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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA's Quiet Disclosure Part 2

Things have gotten interesting since the beginning of this year, to say the very least. We have seen events kick into high-gear like never before, as well as signs that the race for disclosure is coming to its final stretch. With all that has progressed over the course of recent history, it can be difficult to maintain one's bearings and to have a clear view of the entire situation. This is why I was glad to hear David Wilcock cover these particular topics in this episode of Wisdom Teachings.

In this episode, Wilcock gives a guided tour through the recent progression of events, referring to numerous key, post-2012 occurrences.  The discussion begins with the history which has lead us to present day including past wars, E.T. cover-ups, and the progression of inevitable disclosure of the truth behind these events.   Wilcock also addresses numerous issues of disclosure such as the arrival of the Sphere Beings in the early 1980's (also disclosed by numerous insiders), the testimony of former government and military who, in their time, set the stage for the numerous disclosures taking place both presently, and in the near future. There is much to discuss from this episode. Lets get to it.

Secrecy and Revelation

There have been numerous, significant events throughout history which have revealed to the majority of society that there was much more to the universe than what we have been told. Both then and now, even as distinct as some of these events have been, many are still considered to be controversial.  One such event, we know as The Roswell Incident.  This was an historical event which was well reported throughout the West, at least at first. Within it, we find an extraordinary story being published and distributed to the masses, as this is what a free press is meant to do. However, immediately afterward, the United States Army steps in and forces the media to print a retraction and cover-story, according to many sources.

The Roswell Incident has attracted the attention of "believers", of religious skeptics, and of everyday people who are simply curious to know more about the E.T. phenomenon. Though we cannot yet know every last detail from the incident, there is one things which seems clear.  That is that there are aspects of our planet and of the universe which the establishment spends a significant amount of energy attempting to hide from us.  From printed retractions of alien space craft, to strange sightings en mass, to fictitious investigations designed only as smoke screens for further cover-ups, it has become historically clear that the subject of extra-planetary life is not one the establishment wishes to honestly discuss.

The Roswell incident: how 'UFO sighting' led to 68 years of conspiracy theories

Roswell brought to light the 'possibility' of E.T. life, but there is one historical event which held much less controversy behind it. This incident is known as the Battle of Los Angeles.

There are many different accounts of this incident which took place in 1942, over Los Angeles Country, California. Many of these accounts seem to deliberately omit certain facts for the sake of maintaining the image of controversy and uncertainty.  (As I see it, this, does not help us in thorough examination.)  Here is a quote from which has a more open-minded perspective than the typical, dismissive mainstream version.

An alien craft flew over Los Angeles County in 1942, and the picture below proves it. Something very odd happened in the early mourning hours of February 25, 1942. An aircraft flew over LA County that sparked an air raid alert. Searchlights and Guns were locked onto the aircraft for about a an hour. That alert was unlike any other. We've all seen the images of the military action in Iraq. Pictures of batteries of antiaircraft guns firing in what look like random patterns are familiar to most of us.

The picture below appeared in the LA Times in a story about the Battle of LA It clearly shows a night time defensive response to an air raid, but the situation is very different than that in Iraq. The men firing the guns weren't desperately searching the sky trying to find a target. They clearly had a focus for their efforts. This picture is the most convincing piece of evidence I've seen of an alien craft.

There are many different versions of the above image circulated today.  Per the typical situation, only the images which are most blurry and least definitive seem to be portrayed as 'real' and authentic, while those which are more clearly defined are considered questionable.  However, no matter how controversial this image was claimed to be, the facts speak for themselves much louder than the shifting stories which seemed to be told to cover them up.

We have seen the general (and usually sloppy) cover-up scenario many times over. Most of those who are awake realize that it is not “unhealthy” to question these stories, or the words of authority in general. I believe it is absolutely necessary to question the questionable in order to maintain honesty, as specially among authority figures, and in such cases as those of Roswell, NM and the Battle of L.A., it is not difficult to see why.

In the typical cover-up situation, there is one excuse given followed by a refusal of further discussion. The excuse never seems to make logical sense, and the lack of proof of the story only leaves the public more suspicious. For example, one of the excuses given after the Battle of L.A. was that this object was a "weather balloon" which was "misidentified". However, we can clearly see this object deflecting tracer rounds from multiple anti-aircraft batteries.  We also know from the literature that these rounds had no visible effect on the object, but were simply bouncing off and falling to the ground below (while causing significant damage to the property below), making the weather balloon-story a clear sign of deception.

David Wilcock makes the point of how distorted our information can be when coming from official sources. Some may still be surprised to learn that NASA itself is a military organization which is allowed to classify any information it deems 'sensitive to national security'. Wilcock has said in the past that this organization likely represents the public side of the private space program. One reference he made was to the original NASA charter.  Within this charter, NASA was basically allowed lie to the public. Here is an excerpt from that charter on this particular subject.


Sec. 303. Information obtained or developed by the Administrator in the performance of his functions under the Act shall be made available for public inspection, except (A) information authorized or required by Federal statute to be withheld, and (B) information classified to protect the national security: Provided, That nothing in this Act shall authorize the withholding of information by the Administrator from the duly authorized committees of the Congress.

According to this original charter, we the public are on a need-to-know basis with NASA, and according to those who wrote it, we do not have the write to know what our own organization is doing behind closed doors.  We see official proof such as this which spells out the potential for any cover-up which those within the organization deems sensitive, and yet for some strange reason, it is still considered "crazy" and "paranoid" to question their honesty.

Any sensible person can look at such a charter and see that it is not “crazy” to question authority who demonstrates clear intent to deceive. However, some still insist that the entire system is 'their friend', and would never steer them wrong. I believe it is these people who will be most shocked when full disclosure occurs (and I believe it very much will occur).

The presence of this secrecy raises one important question... If we the public don't 'need to know', who does? This is where we get a significant piece of the logical proof of a secret space program. If public figures and the establishment as a whole continually withhold information whenever it is convenient, would it not make sense for them to study those secrets behind closed doors, to learn from them, and to create and develop an advanced infrastructure from the technology developed from it? It very much would, I would say, and according to numerous insiders, this is exactly what happened.

There is one retired Sargent from the United States Army who, for a time, held one of the most secretive jobs a person can hold within black-ops. This was the retrieval and removal of crashed alien space craft, and the conduction of studies to develop the knowledge base which the Military Industrial Complex would later use to advance itself farther into outer space.  Here is a video from The Disclosure Project of an interview with Retired Sgt. Clifford Stone.

UFO Crash Recovery - Sgt. Clifford Stone Testifies

The likelihood of past cover-ups is much more than "likely", in my opinion.  This level of secrecy may at first be shocking to some.  Ideally, we can receive information such as that of planet-sized spheres in our solar system, a Secret Space Program, a failed cabal plot to reduce population, as well as our own responsibility to catalyze true and lasting change with courage and determination.

A Word on Verbal Responsibility

Whenever discussing information from NASA, or any topic which has been surrounded by disinformation, responsibly of our words and thoughts are important practices to remember.  In the previous article, I covered most of what we need to know in order to practice this verbal responsibility and the subject of 'parroting'.

This mental mechanism of parroting has an origin within human psychology. The mechanism is called "echolalia" , and actually represents a phenominon which first reveals itself in early childhood. This echolalia may very well be the same mechanism which drives the programming of the school system deep into our subconscious mind. Here are the words of one key figure within English education with a few observations on this strong tendency of children to repeat and to imitate. This is Richard Cowper at the International Conference on Education (1884). The words are historic, but the observations still stand to be relevant.

“We know what clever mimics these children are. Whatever they see, whatever they hear, they try to reproduce. In the presence of anything that moves, their legs and arms cannot be quiet. Not a sound strikes their keen ears, shrill or deep, beautiful or discordant, but they must become it's echo.

...Their voices instinctively repeat the dog's bark, the milkman's cry, or any other sound which comes within their ken. They are always “pretending”, but very honestly pretending, to keep shop, to write letters, to drive coaches, and to engage in all occupations for which they are as yet unfitted.”

This is not to be insulting to any degree. I give this quote to show that the tendency for repetition is inherent in children and is likely meant to aid developing children adapt to their environment in order to be accepted into their respective groups and cultures. However, it is this repetition which the cabal has apparently twisted so that it no longer serves the individual, but serves the system instead.

Echolalia: When Children Repeat What You Say

By my observation, school is designed to catch children at a crucial stage in development (holding them captive until they become adults), to turn their minds against their own individuality, and to focus them instead on maintaining the system. As they develop, they learn to repeat the system, to approve of the system, and to depend upon the system for their own thoughts, feelings and views. Because of this, children grow up into adults who approve of a system not because they consciously choose to, but because they have been conditioned to.

Echolalia – A Normal Step in Speech Development

One of the reasons propaganda works so well is because of this conditioning. Adults who are raised by the system are preconditioned to psychological suggestion, and to submit to any illusion of authority, whether or not the words of that "authority" actually make sense. This is one of the main reason we see people still parroting as grown adults. The conditioning is very strong.

(There are in fact some fictitious ideologies out there that reference this conditioning, and yet in the same breath, they seem to deliberately use this conditioning against the viewer in order to spread disinformation.  To find out which ideologies these are, all one needs to do is to listen to the words being parroted.)

When we experience our spiritual awakening, we become aware of the system. We see how much it disregards the importance of the individual, and we become reacquainted with our own inner value—that which we knew before we were conditioned. We learn to stop repeating, and start learning instead. However, it seems that some don't fully awaken. They still have this tendency to parrot (typically from easy-access sources such as Youtube), just as we all did as children. (I believe it is important that when we observe this behavior, we give a gentle reminder to people that they are the one speaking, they are valuable, and deserve to speak for themselves without becoming some stranger's digital recorder. In this way, we can help each other be responsible with our words and to be a better example for those who have yet to awaken.)

As we discuss material from NASA sources, it is important to remember that discernment is necessary. This is in stark contrast to blind, pseudo-skepticism discussed in the previous article. It is fine to doubt any statement given as long as we have significant proof and reason to do so. However, if all we have is, “Youtube said so”, we don't have much ground to stand on. Responsible doubt must be founded upon reason. “Because the Freemasons” is not a reason. Nor is, “...Because Walt Disney”. If a reason for doubt is not specific to the subject in question, it is not likely a reason. So again, as we discuss data from NASA, lets keep this in mind.

The Time-Line

This section is dedicated to the meat of the discussion. That is the time-line of events which have lead us up to the present day. We will start where Wilcock mentions the coming a going of the anticipated 2012 date.

The Setup

December 21, 2012  was a focus of significant expectation for many people.  In our apparent lack of understanding of what the date truly meant, many of us expected this date to automatically bring amazing change to the planet.  Many believed that some extraordinary, prophesied, and long-awaited event would occur exactly on the December 21st date. Yet it came and went seemingly without incident. David Wilcock shared how disappointed he was that this event didn't happen on the date that we all thought it might. However, the event showed us a new aspect of how such monumental change actually works.

(Keep in mind that the December 21st date was right around the time which the Law of One states that the transformation would take place. Though there was no exact date given, many combined the rumors of the end of the Mayan calendar with the Law of One prophecy and drew the conclusion of this date.

The Law of One text was channeled and transcribed in the early 1980's. Interestingly enough, this was around the same time the giant spheres started appearing in our solar system by the thousands.)

We learned from this point that we as a planet are playing an active role in how our own evolution progresses. December, 21st taught us that we cannot simply sit back and let things happen, and that in order to progress, it is we who must take action to undo that which has prevented us from progressing for the last several millennia.

The infamous cabal has done everything they can to prevent us from having abundance and health in our lives. Time after time, over the course of centuries, they have stood between humanity and our right to live and thrive on our own planet. However, it should be known that even though we may see them, that the problems which they cause do not rest solely within the cabal.  This cabal represents an aspect of ourselves which we must resolve, forgive, and release (though this is not to say that such criminals should be allowed to roam freely without being held accountable for their actions).

In order to progress, we must acknowledge our own active role in the events of this planet. As we become aware of such cabal activities, we have every ability to take our power away from them, leaving them with no more slaves, no more obedient yes-men or yes-women to do their bidding, and no more fear for them to feed off of.  We will then be free to use our power of creation to manifest the world we desire.

We have always had this power, and as we awaken, we have the ability to use our power to its fullest. I do no at all believe that we need to “beat” the cabal. In their essence, this group is self-defeating already. All we need to do is to stand in our own power, and to use this power as we desire, with our own consciousness and positive intention. As we do this, the cabal will very likely dissolve and go the way of all of those who fear change and fail to adapt.

(In this matter, I believe it is absolutely imperative that we avoid giving any more negative energy to this cabal who tries so desperately to harvest it from us. In order to be free of them, I believe we must starve them to death. This means no more fear, no more hatred, vengeance, or jealousy. In doing this, we begin to manifest our new world at warp speed. Our mass consciousness has been used to keep us enslaved for millennia. How quickly would this planet change if we turned this consciousness to positive ends? Think about it.)

We Must Do More”

David Wilcock shared that in his disappointment after 2012, he realized that we as a positively-oriented group needed to take a more active role in our own evolution. This was the time he wrote the article, “December 21, 2012: Romance and Reality” (published January 23, 2013).

Let me be clear that I have always tried to pursue the idea of a "Golden Age" from every conceivable angle, and do my part to help it along however I can.

There is extensive, conclusive evidence that we will have the ability to evolve into a "fourth density" light body -- and graduate from the "mill" of reincarnation and forgetting of who and what we are.

That being said, the path to this goal is an adventure. I have embraced the challenge.

I am well aware of the risks of having done this show, and indeed of conducting this whole investigation.

I believe strongly enough in the value of this information, and of its impact on the destiny of humanity, that I am willing to take those risks.

David Wilcock also shared that the reason he took the job at GaiaTV (formerly GaiamTV) was specifically so that he could do more. (I find it very doubtful that anyone accusing him of being “in it for the money” would care enough to put forward any such positive effort. Instead they choose to do little more than throw stones and to maintain a service-to-self focus.)

The point was made that the specific time of the 2012 event may have been postponed, but was not at all cancelled. Just because the date was off does not at all negate the mountains of data pointed to the very strong likelihood that the event will still happen. We have learned since then that this event is planned not for a specific date, but more for a state in human consciousness which reveals our own readiness to progress.

(One interesting point...  There was mention of the Alliance and their efforts to thwart the plans of the cabal, and to bring it to its knees. Wilcock mentioned the evidence which suggests that Vladimir Putin is at a key position within this Alliance, and that he has connections both off-world and on the surface. This gives him an advantageous vantage point on both fronts, as well as the ability to navigate any potential obstacle with little or no incident.

The Pine-Gap Incident

Many of us have heard the intelligence from numerous experienced and reliable sources of the planet-sized spheres which have been present in our solar system since the 1980's. We have also heard of the incident at Pine Gap, Australia where the cabal (after being disappointed to find out that these spheres were not their “gods” returning) decided to fire their energy weapon at one of these spheres in an attempt to destroy it. The Sphere Beings, being respectful of free will only returned what they were given, and redirected this death ray back to where it came from.
Pine Gap, Australia before the incident

Pine Gap now (speculative simulation)

Now, according to intel, there is no more base at Pine Gap, Australia. The based was said to have been completely destroyed.  Immediately after this event occurs, an outer barrier was erected around the solar system in order to prevent any of the dark forces from escaping. This is said to be preliminary to what will likely be new Nuremberg Trials for the negative E.T.'s who have caused so much suffering and death over the millennia. This incident happened in the winter of December 5, 2014.

The Mars Atrocity

On February 18, 2015, another defining moment took place. This was the infamous date of the Mars Atrocity which took the lives of over 200,000 innocent people who were forced to work as slave labor at a weapons manufacturing facility there. The annihilation of this base happened at the exact same time we see the Martian plume appear in mainstream media. Wilcock makes the point that this correlation can be verified as proof that something unnatural and significantly destructive occurred on the surface of Mars that day.

Simulation of the Martian plume

The Cabal's Rush to Disclose Half-Truths

It was only eight days after the destruction of the Mars facility (February, 26, 2015) when the cabal decided to disclose the luminescent spot on Ceres. According to Wilcock, they realized from the Mars Atrocity that they were vulnerable and that their days were numbered. So they went into overdrive on their half-truth disclosure campaign. (This cabal typically uses NASA as their sounding board to divvy out these half-truths so that the public has information to chew on, but not enough to give the public a complete picture of off-world activities.)

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post on the Ceres spot and the Dawn Mission which recorded the data.

NASA has confirmed that its Dawn spacecraft entered the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres on Friday morning, making history twice over. The spacecraft isn't just the first object to visit a dwarf planet (and one of the last truly unexplored bodies in the solar system). Dawn is also the first spacecraft to orbit two different alien bodies during its mission.  Here's the official announcement:

"The spacecraft was approximately 38,000 miles (61,000) kilometers from Ceres when it was captured by the dwarf planet’s gravity at about 4:39 a.m. PST (7:39 a.m. EST) Friday.

Mission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California received a signal from the spacecraft at 5:36 a.m. PST (8:36 a.m. EST) that Dawn was healthy and thrusting with its ion engine, the indicator Dawn had entered orbit as planned."

After spending 14 months on Vesta, the largest asteroid in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, Dawn is now settled in for a long-term stay with Ceres. By comparing the asteroid and the dwarf, NASA scientists hope they'll learn about the formation of all the objects in the asteroid belt, the evolution of the planet Ceres and the history of our entire solar system.

The largest of the luminescent spots on Ceres (appearing to be a domed, pentagonal structure)

According to Wilcock, the cabal was gearing up to disclose a number of facts, but was playing the situation by ear. They were said to be ready to give a full-scale reveal of what the Ceres spot actually was, but decided to go with the story we now see in mainstream media.  (I find the wording used very interesting, and possibly indicative of other, planned revelations in the near future.  The words, "the history of our entire solar system," seem to telegraph this likely scenario.)

As events would progress, the very next day after this disclosure, the Alliance would contact Corey Goode, as he was chosen by the Sphere Beings to be a spokesperson between themselves, the SSP, and humanity.

The Role of Corey Goode

The situation progressed when the insider, Corey Goode, approached David Wilcock with a wealth of information in October of 2014. According to Wilcock's account, the initial plan was only to interview Goode a few times and then to move on. However, after realizing just how much verifiable information Corey actually possessed, the staff at GaiaTV decided that they needed to create an entirely new series in order to make as much information available to the public as possible.

As stated, it was one day after the Ceres disclosure that the Alliance would contact Goode and bring him in as the spokesperson for the Sphere Beings and humanity.  Corey's first meeting with the Blue Avian, Ra Tere Er would take place March 1, 2015. He would later meet with the SSP and the council for the first time on March 8th, and would discuss the details of this meeting in the second episode of the Cosmic Disclosure series.

The Alliance was first reluctant to accept Corey as their liaison. This was because they didn't know him, and they wanted someone that they could control, but due to Goode's redacted work history, they didn't have enough information to do so. However, despite their reservations, the Alliance wanted to avoid any further incident similar to the Mars Atrocity (not to mention the cabal retaliation that immediately followed the attack). So they accepted Corey as their liaison.

NASA's Big Reveal

The one defining and redefining event which changed the way many view our solar system happened on March 6, 2015. On that day the U.K. publication, The Independent, released an article which revealed a new, mainstream scientific paradigm on the subject of Mars. Here is the article, “Mars was once covered in water, making it ideal for alien life”.

Researchers found that the planet was once covered in more water than Earth is now, by working out the amount of water that has since been lost to space. About 4.3 billion years ago, half of the northern hemisphere of Mars was covered in water, with the ocean more than a mile deep in some places.

“Our study provides a solid estimate of how much water Mars once had, by determining how much water was lost to space,” said Geronimo Villanueva, a scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and lead author of the new paper. “With this work, we can better understand the history of water on Mars.”

The new data changes the idea of Mars as an inhospitable desert planet that has been unable to support life, as it is now. The lack of water on the planet has long been seen as a reason that Mars is uninhabited, but the planet may have been much more welcoming when it was young.

As recently as ten years ago, scientists thought that while Mars had some water it mostly came forth sporadically, and did not cover much of the planet. But scientists have discovered that much more water than expected has been lost from Mars, changing the idea of what it would have been like.

As Wilcock stated, up until this release from NASA, it was a commonly-accepted, scientific “fact” that Mars never had water at all. It was assumed to only have ever been a barren desert with only sporadic signs of moisture.  Aside from this assumption, no other ideas were welcomed in mainstream science.

This notion of hospitability for life was once considered laughable and was blindly rejected by modern science (a common stance of the Western, scientific establishment). Now, all of a sudden, it becomes the mainstream story? What happened? Did it all of a sudden become true? No, it had always been true. It's likely that it was just never beneficial for the cabal-controlled media to disclose the fact until now. This is clear proof that something has most definitely changed behind the scenes to make the media and the scientific establishment flip so quickly.

As Wilcock states, we don't have to take his word for it. The word is not even his. He was just observant enough to notice. He also makes mention of the fact that this unnatural, unexplained, enormous plume on the surface of Mars directly coincides with the intelligence we hear on the Mars Atrocity. We have mainstream acknowledgment of these events, and this tells us that disclosure is not simply an idea. It is happening at an ever-quickening pace, and sooner or later, this world may be thrown into the reality of the Star-Trek age that is said to already be upon us.

(Wilcock also makes mention of the fact that many people have been proven to have a sleep cycle which is not synced with the Earth, but is in fact, synced with the Martian day. This may serve as proof that the Law of One is true with regard to the origin of a portion of humanity being from Mars (though this is not to say that we are slaves to the violence and war that took place there).)

Simulated Image of Mars and the former planet Maldek

NASA basically said that Mars was once ideal for supporting life. According to the concept of panspermia, all it would take is one single meteorite with one single microbe to spawn an entire ecosystem on the surface of Mars, and considering the number of craters the planet has presently, I would say the chances are pretty high that that is exactly what happened.

David Wilcock expressed his frustration that with all of the work he and many others are doing, that the cabal was expecting the alternative community to put the pieces together on their own, and to do disclosure for them so that the cabal didn't have to. I can imagine how this would be frustrating, as it shows the thorough irresponsibility of this cabal in the carelessness of their half-truth revelations. However, as frustrating as this situation may be, one aspect of both the Ceres and Mars disclosures may give a good amount of reassurance. In both of these revelations, the word “alien” was specifically used. Wilcock stated that this was no accident.  It likely telegraphs further disclosures about “alien” life in the near future. In as many directions as this disclosure process may go, I believe it is important to keep our thoughts and focus on the positive.

(One point which I feel should be made is the fact that most of what Corey Goode and Wilcock have been saying has shown to be true. They have presented information which has been previously verified by other reliable sources (none of whom received the amount of persecution which Goode and Wilcock have). To add, they have both telegraphed this series of partial disclosures in mainstream media with surprising accuracy.

I find it interesting that initially, there were so many voices saying that they were 'untrustworthy' simply because of the way they talked, because of past jobs they had, or because they mentioned bird-like E.T.'s. People would parrot one rumor after another without ever showing proof that any of these rumors were worth anything.

There were even those who claimed that their information was somehow dangerous because it could serve as a distraction from some other, hypothetical intel which would hypothetically be more important. This was one of the more strange of the proposals I have heard. This question could be asked for any information we receive. Do we spend our time suspecting everyone who speaks out because “their could be some other information which is more important”? I had personally never heard such a concern before that point.

In my experience, people listen and (ideally) judge what they hear accurately, responsibly, and fairly. It would seem that these unjustified proposal of foul play may have come from questionable sources.  They may have been jealous and wanted attention for themselves. I cannot say for sure the reasoning behind such accusations, but at present, most of them have turned out to be impotent and meaningless.)

It's Time to Make Things Happen

It is no secret that the establishment maintains a large amount of secrecy as the core of its control mechanism. This secrecy is the foundational reason why our world is in the condition in which we find it. Those controlled by greed and elitist ideology live in virtually endless luxury while telling the rest of us that there is not enough money to cure disease, to feed the hungry, or to clean our oceans. It is this secrecy which must end. We have the power to end it in an instant, and to never have to suffer by it again.

Full Disclosure of the entirety of the secrets that keep cabal interests wealthy and the rest of us in poverty is the only way to have justice and healing for this planet. If we do not demand this disclosure, it is likely that those who hold control over our planet will attempt to hold onto their control indefinitely. We have more than enough power to stop them, and to make a lasting change in this world.

This change which we hold within our hands has the power to reach beyond one country, one planet, or one solar system. This change may have the power to reach across this galaxy and to catalyze a liberation from darkness which this galaxy has not seen for eons of time. This monumental change rests in the hands of each one of us. If you are a star-seed, a wanderer, an indigo or crystal child, a light-worker or light-warrior, a healer, a grid-worker—whatever you may consider yourselves—I am here to tell you, you were born for this moment.

I do not at all believe that our being here on this planet at this exact time—a universally crucial turning point—was accidental. We are here to both catalyze and to witness a change never before seen. You (if you are reading this, that means you) have the power to change this entire game. All it takes is the choice to raise your voice for the sake ending this secrecy, ending the sickness, the slavery, and the poverty. You have every ability to stand up for truth and to change this world for the better. Are you up for it? I hope so.

The world is waiting.

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