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David Wilcock - Update for June 1, 2016

Many have already heard of the recent update from David Wilcock regarding a strange chain of events which surrounded his recent vacation to Canada. To add to this, in a recent episode of the Wisdom Teachings series, he reported having an experience of time loops, in which dreams he had recorded from years back actually started to come true. That is to say that the experiences he had within the dreams began manifesting in waking life.

The most amazing part of this testimony was that he seemed to be guided to review his dream-records from that specific time period, and saw that those dreams directly related to his current life experiences. As I recall, he plans to include these details in an upcoming post on his site, Divine Cosmos.

On another bazaar note, David reports having strange synchronicity between dreams and real life events. The following writings include three Facebook posts of Wilcock's from both last evening and the morning of the day this article was posted.  This was on the subject of his running into Kylie Jenner at the supermarket.

David Wilcock - Facebook Posts - June 1, 2016

Post 1

In the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" category, I was at Erewhon tonight shopping for the big event and Kylie Jenner walks in. I made direct eye contact with her and looked away immediately.

Enclosed is a picture of what she looked like, with the headwear, except her hair was black and she was wearing a black coat.

She walked right up to me across 100 feet and we made small talk about the firmness of avocados. I did not act like I knew who she was, as I always do in meeting any other public figures.

My guess is she recognized me from Ancient Aliens, since she has Tweeted about UFOs on several occasions. She seemed very surprised that I was so neutral.

I will be working on the new article updates once I get there since it is urgent that they get out ASAP.

Post 2

My mother just wrote me and asked me if I had been hacked! Nope, it's me, sorry Mom. Since there has been so much confusion and misunderstanding, let me clear this up.

I am about to head off to the Contact in the Desert conference immediately after getting back from Canada. It's exhausting to have two big trips back to back. Never even unpacked the suitcase. Needed to replenish food supplies and do laundry before I leave.

I had a major talk with the founder and head of Ancient Aliens yesterday. This all started with emails that exchanged in Canada. He was explaining to me that the show is extremely popular. There were some surprising things he said that let me know that some of the most significant public figures out there are watching.

I explained in detail that I have PTSD from being a public figure, as anyone does beyond a certain point, and "do not want to be a celebrity." He was telling me it was already too late for that. Nonetheless I do very few events and try to keep a low profile. This event coming up is the biggest and longest one I ever do now.

It was very strange that just hours later, soon after I went into the health food store, this person who is a major celebrity among the youth -- Kim Kardashian's half-sister Kylie Jenner, daughter of Caitlyn Jenner -- walks in, makes eye contact with me as soon as she enters, walks right up to me (passing a whole bunch of useful stuff in the store across 100 feet) and stands a foot away from me, wherein she starts mirroring my behavior of testing avocados.

This was very unusual behavior. We started making small talk about them and her affect clearly seemed to indicate that she recognized me from the show, as after all this time it is easy to tell the difference. Nowadays I get recognized at least once no matter where I go. Most people are usually cool and it's no big deal.

Frankly the whole thing did freak me out and feel extremely bizarre, though I did not write it up in so many words last time. Given what I just heard on the phone, it WAS a very strange synchronicity in light of the timing. I did NOT make any effort to get in contact with her, and am well aware that a significant number of people are highly against her family and their constant saturation in the media.

Since this was so strange I felt like the best move was to publicize it rather than hide it. The dream I had this morning was very intense and I am still writing it down. From what I can tell, last night's event was at least partly intended to be a synchronistic "warning shot" that I am about to get thrown to the wolves like she is.

I have had many dreams indicating that this will happen and they have used some of the most visible and in some cases reviled celebrities. Given the updates I am about to release from the SSP Alliance, I do wonder if we are on the brink of a 9/11-scale event, only something that will not necessarily be negative and could lead to very significant changes.

My dream did strongly suggest the Cabal is backed into a corner and will be forced to release apology and reconciliation payments to the people they have harmed for generations. Again, it was very intense and involved a person symbolizing their leader crying in front of me.

So, this event may have been another of many "heads up" events telling me this whole sequence I have been warned about for so long may be getting ready to happen. I am not at all looking forward to being that public, and I did consider that this might have been the last time I could have a relatively anonymous vacation!

Oh well. I think many of you missed the point and the deeper implications of why I bothered to write about it, so here we are.

Flame away! LOL

David Wilcock on Facebook

Post 3

Update! As I said, Kylie Jenner walked right up to me at Erewhon and we were both squeezing avocados together and making small talk about how most of them were too soft.

As I said in the last post, she was wearing black headwear and a black coat.

I just was on Daily Mail and they already had a story up with pics of her from early in the day, proving that what I said was true:

Beanie babe! Kylie Jenner cuts a stylish figure in split dress and knit cap while heading to Milk studios in Hollywood

[End of Posts]

Lets Level

This whole situation is not very surprising, considering all that has happened in recent times. The cabal is a group that is used to getting whatever they want whenever they want it. However, their fatal flaw has been redundantly revealed in the past, but much more so in recent times. This is the flaw of hubris.
These criminals fail to realize that not everyone is like them. Not all of us value money, power, and sex as though they were religious rights, and when it comes down to it, this is all they have ever had to offer. (It should be noted that their version of each of these has been ridiculously tainted and perverted beyond measure.)

This lot of criminals has gotten their way by bribery and threats long before the United States was ever conceived. After that point, they continued their lifestyle of manipulation, offering favors for everyone who would accept. For those who didn't, they would threaten with torture and death. However, none of these have worked on David Wilcock, and I commend him for his integrity (though I know high praise is not his goal).

The cabal has tried to bribe him and buy him out. They have sent him at least one death threat, and basically told him that his next words would be his last, and from these recent events, it appears they have even tried to set him up for a scandal. Yet again, none of these worked.

I am reminded of the old Road-Runner cartoons, where the Coyote/cabal is buying one busted machine after another, trying to get this one meal, but the meal won't stay still, or is too sly to be caught by such cheap tricks.

Best of Coyote and Roadrunner (2)

I'm also reminded of one scene from Disney's Beauty of the Beast. In this scene, the 'jock' of the movie Gaston wants to trick Belle into marrying him. So he secretly sets up an entire wedding outside her house with band included, and basically tries to get her to come outside, but she was too smart for him. (There's a bit of role-reversal here, but you get the idea.)

Beauty and the Beast - Gaston's Proposal

The article from the Daily Mail website about Kylie Jenner's hat and dress doesn't at all strike me as news (nor does any other cheap, distractionary gossip, ...but nothing against her personally). It seems to me that the paparazzi (and most likely the cabal) were hoping for something more--like maybe getting shots of a well-known alternative media personality walking out of a store with her. …?

These people have done this before. They know how to fabricate scandals, and they know how to get to people (at least the corruptible ones). I have no doubt that these people wanted to get 'dirt' on David Wilcock. Those behind this little trick don't likely care if the dirt is real or fabricated. Their intent is--and has always been--to manipulate people and to control them.  However, just as always, their hubris lead to failure.

The cabal has shown themselves to be loosing their edge at an ever quickening pace. They never accounted for the increasing positivity of the human spirit. They didn't count on the entirety of their propaganda campaign falling to the floor. They didn't plan for the day when all of their efforts became meaningless. I imagine that they never thought they would be desperate enough to try buy out alternative media personalities with women. Yet here we are.

I believe this is a good sign, not only that Wilcock walks the walk, but that the cabal's influence is so close to being a faded memory that they would be so desperate. As long as we keep pushing forward, it won't be very long now.

Power to ya, D.W.

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  1. David you are such an inspiration to me, doing this work because of how much you care about humanity. Watching Ancient Aliens, Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Fisclosure has been enlightening. You're fighting the good fight and teaching others how to do the same! I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting you someday!
    the reincarnation of Jean Sibelius:
    Be Lash

    1. I appreciate the comment, but I'm only relaying the messages from DW. If you like, you can get a hold of him on his Facebook page.

  2. They cannot touch you if you are at Peace. Say, "Peace to you." and it immediately stops all Loosh. Peace, laughter and dancing are Dumfuck repellants. Find the humor or curious measure in any moment and that blocks Dumfuck or DUMFUCJ to be more accurate. You got this! I love you.