Friday, March 4, 2016

The Afterlife Investigations: A Featured Documentary - Credible, Scientific Evidence that Suggests that Life Does Go On

Many of us believe that life is more than it appears to be, and that our experiences go far beyond that which we're able to sense within average, physical interaction.  We are all accustomed to viewing the world around us with a certain sense of normalcy, but could there be another side to it all?  ...or even multiple sides?  Could there truly be a dimension of life that we have not yet accessed on a personal level which may provide greater understanding of who we truly are?  One group of investigators believes they have found an answer.  ...and that answer is quite extensive.

In 1993, a group of investigators set out to uncover the truth about what many refer to as the "afterlife".  They employed the expertise of multiple investigators from numous professions, as well as multiple, third-party scientists to observe and record their sessions.  The footage and data they gathered may cause even the most inflexible of skeptics to rethink their opinion.  Here is an excerpt from their website describing the details.

"In early 1993, in Scole, Norfolk, members of a small established psychic circle, led by experienced psychic researcher Robin Foy and using the highly-developed mediumistic powers of sensitives 'Alan' and 'Diana', were given the message that conditions were now right for an important and extended experimental project to begin. 

This project, apparently formulated nearly 50 years earlier; was intended to provide a sophisticated and scientifically literate public with irrefutable proof of human survival, and a significant part of the plan behind the work was to be the holding of special sittings at which respected assessors - scientists and intellectuals - would be present in order to provide validation of the experimental results. The impetus, agenda, and planning for this work all ostensibly came to, and not from, the group.”

(Keep in mind that this extends far beyond the confines of any Hollywood production, or cable TV dramatization made for the purpose for pure entertainment.  Considering how many of such fictitious programs have come and gone (not to mention how similar they have been to the actual, scientific studies we see here, one might conclude that these TV shows were simply cheap imitations of actual investigation.)

In this production, you may see some familiar faces, and witness some very unfamiliar occurrences with regard to the paranormal.  I invite you to keep an open mind, and to consider the possibilities behind these investigations.  With that, here is The Afterlife Investigations.

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion on the matter.  Considering how much has been deliberately hidden from us regarding truth within our world, I would invite each of you to remain flexible, and to approach your search for truth with an open and discerning mind.

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