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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Pyramids and Ascension – Summary, Commentary, and Links

This episode of Wisdom Teachings focused on the technology of pyramids, where they came from, and how they were originally used to increase one's ability to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. The focus of this episode was more on the process of ascension and what is required of an individual in order to achieve it, according to the Law of One. In this article, however, I have included more detail on the technology of pyramids, their origins and a number of examples of the variety of pyramids we see all over the planet.

The Technology of Pyramids

On a global scale, we have these enormous, structures which are made of various types of stone and natural materials, and yet they seem to be extremely durable, considering the conditions they've been exposed to over the ages. The construction methods of these pyramids have long-since baffled the minds of modern, conventional scientists, and engineers. Even to this day, no one on the planet has been able to reproduce anything close to them using conventional means and modern technology.  (However, the alternative side of science is another story.)

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There are many theories as to what the uses for the pyramids of the world originally were. Many conventional archeologists maintain that these structures were simply built using man-power and that they were used for nothing more than burial, religious ceremonies, and possibly astronomical charting. This is the official stance of mainstream archeology and anthropology, but do these assertions represent the only possibilities for the use of these structures?

The Law of One has an alternative explanation which sound more reliable, in my opinion. Here is what the text has to say on pyramids.

2.2 Questioner: Could you tell us something of your historical background, your earlier times in the illusion and the time state[?] contact, possibly your incarnation on this planet that you spoke of before, and contact with earlier races on this planet? Then we would have something to start with in writing this book.

Ra: ...We are those of the Confederation who eleven thousand of your years ago came to two of your planetary cultures which were at that time closely in touch with the creation of the One Creator. It was our naïve belief that we could teach/learn by direct contact and the free will distortions of individual feeling or personality were in no danger, we thought, of being disturbed as these cultures were already closely aligned with a[n] all-embracing belief in the live-ness or consciousness of all. We came and were welcomed by the peoples whom we wished to serve. We attempted to aid them in technical ways having to do with the healing of mind/body/spirit complex distortions through the use of the crystal, appropriate to the distortion, placed within a certain appropriate series of ratios of time/space material. Thus were the pyramids created.

2.4 Questioner: Yes. You mentioned that the pyramids were an outgrowth of this. Could you expand a little bit on— Were you responsible for the building of the pyramid, and what was the purpose of the pyramid?

Ra: I am Ra. The larger pyramids were built by our ability using the forces of One. The stones are alive. It has not been so understood by the mind/body/spirit distortions of your culture. The purposes of the pyramids were two:

Firstly, to have a properly oriented place of initiation for those who wished to become purified or initiated channels for the Law of One.

Two, we wished then to carefully guide the initiates in developing a healing of the people whom they sought to aid and the planet itself. Pyramid after pyramid charged by the crystal and initiate were designed to balance the incoming energy of the One Creation with the many and multiple distortions of the planetary mind/body/spirit. In this effort we were able to continue work that brothers within the Confederation had effected through building of other crystal-bearing structures and thus complete a ring, if you will, of these about the Earth’s, as this instrument would have us vibrate it, surface.

According to the text, the Ra beings came to two different civilizations here on Earth, and were welcomed. These cultures were already well advanced with regard to spiritual insight (which is most likely why they welcomed the Ra group). The group then taught these cultures how to further their spiritual development and gifted them with pyramid technology.

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For those of us in modern times, to see these pyramids being built may have looked like magic. As the Ra group states, the construction of these structures was accomplished by harnessing the “force of the One”, as they put it. (I wonder if that was where George Lucas got the idea for “the force”.) These pyramids would then be used to help the natives of these two cultures to “balance the incoming energy of the One”. This may refer to a number of different types of energy.  I interpret this to mean that there is some type of influx of life-force energy flowing into the Earth (and possibly all matter in general).  This energy is necessary for sustaining life, and if an individual absorbs enough, they can magnify their life force, achieving greater health, and higher consciousness.

(With regard to the construction of these monuments, a concept called “ultrasonic acoustic levitation” comes to mind. This is a process by which an object is levitated by use of overlapping standing waves of its own resonant frequency. As these standing waves are precisely tuned and maintained, the object will continue levitating, and can be maneuvered by slightly altering the dynamic of the standing waves. (Click here to see a series of videos on ultrasonic acoustic levitation.)

The principle is sound. (Pun intended.) There is no foreseeable reason why this principle would not work with any structurally stable object with a fixed resonant frequency. Given that a system provided the power and sustainable wave form, size would not likely be a limiting factor.)

As Wilocck states, these pyramids, along with their ability to enhance life, collectively act as devices which heal the Earth as a whole. Their placement, form, and their ability to harness energy actually results in a collective amplification of vital energy on a global scale.  The very presence of these devices can increase the health and the lifespan of living organisms, and as an individual uses them, they will actually increase their rate of ascension. This is why the Ra group originally gifted the pyramids to different Earth cultures (though, as we have discussed in previous articles, events on Earth didn't progress in a positive direction back then).

Pyramids from Around the World

David Wilcock mentioned a number of countries around the world which contained pyramids. Though he didn't go too far into detail, I felt it helpful to list numerous examples of the different types of pyramids we find in their various countries. Below is a list of the pyramids from 8 different countries.

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The country of India is basically covered in pyramids. Only they are not known as “pyramids” to those who live there. These structures are known as “temples”, yet they are clearly based upon pyramidal design schemes.


(Note: For those who feel up for the task of using Google Translate for the Indonesian text, here are a number of ancient, Indonesian pyramids and links.)


At first, when studying the history of pyramids in China, it was difficult to find more than a few of these structures. It wasn't until I realized the significance of traditional Chinese architecture that I realized that China is covered in these structures. Only in this country, they are called “pagoda”. As far as megalithic structures, I may have to continue my research at another point.

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Though this country likely contains many of these structures, it seems to be very rare for them to be acknowledged by the scientific mainstream as anything more than piles of rocks. One of the links below actually exemplifies what is likely to be an ancient, pyramidal structure, but instead of studying it to find out what it actually was, those who encountered it decided to build a golf course over it. The question remains as to how many other pyramidal structures we may find. Also, if they are found, it remains to be determined whether the scientific mainstream will take the time to study them, or simply ignore them as in the past.

Aside from questionable, man-made pyramids, there are actually several natural rock formations which can serve the same purpose as artificially constructed pyramids.


South America

North America and the Mound Builders

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(One interesting observation to note... For those who are able to sense energy, you may notice that when viewing these images of numerous pyramids, you are actually tapping into their energy as well. You will likely find this an uplifting experience. Personally, I've never been able to travel to these places in real life, but each time I do research on this subject, I always seem to experience this pleasant side-effect.)

Once again, we have these megalithic structures made of enormous blocks, which not even modern-day technology are able to duplicate. These pyramids range is size, dimensions, and are made of various natural materials (many times, with impeccable precision), but were originally designed with the same general purpose in mind.

Wilcock mentions that the Ra beings actually built these same structures on the planet Venus, and that these structures would not be so commonly built so far into the past by such an advanced race simply to look nice. These structures had a very important purpose on Venus as well as here on Earth, and still do today.

The discussion continued to the concept of healing energy through simple chambers made of various materials (such as stone and earth). The topic of Wilhelm Reich and his orgone box were mentioned. This was a chamber that Reich designed which harnessed an energy that he termed “orgone” which is a natural energy that could be described as life-force itself. Wilcock mentions how this orgone energy may be the same energy which the pyramids were designed to harness.

David Wilcock mentions at one point, the practice of acupuncture and how this proven practice actually relates to the way in which pyramids, obelisk, and henges heal the Earth as a whole. While doing any study on ancient megalithic structures, you will find that every one of these structures was placed on a major ley lines of the Earth (particularly where lines intersect).

Wilcock describes how the placement of these megaliths upon the Earth's ley lines is similar to an acupuncturist placing needles at exact energetic points on the body. These needles are collectively used to redirect the energetic flow of the body to a more balanced path along the meridians of the body, which can improve the health of the individual being treated. If this practice of acupuncture can be approved by the FDA and the mainstream medical establishment (as it has been), this makes the case for this “megalithic acupuncture” of the Earth seem much more substantial, according to Wilcock.

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The Ascension Curriculum

We have seen that these pyramids are designed to heal the body for the sake of ascension, according to the Law of One. This ascension is of course paramount in our development as a species, but what does it take to achieve this ascension?

To review one point from the last article (as well as the previous episode), the end of each 25,000-year cycle represents a key opportunity for every soul to graduate to the next level of consciousness. To review, here is what the text says.

21.25 Questioner: Just to quickly refresh my mind— how many years ago did Lemuria suffer its catastrophe?

Ra: I am Ra. This was approximately fifty thousand [50,000] of your years ago. The origins being approximately five three, fifty-three thousand [53,000] of your years ago. The damage being completed in that last small cycle of the first master cycle.

21.26 Questioner: Did you mean to say master or major cycle?

Ra: I am Ra. The appropriate sound vibration complex is major cycle.

21.27 Questioner: Thank you. Then did the ending of this first major cycle have something to do with the destruction of Lemuria, or did this destruction just happen to occur at the end of that cycle?

Ra: I am Ra. There is a confluence of energies at the ending of a major cycle. This encouraged what was already an inevitable adjustment in the movement of the surfaces of your planetary sphere.

We have this confluence of energy acting to encourage the inevitable changes that occur at the end of each cycle. (This confluence can cause major destruction in this present density, but can catalyze a quantum rebirth for those graduating on the positive path.) The timing of this event was approximately 30 years after the Law of One channeling was received, which was in 1981. (Granted the calculation was an approximation, it could be said to be extremely accurate considering the fact that billions of years had to be taken into account. On such a scale, some margin of error should be expected.)

David Wilcock mentions at this point how multiple insiders have revealed to him that this event is more likely to occur in the year 2017, and that those within the Secret Space Program expects it to occur in 2018. Still, as I recall, some of his insiders even expect it near the end of this year, 2016. (Ultimately, I believe, that just as everything else is governed by our individual and collective desire for the experience, this event will occur when we are ready for it. When we have unified our efforts and chosen to put aside our differences of belief for the sake of that which matters most (which is soul-level progress) this event will occur.)

With the timing of this long-awaited event in mind, it is important to make sure that each of us does everything we can in order to be ready for it. The following passage from the Law of One tells us precisely what we must do in order to be ready for this occasion.

82.28 Questioner: OK. This is the central important point. Why, then, was it so— You’ve answered this, but it seems to me that if the polarization was the obvious thing that more effort would have been put forward to polarize. Let me see if I can state this… Before the veil there was an awareness of the need for polarization towards service to others in third density by all entities, whether incarnate in third-density, yellow-ray bodies or whether in between incarnations. What was the— I assume, then, that the condition of which we earlier spoke, the one of wealth you might say, was present through the entire spectrum of experience whether it be between incarnations or during incarnation and the entities just simply could not [chuckling] get up the desire or manifest the desire to create this polarization necessary for graduation. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. You begin to grasp the situation. Let us continue the metaphor of the schooling but consider the scholar as being an entity in your younger years of the schooling process. The entity is fed, clothed, and protected regardless of whether or not the schoolwork is accomplished. Therefore, the entity does not do the homework but rather enjoys playtime, mealtime, and vacation. It is not until there is a reason to wish to excel that most entities will attempt to excel.

82.29 Questioner: You stated in a much earlier session that it is necessary to polarize anything more than 50% service to self to be harvestable fourth-density positive. Was this condition the same at the time before the veil? The same percentage polarization?

Ra: I am Ra. This shall be the last full query of this working.

The query is not answered easily, for the concept of service to self did not hold sway previous to what we have been calling the veiling process. The necessity for graduation to fourth density is an ability to use, welcome, and enjoy a certain intensity of the white light of the One Infinite Creator. In your own terms at your space/time nexus this ability may be measured by your previously stated percentages of service.

Prior to the veiling process the measurement would be that of an entity walking up a set of your stairs, each of which was imbued with a certain quality of light. The stair upon which an entity stopped would be either third-density light or fourth-density light. Between the two stairs lies the threshold. To cross that threshold is difficult. There is resistance at the edge, shall we say, of each density. The faculty of faith or will needs to be understood, nourished, and developed in order to have an entity which seeks past the boundary of third density. Those entities which do not do their homework, be they ever so amiable, shall not cross. It was this situation which faced the Logoi prior to the veiling process being introduced into the experiential continuum of third density.

There are numerous key points within this passage. We may remember from the last article that one of the major necessities for graduations was to make the choice between the positive and the negative paths, and to be decisive in choosing our desired polarity. The article discussed that if we didn't, we would have to spend 25,000 more years learning the exact same lessons, and enduring the same hardships.

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The next important point made in this passage is that we as human beings typically do not excel until we see a distinct reason to do so. Consider the present state of the world. We have controlling governments, tyrannically ruled police states, controlling religions, and a whole list of distractionary media outlets to keep us from doing the work we need in order to progress. Wilcock makes the point that it is because of this ever-increasing number of clues that souls begin to awaken, progress, and excel, or as the Law of One puts it, “It is not until there is a reason to wish to excel that most entities will attempt to excel.” This is a key point on the nature of our education as souls.

At the end of a typical cycle, we will see the cabal and those on the negative path increasing their efforts of control in order to maintain the ignorance and subservience of the ever-awakening masses (as well as to achieve their own service-to-self ascension).  However, this increase of negative efforts, many times, ends up accelerating the awakening of more souls, as the desperate actions of the cabal becomes more and more obvious, clumsy, and visible. This is the situation we have today.

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It should also be emphasized that these increasingly controlling conditions cause those who are still asleep to stay in their state of slumbering. Those who are most prone to mind control and manipulation will commonly fall more deeply into the control mechanisms, causing divisions between themselves and those who raise their consciousness. I should make the point of the importance of doing everything in our power not to be one of these people who sleep through the party, so to speak, and to be fully aware of the potential obstacles around us as we progress.

One of the difficulties we have in present times is that before all of these changes began, most people were all on the same level of development.  Then, at some point, we found ourselves waking up and changing in numerous ways independently from those around us.  Now, all of a sudden, we have numerous people all at different stages of development, but who aren't fully aware that these changes are taking place. Consequently, people end up not knowing each other while thinking that they do. This leads to the social friction many of us have felt in recent times.

To this concept, Wilcock adds the point that life may seem difficult right now because it is nearly graduation time, and we cannot take karma with us into the 4th density. So on top of this social friction, we have numerous unpleasant, and sometimes painful, karmic-balancing experiences in which we are receiving the same treatment we gave to others at some point. This is so that we can have a clean slate as we move forward.

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Another major point this Law of One passage makes is the “ability to use, welcome, and enjoy a certain intensity of the white light of the One Infinite Creator”. I interpret this to mean that there is a certain level of divine light energy which will be coming to the planet, and will most likely wipe out anything that is below a certain frequency of vibration (the confluence of energy or conflagration). This would mean that those who choose the positive path must make the effort to stay in light/love energy. (Bear in mind that this does not mean that we are to remain in blissful ignorance, or diluted in self-deception, but that we must make the choice to remain on the positive path with open and honest eyes.)

In session 82, line 29, the Law of One makes the point that there is a clear distinction and division between 3rd and 4th density. This division can be defined by the relationship between what the text terms “faith” and “will”, which equate to one's positive outlook combined with the positive actions they take. It is not enough to simply believe that things will turn out well with regard to the world's situation. We must have our action substantiate what we believe.

It is of the utmost importance that we learn to create feelings of love, joy, and fulfillment, not only within ourselves, but within everyone with whom we interact. Though it is a given that some people may not want to be happy, to help uplift others is an important result of one's own successful progress along the ascension path.

This also brings up the point of respecting the free will of others. To understand this foundational, universal principle we must first understand the fact that we are all equal. No one is better than anyone else, and no one deserves to have their opinion or point of view superimposed over those of others. Everyone is having their own life experience (though some are experiencing out or fear as opposed to love). (These will typically be the people who violate the free will of others.) To honor free will is a sign that an individual has learned the lessons of equality and choice.

If we have a positive outlook, but spend our time attacking people with whom we disagree, or we use our voice to belittle others, our positive belief is worthless. On the same token, if we do our best to be a positive influence in the world around us, but our attitude is excessively negative, pessimistic, and and fatalistic, we can end up missing our ascension because our positive actions would have no power of focus behind them. Both positive belief and positive action must work together in order to enable us to ascend.

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This balance between will and faith represents the threshold which the Law of One states is distinct to the 3rd-density ascension into 4th density. All of the other densities may involve a gradual transition leading to the next density, but the 3rd-to-4th density transition holds this minimum requirement that we've discussed.

(Consider for a moment how difficult it is for some individuals to hear news that could be seen as negative. These people have a difficult time accepting any information that may not be to their own advantage. They may view some information on the subject of destructive cabal antics (for example), and believe the situation to be hopeless. It takes a type of solid belief in the overall goodness of the universe, and the inevitable victory that good will have over evil that is required to see beyond such situations to a positive outcome. The people who succeed at achieving this faith will not care about what negative news comes their way because they do not allow their outlook to be determined by the apparent circumstances around them. It is those who find the peace that dwells within who find the strength to maintain this faith and will.)

These principles of faith and will also apply to those on the negative path. (Though this path is not at all recommended for those who do not take pleasure in self torture and the torture and murder of others.) If a person on the negative path cannot do what is required of them on their path of service-to-self ascension, they will not reach adequate polarity to ascend. Plus they have the end-of-the-world, karmic balancing experience to look forward to, as well as 25,000 years of suffering and tireless labor to excel in negative 4th density.

A Word on the Service-to-Self Ascension

The discussion moved to the subject of an historical example of the negative, service-to-self ascension. This was the case of Genghis Khan. Khan was a prime example of what advanced service to self truly looks like. He was ruthless, self-serving, powerful, well-respected (but mostly feared), and was relatively decent when decency served his own interests. He was admired and feared by all of his followers, who were most likely service to self as well.

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Khan was known for his ruthless tactics in battle. One historically notorious example of his savagery was the use of innocent women and children as human shields while attacking an enemy. This is only one of many examples of the methods of Genghis Khan, but what good did it do for him? The Law of One has quite a revealing description of the results of Khan's actions, and how his savage life-style affected his own service-to-self ascension.

11.8 Questioner: Is there anyone in our history that is commonly known who went to a fourth-density self-service or negative type planet or who will go there?

Ra: I am Ra. The number of entities thus harvested is small. However, a few have penetrated the eighth level which is only available from the opening up of the seventh through the sixth. Penetration into the eighth or intelligent infinity level allows a mind/body/spirit complex to be harvested if it wishes at any time/space during the cycle.

11.9 Questioner: Are any of these people known in the history of our planet by name?

Ra: I am Ra. We will mention a few. The one known as Taras Bulba, the one known as Genghis Khan, the one known as Rasputin.

11.10 Questioner: How did they accomplish this? What was necessary for them to accomplish this?

Ra: All of the aforementioned entities were aware, through memory, of Atlantean understandings having to do with the use of the various centers of mind/body/spirit complex energy influx in attaining the gateway to intelligent infinity.

11.11 Questioner: Did this enable them to do what we refer to as magic? Do paranormal things while they were incarnate here?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The first two entities mentioned made little use of these abilities consciously. However, they were bent single-mindedly upon service to self, sparing no efforts in personal discipline to double, re-double and so empower this gateway. The third was a conscious adept and also spared no effort in the pursuit of service to self.

11.12 Questioner: Where are these three entities now?

Ra: I am Ra. These entities are in the dimension known to you as fourth. Therefore the space/time continua are not compatible. An approximation of the space/time locus of each would net no actual understanding. Each chose a fourth-density planet which was dedicated to the pursuit of the understanding of the Law of One through service to self, one in what you know as the Orion group, one in what you know as Cassiopeia, one in what you know as Southern Cross; however, these loci are not satisfactory. We do not have vocabulary for the geometric calculations necessary for transfer of this understanding to you.

11.13 Questioner: Who went to the Orion group?

Ra: I am Ra. The one known as Genghis Khan.

11.14 Questioner: What does he presently do there? What is his job or occupation? What does he do?

Ra: I am Ra. This entity serves the Creator in its own way.

11.15 Questioner: Is it impossible for you to tell us precisely how he does this service?

Ra: I am Ra. It is possible for us to speak to this query. However, we use any chance we may have to reiterate the basic understanding/learning that all beings serve the Creator.

The one you speak of as Genghis Khan, at present, is incarnate in a physical light body which has the work of disseminating material of thought control to those who are what you may call crusaders. He is, as you would term this entity, a shipping clerk.

So as we see from the text, Genghis Khan was not at all a slouch when it came to his beliefs and actions on the negative path. However, all of his life-long efforts, all of the labor he put into being as negative as humanly possible, he only managed to reach the level of “shipping clerk” on the 4th density level. This is why the negative path is not recommended to anyone who doesn't enjoy wasting their efforts, or who don't mind their efforts paying off so poorly.

A Look Ahead

After this multifaceted discussion, Wilcock wraps things up with a brief definition and origin of the word, “pyramid”. According to, this word has the following meaning.


before vowels pyr-, word-forming element form meaning "fire," from Greek pyro-, combining form of pyr (genitive pyros) "fire, funeral fire," also symbolic of terrible things, rages, "rarely as an image of warmth and comfort" [Liddell & Scott], from PIE root *paəwr- "fire" (see fire (n.)). Pyriphlegethon, literally "fire-blazing," was one of the rivers of Hell.
amid (prep.)

late 14c., from amidde (c. 1200), from Old English on middan "in the middle," from dative singular of midde "mid, middle" (see middle); the phrase evidently was felt as "in (the) middle" and thus followed by a genitive case, and if this had endured we would follow it today with of. (See amidst for further evolution along this line).

According to the book, “Alien Agenda: The Return of the Nephilim” by Aaron Judkins and Michael McDaniel, the ancient Hermitians referred to the pyramids with another term.

“The ancient Khermitians used the term PR.NTR, Per-Neter, for pyramid. Per meaning “house” and Neter being translated by Egyptologists as “God” or “Goddess”, but we reject this mistranslation. In alignment with indigenous tradition, we use the interpretation “House of Nature, House of Energy” for Per-Neter. The temple was Per-Ba (House of the Soul) and the tomb was Per-Ka (House of the Physical Projection) according to indigenous traditions. With this understanding of Per-Neter as House of Nature, I state categorically that no one has ever intended to be buried in a pyramid in its original intent...”

So we have the Greek translation of the word “pyramid” as fire in the middle, and the ancient Egyptian translation meaning House of Nature or House of Energy. Wilcock made the point that the fire was not in reference to actual fire inside the pyramid, but was most likely in reference to an energetic vortex of some kind. (This may be in reference to zero point energy, torsion fields, or possibly both concepts apply.) This would be in line with the statement of the Ra beings who maintain that these structures were built to enhance life force and to assist in the ascension process, or as Wilcock said, they “generate, transform, and transmit energy”.

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The deeper understanding of the utility of pyramid technology is one of the most commonly suppressed subjects in modern science. According to the mainstream media and the scientific establishment, everything has already been discovered on the subject of pyramids and there is nothing more to know, but this is not likely true in the way we have been taught to believe. There is energy to be harnessed from these structures which may benefit all of humanity and the Earth as a planet. If this is true, then there would be no reason to dig and pump oil out of the ground, or to burn fossil fuels for centuries on end. If these pyramids truly live up to the true meaning behind their name, then they represent a source of free energy, as well as a means of accelerating our ascension.

The next episode of Wisdom teachings is set to give greater detail on the subject of pyramids. ...Until then.

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