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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Russian Pyramid Research Parts 1 and 2

This article combines two episodes of Wisdom Teachings. These are Russian Pyramid Research Part 1 and Part 2. The information within both episodes was extensive and introduced the viewer to a wealth of knowledge which is mostly unseen by those of us in the West. As usual, David Wilcock provided numerous resources and tools necessary for us to do our own research, to responsibly learn all that we can, and to draw our own conclusions, if we so choose.

In the previous article on this subject of pyramids, we broke down the universal geometry which seems to create the harmonic composition of all matter within the universe. We also saw numerous examples of this virtually perfect and repetitive geometry within our solar system, on the surface of the sun, on the rocky planets and gas giants, and even within the arrangements of volcanoes, continents, and atmospheric anomalies here on Earth. We then discussed the connection between this universal geometry and the design and arrangement of pyramids over the surface of the Earth.

In this article we will see the various pronunciations of this geometry within nature, and examine numerous examples of this natural arrangement and flow of energy. This repetitive geometry may very well be the reason why pyramids work the way they do.

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We have these structures referred to as House of Energy and fire in the middle. We also have the notion that they somehow harness energy, concentrate it, and convert it so that it can be absorbed by the objects and organisms inside it. This energy is gravity, life force, and is even said to be the creative universal force which began and sustains life, but what does this mean, and where can we look for evidence of this concept? For the answers, we first turn to alternative science and the study of gravity.

Pyramids and Gravity

Dr. Nassim Haramien revolutionized modern astrophysics by elaborating upon Einstein's theory of relativity, giving us the three-dimensional model of gravity. He also gave us the fluid model of gravity and the universe. This fluid is everywhere, flowing into everything from atoms to super-massive black holes, and allowing the entire universe to exist. This fluid is gravity itself, and because the physics of this gravity affects the black hole in the exact same way it does the atomic nucleus, this shows a congruent relationship between the atom and the black hole. It also proves the case for anti-gravity.

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One of the most notable names in alternative science and the study of anti-gravity is Viktor Grebennikov. Grebennikov was an entomologist (though said to be self proclaimed), a scientist, and naturalist. He was well-known for his discoveries surrounding natural forms and systems, and how they affected the flow of this universal energy. Here is what the site has to say about Grebennikov.

In the mid 80s, V.S.Grebennikov found that the empty honeycomb of certain bees could have an influence upon any biological object: from microorganisms to human beings. The affected person basically felt sickness, illusions of falling, flying, etc [14]. The observed influence could not be shielded. As the result of the conducted experiments, it was determined that the effect was caused by the shape (form) of bee honeycomb. The understanding of this fact allowed the development of various types of devices having certain geometric proportions that demonstrated the same effects. V.S.Grebennikov has interpreted the discovered effect as "resonance interactions" between an organism and the objects of a special shape.

In the late 80s, an experimental investigation of the torsion fields generated by objects having various surface geometries was conducted by the A.E.Akimov group at the Physics Institute of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences and at Chernovitsky University. In particular, the influence of torsion fields generated by cones of different sizes and proportions upon various processes was investigated. It was experimentally established that objects having geometrical sizes that obey the rule of "golden section" (1:0,618) can be considered as passive torsion generators [71]. Fig.4 depicts the diagram of the torsion field generated by a cone. The points that divide the cone's height in 3 equal parts (points B and C on fig.4) correspond to the maximum strength of a left torsion field inside the cone.

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According to the text, Grebennikov noticed that the shapes of certain natural structures (in this case bee hives) had certain affects on the human body. He would later study and find that the affects were not only sensory, but physical as well. Other studies of Grebennikov's finding would reveal that different insects would not simply use their wings to fly, but that their wing covers actually gave them lift due to some levitative force. For the whole story, see the video below.

Grebennikov's Flying Platform - Bio-Gravitics

If these claims are true, and the images are authentic, this would mean that this energy of gravity has been grossly misrepresented by mainstream science. According to David Wilcock, the Russian scientists who made many such discoveries were not allowed to have any of their research published in mainstream, scientific publications. This is scientific suppression, and it is most likely maintained so that those who hold the financial monopoly maintain their power and influence. If Grebenikov's claims were true, and he was, in fact, able to fly his platform with no electrical power and no combustion engine, this would be a clear sign of some type of free energy, more useful than oil or nuclear power could ever be.

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Grebenikov's platform is an example of a system which likely harnesses this energy we have been discussing. Much like pyramids, it had no artificial power source. It had very few moving parts—only those which Grebennikov used to control it—and yet this platform device is said to have been able to levitate and to do other amazing things. Though we cannot yet test to see whether or not his claims are true, we can research this influential energy with regard to pyramids. This brings us the the subject of torsion fields.

Russian Studies on Torsion Fields

When I first learned of the concept of torsion fields, I saw that this was a subject of solid and reputable science. However, like many areas which are underrepresented by mainstream, this science was also avoided and ignored by major, scientific publication. Fortunately, we have numerous Russian research programs and scientists who have made significant discoveries on the subject of torsion fields. For a substantial description, we turn to

There exists a fourth type of torsion generator. Torsion fields can be generated as the result of a distortion of the geometry of the physical vacuum. Every object having a certain surface geometry will simultaneously generate left and right torsion fields of a certain configuration depending on the geometry of the object. This fact can be detected by various types of physical, chemical and biological indicators. The unusual effects demonstrated by pyramids, cones, cylinders, flat triangles, etc. were repeatedly observed by many researchers in different countries. Different researchers usually have given their own names to the observed effects: for instance, "radiesthesietic radiation" [13], "cellular and hollow structures effect" [14], "shape power", "pyramid power", etc. In the USSR, the effects demonstrated by objects with various geometry have been investigated by A.I.Veinik [8], V.S.Grebennikov [14], Yu.V.Tszyan Kanchzhen, I.M.Shakhparonov, A.A.Beridze-Stakhovsky and others.

According to my knowledge, torsion waves can be described as ripples in the universal, quantum fluid (what the Russians called the “physical vacuum”) we've been discussing. This fluid is the substance from which everything is made, which is why these waves can penetrate almost any material with the exception of two (aluminum and polymer films). David Wilcock likened the propagation of these waves as the waves in a pond. Whenever an object moves in the water, it creates waves which effect everything else within the pond. In this same way, torsion fields are like distortions in our energetic pond of the universe. It is this fluid and dynamic pond with which various shapes interact, and it is the specific shape of an object that determines the way which the fluid interacts with it.

(One point to note... When the above passage says, “ physical, chemical and biological indicators”, it is referring to the findings of past scientific studies done by Nikolia Kozyrev. Kozyrev was able to devise and verify different systems of these types which accurately detect torsion fields.)

Wilcock writes quite a bit on the subject of torsion waves. Lets take a look at his site, Divine Cosmos for another description and the findings of Dr. Nikolia Kozyrev.

The science of time

In the winter of 1951-52, Dr Kozyrev began his foray into the world of exotic physics, with the first of what became an exhaustive series of 33 years' worth of very intriguing and controversial experiments. As we said, the spiralling energy patterns in nature unveiled themselves to the initiated eyes of Dr Kozyrev while in the concentration camp. His "direct knowledge" informed him that this spiralling energy was in fact the true nature and manifestation of "time".

Obviously, he felt that "time" as we now know it is much more than just a simple function for counting duration. Kozyrev urges us to try to think of a cause for time, something tangible and identifiable in the Universe that we can associate with time.

After pondering this for a while, we see that time is ultimately nothing but pure, spiralling movement. We know that we are tracing a complex spiralling pattern through space thanks to the orbital patterns of the Earth and solar system.

And now, "temporology", or the science of time, is under continual active investigation by Moscow State University and the Russian Humanitarian Foundation, inspired by Dr Kozyrev's pioneering work. On their website, they state:

"In our understanding, the 'nature' of time is the mechanism [that brings about] appearing changes and occurring newness in the world. To understand the 'nature' of time is to point to ... a process, a phenomenon, a 'carrier' in the material world whose properties could be identified or corresponded with those of time."

This may seem strange at first glance, since a tree falling in your yard could be seen as a result of a strong wind, not of the "flow of time". However, you must then ask yourself what caused the wind to blow. Ultimately, the motion of the Earth on its axis is most responsible. Hence, all changes are caused by some form of movement, and without movement there can be no time.

Several of the scholars whose papers are published through the Russian Institute of Temporology agree that if Kozyrev had changed his terminologies and use of the word "time" to more common scientific terms such as "the physical vacuum" or "the aether" , then many more people would have been able to understand his work sooner in the ensuing years.

Torsion physics

In 1913, Dr Eli Cartan was the first to demonstrate clearly that the "fabric" (flow) of space and time in Einstein's general theory of relativity not only "curves", but it also possesses a spinning or spiralling movement within itself known as "torsion".

Most people are unaware that it is now generally accepted that the space surrounding the Earth and perhaps the entire galaxy has "right-handed spin", meaning that energy is influenced to spin clockwise as it travels through the physical vacuum.

According to Sciama et aI., static torsion fields are created from spinning sources that do not radiate any energy. However, once you have a spinning source that releases energy in any form, such as the Sun or the centre of the galaxy, and/or a spinning source that has more than one form of movement occurring at the same time, such as a planet that is rotating on its axis and revolving around the Sun at the same time, then dynamic torsion is automatically produced.

This phenomenon allows torsion waves to propagate through space instead of simply staying in a single "static" spot. Thus, torsion fields, like gravity or electromagnetism, are capable of moving from one place to another in the Universe.

Furthermore, Kozyrev proved decades ago that these fields travel at "superluminal" speeds, meaning that they far exceed the speed of light. If you can have an impulse that moves directly through the "fabric of space-time", travels at superluminal velocities and is separate from gravity or electromagnetism, you have a significant breakthrough in physics - one that demands that a "physical vacuum", "zero-point energy" or an "aether" must really exist.

Torsion field experiments

Dr Kozyrev's experiments began in the 1950s and were conducted since the 1970s with the ongoing assistance of Dr V. V. Nasonov, who helped to standardise the laboratory methods and the statistical analysis of the results. Detectors using rotation and vibration were specially designed and made that would react in the presence of torsion fields, which Kozyrev called the "flow of time".

It is important to remember that these experiments were conducted under the strictest conditions, repeated in hundreds or in many cases thousands of trials and were written about in extensive mathematical detail. They have been rigorously peer-reviewed, and Lavrentyev and others have replicated the results independently.

Going back to our earlier analogy, we said that matter behaves somewhat like a sponge in water. If we do something to disturb the structure of the sponge, such as squeeze it, spin it or vibrate it, then it will release some of its water back into its environment.

Over the years, all of the following processes were discovered to create a "time flow" of torsion waves in the laboratory, due to their disruption of matter in some form:
  • the deforming of a physical object; 
  •  the encounter of an air jet with an obstacle; 
  • the operation of an hourglass filled with sand; 
  • the absorption of light; friction; burning; the actions of an observer, such as a movement of the head; 
  • the heating or cooling of an object; 
  • phase transitions in substances (frozen to liquid, liquid to vapour, etc.); 
  • dissolving and mixing substances; the fading death of plants; 
  • nonlight radiation from astronomical objects; and sudden changes in human consciousness.
Other than the perplexing final item related to consciousness, we can readily see how each process is disturbing matter in some way, thus causing it to absorb or release minute amounts of its aetheric "water", which fits perfectly with our sponge analogy.

Even more importantly, the fact that strong emotional energy could also cause a measurable at-a-distance reaction has been repeatedly documented not just by Dr Kozyrev but many others, and this is where our concepts of psychic phenomena and consciousness come into the picture.

Such concepts became even bigger news after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, when Dean Radin and his team at the Institute of Noetic Sciences were able to measure a tremendous change in the behaviour of computerised random-number generators surrounding the time immediately before and after the attack.

The data show that, somehow, a change in the mass consciousness of humanity affected the behaviour of electromagnetic energy in computer circuits around the world, especially those computers nearest to North America. This suggests that torsion waves and consciousness are essentially identical manifestations of intelligent energy.

It seems pretty clear how much research Daivd Wilcock has put forward in the studies of the research on torsion fields. I recommend everyone who wants to learn more to read the rest of this article at some point. In the mean time, lets consider a few key points.

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Wilcock lists a number of processes which produce measurable torsion waves. Among them are the deformation of an object, a current of air blowing across an object, and the heating or cooling of an object. This goes to show that you don't exactly need to split an atom to create one of these waves. These torsion waves are everywhere, and these processes are happening all of the time, everywhere matter exists.

(One very interesting topic of study is the phenomenon which allows torsion waves to be produced by nothing more than human emotion. This is the science behind the Maharishi Effect).

(For those who are up for the task of research, one will learn that there are a number of ways to not only produce, but to detect torsion waves as they are generated. The materials which are able to detect these waves include quartz crystal oscillators, digital tuning forks, thermally-shielded mercury thermometers, and tungsten resistors, along with Kozyrev's original setup (a gyro suspended from a string with a constant, high-frequency vibration applied to the string).

By Kozyrev's research, each one of these materials and devices are capable of accurately detecting torsion waves. With this in mind, one could easily imagine a device which includes each of these on a circuit board. My background in electronics causes me to picture such a device including these components in either series or parallel arrangement.  These components would detect torsion waves and then send the information to a CPU of some kind to be analyzed. With the proper programming, and a lot of time and effort, one could read a number of physical and chemical processes, and the different types of readings the components would pick up. As they tested, the researchers would gradually teach their device how to recognize any process simply by its torsion wave output. At the end of the process, you would essentially have a tricorder.)

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So we now have these discoveries by Dr. Nikolia Kozyrev, as well as the work of Viktor Grebennikov. Both contribute a substantial amount of information which gives credence to this principle of quantum fluid energy distributed throughout the universe. Along with the work of Dr. Nassim Haramien, these principles give us greater reason to believe that there is more to this energy of gravitation and torsion than we previously thought.

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With this information in mind, we now turn to how a group of seasoned, Russian scientists put this knowledge to work in one of the largest research and construction efforts of its kind. This was the construction of the Pyramids of Russia.

History of the Russian Pyramids

Many people have already seen and heard of the Russian pyramid project. When the Soviet Union fell along with the Iron Curtain, many of the scientists that were once employed by the powers of the Soviet Union put their energy into an independent project. This project employed some of the greatest minds in various fields of study, yet we see none of their work published in the West. Again, this is most likely due to suppression.

According to Wilcock, the funds and resources which originally came from the Soviet Union before its fall were still available after the fall. Consequently, the pyramid project had a significant amount of funding for this joint, scientific venture. This team of scientist would be lead by Dr. Alexander Golod, a former defense contractor and scientist in the area of alternative healing. Below is an excerpt from on the findings of Dr. Golod and his team.

“During the last decade, some scientists have used the pyramid form to study the fluctuations in energetic and informational fields. In particular, in Russia near Moscow two pyramids were constructed to a  height of 22 meters and 44 meters made from modular glass fiber plastics. Their construction is thin-wall, internal hull misses. A ratio of height h not of a truncated pyramid to the side a of a foundation is equal to h / a = 2.02. The metallic members in the construction and foundation are absent. The foundation is belt. A foundation is ground; the floor is optional. Orientation is derived by the Polar Star. The place is desirable being outside of man-influenced areas, among clean nature. Wall thickness at the foot of the 22 m pyramid was 36 cm and at that of the 44 m pyramid was 70 cm. A weight of glass-fiber constructions accordingly is 25 and 55 tons.”

(One interesting fact to note, is that near the completion of the construction of this pyramid, the workers near the top of the structure started to have strange symptoms. They were getting dizzy, feeling nauseous, and had a number of other unexplained health affects. According to Wilcock, because of the intensity of energy circulating near the top of a pyramid, the normal affect of  the pyramid is concentrated, and if a person gets too much of it, they start to have adverse affects. Wilcock states that this energy is helpful, but that there are limits to the amount which is healthy.)

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So we have this enormous undertaking of scientific cooperation involved in the building and testing of this pyramid. Among the scientific organizations involved were Ivanovskii R&D Institute of Virology, Russian Academy of Medical Science, Russian R&D Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Scientifically Manufacturing Union "Gidrometpribor" of Russia, and numerous others. These were very prestigious organizations all who chose to participate in this joint, scientific undertaking, and the results of their studies were amazing.

The Findings - Scientific Studies on Pyramid Healing

Once again, we have these very prestigious institutions doing this joint study. Because none of these studies were allowed to be published in Western media, the scientists chose to publish the data on the website  Here is a excerpt from this site on the results of these experiments.

For the last years, different teams from the Russian Academy of Sciences have carried out many experiments in the pyramids. Some of the experiments are enumerated below.

1.  Prof. S. M. Klimenko and M.Dr. D. N. Nosik from Ivanovskii R&D Institute of Virology, Russian Acad. Med. Sci., have studied the pyramid field's effects on the  antiviral activity of immunoglobulin. The object of investigation was venoglobulin – a human polyvalence immunoglobulin for the intravenous introducing, lyophilized. The study was conducted on a culture of diploid cells of fibroblasts of the person. They utilized the virus of encephalomyocarditis (EMC) of mice for the determination of antiviral activity of immunoglobulin. Antiviral activity of the drug was determined by its capacity to protect cells of the person from cytopatic impact of the virus.

Venoglobulin was diluted pursuant to the operating instruction in distilled water up to the concentration 50 mg/ml. In this study, the drug was tested in two concentrations: 50 and 0.5 microg/ml. Then aliquots of venoglobulin in both concentrations were housed in the pyramid. Venoglobulin was deposited to cell-like cultures 24 hours prior to their contamination by the virus. It was found that venoglobulin in concentration 50 microg/ml considerably inhibited the breeding the virus, approximately three times. The antiviral effect was still maintained at further dilution of venoglobulin up to the concentrations 0.005 and 0.00005 microg/ml with consequent exposures in the pyramid.  Antiviral activity of venoglobulin practically ceased to develop by these concentrations.

2.  Prof. A. G. Antonov's team from Russian R&D Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology (the department of reanimation of pathology newborns) investigated the influence of 40%-s solution of glucose intravenously and distill water outwardly after exposing them in the pyramid. The patients were newborns with high-gravity pathologies. Then they compared the indices of instantaneous state (IIS), which mirror the state of sympatho-adrenal system of the patient. The data on 20 patients were analyzed. In all cases of applying of 40%-s solution of glucose in amount 1 ml the IIS essentially increased practically up to normal values even for the patients with very low initial values of IIS, close to zero point.  It was the same after applying 1 ml of water, which stayed in the pyramid.

3.  In the laboratory of Dr. N. B. Egorova at the Mechnikov R&D Institute, Russian Acad. Med. Sci., the impact of a field of the pyramid on living organisms was studied in respect to the reactivity of an organism to a taint. The study was conducted on a model taint of mice called by the exciter S.typhimurium, the strain 415. White underbred mice weighing 12 to 14 g were held in the pyramid miscellaneous time and with a different multiplicity. In some day, mice were infected in four 10-multiply increasing doses of S.tiphimurium, starting from 10 up to 104 microbial cells. The control was served with mice from the same crew, which was contaminated with the same doses of culture, but not held in the pyramid. It is authentically established that the survival rate of mice, after their exposure in the pyramid, considerably exceeds those in the control group of animal.

At contamination by smaller doses, 60 % of mice held in the pyramid have survived, in control only 7 %. At contamination by large doses accordingly 30 % of mice held in the pyramid have survived and 3 % in control. The deduction: Stay of mice in the pyramid essentially promotes the heightening of their resistance to consequent contamination of S.tiphimurium. Therefore, it is possible to speak about a powerful immunomodulating influence of the pyramid on nonspecific reactivity of the organism of animal. An analogous pattern was observed with the mice introduced to different carcinogens. Mice in an experimental batch drank water that was held in the pyramid. Control animal drank customary water. Result: The odds of appearance of swellings for control animal has appeared more times, than for animal drinking water that stayed in the pyramid.

To put things into perspective, venoglobulin (a virus-fighting medication) had its effectiveness increased by 300% (3 times it's original effectiveness). Also, premature infants (many of whom were on the verge of death) were saved with simple water that had been placed in a pyramid for a certain period of time.  To add, cancer was cured with nothing more than this pyramid water. This is most definitely something  the pharmaceutical industry would not want us to know about.

(David Wilcock makes the point that it is easy to become angry, as specially if we have lost loved ones to illness, but that it is important to explore the possible healing effects none the less. We have been deceived and lied to by those who want to reduce population, and it is important to learn what it is to experience true health, and extended life, and to make sure that this secrecy ends immediately.)

Wilcock makes the point that the larger the pyramid is the greater the healing affect.  (Also, both he, and the Russian scientists made the important point that there must be no metal anywhere in the pyramid.  Otherwise it will not work properly.) We could have incredible health. We could have energy without the need for coffee or energy drinks. All that is needed is the construction of a pyramid. Even with the presence of serious illness, this pyramid affect would have a dramatically positive impact, according to the research. Food and water could be stored inside one of these structures for a period of time, and then distributed. Health would improve dramatically, and illness would be phased out of society.  (It would be an important study to determine the effects of duration of storage, pyramid size, and potency of treatment so that more could be learned about how to best use these structures.)

72 Degrees and the Golden Ratio

A 4-sided pyramid with 72-degree slope angle
It has been found that the healing affects of pyramids and the water or substances stored inside work best with a specific type of pyramid. This is a structure with a slope angle of 72 degrees. It was not discussed in very much detail in this episode as to why this might be true. However, I have tried to understand the reasons behind this fact, and to explain it in a way that is comprehensive for most people.

So why is 72 degrees so significant? We know that there is a certain, sacred geometric order to the universe, based upon passed observations from the previous article. This might have something to do with it.  For our first clue, we turn to Wikipedia and the phenomenon of the golden ratio.

The Golden Ratio (Phi Ratio)
In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. The figure on the right illustrates the geometric relationship. Expressed algebraically, for quantities a and b with a > b > 0,
 \frac{a+b}{a} = \frac{a}{b} \ \stackrel{\text{def}}{=}\ \varphi,
where the Greek letter phi (\varphi or \phi) represents the golden ratio. Its value is:
\varphi = \frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2} = 1.6180339887\ldots. OEISA001622
The golden ratio also is called the golden mean or golden section (Latin: sectio aurea). Other names include extreme and mean ratio, medial section, divine proportion, divine section (Latin: sectio divina), golden proportion, golden cut, and golden number.

If I lost you there, don't feel bad. I understand equations much better when they come with pictures. This phi or golden ratio can be seen all over in nature, within the human form, and in numerous areas of creative design and arrangement, as it has been found to be most aesthetically pleasing. This section will be devoted to proving the significance of this golden ratio throughout nature and various other designs, and because this ratio is better shown than described, we turn to images.

The golden ratio pronounced within the pentagon and pentagram

Another pentagonal example of Phi

The golden ratio is the universally constant form of the dodecahedron...

...And the icosahedron

...And again with the deltoidal hexecontahedron.

The human body has a number of examples of the golden ratio...

...On many levels and scales.

This ratio is a fractal within the universe, and the human body is a key example.

We see it in various aspects of nature.

We see it in the structure of whirlpools...

...On each axis (X, Y, and Z).

This ratio is also referred to as the "Fibonacci number".

Everywhere we look...

...Whether from natural, or artificial sources, we see this number/ratio.

In fact, this ratio may very well be the root of our idea of beauty.

Look at facial structures.

Most of the models we see have multiple expressions of this ratio in their appearance.

This seems to be a consistency that I never noticed until I started looking for it.

There are also quite a few past artists and architects who were privy to this knowledge.

Many of the most well-known works seem to be based upon this ratio.

...And then there's Twitter.

...And Twitter once again.

I had seen this example before, but it's still pretty amazing.

It was at this point that I realized just how broad the scope of this ratio truly was.

Math is nice.  I like math.

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So these are some fairly fascinating pictures, but how does this answer our question of why the 72-degree pyramid works best according to Russian research?

Take a look at the shape once more (to the right).

You see the form of the spiral. This is the way in which the universal energy propagates over time and space. It moves from larger to smaller and smaller intervals according to this ratio we've discussed. Lets take a look at natural whirlpools for example. We can see the golden ratio is obvious on the X/Y plane, but what happens on the Z axis (up and down)?

Once we go beyond the surface plane, we may see this area of calm before the cone spirals down into smaller and smaller spirals. I believe this calm is the area which tells us the ideal slope angle of the energetic vortex from lower energy to higher energy (at least within water). If ever we see this calm before the spiral, I would bet that this 72-degree angle will be present. It may very well be that this most abundant resource reveals an aspect of our fluid universe.  Could gravity flow in this same way?

From the findings of extensive, scientific study, it would seem so.

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If we wanted to answer the question of why nature pronounces this ratio in countless settings, there are a number of answers. We know the yin yang is the pronunciation of four elements (for the sake of this particular discussion). These are the sphere, the tetrahedral geometry (or the square), the spherical torus which represents the inflow and outflow of energy, and the phi ratio, which defines the relationship between all for components. It could also be said that the phi ratio is the pronunciation of the square over the surface of the sphere.  This may seem like a mouthful, but the video below should help explain.

Yin Yang

In essence, the yin yang could be explained as the union of the infinite and the infinitesimal. The square/star tertahedron represents the infinitesimal, and the essence of all that exists, while the sphere represents the energy which emanates out into the infinity of the universe. These two elements are united by the torus and phi ratio. We may take this to say that all things are infinite. No matter how small and seemingly insignificant, all things are infinite, and the infinity is one.

Testing the Pyramid Claims

For about a month or so, I have been curious to know how these pyramid structures functioned, and whether or not there was any validity to the stories. So, in light of my motto to thoroughly learn and observe for myself, I built a pyramid (two actually, since I started writing this article). It isn't anything too fancy, but I did put my college degree as an industrial designer to work. Just by chance, I waiting long enough to learn the slope angle which was said to be best for the intended affects (72 degrees).

It was after the first episode of the two-part series that this project started. To build a pyramid, I simply cut two 48-inch dowel rods in halves, carved and wittled one end of each rod into a 90-degree notch, so that the four would fit together easily with a little wood glue.

5/8-inch wooden dowel rod

Carved edges of the four, 24-inch pieces

Only that didn't go so well. It's a good thing I have a background in art as well, and I'm a pro with the paper mache. That didn't take too long to knock out. Afterward, I had my awesome new pyramids ready to take on the world.

Eat your heart out, Giza.

They stand about 23 inches off of the ground, and are about 15.5 by 15.5 on the base.  (The second one went a lot smoother than the first.)  Both are metal-free, per the official specifications.

Here is where the magic happens.

Day 3 - So far, I've noticed a very palpable energy when I put this pyramid over my head or my shoulders. I can easily get dizzy doing that though. I've been sleeping with one over my pillow for about three nights now, and I have to say the energy is very tangible, as specially when I am standing still. It was pretty difficult to go to sleep for the first night, as my heart tends to beat faster when sleeping under the pyramid.

Day 4 - After a few days of placing the pyramid over my head, I've noticed numerous health issues improve, though they aren't completely gone yet. Then again, it's only been three days.

After watching the second episode, I learned that I am supposed to leave the water under the pyramid for a few days as apposed to the few minutes I was giving it. Though even after just 10 minutes, the water has the palpable energy to it. It's almost like carbonation, or high-frequency vibration. I find myself wanted more of this water during the day than I usually want normal water.

Day 6 - After 'cooking' this water in the pyramid for three days, I drank my first bottle. If you can imagine putting a 9-volt battery across your tongue, except without the pain, that would be the sensation I had. It was as though the tingling from before was intensified dramatically. My entire body was 'buzzing' with energy after a few minutes, and continued for at least 2 hours.  The health issues I had decreased in a noticeable way.  My leg strength increased dramatically, and other issues lessened for days afterward.  I'm definitely of the opinion that there is something significant to this technology.

I'll try to keep reporting on my progress, and findings as time goes on, but right now, I would have to say there is definitely something to it. There is energy of some kind being harnessed by this device, yet the structure is so incredibly simple. One may easily write it off and preclude it to be falsehood. It's typical that people do this without ever testing, and believe themselves to be intelligent in doing so, but that's not science.

The Mindset of Healing

According to David Wilcock, pyramid water may be able to cure whatever illness we have. This is with the fact in mind that this water does have its limitations, but whatever the result, it should be remember that though we may heal, unless we do the inner work necessary in order to maintain that health, a portion of our illness may linger.

Having faced considerable illness myself, it can be understandable that many people in my situation get used to the challenges they face. They may even grow to be dependent upon their illness as a means of sustaining their lifestyle. In this case, their illness becomes a sort of protection for them against their fear of change. This is no way for us to live—at least not for those who desire to do their best. Though we each have our choice, this type of stagnation is far removed from true growth and progress.

To be healthy is a choice, as is to grow beyond the need for struggle.  We have everything we need at our fingertips.  It's just a matter of having the sight to see it, and the initiative to reach out to take hold of it.

The world is changing.  We are changing, and today, we have a different world than the one of yesterday.  Lets make it a world of equality and service, and leave the one which hinders behind.

The technology of pyramids is just one of many secrets waiting to be revealed.  This technology has been hidden away by the cabal while countless people suffered and died from illnesses we could have easily cured.  Lets open the doors of disclosure now--not just partially, but completely.  It's time this world reached it's true potential.  At least that's the way I see it.  How about you?

Note: If you enjoyed reading this article, I would encourage you to share it with your friends, to build your own 72-degree pyramid, and to test this knowledge for yourself.  I can attest that there is definitely something positive to it, though I can't yet say exactly what it is (though I do know the ancient references).  If these pyramids are a key for healing the sick, as Russian science has found them to be, it is imperative that each of us learn how to use them for the benefit of people everywhere.

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