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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Draco Moon Base - Discussing Solar Systemic Changes, Military Abduction, and More

This episode of the Wisdom Teachings series seems to mark a point of special significance for myself and most likely many others. It seems that in recent times, events have been aligning in unexpected ways beyond those of previous instances of synchronicity. Events now seem to synchronize on a multidimensional level—not simply consisting of two points of correlation, but of multiple points which are situationally independent from one another.

Additionally, thoughts now seem to be manifesting at an ever-quickening rate. These accelerations may be a result of the collective consciousness of humanity unifying in greater ways than ever before. If this is true, it may mean that our collective ability to change our life course and the course of our world may be increasing as well—opening us up to possibilities never experienced before. This concentration and unification of creative potential may allow us to move forward more efficiently on our journey of evolution.

It has been on my mind to write an article on the numerous testimonies we have heard from Secret Space Program whistleblowers. This article would concentrate on the subject of the abduction phenomenon, combining these testimonies with evaluations of my own experiences and painting a 3-dimensional picture of the situation as it stands. I am currently working on that article which parallels this one quite nicely and am excited to see how it turns out. For right now, I'm eager to discuss the contents of this episode.

The subject of the Draco moon base has come up in past episodes of Wisdom Teachings as well as in many episodes of the Cosmic Disclosure series. We have also heard the testimonies of Dr. Michael Salla, William Tompkins, Pete Peterson, and Corey Goode on this same subject and may have been surprised to see how well these numerous, independent testimonies aligned.

We have these four men who had completely independent experiences at different times. Each of their experiences made them aware of the extra-planetary operations of both human and E.T. groups, and from the combination of their various disclosures, we have substantially corroborating evidence which helps prove the phenomenon of abduction to be true to our present situation.

Setting the Stage

David Wilcock starts the discussion off with a reminder on the intelligence we received from retired Colonel William Tompkins. We may recall Tompkins' experiences at the Douglas Air Company think tank where he worked on back-engineering Nazi technology which was given to the Nazis by Reptilian E.T.s. These Nazis were observed by the American spying operations to be receiving assistance from the Draco Reptilians in developing propulsion technology, weaponry, transportation technology and more. These Draco were also found to have been assisting the Nazis in establishing their own base on the Antarctic continent dating back to as early as 1913 to 1915.

The Nazis would develop their war machine to the point that they no longer needed to conquer the Earth. Instead they set their sights elsewhere throughout the solar system—using Antarctica as a springboard, and then traveling to the moon and other locations. At each step of the way, the Draco were assisting the development of Nazi technology. It was from these bases, and by these Nazi characters that many of the military abduction and human experimentation programs would begin to take shape.

Exopolitics - Obama Report to Congress Supports Whistleblower Claims of Secret Space War

(Wilcock adds that Pete Peterson along with numerous other sources have come forward to confirm the existence of the moon base and the operations that have taken place there.)

An artist's depiction of the Nazi/Dark Fleet lunar base

David Wilcock made mention of a point made last week that the massive data hacks against the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) could blow the whole issue of military abduction wide open. Consider the fact that this hack breached the entire personnel database of the U.S. government, including the files of those with security clearance. This would mean that potentially everyone who has participated in government of Secret Space Program operations no longer have the secrecy needed to hide any crimes they may have committed.

From the OPM data breach, we may see numerous revelations come forward. Additionally, we have a multitude of new whistleblowers coming forward to further substantiate the already significant intelligence we have received thus far.

The first article mentioned in this discussion focuses on the subject of these OPM hacks and is written by one individual who was directly affected by this breach of privacy. The article of interest comes to us from the website,

I am one of the millions of federal employees who just got hacked

This month, the federal government disclosed that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) had been infiltrated by hackers who have been inside their systems for over a year. The hackers got access to the records of millions of federal employees. According to media reports, intelligence officials think the Chinese are responsible and that they are building “a vast database of federal workers.

Art Bowker is one of those millions of employees. He’s a federal employee in Ohio who has written two books, the most recent one dealing with “Investigating Internet Crimes.” This is what he’s worried about. As told to Kashmir Hill.

I heard about the hack last week, and I thought, “That’s not good.”

They sent me an email two days ago telling me that my data appears to be compromised and that I’ll be enrolled in a program for credit monitoring that covers me up to a million dollars. I called the contractor from OPM that was listed in the email, a 1-800 number, and wanted to know how big the breach was. Did they just get names? They couldn’t tell me. It’s like someone broke into my house and they won’t tell me what they took.

They didn’t tell me exactly what information was exposed, but this is the agency that does background checks and security clearances. They’re the agency that asks people who know you, “What do you know about this person that could be used to blackmail them?”

If [the hackers] also got people’s security clearances, they will have a boatload of information.

They don’t just have everything they need to steal my identity — my Social Security number, date of birth, and everywhere I’ve lived— but all of that information for my wife, and my children, and even my grandchildren. If people were married multiple times, former spouses are in there. When I said, “What about my family?” Their response was, “Are they federal employees?” I said no, and they said “The credit monitoring is only for federal employees.” My identity is covered but my wife’s isn’t. If something happens to her credit, it’s going to affect my credit.

When I requested a copy of it, it disclosed what a supervisor who I didn’t get along with said about me. She said I had a drinking problem, but it wasn’t substantiated at all. They asked how she knew and she said, “Someone told me that.” There was no other evidence. But that’s in my background investigation and I can’t get it removed.

This article spelled out just how massive of a security failure the OPM hack represented. We may compare this failure to that of the NSA, where security personnel placed all of their information in one central location. This later allowed for easy infiltration and collection of this information by Edward Snowden and his team. Though we cannot say for certain why such carelessness went unchecked for such a long time, we can be grateful that it did go unchecked, as these security failures have allowed for large disclosures of government crimes to be released.

Wilcock makes mention of the fact that this hack included the sensitive and personal information of roughly 14 million government employees.  Consequently, a large number of people were left extremely unhappy about their privacy being so poorly managed by government security.

We may also remember that all information used to obtain security clearances was stored at the Office of Personnel Management.  This means that because of these breaches, national security is no longer valid.  To add, all oaths of secrecy taken by these individuals are invalidated, as there is no longer any secrecy to keep. In other words, there is no reason for anyone to remain silent about their activities within classified programs, as secrecy has already been compromised. With this in mind, it may be a wise idea for these government and SSP operatives to come forward with the truth now in order to avoid prosecution and consequent charges when the mass arrests take place, according to Wilcock.

This is an example of the documents included in an official background check.  Some of these documents can be as long as 100 pages in length.

This subject reminds me of the testimony of one whistleblower who came forward in 2004 and revealed the truth behind the fascist foreign policies of the West. The individual to whom I'm referring is John Perkins, who is best known for his books Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Within this book, Perkins details his life working for the NSA as a foreign contractor.

This position basically placed Perkins in the roll of profession economic manipulator.  He would travel to foreign countries which held resources that Western corporations coveted.  He would then bribe/threaten the leaders of those countries into accepting self-advantageous business deals. These deals were designed to siphon resources out of third world countries and into the hands of cabal interests. These unethical practices would ruin the economies of foreign countries, and would place more resources and financial power in the hands of the cabal.

This was an extremely revealing disclosure by Perkins, and I would recommend reading more about it at some point. The reason I bring up the subject is that it directly relates to one point which Wilcock makes during the discussion. When John Perkins was recruited, there was an extensive process undertaken in order to check his background to see whether or not he was fit to be an economic hitman. One particular characteristic that these NSA background checks looked for could be referred to as dirt. In other words, the NSA typically selects employees for these positions not only for their level of competence in the position, but for their level of manipulability by means of blackmail as well.

It would turn out that the NSA used the past crimes and mistakes of their operatives as leverage just in case anyone ever blew the whistle and called attention to the crimes which the NSA committed on a regular basis. As Wilcock states, this happens in many of these special access programs as well.

New Rings for Saturn

The next subject of interest was that of the solar systemic changes which are currently taking place. These changes involve various energetic increases throughout the solar system. David Wilcock explains different ways in which these increases are manifesting such as significant increases in temperature, drastic increases in cloud formations, intensifying auroral activity, larger, more powerful storms, and increases in amounts of charged particles around planets.

(Though the date Wilcock mentions was not exact, the science is still sound.)

(One point to note: Many political interests talk about “climate change” due to mixed motives. It is true that carbon emissions and deforestation are extremely harmful to all of the organisms on our planet. Both of these must end if the Earth's ecosystems are going to survive intact. However, the gradual heating of the Earth is not necessarily caused by increased carbon dioxide. According to David Wilcock, this temperature increase is part of the solar systemic changes currently taking place. This trend has also been observed by NASA for decades, but NASA has chosen to overlook the possibility and to consider it irrelevant.)
One of the most significant changes we can observe in our solar system seems to be centered around Saturn. This involves the appearance of an enormous ring of charged particles around the planet which dwarfs the rest of the rings. Here is the Huffington Post with the story.

Saturn’s Ghostly Outer Ring Is Much, Much Bigger Than We Thought

Astronomers were stunned in 2009 when they discovered a gargantuan, never-before-seen eighth ring around Saturn. The “Phoebe ring,” as it was dubbed, lies far outside the planet’s seven main ring groups and is made of dark particles that make it hard to spot except in infrared light.

Now a new study reveals the ring is even more impressive — about 30 percent bigger — than previously thought. It covers an area of the sky that’s 7,000 times larger than Saturn itself.

“We knew that the ring was big, but we now know exactly how big it is!” Dr. Douglas P. Hamilton, an astronomy professor at the University of Maryland in College Park and the study’s lead author, told The Huffington Post in an email.

A second look. Back when they first observed the ring, Hamilton and his colleagues could see only a small cross section of it based on data collected by the Spitzer Space Telescope. For the new study, they analyzed images taken by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft, which showed the ring in its entirety.

They found that the ring starts at a distance around 100 “Saturn radii,” or around 3.7 million miles, from the planet’s body. And it extends as far as 275 Saturn radii, which is about 10 million miles.

In other words, if you picture Saturn as the size of a basketball, the ring extends around two thirds of the length of a football field away from it, Science reported.

Sifting the dust. The ring is composed mostly of dust particles no bigger than the width of a human hair. Rocks that are soccer-ball-sized or larger, at least 20 centimeters in diameter, make up no more than 10 percent of the ring — which is unusual compared to other rings in the solar system.

Where does the dust come from? Previously, scientists believed that it streams off of Saturn’s moon Phoebe as the satellite gets pelted by comets. Now scientists believe some of it may come from other “hidden” moons that are too small for our telescopes to see, according to NPR.

“This discovery has shown us that rings are much more diverse than previously thought,” Hamilton said in the email. “The textbooks tell us that rings form near planets and moons form further away. What then is a ring doing out at the very edges of the Saturnian system? The solar system is a stranger and more interesting place than we gave it credit for!”

We can see that this discovery involves rings of ionized particles orbiting the planet of Saturn. These rings are incredible in size and seem to indicate that something more is going on than has been observed in previous decades.

One point which Wilcock makes is the assumption which conventional astronomers seem to make that these rings have always been there. These scientists have concluded that previous astronomers simply overlooked the rings up to this point, and this is the story we receive from corporate media.  However, we may note that the announcement of these rings came in tandem with the numerous other significant disclosures about our solar system. All of these disclosures seemed to present the most amazing discoveries including that of E.T. life, and yet downplay them all as though they were only slightly significant. It is very likely that the same dismissal has been applied to these enormous rings around Saturn.

As we read NASA publications, we may keep in mind that this is a cabal-based establishment. They do not typically tell the entirety of the truth, and often leave the bottom line out of the discussion entirely—leaving the reader the task of coming to the conclusion on their own. We may also keep in mind that while these cabal characters are attempting to downplay all solar systemic changes, they are planning on running and hiding in a hole in the ground because they secretly believe that the sun is going to destroy the planet. This is not at all to say that the sun will destroy anything (accept the negative beings in our solar system). It is simply to reveal the cabal trademarks of underhandedness and dishonesty.

As Wilcock explains, according to the current model of planetary gravitation, a planet's rings will form closer to the planet, and the moons will form farther away from the planet. Scientists believe that rings originate from the planet and extend outward from it's surface. However, this new discovery may reveal that Saturn is capturing charged particles from the high energy cloud which our solar system is moving into, and we may find that this is the true way by which natural planetary rings are formed. This new ring around Saturn serves as tangible proof that the principle of ascension is a measurable and documented phenomenon, according to Wilcock.

(One point we may note is the mounting evidence we have seen toward a large-scale solar event that will jump-start the solar system in numerous ways. As this energetic shift takes place, it will depend upon an individual's polarity as to how they experience it. We may liken the energetic increase to that which takes place in an electrical circuit.

On any circuit board, there are a number of different components. Some of these conduct electricity well, and a marginal amount of change might take place as the current passing through. These components are the conductors. The resistors, on the other hand, are the components that are designed to prevent electrical current from passing though certain parts of the circuit and prevent electrical flow from occurring. We may look at the solar system and all life within it in a similar way.

As the energetic throughput increases, we are learning how to be more conductive to it. We are learning to forget ourselves and others. We are learning about who we are on the inside and integrating different aspects of ourselves which we did not realize existed. There are also those who resist the changes that are taking place, who do not want to see themselves. They refuse to forgive anyone and hold onto every painful experience because they feel that it defines them.

Video - Exploding Resistors

As these people cling to their past and refuse to forgive and release it, they increase their resistance to the higher energetic input which is currently flowing into our solar system. So what will happen to those who cannot flow freely with the higher vibrational energy? I can't say for sure, but I don't want to find out firsthand. It will do us well to be conductive and to increase our own vibration as the collective vibration increases.)

A Journey to the Moon Base

For a long while now, I have had somewhat of an interest in the phenomenon known as alien abduction. This is particularly because of the overwhelming number of physical signs that I myself was a victim of these occurrences. However, I was also interested to learn that there was much more to this phenomenon than I previously thought. I would learn that the military of the United States and of other countries were heavily involved with many of the abduction programs.

According to recent revelations, there are different types of abductions, and numerous abductions programs are conducted by different groups which compete with one another. These programs are part of a large research and development project in the area of human genetics, physiology, energetic anatomy, etc. The programs are reported to involve multiple E.T. races all experimenting with humanity for their own benefit and for the benefit of other parties. However, I would have to say that if these groups intended to accomplish these projects without disturbing the normal lives of the people they used, the effort certainly did not show in cases such as mine.

As previously stated, some of these groups have competing agendas. These agendas might be considered positive depending upon the perspective of an individual. According to reports, there are always parties involved in these programs who view these experiments as positive. However, this viewpoint is rarely held by the victims of these abductions.

One such individual is a well-known whistleblower by the name of Niara Terela Isley. Isley is a former airman in the United States Air Force, and during her tour she would experience what would later be found to be a MILAB, or a military abduction experience. There was one particular article that Wilcock referenced which spelled out Niara Isley's experience quite well. However, that article seems to be unavailable at present. There is another which describes the situation in similar detail.  Here is

A former U.S. Air Force radar tracking operator recalls her traumatic experience of being abducted multiple times, experimented on, and forced into slave labor on a secret moon base.

In 1980, an unexpected event changed Niara Terela Isley’s life forever. While traveling with some of her colleagues on a mission at the Tonopah Test Range, their aircraft encountered a glowing UFO that maintained course alongside them. Ground control instructed them to get a radar lock and intercept the flying saucer.

Upon landing, Isley and her colleagues were quickly taken into custody by one of the Air Force’s covert branches.

In a book she wrote, the former airman describes her ordeal. Over the course of several months, Isley was abducted about 8 to 10 times and taken to a secret moon base on the dark side of the Moon. The base was under the control of reptilian beings but operated by human personnel. Isley claims that like her, most of them were held there against their will.

Many abductees say one of the bases on the Moon resembles the Pentagon.

    I was very poorly fed and worked hard during the day cycle, operating some kind of electronic equipment for excavation at times, and doing physical manual labor at others, such as lifting and stacking boxes.

    Worst of all, I was used for sex during what passed for night there, from man to man,” she wrote.

The pinnacle of this inhumane treatment was a long string of experiments designed to mentally wear her down and remove her free will. The medical procedures were performed by Gray extraterrestrials, which means that the conspiracy runs deep.

And so it went on and on for months until she was finally released. But Isley is convinced she wasn’t set free without first being subjected to a memory wipe.

In fact, she says that an acute absence of memories from that period tipped her off she might have been the victim of an abduction. For a period of three months in 1980, Isley had no memories although at the time she was working for the U.S. Air Force.

Unnerved by her missing time, she underwent hypnosis and recovered her suppressed memories. It seems like the memory wipe was unsuccessful.

Niara Terela Isley and many other abductees are convinced that most—if not all—abductions are actually performed or supported by military forces worldwide.

A popular conspiracy theory calls these operations MILABs (Military Abductions) and hypothesizes they are way more common than you would think. Isley and her peers recommend hypnosis therapy to anyone who’s experienced long periods of missing time.

According to sources such as Corey Goode, William Tompkins, and Dr. Michael Salla, the lunar base to which Isley was taken is run by Reptilian humanoids. The abduction program is mostly conducted by humans, but includes Draco Reptilian oversight. The medical procedures performed upon the victims are conducted by PLF (or programmable life forms). These are actually the Greys which abductees report seeing. This and similar operations have reportedly been going on for decades. In fact, some whistleblowers report that such programs have been going on for thousands of years.

An image of the Draco base created from Isley's description

These military abductions are typically brutal in nature. In Isley's case, they involved harsh experimentation, and various traumatic experiences designed to remove the victim's free will. There were painful medical procedures, physical labor, as well as nightly experience of rape. This was reportedly a grueling and torturous ordeal, and seems to be in contrast to other abduction programs. These abductors did not seem to give much thought to the original goals to the TAU IX treaty—a treaty which was reported to ensured abductions which posed minimal impact upon the lives of those involved. The MILAB experience which Isley endured showed total abandonment of any care or concern as to avoid such trauma.

A seemingly identical image create from Corey Goode's description

As we may have observed, the Draco Reptilians group currently in our solar system are very self-advantageous when it comes to their motives. Though these beings can be very polite when it serves their own interests, their end goal is typically that of self advantage. We may find that these beings respect free will to some degree, but at the same time, they constantly look for ways to circumvent it.

There are also groups of E.T.s who see Earth humans as underdeveloped, but consider our genetics to be a vital resource to their own interests. As Corey Goode has mentioned in the past, human genetics are extremely manipulable and can be useful for combining with the genetics of other races. As he reports, this genetic quality of ours is highly coveted by a number of E.T. groups. To add, many of these groups do not typically share the same emotional range as humans have. Consequently, these groups may not know of the emotional trauma they cause as they conduct these abductions and experiments.

If the TAU IX treaty was designed to set guidelines for these abductions, it does not seem as though any of the races who chose to participate were qualified or capable of holding up to their agreement of non-interference in the personal lives of their subjects. These group who chose to perform these experiments seem to be at lower densities, and still rely upon conquest and self advantage for their own sustainability.

The more benevolent E.T races we hear of tend to be more highly developed, and have learned better ways of functioning than the self-service which the Reptilians still exhibit. The more highly developed beings have learned self sustenance and have transcended many of the needs we still have at our current 3rd-density level. These are typically the beings who we find most helpful toward our own energetic and evolutionary development.

As I have shared in the past, I no longer have the unpleasant abduction experiences at night or during the day. On a personal level, I learned that I had numerous soul-level agreements with various E.T groups which I was not aware of previously. It was actually these agreements that were authorizing the negative experiences I was having. The entire time I was enduring these traumatic intrusions, I believed I was only a victim in all of it. However, on a soul level, I was in agreement still and needed to break these agreements through contract revocation. I would find out that I had contracts with the Reptilians, with the Greys, insectoid races, and numerous others. After breaking these contracts, all of these abductions stopped.

Further Financial Foul-ups

The discussion moved on to address further evidence of the cabal's bankruptcy. This included the subtle disclosure that this group had lost its ability to survive financially. We can easily see this by observing how the official debt ceiling was frozen for 90 days straight, and yet business seemed to go on as though no significant change had occurred. Here is CNS News with the details.

90 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

$18,112,975,000,000, according to the latest Daily Treasury Statement, which was published at 4:00 p.m. on Friday.

That, according to the Treasury's statements, makes 90 straight days the debt subject to the limit has been frozen at $18,112,975,000,000.

$18,112,975,000,000 is about $25 million below the current legal debt limit of $18,113,000,080,959.35.

The Daily Treasury Statement for March 13 was the first to show the federal debt subject to the limit closing the day at $18,112,975,000,000. Every Daily Treasury Statement since then has reported the same thing: the debt closing the day at $18,112,975,000,000.

Every Daily Treasury Statement since Monday, March 16, has reported the debt beginning and ending each day at $18,112,975,000,000.

Table III-C on the Daily Treasury Statement for June 11 says the debt began the month of June at $18,112,975,000,000, began the day of June 11 at $18,112,975,000,000, and closed the day of June 11 at $18,112,975,000,000.

As we may know, no modern government can maintain the illusion of "business as usual" without funding. This is not to say that the fiat financial system actually holds value, but simply that the modern state of affairs requires some use of money whether or not that money actually has value. It is very likely that these financial interests were continuing to print money, but were choosing not to report the fact. If this is true, this further reveals the fact that the cabal is out of time, out of money, and running on fumes. This development, coupled with the fact that these cabalists are currently hiding in a hole in the ground, makes it seem that they are out of the picture for the most part, and that we only have a few of their minions to take care of.

David Wilcock makes the point that as the cabal is exposed and defeated, the Reptilian agenda is exposed and defeated as well. It will mean that their abduction program will cease to exist. It will further mean that their plans for world conquest will be permanently put to rest, and that as a planet, we are tangibly on our way to complete victory. (Though in many ways, the defeat of this cabal has already occurred.) It has now become apparent that with all of the cabal's personal information in the hands of the Alliance, and all of their resources being made obsolete, it is only a matter of time before we see these criminals meet justice, and as their world crumbles, ours will rise to new heights of possibility.

Facing Our Final Hurdle

The road to full disclosure has been one of significant interest. This journey has been full of valuable lessons for me, and I am sure that many others can say the same. The possibilities of learning all there is to know about the world around us, about that which is above our heads, and beneath our feet may seem boundless. At some level, they may very well be.  However, before we reach the point of full knowledge, there are a few things for us to keep in mind.

In recent times, many of us have found ourselves asking, “When is real change going to happen?” To this question, there is actually a simple answer. When we inquire about the future of world events, we actually indicate our own passive perspective on these events. The act of asking when we will receive the conditions we want is an exercise in dependency.  This is to say that we look to outward sources for that which we want instead of looking within for our power to create it.

The new age we desire to see will not be an age of outward dependency, but one of inner acknowledgement, self sufficiency, and of service to all.  This transition will include a realization of our infinite inner potential, and the realization that we have no need to depend upon others for creating out desired experience.

To ask “when” is to forgo the opportunity to create the moment. As the universe stands, 'When' will occur when we stop asking and start creating. It will be when we realize and internalize the fact that we have every ability to determine our own course. It will be when we leave our childhood behind, and embrace the whole of our divine identity. At that point, we will have no need to ask "when." (We may not even have a need for linear time at that point.)  In short, it will only be when we choose to fully exist within our true potential that we will learn to create the moment as opposed to simply hoping for it.

We have seen evidence of change on a galactic scale. We have seen massive financial upturn which spells out the end of the cabal tool of debt-based enslavement, and we have seen the government secrecy formerly used to conceal crimes against humanity exposed on a global scale. Clearly there are real and tangible developments taking place, and it is only a matter of time before our inevitable breakthrough becomes manifest.

So, to the question of when our ultimate monumental shift will take place, I would simply say, “You tell me.”

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