Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure David Wilcock and Corey Goode: The Earth Alliance Strikes Back - A Firsthand Account of Recent Intelligence

Upon hearing the disclosure of the Secret Space Program, many reacted with a large amount of skepticism. Many refused to believe that there may be more to our planet, to our solar system, and to our galaxy than that which has been disclosed by the mainstream media. We thought that the existence of off-world life was only a matter of likelihood, and not one of certainty. However, as we have seen by the testimonies of a dozen or more corroborating stories, many of us were wrong.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Validating the History of the Secret Space Programs - With Dr. Bob Wood

If we have been with the Cosmic Disclosure series for this long, we will likely be acclimated to the strange, the bizarre, and the other-worldly. We will be used to the idea that light speed is not a barrier, but a gateway; that space is not the end of life, but the beginning; that time is not a limited dimension, but one of infinite potential. Consequently, when we hear the testimonies of Corey Goode, we realize that there is a good chance that not only are these accounts accurate, but that they represent that which we may soon experience.

Within this episode, we get to hear the accounts of Corey Goode from the past few updates firsthand. In the discussion, Goode goes into the unforgettable story of what he witnessed during a number of visits to various locations throughout the solar system. The discussion begins just after a slow point in Goode's life, when things seemed rather uneventful. However, that soon changed.

Cosmic Disclosure: The Earth Alliance Strikes Back

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode, and we're going to get into some of the episodes that you consistently have told us you love the most - updates about the latest and greatest, and weirdest things that are happening to Corey.

So Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So you and I have actually gotten in a lot of trouble because we had gotten information about a war that was taking place over Antarctica, and we had not disclosed that. So could you start out by telling us what was the nature of this war? What happened? And what were the consequences for you for not reporting on it?

Corey: Well, it had to do with the war and what was found under the ice shelf of Antarctica.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode: From Venus to Antarctica - Recounting Experiences both Foreboding and Amazing

David: Okay.

Corey: It had been reported to me that, for some time, they had seen these strange spheres that were about 90 feet in diameter that were . . . that had little port holes around it that were being seen over Antarctica.

I had gotten several reports of it, but it wasn't confirmed until I talked to members of the SSP Alliance.

David: Hmm.

Corey: These appeared to be just reconnaissance. They were just watching what was going on down in Antarctica. Well, what led to the battle was that six of these Dark Fleet cruisers [The Dark Fleet is the military branch of the Secret Space Program, the SSP] that were teardrop shaped, very large, had left the water off the coast of Antarctica and were headed towards outer orbit as if they were leaving.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock: The Dark Fleet

David: Now, is there a barrier around the Earth at this time? Could they theoretically have left?

Corey: Yes.

David: But the outer barrier around the solar system is still there?

Corey: Correct.

David: So for some reason they might feel that Antarctica isn't a good place for them to be anymore.

Corey: Right. They were trying to leave to go to one of their other bases in the solar system.

David: And I remember one of the really fascinating correlations with Pete Peterson was that, when I mentioned to him these spheres with the port holes around them, he actually saw one of those inside a hangar at some point in his career and said that the port holes were glass, that you could see inside the ship through the port holes.

And when we discussed it, he was fairly confident that they might be these cosmospheres that Peter David Beter reported on that the Russians have.

Corey: That's what was reported to me, that they were most likely Russian.

David: Oh! Okay.

Corey: Yeah.

David: So that was one of the things that fascinated me, because we got two independent points of correlation on this whole . . . what the spheres are.

And so this would be, apparently, part of what we're calling the Earth Alliance that . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . was taking action against these Dracos.

Corey: Well, and it continued, because as the two lead craft were getting in the upper atmosphere, all of a sudden dozens of what were described as Chevron-shaped craft about the size of a normal jet fighter, began to attack these vessels.

And there were flashes of light, explosions. and then these cruisers that were trying to escape, went right back down, went into the water where they had left from, where they had come out.

The Road to Ascension - From Ancient Myth to Current Intel - Commentary on Recent Disclosures of our Planetary Situation

David: So what we have here is you have the spheres, which may be Russian. You have Draco, teardrop shaped craft that are attempting to leave the Earth from Antarctica. And then you have these very new and unexpected Chevron craft that arrive.

Corey: Right. And the teardrop shaped cruisers were Dark Fleet.

David: Oh, they were Dark Fleet, not Draco.

Corey: Right.

David: Okay. So I remember you telling me that there was something really unexpected about the arrival of these triangular craft, which they're calling Chevron craft even though they were basically triangular in shape. So what was it that was so surprising about that?

Corey: Well, they had very powerful weaponry, and no one knew who they were. It turns out that these were craft that the secret Earth Alliance had obtained. And they were using them to prevent these Cabal groups from leaving the surface of the Earth.

David: This is essentially something that changes the game, right?

Corey And David

Corey: Absolutely.

David: This is a very big game changer. Why was it such a game changer?

Corey: Well, now some of these Alliance groups on the Earth have advanced technology. They basically have their own secret space program now.

And these assets are the ones like you would get from the ICC. They were very advanced, very new technology. And these craft were built by defense contractors.

David: But those defense contractors in the ICC are not necessarily working with the ones that built these craft on Earth.

Corey: Right. And it's unknown how they obtained them, but there were dozens of them that attacked these craft.

David: So what was the effect of these ships being shot down? That's obviously some kind of a tipping point in a war.

Corey: Well, it sent shock waves through the Cabal. It also sent shock waves through the SSP Alliance. They're not used to things popping up on the radar that they don't have a full understanding of.

David: Right. What do you think is the greater socio-political struggle that's going on? Why would the Dark Fleet be trying to leave the Earth now?

Corey: The same reason why so many of these syndicate groups have been heading down to Brazil and Argentina to go into these underground bases that are sending them below ground through fissures that are filled full of water. They travel all the way to Antarctica.

They're looking to escape from something. So they're expecting some sort of an event to occur, and they're trying to escape from it. And apparently they decided that it was better to get off of Earth and out into the furtherest part of the solar system.

David: Do you think that there are changes going on that could lead to some sort of data dump or some sort of big epic shift in all this geopolitical struggle that's going on?

Corey: That's been the rumor or the threat for some time, but the Cabal groups have taken steps to minimize the impact of any massive data dumps.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Celestial Timeline

David: So this was a curious situation, because you and I both got in trouble – big trouble – for not revealing this battle intel to the public, but yet most people would say, “Well, what does it matter?”

Corey: Well, it wasn't the battle intel that was so important that we deliver. It was everything that I had reported on my tour under the ice: the location of these bases, what was under there.

Because at the time, obviously, we had Alliance assets in the theater operating.

David: Oh.

Corey: So that was a perfect time for them to take further action.

David: So are you saying that, because we didn't leak the intel fast enough, that the Alliance could not make moves, because they didn't know where these things were that you had seen?

Corey: Right. Correct.

David: What was the Alliance's opinion of you and me as a result of that not getting out?

Corey: Well, shortly after that is when they sent in The Wrangler, who, as you said, tries to convince underperforming assets to perform.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode: From Venus to Antarctica - Recounting Experiences both Foreboding and Amazing

David: So one of the things that the viewers have said is that in some way this network was suppressing our release of this information. And could you just address that for a moment as to whether that's what happened?

Corey: No, Gaia had no idea of the details of the information yet because we hadn't reported them in a release or an update. So it would have been some days or weeks after that Gaia would have had us, you know, do an episode on it.


It was unfortunate to hear this portion about how the Secret Space Program personnel reacted to their information being set aside. I definitely appreciate what Corey and David have done and continue to do in disclosing so much vital information to the masses in such a simple and easy to understand way. However, intelligence from such a source as the SSP Alliance does not strike me as something to sit on for very long.

It is understandable that Corey and David have more on their plate than many of us know how to handle. I can also understand how it is difficult to know specifically what people need at any given moment. It may have been that the contents of the projects which they had at the time were equally as important and had just as much potential for benefiting the planet as the new intelligence. However, it seems that the SSP had other priorities.

With this in mind, it puzzles me as to why the timing of the situation was not emphasized by the SSP personnel disclosing this information to Corey and David. If time were such an important factor, why did these personnel not mention the fact? If they did that is one thing. However, if not I see no reason for them to have such an extreme reaction.

The bottom line is that none of us know exactly what we are doing. Having an audience of thousands of people is a huge responsibility and can be different than what people expect from the experience. So I can understand the struggles of multi-tasking and prioritizing projects so as to have the greatest most positive impact on as many people as possible. There may, however, come a time when information comes so quickly that the whistleblowers and bloggers won't be able to keep up. So quality and detail may be a bit lacking. However, if events speed up that much, there may be little need to read about them online. At that time, we might all be experiences these events at the same time.

David: And I was equally as guilty as you because I was very preoccupied with finishing my book, and I had shoved everything else off to the side. I was working sometimes until 5:00, 6:00 a.m. in the morning. I just didn't have any time to write these updates either. So there was no written form of them, and we also . . . the way that the taping worked, it just didn't work out.

Corey: Correct. Yeah.

David: So very shortly after The Wrangler was turned down, we had the Contact in the Desert event. And this was the first time that you had actually gone to a conference where people knew who you were other than Conscious Life Expo.

Corey: Right.

David: This was only the second time that you'd been out there in front of a live audience.

Corey: Correct. Yeah.

David: So, could you walk through for us some of the strange things that happened once you got to Contact in the Desert?

Corey: One of the nights – evenings – I was sitting at my desk and, out of the skylight, I saw a blue light. And I looked at it, and I thought maybe it was a star that the curvature of the glass was refracting and making it look blue.

And I stood up, and I looked, and I decided to go outside and take a look. And I went outside, and I saw the blue light. I came back in, got my phone, went back out, and then it was moving and blinking, heading across the sky.

David: And it hadn't been blinking before?

Corey: No, it was solid blue.

David: Really? Okay.

Corey: Right. So I went . . . I think I texted you or called you.

David: Yeah, you texted me. and you were very, almost ridiculously pressuring me to go outside.

Corey: Yeah. “Go outside now!” kind of thing.

David: And I'm like . . . and you didn't say what it was.

Corey: Right.

David: And then I went outside not knowing what to expect. Let's start with you. What was your observation of it from there?

Corey: Well, I mean, I had seen blue spheres many times – you know, blue orbs.

David: Right.

Corey: But this one was obviously going to be a . . . I thought it was going to be a mass sighting event, so I was pretty excited. So I recorded what I could, with my iPhone, of it. And it shows it a little bit.

It was exciting, because it was occurring when there were like 5,000 people down below.

Cosmic Disclosure with William Henry, Corey Goode, and David Wilcock - Symbiotic Relationships of Ascension - Page 1

David: This is something that I also saw, and what was interesting was that I had someone staying with me as an assistant, and she saw a cloud of blue energy over my head, more like a spiritual sighting, right before you had sent me that text.

Corey: Yeah, that's pretty weird.

David: And I ended up going outside, and I observed this object for over an hour. And had you heard that a lot of other people saw it, because I certainly . . . ?

Corey: Yeah. The next day we had a lot of people report seeing a blue sphere or orb in the air.

David: Right.

Corey: Some people saw it blinking. Some people saw it solid.

David: What do you think was actually going on with this blue orb?

Corey: At the time, I really didn't know, because it didn't seem really that interested in me.

David: Was there something that came out later on that made it more obvious?

Corey: Yes. Later on I was told that during that time period, that certain people, including yourself, had gotten some sort of a download from it when it was blinking.

David: Suggesting that, maybe when the person I was with saw this blue energy over my head, that that could have been when it was happening perhaps.

Corey: Yeah, it was a weird correlation.

David: So what was the next thing that happened to you after you saw the blue blinker?

Cosmic Disclosure with William Henry, Corey Goode, and David Wilcock: Blue Avians & Spheres in Ancient Art

Corey: Actually, it was the next morning. I was laying in bed, and I started to hear a chorus of voices of all ages, all genders – both genders. And I think it was four times that it repeated this. I heard, “We are the messengers and facilitators of the One Infinite Creator”, over and over, like four times.

I got up, and I was wondering, “What the heck is going on?”

I went outside, looked around, looked up in the sky, looked all around the terrain, didn't see anything.

David: Well, and that sounds exactly like a line you'd hear in “The Law of One”.

Corey: On that topic, I went and laid back in bed. And I'd been carrying around “The Law of One” for a while and hadn't been able to read it. When I'd try to read it, the words would hover above the page. I couldn't retain anything. It was very discouraging.

Well, I picked the book up this time, and I started reading it, and I was able to retain everything. And even stranger than that, in my communications with Tear-Eir after that, he started communicating with me in terminology very similar and some identical from the book.


I have had some experiences with this type of reading issue. Though from what Goode describes, it sounds as though this inability to retain the Law of One material may have been energetic in nature, as though some force was blocking the knowledge from actually taking root. There have been a number of people who share with me such inexplicable inabilities. Many times, these people find that some type of energy healing or energetic release solves the problem.

There was once when I experienced a time of mental meltdown of sorts. However, that was before the real challenge of health and wellness became most extreme for me. It seemed that only after my health deteriorated that I was able to move beyond most of my internal issues, and to begin a whole new process of awakening, expansion, and recovery.

David: Well, let's go back to that original meeting that you had in front of the SSP Alliance. What was one of the first questions that the Alliance asked the Blue Avians when you were there?

Corey: “Are you the Ra from 'The Law of One'?”

David: And what was their answer?

Corey: He just had me repeat,”I am Raw-Tear-Eir.”

David: And Raw is like Ra, basically.

Corey: Right.

David: So this seems to be a much more advanced presentation of the connection between “The Law of One” and what's happening to you. It seems like we've reached that point where it needs to be more solidified that this really is the same group. Would you agree with that?

Corey: I would agree with that now. In the past, you know, I'd always been a little leery of drawing that connection when I hadn't had the indication myself.

David: What was the next thing that happens to you in terms of new contacts?

Corey: Well, new contacts that I haven't reported . . .

David: Right.

Sphere-Being Alliance - Corey Goode Update Part 1

Corey: Kaaree contacted me and gave me a little bit of an update on what was going on with this Wrangler character, that they were extremely triggered and had some sort of vendetta out towards me for some reason. They were reaching out to their different proxies, people that they knew, seeing what kind of access these individuals could give him to me.

David: And when you say 'they', you mean The Wrangler.

Corey: The Wrangler was reaching out to contacts, and he was asking these contacts what kind of access he could get through them to me.

David: So even though, ostensibly, the Blue Avians were blocking him from being able to access you, he was trying to pull strings and figure out how he could still work around that somehow.

Corey: Right. And that had been noticed, and they said that they were keeping a close eye on him.

David: Let me just ask you this. If we had published that intel in a timely fashion regarding Antarctica – if we hadn't have both been preoccupied with personal issues and writing books – what might they have been able to do that didn't get done?

Corey: Well, pull off a operation on these facilities under the ice.

David: What kind of an operation?

Corey: Well, either go in and take things away from them, or go in and destroy or attack them.

David: Wow!

Corey: Yeah. They knew that there was something going on under the ice, but they didn't know the locations of these installations.

David: Right. So Kaaree is now talking to you, and what was the method? Did the light flash in your room, and you get brought into the Inner Earth like before?

Corey: This is one of those etheric conference calls.

David: Like what we've been calling “The Construct”.

Corey: Right.

David: So you're in kind of a white space?

Corey: Yes. Everything around you is white, except for . . . well, the chair is white too, but, yeah, it's white.

David: So she said that The Wrangler was trying to access you but was unable to.

Corey: Right. And she also informed me that the security groups that kept these facilities safe were extremely freaked out that they were not able to detect the Anshar bus during the reconnaissance and the fact that these certain locations were given out about what was under the ice.

Full Disclosure and Ascension - Commentary of the Article from David Wilcock

David: Yeah, I would imagine that, if they had always thought that they could see any craft that come in, and then that craft is invisible, that would be very scary to them.

Corey: And they realize that if the Alliance, that had operations ongoing above them, had known all of this information, they would have had a very bad time of it from the Alliance coming in, especially in the advanced craft they have now.

David: Now, you also mentioned that Kaaree shared personal information with you. And, of course, everybody's going to want to know if there's any specific tidbits at all that you could give us about that.

You had mentioned that you were very depressed about The Wrangler. I saw that in you. You were in a very dark place at that point.

This guy had basically tortured you. So was she trying to give you some moral support, cheer you up?

Corey: There was some counseling going on there, but there was also a lot of talk about people that were operating in my sphere, things that were going on with them, and some very personal things.

David: Right. So did anything else happen in this meeting with Kaaree?

Corey: She did inform me that Gonzales was indeed away with the Mayan breakaway group going through their “healing” that I'd heard so much about.

David: And how did you feel about the idea that he was going through something like this?

Full Disclosure and Ascension - The War Has Gone Hot! (Part 2) - A Continuation of Numerous Disclosures from David Wilcock

Corey: I was happy for him, but I didn't think I would probably ever see him again, because he told me that, if he got a chance, that someday he may disappear abruptly and go off for healing. And he may never get the opportunity to say “Goodbye” to me.

David: So after this initial meeting with Kaaree, did you have any other meetings with Kaaree?

Corey: Yes. Over the weeks, there were small meetings here and there, but really nothing significant. It was more personal type of meetings.

David: Well, and you describe in the write-up on your website that you were in a very depressed place and didn't feel like you were of any value at that time.

Corey: Right. I was asking her why she was still coming to visit me so often to speak when I really didn't have anything to offer. I didn't have any intelligence. There was nothing going on to where I needed to be there as a liaison.

And she just . . . that big smile she gets on her face said to me that I would be useful again in the future.

David: You also said something about that she would be working with you.

Corey: She had told me that the nature of the mind meld that we had created in a connection between us that would have her looking in on me for the rest of my life, since she was going to live a much longer life.

David: So in your update, that brings us up to July 10 [2016], 3:40 a.m., as the next big event.

Corey: Yes.

David: So let's walk through that now. What happens at 3:40 a.m. on July 10?

Corey: Well, I hadn't been informed, I believe, on this one that there was going to be a meeting.

David: How would you have normally been informed before? What would have happened?

Corey: Well, Kaaree had been telling me to expect a meeting.

David: I see.

Corey: And then I was also receiving information in dreams to prepare for a meeting.

David: Oh, in dreams.

Corey: Yes.

David: Interesting.

Corey: Yes. Yeah, I was laying in bed. I had my eyes closed, and this pale blue light was coming through my eyes. I opened my eyes, and there's the Blue Sphere zig-zagging around.

Sphere-Being Alliance - Corey Goode Intel Update Part 2

David: Hmm. And you had no idea that this was about to happen.

Corey: No. Not this one. Yeah. I get up, and I get prepared for transport, and I indicate that I'm ready. And it took me to one of the big spheres out in space that I've described before.

And the moment I was deposited there, I could see the silhouette of Tear-Eir, and it looked like a human standing next to him, much shorter.

I looked up. My attention was drawn. I looked up, and I saw . . . The outside of the sphere acts kind of like a filter. It allows you . . . You can . . . Like if I was outside of the sphere, I wouldn't be able to see the other spheres in the solar system.

But while inside the sphere, through the walls, or the energetic walls, I could see other spheres. I could also see this crackling energy that is occurring in our solar system.

David: Was it coming from the sun?

Corey: Yes, it was crackling from the sun. And also the spheres were shimmering and heading away from the sun slowly. And they were headed towards Venus and Earth – the direction of Venus and Earth – but they were headed out in other directions too. But those are the ones that I could . . .

David: As an intuitive empath, did you get any psychic hit off of what you were seeing or what this represented?

Corey: I surmise, I believe, that, because of the increase in the energy coming out of the sun, that they were repositioning to help buffer these energies.

David: Hm. You see the spheres moving away, and you must have been curious about who is this silhouette next to Tear-Eir.

Corey: I really didn't have a chance to be curious yet. I saw them. They were a little bit of a ways away.

David: Okay.

Corey: And as I was looking up, peripherally I could see that they were moving towards me. So I looked back, and I looked at Tear-Eir, who greeted me, and then I looked at this other individual, and I had not seen their species before. They looked almost human.

So this individual introduces himself to me as Ambassador Mica.

Sphere-Being Alliance - Ancient Earth Break-Away-Civilization Subterranean Council Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part I - "Honeycomb Earth"

David: And what did he look like exactly?

Corey: He was about 5'5” [165cm]. He was wearing a kind of a shimmering green robe and light-brown sandals. His head . . . You know how ours is kind of oval if you're looking at it from the top? His looked almost round.

David: Really?

Corey: His forehead and his head – it was much rounder. And his features were . . . It looked like kind of a mixture, but African. His nose was very African looking.

David: Okay.

Corey: And his cheekbones were almost Native American looking. His skin color was about the color that you would see in like Libya or Egypt today, except there was a very slight orange, orangeish hue or tint, to the skin.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yeah. And he had salt and pepper hair, mostly black. His eyes were brown and he . . . very compassionate look on his face and his eyes.

And he had wrinkles around mostly right here [Corey touches the side of his face near his ear], just these almost like chicken skin wrinkles right here. And he looked like an older individual.

David: Well, let me just ask you this. If this guy was walking down the street in Manhattan, would anybody notice him? Or would he be able to just walk around?

Corey: You would notice. You would notice.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yeah.

David: So he didn't quite look human, but he was close.

Corey: Right. And he told me that his people were in a star system that is within our local star cluster, that they are our cosmic cousins basically.


To hear that we as Earth humans have off-world relatives waiting to meet us may seem bizarre. (It may seem even more bizarre to think that another civilization can watch our television shows.) However, our lack of vision may only be a result of the veil which prevents us from remembering that we are not the only people in the neighborhood. There are numerous people out there who are said to bear a striking resemblance to us, and it wouldn't surprise me if they showed up sooner rather than later to say hello.

It seems that ambassador Mica represents a chapter in the life of humanity which we on Earth have yet to experience after we shed our current manipulators. When we are born, all of the information we are allowed to see is pre-catered to serve the elitist establishment and to keep us subservient. All information that is available on the truth of our history and our present situation is either twisted or is eliminated from public view entirely. Our situation may seem irreparable to some. However, in my view, this means that we are very close to breakthrough.

David: So just the closest neighboring stars.

Corey: Right.

David: And what else did he have to say? He's in our local star cluster, and what?

Corey: He stated that his people were very enamored with the people of Earth. They loved our cultures, our art, music, entertainment.

They had similar things on their planet, that they had been following our radio, television, Internet, since their inception.

David: Ha, ha. I don't know if that's good or bad.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA’s Flying Saucer - From Scientific Breakthroughs to Entertainment Media Stunts

Captain America: Civil War

Drones (2014 film)

Sharknado: The Fourth Awakening (2016)

Corey: Yeah. Not a good impression, but he spoke perfect English . . .

David: Really?

Corey: . . . with no discernible accent, which blew my mind. But apparently they have been studying us very closely for some time.

David: So they can watch television and watch movies from us, and they're interested in those?

Corey: Yes, very much so. He mentioned that, like I said, that they were cosmic cousins, and that they shared about 94% of the same genetics that we do, which was very interesting.

David: Is he analyzing electromagnetic waves, so you're getting like television shows and movies that have been broadcast over TV? Or do they also have access to the Internet and can watch a YouTube video or something like that?

Corey: Oh, he said that they'd been combing through our Internet, radio and television since their inceptions.

David: Hm. They obviously would have to have advanced capability to do that, because we don't have the ability to go to another planet. We don't know about other planets officially and see them.

Corey: Yeah, they're an advanced race. He's been in our solar system for some time as an ambassador.

David: Hm.

Corey: So I don't know where his embassy is.

David: Did you hear anything about his own culture? Like what are their people like? What's their history?

Corey: The only thing that he really touched on that was similar to that was that his people had been oppressed by the same beings that were oppressing us here on Earth, and that it has only been three generations that they had gotten out from under them - that they had won their freedom.

David: Wow!

Corey: And he indicated that their life span is a little over 300 revolutions around their star, which, I guess, if we would consider that a year, it hadn't been that long since they had gotten out from under whoever was controlling them.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Draco Moon Base - Discussing Solar Systemic Changes, Military Abduction, and More

David: Given the scope of what you've disclosed before, and some of the things that we've also heard from other insiders about the Draco having mind control that's exerted over the human population here, wouldn't it stand to reason that, if his people had overthrown the Draco, that they would have gone through some kind of massive quantum evolutionary leap after that, and that maybe he was just very fresh out of that?

Corey: That is a very, very good possibility. That didn't come up, but he did say that his people were very interested in coming here after we've broken through this control system, this, you know, reptilian, and through the elites and other species that are controlling us.

They were very interested in coming and helping us make the transition. He said that their problems were not as complicated as ours, but they were similar enough to where they would be a major help to us if we accepted their help.

But a lot of these different groups do expect us, after what happened with the reptilians and other groups – if we get our freedom, they don't expect us to be reaching out immediately.

David: Did you get a sense of how they were able to defeat the Draco? Was it through some kind of a war? Was it a consciousness shift? Was it an ascension? Exactly what happened to them?

Corey: I don't know, but he did indicate that, during the end of their conflict, that he had been in contact with Tear-Eir in almost the exact same manner that I am.

David: Really?

Corey: Yeah. He also indicated that his people had been on Earth as refugees during their . . . when they were under control of this group. Different groups had escaped and had come to Earth and had lived here for extended periods of time.

David: Did you get a sense of the time frame for this?

Corey: No. But he stated that that was pretty common, that there were many different refugees coming here at that time.

David: In your write-up, you also said that he told you that his people have very recently gone through a process similar to what we are undergoing.

Corey: Right.

David: And what we are undergoing, in “Law of One” terms, very much appears to be what they call “harvest”, or what I have been calling Ascension. So does it appear that that could be what he was referring to, that his people actually had ascended but that it had happened just very recently?

Corey: Yes. It could very well have meant that. He didn't specify, but he was also talking in context about . . . his people had recently been liberated. So it wasn't clear whether he was discussing the liberation of his planet, then an ascension, or both.

David: Was there any evidence of him actually having ascended abilities?

Corey: Not in that short meeting that we had. This was a very short greeting.

David: Did he have the ability to communicate telepathically?

Corey: Yes, as a matter of fact. I asked him why he was speaking to me in English and not communicating non-verbally, since communicating non-verbally is seen as more efficient, a more efficient way to communicate.

And he said that he was perfectly capable of communicating telepathically, but that he preferred to communicate with me in my own tongue. And I think maybe he wanted to practice his English or something.

David: Do you think that, with his surveying, and his people's surveying of our media, that they actually like us?

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Cabal’s Super Hack – Revealing the Gross Vulnerability of a Once-Power Crime Syndicate

Corey: Well, he did indicate that we've got quite a lot to overcome, that his people were enamored with a lot of our culture, but they did not like our propensity for violence. And it's understood that a lot of the violence and the way that we're acting right now is controlled.

David: What do you mean controlled?

Corey: Well, mind control, propaganda, all the things that are going on Earth right now that's causing us not to be together, but at each other's throats.

David: Do you think that, if we were to talk to these people, that they would seem different than an average person on Earth in some way in their personality?

Corey: Yes. He was very matter of fact, but very calm and compassionate. He was introducing himself to me basically as a contemporary, that he had fulfilled a similar role with Tear-Eir on his planet.

He was wanting to meet me, and he wanted us to know – humanity to know – that we have family out there, that when all of this local control, and all the stuff that we're going through right now, once we're done with it, there is a wider community, a family out there that are looking forward to meeting us and helping us through this.

David: What do you feel, or what did he say, that they would have to offer us where this alliance would be beneficial to us?

Corey: Experience. Helping us overcome a lot of the emotional . . . just everything. You know, his people, once they got out from under the tyranny, they had to heal, and then grow, and then become a galactic species.

They were quarantined to their planet as well.

David: So they actually have a very similar story to us.

Corey: Very similar. Apparently, because of the wide range of races, ethnicities on our planet, and the different religions, that we've got quite a bit of a more complicated situation than they had.

David: You mentioned in the update that this meeting ended very abruptly.

Corey: It did.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - SSP Think Tanks - A Reveal on the Beginnings of the Secret Space Program

David: So could you tell us exactly how that goes down?

Corey: He had just finished a comment when a Blue Sphere appeared behind Tear-Eir and Mica. It shot almost over the head of Mica, but close to the shoulder of Tear-Eir, right between them, came and stopped before me. And it was obviously time to go.

David: And you said you were a little shocked and somewhat disappointed because you were thinking you were going to get to talk to Tear-Eir more, but in this particular meeting, what happened?

Corey: Right. I was expecting to talk with Tear-Eir more. I wanted to talk about the cosmic scene I'd viewed as well. And I was taken back to my room.

David: What did it feel like to finally get brought up there again after such a long absence?

Corey: It was exciting. It was nice to know that things were going to continue. I was feeling very . . . I was feeling withdrawals, I guess you could say.

I wasn't getting the normal intel from the SSP. I wasn't getting as many face to faces with Tear-Eir. So it was encouraging.

David: How did you feel about the idea that this man had been contacted by the same being, Tear-Eir, the same way as you apparently, and that he had become an ambassador to an entirely different solar system? Did you think about yourself in those terms as well?

Corey: No, I didn't.

David: Okay.

Corey: I did think that it was very interesting that he had served in a similar role on his planet as I was doing right now.

David: Sure. All right, well that's all the time we have for in this episode. And there's a lot more to the story here on “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I thank you for watching.

[End of Transcript]

Even though we previously received this account in written form, I was glad to receive it in an interview. As usual, we can see that these are actual experiences had by an individual. There is no sign of memorization of any script or fabrication. Everything which Goode says in his write-up he has shared in the same detail in the interview. It is this type of consistency that we can expect from true whistleblowers.

To receive such information and to have such confirmation, both from the testimonies of numerous other whistleblowers as well as personal experience has been interesting experience for me, to say the very least. Though one thing has made me curious for some time. The Law of One states that the transition between the 3rd and the 4th density is difficult, and that beings typically do not make this transition. In this case, I am curious to know if the Sphere Beings which Goode describes are making a shift in density in order for the multi-level density interaction, or if it is possible for us to increase our vibration presently so that we can interact on higher planes of existence. This is an interesting mystery to solve, and I look forward to learning more on the details, as well as the continuation of this episode for next time.

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