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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Giant Steps toward Disclosure

In this episode of Wisdom Teachings, there were a number of well-times points made. David Wilcock went into the positive actions of the Alliance, the role of Vladimir Putin within the Alliance, and actually revealed the true nature and the purpose behind the partial-disclosure narrative which the cabal is presently promoting.

For a while now, I have looked forward to hearing just what role Vladimir Putin was playing within the Alliance. I remember from a few seasons back, the Wisdom Teachings series touched on the subject. However, by the time things were getting most interesting, there was a shift in focus. Even though I've enjoyed the new focus, I have been looking forward to hearing the rest of the story on Putin. During this episode, I got my wish.

Further Events for our Time-line

In the last article, we covered the general time-line of events which have lead us to present day. Each one of the cabal's half-truth revelations would seemingly bring us extremely close to the truth, but would then stop just shy of it. As we have been discussing, this is what has continually been happening ever since the cabal realized they were on borrowed time.

Partial Time-line

  • February, 26, 2015 – The cabal decides to disclose the luminescent spot on Ceres with the statement, “NASA scientists hope they'll learn about the formation of all the objects in the asteroid belt, the evolution of the planet Ceres and the history of our entire solar system.”
  • March 1, 2015 – Goode has his first meeting with the Blue Avians (their first communication with humanity since their arrival).
  • March 6, 2015 – The biggest disclosure yet takes place. NASA reveals that “Mars was covered in water, with the ocean more than a mile deep...” This is followed by the disclosure of the Earth-like planet, 'Gliese 581d '. This day also brought the disclosure of the discovery of water on Ceres, including the extremely suggestive quote from Marc Rayman, Dawn's chief engineer.
  • March 8, 2015 – Corey Goode meets with the SSP and the council for the first time.
  • March 12, 2015 – NASA announces a giant ocean beneath the surface of Jupiter's moon 'Ganymede'.
  • July 21, 2015 – The first episode of Cosmic Disclosure airs. (After this point, the cabal wanted Corey and David out of the picture. However, they couldn't get that authorized. So they've had to settle for trolling them online.)

So as we may remember, we have the Big Three disclosures all on March 6th. Which is followed by Corey Goode's first trip up to the LOC (Lunar Operations Command facility) to meet at his very first SSP conference. You may remember the second episode of the Cosmic Disclosure series where Goode recounts an experience that was more than memorable.

In that episode, Corey Goode recounts a particularly bizarre and interesting experience of traveling to the LOC to be introduced as the delegate for the Sphere Beings. Goode was basically thrown into this situation when he was barely ready for the experience. He recounts being picked up in a shuttle craft while wearing bluejeans, a NASA hat and shirt he purchased on a tour, and sporting a stylish, hand-painted dinosaur made by his daughter. (As he recounts, this attire was not quite as formal as the situation seemed to require.)

Digital representation of the Lunar Operations Command center

What Happened To Putin?

This was a conference which involved multiple beings from multiple E.T. species, as well as a number of governmental representatives from Earth. This was a major event, and there was a sense of eager anticipation in the air, as this was the first time the Blue Avians and Sphere Beings would speak in a public setting. These beings would answer questions and give a number of statements, and as they did, Corey was their telepathic translator (and according to the account, Corey did a pretty good job).

The interesting part was why these people were at this conference, and specifically who was in attendance. One may find it interesting to see the Western headlines regarding the disappearance of Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, during the time this conference was taking place.  According to the intel, this was actually where Putin was.

What happened to Putin? Satirists run riot online

David Wilcock recounts how after this conference had taken place, but before the news of Putin's disappearance, Corey Goode had told him that Putin was in attendance at the conference. This was a very key piece of evidence for Wilcock, as it provided a correlation in support of the initial testimony.  It turned out that Wilcock actually knew Putin's whereabouts for a while before revealing it to the public.  (As many may know, operational security is an important issue when dealing with delicate situations such as interplanetary negotiations.  I imagine this was why such lag time may have been necessary.)

Here is The Independent website with the story on this disappearance of the Russian Prime Minister.

Vladimir Putin has appeared in public for the first time in 10 days to meet with the President of Kyrgyzstan.

The meeting between the Russian President and Almazbek Atambayev in the Constantine Palace, near St Petersburg, follows more than a week of intense speculation over Putin's sudden disappearance from the public eye.

A smiling Mr Putin did not address the issue while answering questions from reporters summoned for the occasion, saying only: "It would be boring without gossip."

President Atambayev addressed the assembled media before the start of the meeting, confirming the Russian leader's good health and claiming he was in "great shape".

He said Mr Putin "just now drove me around the grounds, he himself sat at the wheel".

"The president of Russia not only walks, but speeds around," he added.

“Judging by the Atambayev’s expression, Putin's handshake is strong,” a Russian reporter at the scene quipped on Twitter.

Denying rumours of illness last week, Mr Putin’s official spokesperson said his handshake “can break a hand.”

Rumours that Mr Putin was dead have been struck off the list but there has not yet been any formal explanation of his whereabouts.

After a string of high-profile engagements were cancelled last week, many reports pointed to illness, which could have been kept secret by Mr Putin’s spokesperson to protect his macho image.

The Kremlin has denied claims that his alleged girlfriend, former gymnast Alina Kabaeva, had given birth to their child in Switzerland.

Other theories suggested an alleged secret service coup or covert plastic surgery, possibly a facelift for the President, who looks surprisingly youthful at 62.

There were numerous headlines similar to this one.  All of these asked similar questions, and made similar speculations. What was strange was what happened when Putin suddenly returned. After being gone for such a long period of time, one would expect there to be some kind of explanation so as to dispel any rumors. However, this was not the response. Here is the New York Times on the matter.

MOSCOW — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia reappeared in public on Monday after a curious absence of more than a week, commenting wryly that things “would be boring without gossip.”

Rossiya 24, a state television station, showed Mr. Putin with the president of Kyrgyzstan, Almazbek Atambayev, at a palace in St. Petersburg. The two discussed Kyrgyzstan’s planned accession to a Russian-backed regional trade group.

The meeting reportedly began more than an hour late, prolonging concerns about Mr. Putin’s whereabouts, a subject that has obsessed Moscow and Russia for days.

Until Monday, the last confirmed public sighting of the Russian president had been at a meeting with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy on March 5. Mr. Putin abruptly canceled a trip to Kazakhstan and postponed a treaty signing with representatives from South Ossetia, who were reportedly told not to bother flying to Moscow.

Further stirring unease here, the Russian leader was absent from an annual meeting of top officials from the F.S.B., Russia’s domestic intelligence service.

As Wilcock has shared before, Vladimir Putin is at a key position within the Earth Alliance.  According to intel, his vantage point allows him to have a view of the terrestrial side, as well as the situation off planet. 

Truth in Jest

The next significant event of interest will likely be remembered by many of us. (This occurred on a very significant date as well. However, we will get to that in a moment.) This was on March 15th, 2015. That evening on Jimmy Kimmel Live, President Obama made his memorable guest appearance, and as we may recall, he had some very interesting “jokes” to tell.

President Barack Obama Denies Knowledge of Aliens

It was said by the late, William Shakespeare, “Many a true word hath been spoken in jest.” According to David's sources, this was the exact purpose behind this exchange between President Obama and Kimmel. As Wilcock puts it, this was a pre-planned conversation. As he explained, any conversation the President has in media is going to be signed off on before it actually goes live. So this was not likely improvisation. If this is the case, what could be the reason for such a conversation?

Though this exchange may have been okayed by Obama's staff, the conversation was not at all approved by the cabal. As Wilcock states, Obama was seriously reprimanded for this stunt, but he also had a very good reason to give this information out to the public on live television. This was for the sake of a larger disclosure than that which the cabal had planned. This March 15th day also coincided with the time frame during which Putin went missing.

According to news reports, Vladimir Putin had been gone for a week and a half, causing speculations to build by the dozen.  However, as we have discussed, Putin was at the LOC participating in a series of conferences with the Sphere Beings. We have also learned that Putin is actually a key player in the positive Earth Alliance. Not only this, but according to numerous sources, President Obama is also secretly worker with the Alliance (though his hands are tied to play the game of the cabal most of the time).

President Obama has been visibly working for cabal interests for some time now (as many of those in his position have in the past). This has mostly been because people of power are typically bribed and/or threatened by cabal interests so that they would play by cabal rules and work for the benefit of the elitists. However, this March 15th date brought a particular betrayal to these interests. As it turns out, March 15th is a significant date in history, and is known as The Ides of March.  For a description of this historical date, we turn to Wikipedia.

The Ides of March (Latin: Idus Martiae, Late Latin: Idus Martii) is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances and became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. The death of Caesar made the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history, as one of the events that marked the transition from the historical period known as the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.

Along with this account, Wilcock describes how the Ides of March was also a date which is correlated to the Greek Empire and the defeat of tyranny.  So it is likely that Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he defied the cabal by openly having this conversation with Kimmel.  So during the time when Putin was missing and in attendance at the off-world conference, Obama was disclosing on national television.

In his statement, there are a number of things which Obama alludes to. Here is the dialog from the conversation.

Jimmy – If I was the president... the moment I was inaugurated, I would immediately race to wherever they hold the files about Area 51 and UFO's, and I'd go through everything to find out what would happen. Did you do that?

Obama – That is why you will not be president. ...Because that's the first thing that you would do. The aliens won't let it happen. You'll reveal all their secrets. They exercise strict control over us.

Jimmy – Now you know there are a lot of people that are going to examine your facial expressions here, every twitch—everything. Did you look? Did you see? Did you explore?

Obama – I can't reveal anything.

Jimmy – Oh, really. ...Because President Clinton said he did go right in, and he did check, and there was nothing.

Obama – Well, you know, that's what we're instructed to say.

Again, this was likely a planned exchange between Obama and Kimmel. They intentionally had this conversation in front of everyone, meaning there was likely truth behind the humor, and according to multiple whistle-blowers, there very much is a situation similar to this going on behind the scenes.

As Wilcock goes on, he shares how there are reportedly Draco ships actually landing on the Whitehouse lawn by the day. (The ships are slightly out of phase with our physical reality.) These Draco are having secret meetings in underground rooms beneath the Whitehouse where these Reptilians are giving orders to officials as to how to best control the human population. This is the intel which Wilcock received completely independent from this talk-show interview with Obama. So it would seem that this “joke” from Obama actually held some interesting undertones.

(It should be known that these Draco are likely just as terrified as the cabal at present.  Wilcock explains how the equivalent of the Draco presidential cabinet was here in the solar system when the barrier went up.  So the raising of this barrier basically severed the head of the Draco rulership from the rest of their forces.  Now their forces are trapped outside the barrier and unable to communicate with their leader.)

It was also mentioned that Obama's statement about Bill Clinton was particularly telling. When Kimmel asks about how Clinton found nothing, Obama came back with, “That's what we're instructed to say”. This short statement had multiple implications. Lets take a look at a few.
This conversation would not be of much interest if we had not revealed the evidence which suggests that partial disclosure is happening as we speak. There is a very real interest in government to talk on the matter of E.T.'s and life outside of our own atmosphere. This alone makes this conversation on Kimmel very implicit. So when Obama basically says that every president is required to avoid the subject all together, that seem pretty revealing, in my opinion. Also, the fact that he says that he, himself and other officials are instructed to say that there is nothing to find is extremely implicit of not only the dishonesty of Bill Clinton, but of Hilary as well. Obama is basically telling the country that Hilary is lying about her lack of knowledge on extraterrestrial life.

It seems plain to see that this interview went beyond the boundaries of the partial disclosure narrative, and I can understand why a desperate and frightened cabal would be so aggressive at reprimanding Obama for such an act.

The Anunnaki According to Zecharia Sitchin

As the discussion continued, the subject of the Anunnaki was introduced. David Wilcock discussed how this group was believed by some as those who first came to this planet and gave the Sumerians much of their knowledge of writing, measurement, and astronomy. (This knowledge would later be spread to Greece, Rome, and India.) Here is Live Science with a few details of ancient Sumerian knowledge.

Number systems

The use of 60 began with the Sumerians who used different number systems. While you and I write numbers using base 10, or “decimal” this civilization used base 12 ("duodecimal") and base 60 ("sexigesimal"). It is not known exactly why they chose these systems, but there are a few theories:

Many ancient cultures used the three segments of each finger to count to 12 on one hand, writes Georges Ifrah in his book, “The Universal History of Numbers” (Wiley, 2000; translated by David Bello). It is hypothesized 60 arose from using five fingers of one hand with the twelve segments of the other.

Fewer fractions have repeating decimals (1/3 = 0.333…) when written in sexagesimal. This is particularly important because the Sumerians had no notion of repeating-digit fractions. In “An Introduction to the History of Algebra” (American Mathematical Society, 2009), author Jacques Sesiano describes a tablet that reads, “I don’t know the inverse of 7/6.”

Twelve was an important number to the Sumerians, and later to the Egyptians. For example, it was the number of lunar cycles in a year and the number of constellations of the Zodiac. Day and night were each divided into 12 periods, and the 24-hour day was born.

Angles and ancient astronomy

In the 24th century B.C., the Sumerians were conquered by the Akkadians, who then fell to the Amorites, who rose to power and built the nation-state of Babylon, which peaked in the 18th century B.C. The Babylonians invented the degree and defined a circle as having 360 degrees. There are a couple of theories as to why they chose 360:

The Babylonians understood a year as having close to 360 days; hence the sun "moves" along the ecliptic approximately 1 degree per day.

The radius of a circle maps onto a circumscribed hexagon of six equilateral triangles, and thus a sixth of a circle forms a natural angle measure. In the numerals inherited from the Sumerians, a number’s sexagesimal value was inferred from context, so six was “spelled” the same way as 360.

All of this knowledge was thought to have come from the Anunnaki who visited Sumer thousands of years ago. According to Zecharia Sitchin, these Anunnaki came from the planet Nibiru. They would visit the Earth and spread their knowledge to various prehistoric cultures. Here is the site with a short description of the group called Anunnaki.

Many experts, such as Sitchin, seem to agree that the Anunnaki first visited our planet approximately 430,000 years ago and first settled in the Middle East area. Stone structures found throughout [the] Middle East and Africa seem to point to evidence of being created by the Anunnaki.

Approximately 250,000 years ago is when recovered documents show that this is when they began splicing animal, Homo Erectus and Anunnaki genes together to create the Home Sapien species intended to be a slave race to serve them. Humans then began to spread throughout the rest of the world as they became too numerous for that one area.

In an attempt to control the growth of the human population, the Anunnaki let a giant flood, produced when Nibiru came back through our solar system approximately 12,500 years ago on one of its periodic 3,600 year orbital returns, wipe out a significant portion of the human race. What humans they saved remained slaves used to construct many of the structures found in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and eventually to South and Central America.

The physical evidence remaining in our solar system, which we have heard described by various sources indicates that it was designed for humanoids that were 70 to 100 feet tall. These ancient ruins are said to be found roughly on every rocky planet in our system (as well as in other adjacent systems). These beings were believed to have come to Earth, and are included in many stories and legends of giants. They would gradually decrease in size over time, and would be known for their stature. These giants were tied into the stories of the Anunnaki as told by Zecharia Sitchin.

This is one version of the story of the origin of the human race. Personally, I cannot subscribe to it entire. This is because it is used as the basis for Illuminati Luciferianism. By my understanding, those within this Illuminati group actually believe that the Draco Reptilians were the Anunnaki. They also believe that they are the descendants of these beings whom they consider to be gods, and that the rest of us are the decedents of the slaves they created. Whatever form these beings actually had, the stories of their presence on the Earth are presently used as justification for the enslavement of the Earth population.

According to Wikipedia, Sitchin's books circulated en-mass through numerous countries, and multiple languages throughout the world (much like any major, religious text).  In light of this, it would seem that if his works were completely accurate, they would not at all be this popular and successful, as the cabal has been proven to stifle, pervert, and suppressed accurate truth. However, Sitchin was made to be relatively famous, and is presently considered an icon in modern UFOlogy.

I consider the amount of funding that was placed in favor of Zecharia Sitchin's books, as well as all of the publishers who had absolutely no qualms about mass-producing it, and can't help but be reminded of how modern-day, cabal propaganda is effectively spread in the exact same manor. Consequently, I hesitate to believe that such works are completely accurate (though they may still hold some truth scattered here as there, as cabal propaganda typically does).

The Lunacy of Luciferianism

When it comes to cabal belief systems and ideology, most of us don't need to know much to know that this ideology is not for us. However, I think it is important to examine just how twisted this cult religion actually is so that we can know what it is we are up against. In light of this, lets consider a few things.

Lets consider for a moment the position of the cabal. We have this group of elitists who come from a long lineage of tyrants, mass murderers, and thieves who became experts at manipulating and exploiting the rest of the planet to their own advantage. Though it does take some amount of skill to accomplish such feats, it also takes a dedicated sociopathic and/or psychopathic heartlessness to accomplish. One quite literally has to be mentally imbalanced in order to attain the position of the upper membership of the Illuminati group.
These people are reportedly tortured from very early in childhood on up to adulthood, and subjected to countless instances of brutalization and murder because they believe that these experiences make them “stronger” people who are more able to do what is “necessary” to rule. Many sources have reported that this level of savage extremism actually has roots from the early times of the Christian Crusades.
In the past, David Wilcock has described how Illuminati Luciferianism was originally adopted because of the atrocities committed by the Catholic Church which their predecessors witnessed. These Pagan worshipers saw how cruel and ruthless the Catholics were during the Crusades and numerous other times throughout history, and decided that they wanted nothing to do with such savagery. So they decided to be extremists in the opposite direction, and ironically became just as murderous as their supposed enemy.

Instead of exercising discernment and doing the work of deciphering that which was honorable and valuable from that which was destructive within the Christian doctrine, they threw the entire ideology out the window. They decided that love, forgiveness, generosity, equality, and general respect for life were all evil, and instead turned to their opposites. They decided that the Lucifer within the Christian texts was just as they saw themselves—a poor, misunderstood "victim" oppressed by a blood-thirsty and murderous power. They saw the god of Christianity as the evil that oppressed them, and consequently chose to worship his opposite, Lucifer.
They embraced the canons of manipulation, exploitation, torture, murder, and perversion, and chose to base their entire lives using these as tools for maintaining and enslaving the world's population.  In my observation, the linage of Illuminati beliefs is completely imbalanced. These beliefs require blindness to one's self and actions in order to survive as beliefs. They promote a lifestyle exactly the same as those they claimed were evil, and make no effort to actually examine self before destroying their own individuality.

The fact that this religion is designed to be self-defeating from its inception is enough to reveal the truth of its fallibility and futility, but lets take it one step further.

To my knowledge, these people believe Darwinian evolution with religious dedication. They see nature as a hierarchy of killers, and that the ability to kill is the basis of nature as a whole. They seem to give no thought to the fact that before an animal can even begin to kill and eat anything, it must first have unity among the trillions of molecules, cells, organs, and systems within its own body so as to maintain homeostasis. Without this unity of self, there can be no killing. However, these people deliberately ignore this fact. They simply propose that the best killer is superior to all other organisms, and then make it a point to become that killer. There is also another vital piece to the truth which they ignore.


The lifestyles of these people does include a good amount of mass murder, and that in and of itself is a self-defeating cancer in civilization which must be dealt with. However, the mindset and image these people have imposed upon themselves fails to acknowledge their actual role.
These people see themselves as 'predators'. They maintain key positions of power. They exploit any system which they see as vital to their prosperity, and they stop at nothing to maintain this domination of the whole of society. However, the truth of the matter is that all of the supposed power that these people have, and all of the "strength" they believe themselves to possess does not at all belong to them. This group actually needs Our strength to survive. They require Our power to accomplish anything at all. Without us, the common population, they couldn't do anything at all. Their very existence requires their using Us for the sake of their survival. Without us, they are powerless.

Wikipedia - Delusion

(To add, these Illuminati cultists cannot be considered "apex predictors" because they themselves are subservient to another, more powerful group.  According to numerous sources, this cabal is licking the boots of the Draco Reptilians, and have no actual power of their own.  Just as Obama said as he "joked" about the aliens, these being exercise strict control over them.

The cabal is actually afraid of these beings, as these beings have little or no concern for human life and health, according to reports.  At one point, David Wilcock gave an account of an eye-witness to one particular encounter with the Draco.  During this encounter, an individual made a statement that angered a certain Reptilian, and in response, the Reptilian used telekinesis to throw the man and a near-by chair into the air.  As the two came down, the chair landed first with the spines sticking upward, and when the man came down, the chair partially impaled him.  (It was believed that the Reptilian intended to kill the man, but he survived and recovered.)

It is encounters such as these which would easily frighten a karmicly liable cabal into submission, as their actions have commonly authorized violence against themselves.  This cabal does nothing more than obey every order they receive.  If this is true, it would seem that their claim of having superiority over the Earth appears to be even more distorted and self-ignorant than previously implied.)

Wikipedia - Hypocrisy

In light of this, this group cannot rightfully be likened to any predator. Instead, their practices reveal them to be more related to parasites. They use our talents to make themselves wealthy--suckling off of musicians, artists, and craftsmen for their survival and prosperity.  They create money as a false representation of value--making us believe that the value rest within he paper instead of within ourselves--and then hoarding the paper all for themselves  They use our innovation and labor force to build buildings, and vehicles that would have never existed if we ourselves didn't create them.

They do everything in their power to sabotage every aspect of society, and then ridicule society for having the problems which they instigate.  To top it all off, when it is "convenient", and when they believe there are too many of us for them to control, they use us to build weapons, amass armies, and trick us into traveling to foreign nations-- lying to us throughout the journey--and convince us to kill each other.

THE UNITED NATIONS exposed by G. Edward Griffin

None of this manipulation could be accomplished if you and I chose not to consent to any of it. None of these atrocities would ever take place if we ourselves chose to oppose them. Who knows how much progress we would have made if we didn't have this parasite on our back stealing everything we create, and using us for their own gain? This world could definitely do without such a tapeworm.

We could definitely do without those who deliberately manipulate us into hating and killing each other simply because it's advantageous to them. I am not condoning any violence, but I am very adamantly stating that these people need to be removed from each position of influence and confined so that they can no longer steal what rightfully belongs to all of us. With all of this in mind, there is one important point to add.
We have seen the evidence of the partial disclosure which is taking place at present, and we know that there is likely to be much more to the story than what it is being sold to us. It should be known that with each of these disclosures, there is likely a specific agenda in play. Everything from the works of Sitchin, to Darwinian evolution, and on to the notion that “there are no E.T.'s at present” seems to be promoted specifically for the purpose of pushing the Illuminati religion on all of us. It is likely for the sake of making their religion into our religion, and there is one specific article which begins to make this purpose abundantly clear.

The Giant Step

On March 25, 2015, the cabal began to make its purpose known to the public (at least those who were paying attention). This was in the form of a mainstream article which begins to show signs of agreement with Illuminati mythology. We turn to the Guardian for this story.

Humans are evolving more rapidly than previously thought, according to the largest ever genetics study of a single population.

Scientists reached the conclusion after showing that almost every man alive can trace his origins to one common male ancestor who lived about 250,000 years ago. The discovery that so-called “genetic Adam”, lived about 100,000 years more recently than previously understood suggests that humans must have been genetically diverging at a more rapid rate than thought.

Kári Stefánsson, of the company deCODE Genetics and senior author of the study, said: “It means we have evolved faster than we thought.”

To restate, we see for the first time a congruency in mainstream media with the over-popularized mass-distribution of what is likely cabal-manipulated literature (Sitchin's books). The date of 250,000 years in the past is exactly the same within the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, and it is being used to directly support the narrative of partial disclosure.  (Also, notice they use the word "Adam".)

Enki and Enlil - The Story of the Anunnaki

Keep in mind, this is a bias and incomplete science based upon religious beliefs and half-truths (the Illuminati belief system that is). It deliberately ignores self, as well as the majority of the data out there which paints a much different picture of human history. It also worships negative E.T.'s who are twice as vicious as the cabal themselves. In all of this, it completely ignores the importance of life in general.

(One note which Wilcock makes on partial disclosure is that it is virtually impossible to achieve.  The only reason the cabal likely believes that this is even possible is that they think humankind to be nothing more than thoughtless, programmable, drones who accept anything and everything they're told, no matter how ridiculous it may be.   In my opinion, this is why partial disclosure will fail miserably.  The entire truth will be revealed, and the entirety will come out by popular demand.  As Wilcock puts it, "You can't get half pregnant".)

Disillusionment: An Unexpected Opportunity: Commentary on the Recent Revelations of Corey Goode

It would do these people well to know that the only reason these E.T.'s are allowed to harm them is that they have harmed others. If they stopped the cycle and simply faced the consequences of their own actions this world would be a different place. There is no escape from consequence for these people (unless they are willing to face their own savagery and forgive the entirety, that is).  This thought may give them a good amount of fear, but this was the fate they accepted. It's understandable that they are terrified, but they chose to commit the actions which they have. If they would have known that their virtue could have been their shield against such attacks they could have solved this problem ages ago. However presently, there is not much that can be done for those who chose to be global parasites. I'm afraid they may have sealed their own fate in this way.

Moving Forward

Considering all that we have seen within the currently unfolding narrative of partial disclosure, I think it a good idea to find out why such a message is being communicate.  Judging from the self-advantageous and religious way in which these apparent half-truths are being communicated, one can only imagine the world these people intend to create.

As Wilcock has said in the past, these people are on a time-table. If the information decoded from the Georgia Guidestones is accurate, that means these people only have a couple of months to achieve everything they intended in order to create their dystopian world. Fortunately for us, the world does not appear to hold nearly enough negativity to even begin to authorize such a situation, and from my observation, we are only gaining in our positive outlook.
We may look at the compromised Western media and Hollywood, and think that the situation is getting worse. However, there are a few things for us to keep in mind. It does seem that the media has ramped up its campaign on negativity and fear, but it should be known that this is having little affect at all. Sure, we may see previews for destructively negative, propagandistic movies such as Independence: Resurgence Day or The Purge: Election Year, but in my observation, movie as extreme as these being shown this late in the game only show how ineffective such media has been.

It is understandable that the cabal would be afraid at this point. I honestly don't blame them for being afraid to face the consequences of their half a century of theft, murder, and exploitation of everything that moves. I would probably be afraid to face the consequences of such actions as well. Fortunately, most of us have chosen more productive and honorable paths in life. Our future will likely be much more favorable.

Buddhist Studies - The Law of Karma

There is one key step to changing this entire game for the better. This is to throw back the curtain on all of the secrets which have been kept from us by this self-advantageous group for the past several millennia. The key to remaking this world for the better is to do away with the secrecy which has allowed such perversion to become the norm. Instead of the manicured story we are presently being handed, we must face the true history (and present) of our planet head on without fear or reservation of what we might find. Only then will we have true freedom.

Many minds are coming together at this time for the sake of Full Disclosure. The Disclosure Project has launched an initiative to legally trump every non-disclosure agreement on the subject of E.T. life.  The Full Disclosure Project has an extensive list of sources and people who continually push for the message of truth in its entirety. David Wilcock continually does his best to bring forward his research and insight into what this grand transition will be, and there are the rest of us spreading the word on the imminent global transition into a more fare, and more life-honoring society.

Think about how far we have come, what we have learned and what we have achieved thus far. Think about how much farther we are able to go. From where I'm sitting, the possibilities of prosperity are endless. We have already achieved so much. Lets bring it the rest of the way.

Here's to change, renewal, and revival of the divinity within each of us.

Until next time.

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Voice to Skull - What You Need to Know about Mind Control Technology 

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  1. further to your information - Adronis's transmission on Putin from twp days ago