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Symbiotic Relationships of Ascension - Page 2

David: Okay.

William: I'm going to change my form so you can show that you all have this capability.

David: Right.

William: And in the descriptions, the disciples say, “Okay, this cloud opened up behind him.” And that's what our traditional view is that this blue sphere behind him filled with radiant light and the light coming off his body is actually a cloud.

Corey: Well, you know, people that have flown through the Bermuda Triangle, they've reported seeing blue mists.

William: Mmm. Yeah. Really important bit of imagery here, because I think when the portal opens, some kind of a mist emerges from it. That's why they think of it as a cloud, because they probably don't have a conception of a stargate or a wormhole.

David: Sure.

William: Right? And So what also happens here, you see the two figures on either side? That's Moses and Elijah, who suddenly manifested as if out of thin air.

So they too must be these ascended beings that have the capability of phasing in and out if they choose to. They're probably in blue spheres themselves. So really important imagery.

And, again, the teaching that goes with this is that this is how they transmitted the vibration of the transfiguration is through this art, these icons. They called them sacred portals or sacred mirrors. That's their term for these icons like this.

Corey: It's so amazing to me that you've been looking into this since 2002.

William: Yeah.

David: Well, you know what I'm thinking of too is the actual physics of this. Dr. John Searl developed the Searl levity disc, where he has these rotating rings and you create antigravity. And that was then replicated by two Russian scientists, Roschin and Godin. They actually got levitation.

The Searl Effect (Definition)

And what they noticed is once they set up the antigravity field, that there was these what they called domain walls, these bubbles. And you could actually take a thermostat, a thermometer, and measure very distinct changes in temperature. It would get colder as you get towards the middle in very discrete walls, just like you see here.

It's spheres within spheres, evenly separated from each other.


The story of Professor John Searl is one of the most interesting accounts one can read on the subject of invention.  Searl is well known (though largely unacknowledged) for his contribution to the ares of physics and energy.  There are a number of details to mention about the man, his work, and his legacy.  However, to keep it brief, here is an excerpt from the website,, on the life of Professor John Searl.

John Roy Robert Searl was born May 2, 1932 in a very poor family in England. He was put in foster homes and separated from his brother and sister at the age of four. At the age of four and a half years old he started having dreams. The dreams came in pairs - first dream one, then a short time later, dream two; and they occurred twice a year for six years. The dreams stopped when he was at age ten. He knew the dreams meant something, so he worked at interpreting their meaning at age ten.

At 14 he made his first Searl Effect Generator (SEG). He was financed by an elderly Welsh gentleman by the name of George Hines. Mr. Hines believed in John and financed the first six SEGs that he built, all of which were lost. The first SEG was assembled in John's house at No. S Carl Street. It was a small unit and when he completed placing the magnetic rollers on the plates, it started to go faster and faster. As the SEG speeded up, it developed a field around it, lost its gravity, flew up and hit the ceiling! John was surprised because he was trying to make a generator, not anything that would go up in the air. Meanwhile, the SEG kept hitting the ceiling until it got out and it was lost. The five subsequent ones that he built were also lost because he didn't know how to contain the field that it generated.

As Prof Searl worked, he built a total of 40 levity disks. Many of them were lost in the beginning until he learned how to control them. When he learned how to control the SEGs, after he tested them John would disassemble them to protect the technology. He would then try to use the parts for the next generation. The last craft done was Demo 1. Unfortunately, this craft, too, has been lost.

Following in the footsteps of Professor Searl is experimental physicist, Dr. Robert Kuntz.  Dr. Kuntz is an open-minded, conventional physicist who has research the concepts of Prof. Searl and can not only vouch for the effectiveness of the SEG, but has found numerous other over-unity devices which have confirmed the validity of free energy.

Dr. Robert Kuntz

Below is an interview of Dr. Kuntz from the radio show, Coast to Coast with George Noory.  In this interview, Dr. Kuntz gives the details of his work, the work of Professor Searl, and that of many other successful scientists, researching, and inventors on the subjects of over-unity and anti-gravity devices.

Professor John Searl Investigated by Russian Scientists 2010 1 of 3

William: Right.

David: So this is actually a physics.

William: Absolutely.

David: This is like what we're actually . . . These energy fields, there's a scientific precedent for them manifesting that way.

William: I think there's a super-high-energy physics that accompanies images like this. You're absolutely right on it. And it ultimately leads you to the Blue Spheres as a way of being transported through the cosmos. Because, again, this is an invitation to join them, to raise your vibration, to change your form, because as the Bible says, flesh and blood can't inherit the kingdom of heaven.

So it's saying we're going to go in a different form. And the Blue Sphere is the method that is the way you're going to go.

Corey: And that scares some people. They think you shed your skin, you die.

William: Right.

Corey: You know, you've got to go through some sort of painful death process.

William: Right. Right.

Corey: That part, you know, scares people.

William: Yeah, and that's why the message of the service, the love and forgiveness is so important, because this is how we raise our vibration and begin to realize, “Okay, I can safely leave behind this form and enter my next level of evolution.” Yeah.

David: Well, let's have another one. Let's see what we got here.

William: Another transfiguration.

David: It's the same thing, yeah.

William: It's the same thing, but look what he's got in his hand again.

Corey: Different artist, same time frame?

William: Same time frame, different artist. But he's got that stick in his hand, just like we saw in the ancient Egyptian image in the previous episode.

David: Right.

William: I call it the Resurrection stick. It's the stick that opens the gates of heaven or hell. So we're talking about either an actual object or technology or a symbol for a level of consciousness that these beings possessed. They can come and go, phase in and out.

Corey: It looks like an antenna, something that would send or receive vibration.

William: Right. Exactly. And so we're talking about scaling and raising our vibration once again. And he's saying, “Okay, here's the tool that you need.”

David: Well, and one of the things . . . Corey, you probably can back me up on this. One of my insiders is a guy who worked with extraterrestrials and reverse-engineered 13 different UFOs and came up with eight different methods of antigravity.

Video - Disclosure Project Interview: Clifford Stone - The Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit

And one of the things he kept saying to me over and over again, he said, “David, you've got to remember this. The more technology you have, the less technology you need.”

The Disclosure Project DVD Part 1 of 2

William: Ah. I love it.

David: You get an all-in-one device. And that's kind of like . . . Like I guess the equivalent for you would be like the smart-glass pads, right?

Corey: Well, not . . . Well, more so the stone tablets that we were finding that we didn't know what were, that ended up being . . .

David: In the Inner Earth.

Corey: Right. . . . that ended up being technology. And non-terrestrials wanted us to trade it for trinkets.

William: Wow!

Corey: And we stopped trading once we figured out it was a technology.

William: Interesting. Wow! Reminds me of the Me tablets of the ancient Sumerian stories. The Anunnaki are trading these Me tablets, the tablets of destiny. They're stones. They're described as stones. Some of them contain the secrets of ascension, secret to civilization.

Corey: So they could be technology too.

David: Yeah. That's probably the same thing, because you said these tablets, the big thing is stasis.

Corey: Well, not exactly the tablets, but the stasis – it's this similar technology.

David: They can alter the flow of time. They can create a time bubble.

Corey: Right.

David: Right.

William: You know, and a tie-in too to that is Moses originally had the blue sapphire stones. He made two trips up Mt. Sinai, remember? The first trip he goes up and he's given all the enlightenment teachings on blue sapphire stones.

David: Ah!

William: He comes down Mt. Sinai, sees the Israelites worshiping the golden calf, and he smashes the blue sapphire stones. And all the initiates are going, “Oh, there they go!”

And then he goes back up Sinai again and he comes back down with the Ten Commandments - the penal code. So those blue sapphire stones are super-important.

And one of the legends is that that staff that Moses used to part the Red Sea was also made of blue sapphire.

Introduction to Meaning and Uses of Sapphire

David: Ah!

William: And it was so heavy, it took many people to be able to lift this thing. So it may not be physically heavy, but it's just indicating, okay, this is advanced consciousness technology you're dealing with. Humans can't lift this stone. And it's kind of . . .

Corey: We can't wield it.

William: We can't wield it. Exactly.

Corey: We cannot wield the power yet.

William: We can't wield this power yet. And so they took away those blue stones. And I wonder if that's what you're describing, because that sapphire blue description, why are they blue sapphire unless it relates to the Blue Spheres?

David: Well, just on an exoteric level, it's really bizarre that you have these Egyptian paintings where you have Horus or Osiris with this staff, and then the same kind of thing around him. And now you're seeing Jesus portrayed with this.

Cosmic Disclosure with William Henry, Corey Goode, and David Wilcock: Blue Avians & Spheres in Ancient Art

William: Exactly. It's not . . .

Corey: Same . . .

William: I mean people would look at that and argue that's the cross, but it's not the cross, because the cross he's crucified in or upon would be much larger.

David: Right.

William: So this is something else.

David: And it has the T at the bottom too.

William: Yeah.

David: Yeah.

William: So this is something else that he's carrying that's a symbol for a capability or a level of consciousness or something along those lines. And it's identical to what we saw in Egypt as well.

David: Well, let's have another one here.

William: Let's see what we've got here. Okay, so this is another ascension image, a detail of it where he's wearing this bright white garment indicating he's a light being. He's got the illuminated halo around his head as well. And he's in the blue sphere again, ascending through this sphere.

David: And what's the time frame here?

William: We're still . . . This is 6th century AD.

David: 6th century.

William: Yeah. 6th century, 7th century AD.

David: So by this point in 6th century, you're only dealing with a relatively small number of generations since these events actually took place.

William: Right.

David: So there could be oral traditions. There could be hidden documents that would have been more readily available back then.

William: And there might have been more images as well. I mean, then we enter this age, they call it iconoclasm, where Islam comes along in the 6th century and they declare these images are . . . This is idol worship.

Wikipedia - Iconoclasm

Corey: Heresy.

William: Right. This is heresy. So they destroyed a lot of this. And there's no telling what we've lost in terms off this imagery and other prompts that would really give us more clues about this ascension technology.

Corey: Same thing the Spaniards did when they came to South America.

William: Exactly. Exactly. So what a loss. I mean, a huge loss for us. But I think we're reclaiming it today. We have enough examples to where we can now start to piece it together.

David: Well, I can't help but notice that there's wing-like images in the red there. Is that part of what you're wanting us to see?

William: Oh, yeah. Exactly. So those are going to be those angelic beings that are symbolic of the heavenly power, celestial powers, and power of flight.

David: Like the seraphim, cherubim.

William: Like seraphim. Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

David: Wow!

William: Very cool. This is one that is very provocative. This is Hildegard of Bingen's “Man in Sapphire Blue”.

William: And she describes an experience where this man in sapphire blue manifested out of a blue flash, just like we were talking earlier. And she sees him. And now he's here beaming this energy to her. Anytime you see a person in art with their hands open like this, they're beaming energy to you.

Call it reiki, the Holy Spirit, whatever term you want. We are to mirror this image in sacred art. We are to put our hands up and connect.

Corey: And receive.

William: And receive. Exactly. And establish a link, an energetic link, because the idea again is we all want to raise our consciousness so that we can have this experience that you had, right?

David: Corey, is it possible that the Blue Avians could change the way they look to look more human to someone if they wanted to portray themselves that way?

First Two Episodes of Cosmic Disclosure (Free) Are Now Available…

Corey: Absolutely. I've never seen an example of that, but yes, absolutely. I mean, they're a higher-density being, that they're manifesting out of nothingness in front of me as Blue Avians. They could probably appear as a human if they wanted. But I have not seen an example of that myself.

David: Well, and they ask you to read “The Law of One”. And if they are sixth density, then in “The Law of One”, they say that sixty-density beings are actually only Blue Spheres. They don't have any form unless they want you to see a form. That's right in there. So here's another . . .

Corey: Blue Spheres?

David: Yes. Yeah. So this could actually be one of the same Sphere Beings. And Hildegard von Bingen, of course, is really important because of many visionary prophesies that she had that foretold the coming of the ascension and the conditions that would appear on Earth during that process.

Her prophesies are right up there with Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce.

Wikipedia - Hildegard of Bingen

William: Definitely.

David: All those guys.


During this discussion, I couldn't help but be reminded of a particular film which was released in 1985.  This was the movie, Explorers, by Joe Dante...

The story consists of a trio of boys, all with their own childhood issues to tackle.  As the movie progresses, these boys find themselves examining a circuit diagram which one of the boys (Ben) dreamed of, and which his child-genius friend, Wolfgang builds into a microchip.  As they examine this chip, they are amazed to find that it has the ability to create a very interesting effect...

This program actually creates a blue sphere (or an electromagnetic shield).  They would later find this sphere to be scalable, as well as virtually indestructible.  That's when they get the idea of putting this sphere to use...

The scene where the boys discover the blue sphere for the first time.

When they realize that this sphere can be scaled up, they build a ship that is able to hold the three of them.

They then take the ship for a spin.

...A very long spin.

Seeing the resemblance between the sphere depicted in this movie and the artistic depictions within the discussion from ancient art, I am curious to know if Joe Dante had a similar inspiration as the representations we see in ancient art, or if the similarity is a mere coincidence.  I find it very interesting to see the significance of lucid, psychically-shared dream experiences in this 1985, kid's movie.  This makes me believe that Dante may have had more going on than just coincidental ideation.

Wikipedia - Explorers (1985 film)

Corey: Yeah. I've never . . . I mean, when was this?

William: German mystic, 15th century, 16th century.

David: Yeah. She had a lot of prophesies that already have been proven accurate, remote viewing the future, seeing the civilization we were going to have and predicting ascension.

And isn't it interesting . . . I didn't know this until you brought this up, this guy actually . . . She said this guy visited her.

William: Yes.

David: And this is her illustration of that.

William: Yes. This is her visualization of this experience.

David: And he's coming in a sphere, a blue sphere.

William: He's coming in a blue sphere composed of concentric rings.

David: It's crazy. It's absolutely . . .

William: Right. It's the same energetic experience. And he's inviting her to: “Come join me. Come have this experience.”

David: When I first started doing readings and I got in touch with these beings that were the Blue Sphere Beings, we were listening to Hildegard von Bingen Gregorian chant music all the time.

William: Oh, wow!

David: And when you play that stuff, the sacredness . . . It's like it's a portal. The music is a portal.

William: Right. It is. It establishes that sacred space.

Corey: Music changes your vibration.

William: Totally.

David: Absolutely.

William: Totally. Yeah.

David: I had no idea that she was visited by an angelic being like this. That's amazing.

William: Yes. Yeah. The “Man in Sapphire Blue”, so she's emphasizing that he is in this blue sphere and he is a Blue Sphere Being.

David: And he had blue skin.

William: Yes.

David: Wow!

William: Yes, exactly.

David: All right, so William, let's have one more, because we're just about out of time. But let's just take one more slide and see what we got here.

William: Okay. So we looked at the transfiguration, where Jesus gives his initial demonstration. “Here's what you're all going to be able to do, drop your skin, become a light being, and open up this portal behind you.”

Then in the ascension, he actually ascends in this cloud. And that's the way that they describe it in the Bible is he went up in this cloud. And the key thing is in the Book of Acts is they describe him going.

Suddenly two men dressed in white, who are very mysterious, sound like celestial beings or angels, appear and say, “Men of Galilee, why are you looking into the sky?” As you see Jesus going, he's going to return exactly the same way he's just left.

So he's coming and going in this ascension cloud.

David: I've got to throw this in. This is too good. Peter Lemesurier, the guy that wrote “Great Pyramid Decoded”, has a whole section of the book where he explains that Galilee is a metaphor for our world right before it ascends, or as it's ascending.

William: Oh, my gosh! That's incredible.

David: Yeah. So men of Galilee . . .

William: Men of Galilee.

David: He will come back the way he left.

Bible Hub - Act 1:11

William: Men who are going to ascend . . .

David: That's crazy.

William: Yeah. And so in Christian art, they got this idea, probably from Egypt, that this ascension cloud is actually a portal or a gateway. And it's blue.

Corey: Yes.

William: And so here he is, on the arcing rainbow with the feet on the footstool in this blue sphere.

David: Clearly levitating.

William: Clearly levitating, going through the heavens in these concentric rings filled with light. If that's not a wormhole or a Blue Sphere that they're indicating here, I don't know what it is, right?

Corey: Right. I mean, yeah.

David: Well, that's all the time we have for . . . We want to thank you for watching. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”, and we'll see you next time.

[End of Transcript]

With regard to the accounts of the Sphere Beings, we are no longer relying upon the testimony of just one person.  We are presented with numerous examples of evidence from multiple artists, spanning thousands of years of time, from various locations throughout the ancient world.  Even with all of these factors to contend with, the congruency between each of these works is undeniable, in my view.

Admittedly, it was quite an adjustment at first to hear such a detailed account of direct, modern-day contact with an off-world race.  What was even more interesting was to continually receive intuitive confirmation that this testimony was based upon true events. 

Full Disclosure and Ascension - The War Has Gone Hot! (Part 2) - A Continuation of Numerous Disclosures from David Wilcock

I had never had an experience with beings such as those Goode has described (at least not to my recollection), but I still considered them to be possible experiences.  Now we find out that these experiences aren't only possible, they seem to be common-place throughout history, and may represent an important stage within human-energetic development as a whole.  As I have read, numerous people continue to have interactions with these Blue Avian Beings, and if these are the collective authors of the Law of One texts, this mass contact would make sense.

As I have read from the Law of One text, these beings hold the task of assisting planetary populations at reaching their full potential, and transporting these populations according to each soul's need and desire.  If this is the case, that would make this a very interesting time to be alive, as their presence signifies a coming vacation for many of us.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - We Are the Martians

Only we can decide what it is we truly want to experience.  The natural path of every soul is progress, learning, and gradual remembrance of the infinite divinity from which we once emerged.  This journey is ours to experience, and though the help of these Avian beings is very much appreciated, it is important to avoid any temptation to worship them, or to consider them better than ourselves.

Wisdom Teachings – The History of 3rd Density on Earth - with David Wilcock

These beings (and all beings) are our equals.  It is true that they appear to have more abilities than we ourselves do, but this is only because they remember a bit more than we do about our collective divinity.  We are on the same journey, and yet having our own unique experience.  

I believe it is crucial that we appreciate each of our individual experiences, even those that may be unpleasant, or even painful.  It is the unpleasant that can have the most empowering effect on us, as it is within these hardships that we most quickly develop the resolve to rise above such hardship, and to experience our divine existence in a way more profound than anything we can presently comprehend.  This is an important point right now, as this exact scenario is playing out before our eyes in present-day events.

Astonishing Reading: The Hero's Journey - By David Wilcock 

Our difficulty does not exist for the mere sake of suffering.  It exists for the very purpose of healing and releasing that which caused the suffering in the first place.  As we progress in this way, our experience will become more and more magnificent, enjoyable, and expansive.

I task each of us to keep this in mind, as we witness, and create the coming age of abundance, peace, freedom, and limitless possibility.

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