is required for graduation from third to fourth in the positive sense, 95% is required for graduation in the negative sense, does this have to more closely approach 100% in both cases for graduation from fourth to fifth? Does an entity have to be 99% polarized for negative and maybe 80% polarized for positive graduation from fourth to fifth?

Ra: I am Ra. We perceive the query now.

To give this in your terms is misleading for there are, shall we say, visual aids or training aids available in fourth density which automatically aid the entity in polarization while cutting down extremely upon the quick effect of catalyst. Thus the density above yours must take up more space/time.

The percentage of service to others of positively oriented entities will harmoniously approach 98% in intention. The qualifications for fifth density, however, involve understanding. This then, becomes the primary qualification for graduation from fourth to fifth density. To achieve this graduation the entity must be able to understand the actions, the movements, and the dance. There is no percentage describable which measures this understanding. It is a measure of efficiency of perception. It may be measured by light. The ability to love, accept, and use a certain intensity of light thus creates the requirement for both positive and negative fourth to fifth harvesting.

This passage primarily refers to the graduation from third to fourth density as well as from fourth to fifth. According to the text, for the third to fourth density graduation, there is the task of choosing polarity between service to others and service to self. As many of us know, these are the choices of positive and negative orientation. A soul can either choose to love and live to be compassionate, or they can live to love only themselves and to view themselves as the center of the universe. According to the text, these are both acceptable paths. However, since the service-to-self path requires a 95% polarity, this is not a very achievable path for many.

Only those who completely abandon all of humanity and become the equivalent of a mass murderer can even begin to be successful on this path. However, no matter how successful an individual becomes on the negative path, they will always be consumed by their distinctive lifestyle. In other words, their destruction is always returned to them in full.

The positive path is one of care and concern for the whole of society. To put it simply, it is a path of learning love through how an individual takes care of others. Through this path, the individual constantly develops a greater understanding by means of renewable creation and expansion. As the soul progresses to fourth density, the curriculum becomes a bit more in depth, according to the text.

There is much more to learn in the fourth density as compared to the third. This is why the fourth density is said to require more space. As a soul progresses through fourth density, they acquire more depth of knowledge and learn to concentrate the light they have chosen. It is this collection and concentration of light which pyramids allow a soul to initiate.
The construction of pyramids allows us as individuals to accumulate the much-needed light for not just our health, but for our spiritual awakening as well. As the photonic energy builds within our body, we are gradually upgraded to new levels of consciousness. In past episode of the Wisdom Teachings series, David Wilcock has discussed the numerous ways in which pyramids assist with health, healing, and maintenance of bodily vitality in an individual. In my previous article, I discussed how a collective pyramid machine can help a planet to heal and maintain health. These planetary pyramid machines can also assist a planet in maximizing the number of people who graduate at the end of each cycle of time (25,000 years).

Along with the physical and conscious benefits of pyramid technology, there are some unexpected effects that can result from exposure to pyramids. This is the acceleration of learning for any individual soul. Let's examine.

The Karmic Component

The notion that pyramids can actually compress and resolve karma at accelerated rates was of particular interest to me, as I was unaware that this karmic concentration was possible. Aside from the numerous health benefits an individual can enjoy from exposure to pyramid energy, this concept suggests much more. In fact, according to David Wilcock, this compression of karma by pyramid energy can serve as both a blessings and a challenge.
In the Wisdom Teachings episode listed above, Wilcock mentioned the somewhat difficult results which can come from over-exposure to pyramid energy. According to the Law of One, a person can experience an acceleration of karmic balancing in the form of unpleasant circumstances in their personal life. These occurrences are in excess to any other un-pleasantries we might otherwise experience. For example, instead of getting a parking ticket, we might get into a fender-bender with another vehicle. Instead of catching a cold, we might contract pneumonia. There are a number of these karmic balancing situations that can be much more difficult than the typical experiences we have. However, the positive side to this is that once that the unpleasant experience is over, our karma from that previous situation is completely resolved.

Upon hearing this principle of accelerated karma, I was somewhat confused, as many of the karmic consequences which Wilcock described did not seem to have occurred in my life after building pyramids. I have been living inside of an apartment which is drenched in pyramidal energy. Yet these normalized occurrences of misfortune were not quite my own experience. Eventually, I began to wonder whether or not my pyramids were working properly. Then my mind began to go through all of the painful and torturous experiences I've had due to abduction and the resulting health issue.

Through my life, my body has been through difficulties that had no place in the life of anyone as old as I was during these ordeals. They went far beyond anything that actually made sense. (There were even multiple occurrences which caused me to doubt that my life's course was in line with my pre-incarnated soul agreements. This was similar to the Mandela Effect, but to a much greater degree. However, this is another matter.) Then it dawned on me. My karmic backlash and my health issues were likely one and the same.
My life has been everything but preferable. Apparently, I agreed to some pretty horrific experiences before this life began. As I understand it, a soul has the option of doing this while nearing the end of an experience in 3rd density so as to be more able to enter into higher densities with a clean slate. It would seem that I myself had quite a bit of karma to resolve during this lifetime.

As I understand it, karma is not necessarily a force that has control over our lives. In other words, karma does not exist unless we ourselves believe that it does. An individual can either choose to experience it in a negative sense, or they can simply choose to acknowledge their actions and forgive themselves and anyone else involved, thereby erasing karma altogether. For myself, this lesson was only learned a number of years ago. If I had learned it sooner, my life may have been much more enjoyable earlier on. However, I don't consider it any loss. Instead, I consider it as one aspect of a colorful life experience.
As I would realize, my own karma was actually manifesting in the form of migraine headaches. If ever I have an unloving thought, an idea formed in anger or vengeance, I can be sure that a headache is not far behind. If I catch these thoughts quickly and make the effort to change my thoughts and energy in the moment, the headache leaves immediately. I can also choose to persist and indulge the negative thought, but in so doing, I am cruising for a full-blown migraine.

These migraines have has served as karmic balancing. However they have not been the result of pyramid treatment one. These headaches actually kick-started my awakening process, as they would consistently accompany any aspect of life that turned out to be harmful to my growth (This would mostly include submission to the ideas of organized religion.) After seeing this consistent correlation between negativity and these headaches, I realized that they were a blessing in disguise. As it would turn out, the migraines may have also serve as a less destructive means of quickly balancing my karma.
The headaches were just one aspect of possible karmic balancing. It may also be that most of my karma was resolved during the time I was subjected to the abductions, the attacks of multiple types, and the extensive ordeals that I have endured in life. In fact, it may be that karma has gone a bit overboard.

Whatever the role of my past sufferings in life, it has contributed in major ways to my evolution in consciousness. My experience with pyramids has also coincided with this acceleration in growth and development. I have been able to see the negative attachments which were holding me down, and to recognize the ways in which these attachments were hindering my growth.

I have been able to heal soul-level issues, learn abstract concepts about myself and about the universe. (Some of these concepts don't seem to have a name, or commonly understood nature to them. They have simply made themselves known.) I was even able to learn what was causing the abductions I was enduring and was able to put a stop to them—first on a physical level, and then on the aetheric level as well. The experience even got to the point when I began to receive positive visits as opposed to the weekly negative (and sometimes nightly) ones.
My nighttime experiences went from dreading going to sleep to peacefully enjoying actual freedom as I slept. Instead of falling asleep to hands on the side of my doorposts bathed in eerie blue light, I was able to actually fall asleep like a normal person without having to wonder what would happen after I closed my eyes.

After ridding myself from the abduction ordeal, I began to have more positive experiences. There would be times when I would see positive beings stopping by at night to see me sleeping under my pyramid. I would also wake up to see several beings performing healing on me as I slept. (As I understand it, we as Earth humans can make a request to the benevolent ETs in order to receive assistance when we ask though to be honest, besides being specific with the request, I cannot say for certain this will work with absolutely everyone.) These would not be visible in waking states of consciousness. However, between sleep and wake, these beings were quite distinguishable.
It seems that there are groups out there who are interested in seeing humankind evolve. On top of this, these beings seem to take interest in those using pyramid technology. This may be because they realize the impact pyramids can have in accelerating our evolution and growth. If pyramids help us evolve, this would mean that the benevolent beings would be attentive to those who use them. It may mean that at some point, they may like to have a conversation.

Our Divine Progression

When discussion the use pyramids, self improvement, and of evolutionary advancement, it can be easy to become obsessed. This obsession can either be focused upon judging and condemning one's self as hopeless, or perceiving the self as flawless among a sea of imperfection. Neither of these is true, or rather, in a way both of these are true.
The concept that many of us have heard is that all of us, everything in existence is already perfect. We as individuals, though we are flawed and unfinished in many ways, each one of us is perfect within our own imperfection. The Law of One describes this concept best in the following passage.

4.20 Questioner: My objective is primarily to discover more of the Law of One, and [it would] be very helpful to discover techniques of healing. I am aware of your problem with respect to free will. Can you make… You cannot make suggestions, so I will ask you if you can state the Law of One and the laws of healing to me?

Ra: I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.

One of the primal distortions of the Law of One is that of healing. Healing occurs when a mind/body/spirit complex realizes, deep within itself, the Law of One; that is, that there is no disharmony, no imperfection; that all is complete and whole and perfect. Thus, the intelligent infinity within this mind/body/spirit complex re-forms the illusion of body, mind, or spirit to a form congruent with the Law of One. The healer acts as energizer or catalyst for this completely individual process.

One item which may be of interest is that a healer asking to learn must take the distortion understood as responsibility for that ask/receiving, thus healing. This is a[n] honor/duty which must be carefully considered in free will before the asking.

This quote is pretty deep, but let's attempt to decipher it. If I am correct, the Ra beings are stating that that there is no imperfection or disharmony, and that to learn and understand how to heal any ailment, all we need to do is to learn what it is that causes us to see anything as disharmonious, distorted, or imperfect. From what I can see, the understanding requires intensive internal work and introspection. Those who are able to do this work may learn the secret of how to perform what others perceive as miracles. However, the resulting abilities of these developments may only be miraculous to those who have not understood the work required.

David Wilcock makes the point that the means by which an individual ascends is partially related to the acceptance of imperfection as perfect. When we as individuals realize that the imperfection is an aspect of the 3rd density itself, we can then move forward. As we accept that all is perfect even though it does not appear that way, this is an incredibly significant discovery. As Wilcock states, the 3rd density is designed to be imperfect, and it is only when we realize this, understand it and internalize it that we meet this requirement for graduation.

Further Benefits of Pyramid Technology

There were a number of health benefits discovered by the science team of Dr. Yuri Bogdanov and the Russian TTR company. These scientists were still receiving payment under communist government even though the Iron Certain had fallen. Being scientists they wanted to use their funds for research, and this is where the Russian pyramid research originated.
As discussed in the recent Wisdom Teachings episode, “Pyramids and Photon Vortexes,” these scientists found some remarkable results from their experiments with pyramids. Here are a few excerpts. (A few of these were covered in the previous article. However, since I skipped ahead, I thought to review them for the sake of consistency with the corresponding episode.

Studies of changes of properties of matter were conducted there as well. It was revealed that the half-life of carbon was altered; the structure of salt patterns changed; the strength properties of concrete varied; the optical behavior of crystals under consideration changed.

The studies of influence of the pyramid on animals showed the following: the physical endurance of rabbits and white rats was twice increased; the leukocytic composition of  blood was altered.

In Blizhnii Bereznik, a town that is situated in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia, a complex of pyramids was constructed by the order of the domestic administration.    These helped clear water  in a blow well from raised levels of strontium and heavy metals.  This was successfully carried out. In Krasnogorskoe town situated near Moscow a pyramid for reducing elevated salinity of water was constructed as well.

As we may recall from previous episodes, the half-life of carbon was altered—proving possible something that is not supposed to be possible in modern science. In the previous article, the health benefits the rabbits and mice were well noted. These animals developed more endurance and increase immunity to disease. It was also found that pyramid energy made crystals more consistent and even more lustrous in appearance.
To add, the pyramid energy was even able to get rid of radioactive particles in a well in Arkengelsk, Russia--a region directly adjacent to Chernobyl, Ukraine. This is a highly radioactive area even though the accident at Chernobyl happened years ago. As Wilcock stated, the pyramid energy was placed above this well, and in a matter of time, the radioactive particle actually settled out of the well entirely, making the water drinkable. This was likely due to the ability of pyramid energy to get rid of impurities in minerals.

As with the granite scattered on the floor of the pyramid, the energy was somehow able to cause the impurities in the granite to gradually settle out. Over time, this created a brighter appearance in the granite rocks. In the same way, the radioactive particles in this well near Chernobyl may have settle out similar to the way the impurities settled out of the quartz crystal in the granite. If this is true, these findings could have earthshaking results in modern day society. Yet this technology is deliberately denied from being released or used by the establishment to benefit the public.

The Wrap-up

This study of pyramid technology is one of extensive depth and massive impact. Pyramid technology could quite literally transform our planet into a paradise of increase health, vitality, and sustained prosperity if only we would use it properly. It may very well be that these pyramids did that very thing when they were first built near the beginning of the current age.

David Wilcock stated that the Atlanteans were in a race against time to attempt to stabilize the Earth and by building the pyramids we now see today, they hoped to prevent a pole shift. According to the Law of One, the Earth's axis may have actually shifted which was what destroyed the civilizations of that time. Today, we near the end of our current age and are presently entering into a new one. We may keep in mind that it wasn't the pyramids alone that held the power to prevent a catastrophe; it was the people of the world at that time.

These people held the potential within themselves to choose to serve others, to be more positive and to shift in a positive way into the new age. According to the Law of One, they did not make this positive choice in time. We, however, hold the power to accomplish what they could not.

Presently, this world holds enough people who are awake and aware to make a conscious change for the positive, and the numbers are only growing. We only have to make the choice to use our creative potential for positive ends so as to create the greatest possible outcome for the planet. As our current age draws to a close, we see a number of events unfolding. Many of these events appear dire, but in all of it, the entire truth is being forced to the surface. The time is hectic. The pace is fast, but the benefit afterward will be beyond words.

Let's keep our eyes, our minds, and our hearts open.

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