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Dr. Steven Greer - "The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy" - A Special Announcement

Most of us are familiar with the enduring efforts of Dr. Steven Greer and the entire panel of retired, high-clearance whistle-blowers of the Disclosure Project.  These people have labored tirelessly, braving ridicule and the threat of dangerous opposition for the sake of the reality which they professionally experienced.  Their hard work and efforts toward the end of secrecy behind the subject of E.T. life, free energy, and advanced technologies have been exemplary for years on end.  With all that they have learned and accomplished throughout this time, this group is now undergoing a significant shift in focus.

For the decade-plus of time which these brave men and women of military and governmental service have worked for the sake of full disclosure, they have made one important discovery (among many).  That is that the unchecked secrecy which recalcitrant, governmental powers maintain is illegal.  However, those responsible for such crimes have no interest in confessing or admitting their crimes at all (according to the findings of the project).  For this reason, Dr. Steven Greer and his team are taking the message directly to the People, and initiating The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy

Here is Dr. Greer.

The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy - Dr. Steven Greer

The testimonies of Dr. Greer are among the most intriguing I have encountered.  To learn about the experiences of himself, or any of those involved in the Disclosure Project can be mind-boggling to say the least.  Personally, I have frequented this information for some time, and yet I find myself still astounded by the experiences I hear about.

Below is an excerpt from one of Dr. Greer's papers written on the psychological affects which can result from the initial encounter of the truth of such experiences.

A Harvest of Fear - Steven M. Greer, MD

The pursuit of truth requires the ability to see beyond the appearance of things to the meaning and substance behind the forms. In no field of study and research is this more essential than that of UFOlogy, a field beset by mystery, partial information, misinformation and deliberate disinformation. And, alas, in no field is there so great a deficiency of this very quality.

Take, for example, the present climate where every rumor, fantasy and observation is given a spin to fit into the preconceived framework of "alien" sinister designs and manipulations. From abductions, to animal "mutilations" to secret goings-on at US military bases, all are described in the "sinister aliens" mold. Their pervasive, if unspoken, status quo is to place all such events, real or imaginary, in the same dark and rather frightening shadows. To depart from this conventional wisdom, this unofficial party line, is to incur the derision of those self-appointed experts who, after all, know best.

It would appear that the UFO hysteria pendulum has swung full cycle: If the 1950s were the era of the gorgeous Venusians, space gods and saviors from the galactic federation, the past decade has brought us to the age of sinister "aliens" snatching mother and child alike from their bedrooms, harvesting cattle, cats, dogs and even fetuses for obviously nefarious purposes, and the collaboration of military fascists and "aliens" in a plan to dominate the Earth! For the most part, those who claim to be objective UFO "abduction" researchers, as well as UFO journalists and authors, have been swept up in this hysteria, this harvest of fear.

Even those who sincerely intend to "just describe the facts" are affected by the dominant milieu of fear, negativity and hysteria. Words such as victim, abducted, alien, mutilation, rape, sinister, disturbing, alarming, deception, controlling, manipulative, evil, and so on are accepted as automatic members of the UFO lexicon at once mandatory and unquestioned. There is an abundance of automatic interpretations and a real lack of deep analysis, which leaves us with nearly unquestioned - and unchallenged - conclusions, which are uniformly negative. Rather than objectively collecting facts, analyzing trends and making intelligent plans for future research and UFO-human interactions, there exists an increasingly powerful machine of hysteria bringing forth a harvest of fear. And facts which do not fit into this fear and negativity paradigm are either ignored or deliberately debunked as "alien" screen memories and deception.

The real victim in all this, of course: Truth.

Truth is hard to discern amid the din of hysteria and the clouds of fear currently holding sway over the UFO community. Events are prone to misinterpretation and even censure in this environment, and those facts which do survive intact are nonetheless presented with a patina of fear and paranoia. The danger in all of this is that we may perpetuate a trend which, while initially false, may create its own reality - and its own future conflicts. We must give serious thought and much reflection to this matter, for to do otherwise may result in serious and potentially catastrophic consequences for not only humanity as a whole, but for individual observers of the UFO phenomenon as well. Indeed, we do create our own reality, and we must contemplate deeply what reality may be.

Beyond those other sweeping if not abstract concerns, there is the more immediate and ethical question of what all of this hysteria is doing to the numerous innocent percipients of the UFO phenomenon. Aside from the fact that the trust is being continuously if not unintentionally distorted, those individuals who have had close interactions (a.k.a. "abductees" and "contactees") with UFOs and their occupants are being forced, at times cruelly, to deny any positive or edifying aspects of their encounters, and are left to dwell only on the frightening and negative aspects of the experience. Is this common? Exceedingly so!

We have interviewed several individuals who have stated that so called "abduction researchers" not only enforced a certain negative and fear-engendering interpretation of their experiences, but go further and actually "throw out" any aspects of the experience which do not fit this preconceived "fear paradigm". That is, positive, loving, healing and edifying experiences with ET beings are either ignored or deemed screen memories which only constitute a further sinister deception by the ETs. Objectively, open - mindedness - and the truth - are cast away so that these experiences may be fit into a framework of preconceived (if unstated) negative conclusions. On the one hand these researchers will go to great lengths to establish the credibility and veracity of their subjects, only to turn around and ignore or actively debunk those aspects of the experience which do not fit the researchers' own paradigm.

If we are to pick and choose among the facts of these cases, could we not just as well contend that the negative experiences are the "screen memories" triggered by the individual's own internal fears and insecurities while the edifying and spiritual memories are the "true" ones? If we are to pick and choose among the facts, why not just take the happy alternative? Indeed, one alternative is just as dishonest and dangerous as the other, and both should be avoided. It is imperative that we accept - and report - all the facts, and then analyze their meaning in a calm and non-hysterical manner. With the information and experiences we collectively possess thus far, we can neither proclaim the ET beings to be sinister Darth Vader space conquerors, nor can we assert that they are perfect space gods. Our polarization on this question is one of the chief manifestations of a collective hysteria which is at once pervasive and unproductive. And the greatest task facing us is the elimination of this hysteria and the transcendence of our own fear.

Excerpt from:
"Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications"
- by Steven M. Greer, MD

Before continuing, I would like the note that I do not entirely agree with Dr. Greer's stance on the subject of ETs.  I do agree that there is nothing to particularly fear (as fear is an emotional choice which is detached from any real situation).  I would also agree that there is no reason to worship anyone we may meet in space.  However, this does not mean that there are not specific precautions which we aught take in order to maintain safety within our solar system.

Exopolitics versus Exospin: A Response to Dr Steven Greer

According to those who have frequently visited space and spoken with a variety of ET life, it has been a common observation that violence can and does happen.  However, again, this is not to say that we must fear anyone.  Rather it is important that we approach the situation with a healthy balance of prudence and optimism.  This way, we can manifest the experiences we want as opposed to those we do not, and by establishing peaceful agreements with all of those we may come in contact with, we can be better able to maintain the ideal environment for both ourselves and anyone who stops by for a visit.

In the past Corey Goode, a well-known whistle-blower and former worker within the Secret Space Program made a similar discovery as the Disclosure Project team has touched upon in their new campaign.  Goode gave the explanation and likely reasoning behind the repeated refusal of governmental powers for an official, full disclosure.  This is that over time, in order to keep as many secrets as these people have, countless officials had to commit numerous crimes of various kinds just to maintain secrecy.  Reportedly, this included (but was not limited to) torture, murder, mass exploitation, mass-kidnapping, global extortion, crimes against humanity, and treason--to name a few.

These people have everything to loose from Full Disclosure, and many are likely willing to continue committing even twice the crimes as they have previously in order to save their own skin.  This serves as quite the motive to maintain the secrecy indefinitely.  Make no mistake.  These people will take any secret to their grave if they think it will prolong their own financial status and immunity from justice.  Consequently, it is up to each one of us to change the fact.

I would encourage everyone to get involved and to raise your voice for the sake of Full Disclosure.  Those who have committed decades worth of crime have every reason to be afraid of the truth, but we don't.  We only stand to gain from these revelations.

(I would also encourage us to stop wasting our time arguing about who is right and who isn't.  Why waste energy arguing when you could work together and uncover the entirety of the truth?  Then there would be no reason to argue.)

It's time for change.  The cabal is making their big push for half-truths and self-advantageous narratives that are designed to keep themselves in power, and the rest of us subservient.  It's time for us to push back.


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