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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Cabal’s Super Hack – Revealing the Gross Vulnerability of a Once-Powerful Crime Syndicate

In this episode of Wisdom Teachings, David Wilcock describes a number of new soft disclosures by the mainstream media which come closer than before to speaking the truth in plain language. Within this discussion we find such compelling evidence toward the end goal of this cabal-sponsored partial disclosure, that we would have to be asleep and dreaming in order to miss it.

Fortunately for us, we have individuals in the world who are awake and aware, who notice these developments and call into question the intent behind their revelation. Early in the discussion, David Wilcock makes note of the fact that it was the cabal that was hacked, and not the group that did the hacking. This act by the Alliance was one of strategic precision, and of profound consequence. In fact, this hack was considered to be so detrimental to cabal secrecy that it may have finalized and verified the contents of the Secret Space Program data dump that is soon to be delivered to the people.

Kerberos and the Black Knight Satellite

The discussion started off with a review of one of the articles mentioned from the previous episode. This was in reference to the new discovery of Pluto's moon Kerberos. As we will recall, this moon was found to be made of a material that is very close to being jet-black in color. Wilcock reiterates the fact that there are no natural materials in our solar system that are entirely jet black, and that asteroids and natural satellites do not look like this.

Wilcock also reiterates the observation that the article which detailed the Kerberos revelation made the specific point that this satellite seemed out of place, and hinted at the possibility that it disturbed the orbits of not only Pluto's moons, but of other satellites throughout the solar system as well. We will find that this review may hold the key to a very interesting development.

Many of us will remember one specific Pepsi commercial that seemed to have far more to sell than just soda. This was, of course, the commercial which featured the Black Knight Satellite. This was a ten-minute advertisement produced by Pepsi, and seemed to be specifically created for the purpose of the partial-disclosure narrative. Click below to watch.


Upon viewing this “soda commercial," I can't help but wonder why a soda company would spend this amount of money to all of this air-time when they only need 30 second to a minute to tell people to drink soda. I can see few other reasons to make this level of effort to create a Pepsi commercial other than the partial-disclosure narrative we have been hearing about.

This message may directly reveal the cabal's plan to disclose. However, as we have learned in the past, with any cabal message there is typically more to the story.  We can see the Black Knight Satellite in this image (above), but when we look closer we see that the form of the satellite seems to be designed around the image of the Eye of Horus—the symbol the cabal uses as their own trademark.

Wilcock goes on to make the point that the Black Night Satellite and Pluto's Kerberos are likely to have similar origins. He observes how both of these objects seem to be artificial in nature, that they are jet-black in color, and that they are in balanced orbit around two planets in our solar system. He further mentioned that Pluto had recently been visited by the Earth probe, New Horizons, and that this mission obtained high-resolution images of Pluto's surface. This move to study Pluto may have in fact been a preparatory event by the cabal for partial disclosure.

If we remember the Dawn mission to Ceres in the asteroid belt, the same preparatory event seemed to be the case then as well. At that time, there was also a lot of media coverage and open updates as the progress of Spaceship Dawn on its journey to the asteroid belt. In both of the cases of Ceres and Pluto, high-resolution images were taken of the surfaces as their respective probes achieved stabilized orbits. It stands to reason that the cabal had the same goal in mind for both of these missions.

We will remember from past discussions that the cabal has run out of time, and that they are doing everything they can to be prepared for their partial disclosure roll-out. The Black-Knight commercial seemed to have been an attempt at moving things forward more quickly than we've seen previously. Also, in rapid succession, we had  the Kerberos disclosure, the revelation of NASA's flying saucer, and the latest disclosure of the spots on Ceres. Upon considering this combination of disclosures, it becomes fairly evident that something has changed behind the scenes.

Wilcock mentioned the fact that Sony Entertainment and many of the other media outlets all depend upon the Rand Corporation for their logistical information. They use the knowledge of the Military-Industrial Complex to further the agenda of the cabal through advertisements like the Pepsi mini-drama. Along with these, there is one specific point of interest which Wilcock makes.

If we have been keeping up with movie themes over the years, we will be familiar with the over-done and worn-out theme of the alien invasion. In my own observation, the corporate media doesn't seem to be able to produce an E.T.-themed production without making it a horror flick, or without severely distorting the image of off-world intelligence into an object of fear and hate.  This has become a personal annoyance for myself.  However, this may not simply be a random trend, according to Wilcock.  When we consider the possibility that the Rand Corporation is a key consultant in the production of these films, things become much more interesting.

We have heard about how the cabal wanted to create a fake alien-invasion scenario which would consist of their own craft posing as violent aliens and attacking major cities. We will further remember movies as recent as this past summer such as the movie Independence Day. This movie seems to have been specifically designed as war propaganda against off-planet life. When we think of the fact that mainstream of entertainment is influenced by actual intelligence from within the Military-Industrial Complex, we learn of the precise effort which may have gone into creating films such as Independence Day: Resurgence.

As we have learned, the violent, war-mongering alien theme has been one which the cabal has sold for decades. There seems to be a multi-generational effort to paint this fearful image on not only E.T. life, but on the entirety of supernatural subject matters commonly sought after by curious individuals.

Many of us may remember the fact that even though there are E.T. groups who are said to be negative, these groups have only posed as a hazard by means of influence, and not so much as the military threat which the cabal constantly spews in media. (As I recall, there have been few exceptions reported to this norm. However, in these cases, specific authorization may have been given by those affected by these actions of certain E.T.'s.)

Many of these E.T. groups consider much of their action to be positive while we as Earth humans may consider them negative. As Corey Goode has shared, the universe is not a black and white place. Different groups hold different agendas, and I imagine that not all of these groups understand Earth humans as much as some would hope. It is understandable that with lower-density groups who still hold some capacity for negativity, caution, education, and prudence may be applied in interacting with these beings. However, the cabal method of, “Shoot first. Think later,” is not the best strategy for productive interaction in my view. It seems that until these cabalists are out of the picture entirely, they will keep pumping out bad remakes of their outdated themes.

On to the Hacks

The next subject of interest gives us a clue as to just how vulnerable the cabal is and the fragile nature of their security systems. This subject is the disclosure of a large-scale data hack launched against the Office of Personnel Management within the United Sates Federal government. The impact of this hack would be profound. However, we may note that this first disclosure was only the beginning of the entire revelation. The following article comes to us from

Massive data breach could affect every federal agency

WASHINGTON — China-based hackers are suspected once again of breaking into U.S. government computer networks, and the entire federal workforce could be at risk this time.

The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement that data from the Office of Personnel Management — the human resources department for the federal government — and the Interior Department had been compromised.

“The FBI is conducting an investigation to identify how and why this occurred,” the statement Thursday said.

The hackers were believed to be based in China, said Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican.
Collins, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the breach was “yet another indication of a foreign power probing successfully and focusing on what appears to be data that would identify people with security clearances.”

“We know that hacker attacks are conducted anonymously, across nations, and that it is hard to track the source,” Hong said. “It’s irresponsible and unscientific to make conjectural, trumped-up allegations without deep investigation.”

A U.S. official, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to publicly discuss the data breach, said the breach could potentially affect every federal agency. One key question is whether intelligence agency employee information was stolen. Former government employees are affected as well.

The Office of Personnel Management conducts more than 90 percent of federal background investigations, according to its website.

David Wilcock makes mention of the fact that this information was actually deleted from the original article on the website The article appears to have been sanitized and erased from the internet. However, Wilcock was able to recover the data using the website This was his general experience at the taping of this episode. However, it seems that since then, the information has been released and is now published on multiple websites such as PBS. This may be another effect of the roll-out for partial disclosure.

So we have a group of hackers break into a government database and make off with unheard-of amounts of sensitive information. In fact, the number was so great that it was suggested that the entire federal government could have been compromised.

David Wilcock makes the point that it is fairly common for the corporate media to blame China for most of these attacks. As he puts it, there is a strategic advantage for the cabal at attempting to create tension between the United States, and China. We will remember that war has typically been greatly advantageous for cabal interests, as it helps them maintain power and boosts their scheme of money creation on multiple fronts. However, China is not at all a danger to the United Sates as we know it.

It has been discussed that China is a key player in the positive Earth Alliance and has little reason to do harm to the United States itself. However, in order to bring the cabal to its knees, it has been found necessary to take down the cabal's financial infrastructure. In order to compensate for any adverse effects from these financial attacks, bitcoin may be put into place due to its ability to securely replace the dollar in case the U.S. financial system does collapse.

The discussion moved on to examine another angle of perspective on this massive data breach against the Office of Personnel Management. This publication comes to us from CNN.

China might be building vast database of federal worker info, experts say

Washington (CNN) The massive hack that may have stolen the personal information of four million federal employees appears designed to build a vast database in what could be preparation for future attacks by China against the U.S., cybersecurity experts advising the government told CNN Friday afternoon.

Law enforcement officials also said Friday that the hack appears to have been carried out by the same Chinese hackers who attacked Anthem Insurance earlier this year, in which information on tens of millions of customers was stolen.

Again, we see China being blamed for this hack. Those who are familiar with CNN publications may know that this company is more outspoken on matter of cabal-initiated propaganda, and tends to spread such material more adamantly than other media sources.

It is mentioned that the scale of this hack was significant in this article. Though the previous article from PBS didn't mention specific numbers, we find from CNN that the information of a staggering 4 million federal employees was thought to be compromised. The article goes on to assert the possibility that “China” is likely building a vast database of information on all of the data they have collected. Personally, this is encouraging for me to hear.
We have heard that the Alliance is preparing a vast database of information as a means to legally prosecute all of those responsible for large-scale crimes against the United States and the planet. We see here that they are likely hard at work collecting and compiling this data even to the point of gaining intelligence of everyone who has worked for the Federal Government dating back for decades. Of course this does not come without the corporate media attempting to create another boogie man for the U.S. to go terrorize, as in past decades. However, this propagandistic antagonization may not come as much of a surprise at this point.

One particular article from Yahoo News goes on to describe the reaction from China to these accusations of hacking attacks. We may note that these accusations have continually been made without any revelation of evidence, and yet have been constantly distributed to the people in the hopes of achieving some hidden agenda. Here is Yahoo with the story.

Beijing calls reports China involved in US hack 'irresponsible'

Last year Russian hackers are believed to have accessed unclassified computer systems at the White House and State Department.

Hackers stole information on 100,000 taxpayers from online computers of the US Internal Revenue Service.

The United States has struck an increasingly strident tone about cyber-attacks in recent months.

Admiral Michael Rogers, who heads the National Security Agency and US Cyber Command, has said that future attacks could prompt a response with conventional weapons.

We may recall from numerous occasions how the American media and the cabal have done everything they could to achieve their agenda of world domination. However, in committing each of their heinous crimes to this end, they have completely ignored the reality that virtually nothing they have tried has succeeded at achieving their desired goals. The accusation against China is just one example. In this accusation the cabal has revealed the fact that they are out of touch with the reality that their Hegelian plans are failing catastrophically. Their blind accusations against China even tell us that they are now failing at convincing anyone that their words are worth listening to.

David Wilcock makes the point that we see propaganda like this quite often. The cabal expects us to react and become angry enough to want to attack China with a military strike. However, they seemed to have forgotten that the public has been so thoroughly dumbed down by the cabal's music machine (which reduces people down to a third-grade level of intelligence), no one is awake enough to react in anger—or any other way, for that matter.

Putin Responds

The discussion moves on to the reaction of Vladimir Putin to the common-place war-mongering from the Western, corporate media. We have seen the baseless claims of this media that China poses a military threat, as well as the propaganda which commonly focuses on demonizing Russia. Consequently, it is not difficult to see right through this propaganda to the true motives of a cabal who has nothing more to offer the world than violence, destruction, and antagonization. We may have observed the fact that this cabal cannot own up to their own crimes and has become addicted to placing of the blame of their own faults upon those they perceive as enemies.

There are those, however, who may still be susceptible to this type of propaganda, and it is these people to whom Putin directs one particular message. Here is the BBC with the story of Putin's response.

President Vladimir Putin tells West not to fear Russia

Russia is not a threat to Nato, President Vladimir Putin says.

"Only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack Nato," Mr Putin told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The Western alliance is bolstering its military presence in its eastern European members in response to their fears of Russian threat, following its involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

Nato says that Russia is backing rebels in Ukraine - a claim denied by Moscow.

Early this month, Nato pledged to counter "hybrid warfare" from Russia - which included a mixture of conventional military tactics, subversive campaigns and cyber-warfare that Russia was using in Ukraine.

Three Baltic countries are preparing to ask for a permanent presence of Nato troops on their soil to act as a deterrent to the Russian military.

A 5,000-strong Nato "spearhead" force is being established and six small headquarters set up to co-ordinate operations.

In his interview with Corriere della Sera, Mr Putin said some countries were "simply taking advantage of people's fears with regard to Russia" in order to receive "some supplementary military, economic, financial or some other aid".

"There is no need to fear Russia," Mr Putin said.

"The world has changed so drastically that people with some common sense cannot even imagine such a large-scale military conflict today. We have other things to think about, I assure you."

In this statement from Putin, we can see the usual clever wording, as well as the possible, hidden messages and hints similar to those he has given in the past. He is speaking practically and plainly without mincing words, but to those who are keen on the situation, he seems to be communicating the fact that the Alliance knows more than has been stated in plain language.

In my observation, Putin is giving the message that the Alliance knows not only the strategies of these cabal criminals, but that the Alliance also has their psychological profile on file. They know that these cabalists are actually insane, dreaming, unreasonable, and that they lack common sense. Also, when he says that he and his people have other things to think about, this could be in reference to the fact that the Alliance is planning to deliver the final blows necessary for toppling the remnants of the cabal's power structure.

Putin is plainly saying that there is no sane reason to fear Russia in any way, and that the only reason the media is pushing the idea is so that the programs behind the propaganda can gain more funding or aid for themselves. In short, they are manipulating people's fear to get what they want. This is plain to see for most of us, as we have been well familiarized with the psychological games of these cabal criminals. However, as previously stated, some still have not caught on.

David Wilcock further goes on to point out that there is no reason to fight any conventional, military-style war. He states the fact that the war currently being fought is a virtual war. It is being waged covertly with hacking attacks such as those we have seen, with boycotts, and economic sabotage. It is a heated battle of information, and holds no need for the typical cabal response of mass-murder. In short, there is no point in using conventional weapons to fight it, and no reason for Putin or anyone else to make physical, military moves against other parties.
The type of deluded insanity that the cabal demonstrates has become their trademark. They constantly obsess over controlling the world, but at every turn they seem to lack the mental presence at achieve anything close to domination. We may see the leftovers of what their predecessors achieved in global economic control, but everything this group has done in more recent times has blown up in their faces. At every moment, we see more and more that even though these criminals want the world, the world is clearly had it with them and their games of control.

The Rubble of Cabal Security

At this point, the discussion moved further into the true impact of the OPM hack. Even though this hack seemed significant initially, the true magnitude of the damage done to the cabal's secrecy seems to have been underestimated in the past articles. However, the following article sets a new trend on this matter.  Here is the website, with the story.

Hackers Took Info on Every Current Federal Government Worker

A week after the government disclosed a massive hacking breach on government computer systems containing sensitive information on federal employees, the head of the country’s biggest union representing some of those workers shed some new light on what kind of information was compromised.

David Cox, president of the American Federation of Federal Employees, in a letter to Katherine Archuleta, director of the Office of Personnel and Management, wrote that the hackers appear to have made off with information on every single active non-military federal employee, former employee and every retiree who used to work for a federal agency.

The letter says the attack has “every person’s Social Security Number, military records, veterans’ status information, address, birth date, job and pay history, health insurance, life insurance and pension information.”

It goes on to say the organization believes that the Social Security numbers in particular were not encrypted, calling that a “cyber security failure that is absolutely indefensible and outrageous.” The attack breached the government’s Central Personnel Data File, Cox writes in the letter.

You can tell from this article that this was no small data breach. This hack compromised every single non-military employee within the Federal government from the past and the present. This shows us further proof that those who are behind this hack are not simply amateurs. These are not mere trouble-makers causing problems for the government. This was most likely a military operation by professional Alliance members who had the goal of gaining intelligence on all U.S. Federal employees.  It seems that these foreign parties were gathering evidence against personnel within the Federal government.

From the information gathered in this hack, an individual could easily gain the grounds to legally prove a person's involvement in criminal activity from the distant or recent past. It is revelations such as these that tell us that the mass arrests are not at all fiction. They are not just a storybook fantasy. These are the actual future plans of the Earth Alliance, and as we can see, this Alliance has every ability to see this plan through and to legally take the cabal out of commission.

If the impact of this hack weren't already crystal clear at this point, there is one article which should convince anyone of the thorough vulnerability of the cabal's secret information. We have seen in past episodes that they are completely vulnerable with regard to their oil industry and their overseas commerce. To add to this systematic demolition of cabal power, we add one of the final blows in the form of this OPM data breach. This article was published by

Why The OPM Breach Is Such a Security and Privacy Debacle

If it’s not already a maxim, it should be: Every big hack discovered will eventually prove to be more serious than first believed. That’s holding to be especially true with the recently disclosed hack of the federal Office of Personnel Management, the government’s human resources division.

At first, the government said the breach exposed the personal information of approximately four million people—information such as Social Security numbers, birthdates and addresses of current and former federal workers. Wrong.

It turns out the hackers, who are believed to be from China, also accessed so-called SF-86 forms, documents used for conducting background checks for worker security clearances. The forms can contain a wealth of sensitive data not only about workers seeking security clearance, but also about their friends, spouses and other family members. They can also include potentially sensitive information about the applicant’s interactions with foreign nationals—information that could be used against those nationals in their own country.

There are also some questions now about the number of people affected by the breach. Bloomberg and the Associated Press report that the figure may be closer to 14 million—affecting not only current and federal employees but also military, intelligence and government contractor staff going back to the 1980s. But others are disputing this.

As more information comes out about the kinds of information the hackers accessed, the repercussions could be much graver than anyone thought.

In its statements about the breach, including a phone recording played for any federal worker who calls seeking more information, the OPM has emphasized that it’s offering victims of the breach credit monitoring, a protection usually offered for financial breaches. It’s only confirmed that basic personal information was stolen, such as names, social security numbers, date and place of birth, and current and former addresses.

But in fact, the data accessed by the intruders may be far broader. The 127-page SF-86 forms believed to have been accessed by the hackers also includes financial information, detailed employment histories—with reasons for past terminations included—as well as criminal history, psychological records and information about past drug use. is a popular, alternative site and seems to have examined this OPM-situation quite thoroughly. As David Wilcock points out, this article was written by an individual who was directly affected by the hack itself. So they have a bit of inside perspective on the situation.

Not only do we see this hack affecting the 4 million people as initially reported, but in fact, this hack impacted up to 14 million people. On top of this, the information went far beyond mere job history. The hackers obtained information such as personal information, financial history, drug history, and other sensitive records. However, among all of these, there is one type of information which may be more impactful than anything else.

As Wilcock points out, the information needed to gain security clearance involves a review of an individual's entire work history. Combined with the records from family, friends, professional colleagues and more, there are few other processes which are more invasive than that which is required for obtaining governmental, security clearance. This information seems to have been specifically interesting to the Alliance, and it is not difficult to see why. As Wilcock points out, in order for any individual to work in the Secret Space Programs, they need to obtain a security clearance, and it may very well be that this hack was intended to gain intelligence on these very secret programs in space.

From what we have observed here, it should not be a surprise that the Alliance means business. They have the resources, the motive, and the means to see this world liberated, and as it appears, no one from within the cabal is safe from the keen eye of this covert investigation.

Final Thoughts

Considering the massive amount of information uncovered on this super hack, it is not difficult to see why David Wilcock chose to dedicate an entire episode to the subject. Personally, I have never seen such a massive breach of security done for such a visible purpose. It seems that in an age where criminals prosper and justice is dysfunctional, those who are on the side of justice must put false laws aside for the sake of true and legal integrity.

Many of the governments tasked with upholding the rights of the people have lost complete interest in doing so, and have instead turned to self-serving ends. This is why we must depend upon an Alliance who breaches security to bring the criminal rule to an ultimate end.

I have written in numerous articles about how the entire world situation is in our hands, and how we have the power to bring this entire situation to a swift and positive end. It has not been the effort of cabal criminals that has created this world as it stands. These criminals simply manipulated our own power—using us to create this world for their own benefit. However, this can all change, and will change the moment we decide for it to.  In my view, that moment has already come.  It is time to take our power back and to create a world that benefits all people, and respects all life.

We have always had the power to change this planet for the better and there is no longer time to sit back and ask about when change will come.  It is now time to create that change.  It is time for all of us to come into our power and to create the new age we have all wanted to see.  We are certainly able.  We can, we will, and we have already succeeded.

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