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Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Celestial Timeline

This episode started out with a different vibe to it. It included a partial recap and elaboration upon topics discussed in previous episodes. However, it arranged these topics into chronological order in a way which I felt helped the viewer to have an overall understanding of the history of our solar system, and how this history has progressed to modern times.

I found this episode interesting for a number of reasons, but one specific reason stood out. That is that this type of sequential organization of information typically precedes a significant amount of progress, and can often telegraph large-scale change. I got the feeling that this was the case, and considering the latest intel from David Wilcock on his website Divine Cosmos, I would say that my hunch was fairly accurate.
We start the discussion off with what we've learned from modern science.

The Mainstream Story

Through various, technical processes of analysis, modern science, has estimated the  age of the universe to be roughly 13.8 billion years. To add, the Earth was found to be around 4 billion years old, and life on the Earth is thought to be roughly 3.8 billion years old. Compared to what we have heard of the intel from various sources on the Secret Space Program, this may seem somewhat dry and dull.  I do think it's a good launching point though. Lets get into the meat.

Knowledge from Corey Goode and the SSP

The discussion takes off with the topic of the group we know as the “Ancient Builder Race”. From what we read from the Law of One text, and what we hear from the experiences of Corey Goode, we can see that this apparently benevolent race inhabited this solar system some time in the distant past. Though the SSP was not able to precisely date any of the ruins or materials they found from this civilization, they knew this race had been here hundreds of millions to billions of years ago.

This civilization stretched all the way from Venus to the edge of the Oort Cloud, leaving numerous complex structures on the surfaces of each of the rocky planets and moons.  There were found to be collapsed domes, towers, rectangular structures, and many other types of construction. Many of these structures showed not only signs of aging and ware, but looked to have been subject to intense blast-wave activity as well.

There was also said to be various structural design which incorporated sacred geometry in the form of pyramids and obelisks.  However, these types of structures were mostly buried beneath the surface of many of the rocky planets and planetoids.  It was evident that there was some type of battle that took place which left these ruins as they were when SSP personnel came across them.

(Corey also shared that it was the Germans who first discovered these ruins right around the time of WWII. This is said to be when their Nazi breakaway space program developed interstellar travel.)

Though these ruins were in severe disrepair and buried under regolith, it was evident that they came from an exceptionally advance civilization. Goode spoke of a transparent aluminum material.  (In past episodes of the Wisdom Teachings series, Wilcock has described how this material may have had the ability to turn opaque and possibly even to change color.)  From this discussion, as well as past descriptions, it sounded as though this material could have been designed to be used in some full-color, luminescent displays, as well as in construction and heavy-load applications.

(David Wilcock shared that Richard C Hoagland's top insider whom David calls Bruce said that “We live in a cosmic junkyard.” I take this to mean that everywhere we look, we can see broken down construction which, during its time, was likely very useful to someone.)

Corey spoke of instances where the Secret Space Program personnel would explore different ruins searching for any information which would tell them more about those who built these structures. These people would find different signs of inscriptions, but instead of clear markings, the inscriptions were found to have been scratched off or defaced. This was seen as evidence that more than one group had used these facilities in the past. (I also find it likely that the group or groups that followed the original, benevolent race had different, and potentially opposite intentions than their predecessors.)

Wait...  Ruins in Other Star System?

It came as a surprise to Wilcock (as well as many of us viewers, I'm sure) that these ancient ruins in our solar system are not only limited to this star system.  As it turns out, these ruins can be found all throughout our local star cluster.  (Corey actually knew this information before, but as David shared, it just never occurred to him to ask Corey about this Builder Race outside the solar system.)

According to the intel Corey received from the SSP, our local star cluster consist of about 50 stars which are connected on a deep energetic level. (From Corey's description, this connection sounded much like the dynamic we find within the human brain. At the microscopic level, we find groups of neurons (called "nuclei") which operate individually, and yet at the same, time, they behave as a group and work together.) As Goode describes it, these stars are energetically connected, and the beings within this star cluster are connected on an intrinsic level as well.  (Another interesting finding of these explorers was that all 50 stars were found to have Earth-like planets orbiting them, and that each of these planets had ruins on them.)

In past episodes of the Cosmic Disclosure series, Corey Goode has discussed the dynamic of stars within our galaxy. Apart from traditional astronomy, the SSP has found that each star is connected to every other star through electromagnetic filaments. If I remember correctly, these stars serve as gateways which can be used to travel from one system to another. It may be that this electromagnetic interaction was the energetic connection Goode was referring to during this episode.

A model of galactic superclusters which exemplifies the cosmic web

According to Corey Goode and SSP knowledge, these extra-solar ruins were first discovered by the Germans in during the 20's and 30's. Around that time, these Nazi, breakaway groups developed superluminal travel, and the ability to fly beyond the reaches of our own solar system.  (This would start with star gates, and would eventually move to ships powered by torsion drives.)  As they did, they would find ruins exactly the same as the ones they found here in this system. Goode states that it was possible to travel outside of the solar system given that the proper political connections were first established. He shared that this was necessary in order to ensure that their craft did not get shot down.

According to SSP historical records, there were various civilizations within each of these different star system within our local cluster. The signs of these civilizations were also complimented by ancient ruins from the Builder Race which were (again) virtually identical to the ones we have here in this system. It was also found that as the Ancient Builder Race inhabited the entire local cluster, each of these other civilizations were under their protection. When the builders left, these races were still under the protection of this advanced defense system. (As discussed before, this protection came in the form of an energy grid, as well as a series of giant, planet-size spheres which resembled the “Death Star”.)

Saturn's moon, Mimas

Saturn's eleventh-largest moon,  Iapetus

 Iapetus' equatorial ring--a most unnatural feature for a 'natural' satellite

These massive devices were typically made from hollowed out moons, many of them with visible hulls, according to Corey. Though now, these hulls are mostly buried under thick layers of regolith. It is unknown as to how many of these spheres exist today in total. Whatever the number, they seem to be numerous within our system.

(One important note... Partial disclosure would likely involve revealing the truth of the Ancient Builder Race, but would also claim that there are no E.T.'s at present. Another narrative may involve attempting to tell the public that there is no way to exit our solar system, and that some type of field has always prevented us from leaving. Though according to my understanding, there is a barrier which is presently preventing all travel both into, and out of our system as a consequence of cabal's attack on the Sphere Beings.)

The Moon

The discussion moved on the the topic of our moon, and its history leading up to present day. According to the knowledge of the SSP, the moon is a largely artificial structure which was built out from a natural satellite, and piloted into Earth orbit around 500,000 years ago.

The moon (sometimes called an “arc”) was originally a satellite in another star system. It was later built out as living quarters for an ancient race, according to SSP intel. The intel also states that this 'arc' was used as a lifeboat which ferried the survivors of the Martian-Maldekian war to the Earth after Maldek was destroyed.  (It was also said that by the time the moon reach the Earth, it was in extreme disrepair.)

One interesting theory that was mentioned was that the asteroid which killed off the dinosaurs was deliberately guided to the Earth. It was thought that this was an act to prepare the Earth for colonization. There was one particular reptilian race, the Raptors, who were a very vicious, carnivorous race who posed an large problem to humanoid life, and this asteroid may have been used to wipe this race out before colonization of the Earth began.

A Strange Reptilian Fixation

Per my usual exploration of common themes in modern-day cinema, the topic of the velociraptor came to mind. I couldn't help but notice the strange fixation upon this species which Hollywood insists upon displaying. Not only this, but the overly exaggerated presence of reptilian beings in one movie after another, combined with the common themes of negativity and fatalism cause me to believe that Hollywood has become some type of religious mouthpiece for cabal interests.

The apparent desire of this psychopathic lot is to end life on Earth, as they have not succeeded at fully controlling it. They also believe that it is their duty to purge the Earth of its population of "week" humans so as to maintain the strongest “stock” possible. At the same time, they worship Lucifer as well as reptilian E.T.'s. Each of these beliefs and practices can be seen in virtually every big-budget film/remake coming from Hollywood today.

Raptor from Jurassic Park III (the first of the series to focus on this species)

Jurassic Park IV seemed to be an unnecessary remake, in my opinion.
It seemed to be an excuse to show humans and raptors making nice.

Here is the "hero" along-side the common-place reptilians.

...And another reptilian from the movie Jupiter Ascending

...And Smaug from The Hobbit

Just for the sake of example, notice how short the original Ninja Turtles were.

Now notice how grandiose and excessively tall these CGI characters are.
It's as though they are trying to depict reptilian E.T.'s instead of the actual
characters of the franchise.

This strikes me as some kind of religious iconography for reptile worshipers.

Every movie we see seems to be full of negative and destructive themes, along with programmed, pop-culture icons.  To top it all off, there is typically at least one big lizard-like creature added to symbolize the cabal's reptilian 'gods'. It seems to me that Hollywood has turned into one big lizard creature-feature.

History According to Inner Earth

According to their records, the Anshar civilization has been here on the Earth for approximately 18 million years.  From the conversations Corey Goode had with Kaaree in the Hall of Records, the Anshar believe that every planet has a natural evolutionary process which eventually leads to sentient life.  According to their records, they were that initial, sentient life. (In my opinion, this may have been true, though it may be difficult to determine the origin of one's own people with significant precision without the advanced technology which the Anshar are said to possess.)  (There were also other Inner Earth groups mentioned, many who arrived as recently as 28 to 30 thousand years ago.)

We may find it interesting to know that according to the Ansharian records, the end of the Super Earth came about around 500,000 years ago (the same time-frame as the SSP records stated). It was found that both the Martian and the Maldekian people were attempting to hack into the defense system (the death-star weapons), and to use these weapons against each other. It would seem that the war became so insane (for lack of a better term) and so ridiculously heated that both of these groups were willing to do anything they could to destroy each other, even if it meant killing themselves.

It would seem that the group on Mars succeeded in hacking the system first and then used these planet-sized weapons to destroy Maldek, killing their own planet/moon in the process. As Maldek was destroyed, the energy grid which had protected the entire system came down. When this happened, all of the races who had kept their distance for fear of attack were now flocking in by the thousands. Corey Goode believed that it was the members of the Super-Federation (a group consisting of multiple races) who came first, and as he described it, they wasted no time in doing so. The Draco would soon follow (around 365 to 375 thousand years ago), and would attempt to take advantage of the situation.

At this time, there were numerous refugees who had survived the destruction of the war who were migrating to Earth. As I understand it, the moon was used as a lifeboat in this process. These refugees would settle on every continent on the planet, and with the help of various E.T. groups, they further advanced in technological development.
The Law of One would speak of the specific civilizations as those of Lemuria and Atlantis. These civilizations were said to have developed at the beginning of the last 75,000-year cycles.  As the Law of One states, each cycle consisted of a 25,000 year period. These cycles would typically be followed by some type of cataclysm which cause floods, earthquakes, polar shifts, and other destructive events, reducing the Earth population and balancing karma for the negative groups on the surface.

Ancient Extinction Revealed: The Real Atlantis And The Lost Golden Age With Graham Hancock

According to Goode, these cataclysms varied in severity. Some were major, and other were more moderate. Many of these events were caused by impacts from the debris of the exploded planet Maldek. This was due to the fact that the initial explosion was so violent that it hurled debris throughout the solar system.  This debris would be caught by the gravitational forces of the sun and other planetary bodies. As Corey good put it, it was like billiard in the solar system for quite a while.

An example of the elliptical orbits of comets...  Notice how the paths combine to form a cimatic pattern

The discussion wrapped up on an interesting note. This was on the subject of all the ancient texts which depict cataclysms and floods being very similar in content.  It was also mentioned how the Hindu Mahabharata spoke of ancient flying craft (vimana) which appeared to be engaged in open combat in the skies above the Earth (further evidence of possible advanced civilizations in the Earth's distant past). (Goode also shared that many of these battles have actually taken place in fairly recent history.)  Some such records may also contain the history of bloodlines dating all the way back to the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. It was said that many of the books which discuss these ancient records are locked away in the Vatican, and are unavailable to the public.

These accounts may prove the existence of these advanced civilization and explain why much of their evidence lies below ground, and below the ocean's surface.  Though much appears to be hidden at present, this information will likely be brought forward when Full Disclosure occurs.

A Look Ahead

As I said before, I enjoyed this episode because of the various subject matters it discussed, but also because it telegraphs quite a significant change of pace in the flow of intel.  As I understand it, Corey Goode has recently attended a critical meeting with the SSP and likely has a wealth of intel he has not yet disclosed.  The last release of such intel was pretty amazing and seemed to turn quite a few heads.  We will see what has transpired in good time, I'm sure.

Until we know more, there is plenty for us to accomplish.  Whatever information is available to us, we always have the opportunity to developing ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.  As many of us have learned, it is only when we fully examine the inner selves that we are ready to learn the truth about the world around us.

It's unfortunate, but many people miss the importance of inner work, and the personal journey that can take us light-years farther than any mere search for the next conspiracy.  When we learn about ourselves, we become more and more acquainted with that which the cabal has attempted to separate us from for ages.  This cabal has even resorted to actually telling the truth, but they also distort it, and even fabricate fake conspiracies in the desperate hope of distracting us from our inner journey.  However, just as everything else they have attempted in recent times, this little trick was a tremendous failure, and this effort of theirs fell flat just like all of the rest.

Our victory has already been assured.  At this point, it is only a matter of how soon we want to experience it.  Question...  Would you like to wait another century-plus in order to see the galactic progress in store for us?  I wouldn't.  I'm shooting for one month, but honestly, timing is irrelevant to me.  What is important is that each of us realizes the truth on a grand scale, that we learn and truly know our own worth, and that we realize that we as a planet are not simply one isolated rock in an empty sea of nothingness, but that we are part of a grand design, a greater community, and a universal consciousness.

Whatever your beliefs are, they are important for you to explore, but no matter what, I would encourage every one of us to aim for unity, and to be our best as individuals and as a whole.  Overall, I want each of us to hold the greatest and most positive vision for our present, and the future of this world and beyond.

Stay positive, and expect great things.

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