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Sun Cruisers - with David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Slides and Commentary from the Conscious Life Expo

This year's Conscious Life Expo brought many new revelations, and much more is said to be on the way.  One of the subjects discussed was the arrival of the large, planet-sized, spherical ships that began arriving in our solar system during the 1980's.

The first of these spheres came in the early 1980's, and as it did, it began to orbit each planet one by one.  It started with Pluto, then moved to Neptune, and then Uranus.  Due to this pattern of motion, this first sphere was termed "The Seeker".

This sphere had two portals--one on each side. According to David Wilcock, these portals were measured to be 800 miles wide each. Three different insiders came to Wilcock with corroborating intel with regard to these details.

One strange issue with this sphere was that it would not respond to any attempts at communication. It was hailed numerous times by Solar Warden ships, but no answer was given, accept, "We are peaceful explorers".  The Solar Warden ship basically responded with the message, "GTFO".

The people within the cabal/Illuminati thought that these spheres were their own "gods" returning to help them establish their New World Order, but of course, they were wrong.

These spheres continued to arrive, but their appearances became more numerous around 2012.

These are the images that were displayed at Wilcock and Goode's presentation at this year's CLE.  They were originally collected by SOHO (Solar Heliospheric Observatory), a NASA platform.

There are a few things to note when viewing SOHO images like this. There is a circular shield over the lens. This shield is present so that the lens doesn't get overloaded, but also because the telescope is designed to observe occurrences around the sun as opposed to the sun itself.

You'll find it very interesting when viewing images and feeds like this, that each and every time something shows up in them that may be a UFO or some unexplainable issue, NASA will quickly take the feed offline and claim that there was a malfunction of some kind.  However, these images were captured before NASA had a chance to do this.

Most everything in this image looks normal, but the long bars in this frame should definitely not be there. The circle is normal. The coronal discharges are normal, but the bars... Those are foreign objects.

This image was taken September 22, 1999. It shows some type of large sphere which appeared to be almost as large as the sun itself. This sphere seems to be accelerating toward the sun, and if you look closely, you can see evidence of acceleration as this apparently-large object encounters the sun's gravity.

The skeptic might try to say that the lens got smudged, or that the telescope was jostled by an object that hit it, but this is an array that is miles above the surface of the Earth. Its trajectory and orientation are maintained by state-of-the-art equipment, gyros, and telemetric feeds that make sure it is oriented properly. There are no objects anywhere near it that could jostle it, bump, or smudge it in any way. The reason it shows an object is because the object is present.

NASA doesn't want you to see images like this, but still many are able to come through.

Objects like this are termed "sun cruisers". They are typically planet sized spheres that do not follow the trajectory that any planet should follow. (Planets can be identified by the way they stay on the central, horizontal axis of the lens, or the "elliptic".)

Planets are not supposed to be below the central plane. Also, the lines on the sides of this UFO are indicative of a CCD overload, or an overload of the digital, optical systems. When these overloads occur, it means that the object is so bright that it overloads the optical sensors, just like the sun would if the lens weren't protected by the circular shield.

This is also a spherical object (either one or many) that should not be there.  The image was taken December 23, 1999.

This may be space debris. That is a possibility, but given the other evidence we have shown, that's probably not the case.

It could also be craft traveling past the SOHO array. This would definitely be a time when NASA would have an "unfortunate malfunction" and take their equipment offline. As this is the typical NASA response.

February 2, 2005...

Anyone who understands particular movement in space, knows that this is not at all space dust. Particles in space move at a single vector. They don't turn, or change direction at all, unless something causes this directional change artificially (hens the law of inertia).

This is a very large object. Again, it looks to be the size of the sun itself, and not only that, it is moving at an extremely high rate of speed. It is also making intelligent course corrections as it moves. It's moving fast enough to streak the lens, and far away enough that its trail drastically reduces in size.

This is not debris, and it is not space dust. It is likely a craft of some kind, which, at times, seems to be as bright as the sun.

The gas giant on the left is normal. We can tell that it's a planet because it's on the elliptic, but the streak toward the lower left is most unusual.

You can see a spiral structure in the trail of this object, which, according to Richard C. Hoagland, is evidence of accelerated electrons excited in a high strength magnetic field. This is most likely one of these spheres moving at incredible speeds.

July 31, 2002...

There is a Mars-sized object on the right, but Mars is actually on the left. So there is another planet-sized object causing yet another CCD overload.

Here is a closeup of the above slide. There is Mars on the left, and on the right is the sun-cruiser.

This images was taken the next day. We can still see Mars, as it is a planet, and has a predictable direction, and a slower rate of travel, but the spec on the right is completely gone. Planets don't vanish or take off in less than 24 hours. That other sphere was no planet.

In this image, the object on the far right may be a planet. The two we see in the middle and on the left are both below the elliptic and moving too quickly to be planets.  (These are stills from the original animation.)

June 2, 1998...

This is a coronal mass ejection in progress, but the interesting part is what happened just before this CME took place. In the animation on the "Cyberspace Orbit" website, two spheres can be seen rapidly approaching the sun, and entering into it.  The subsequent CME irrupts immediately afterward.

On August 24, 2001, it happened again.

Reference Article...

Sun Cruisers

NASA tries to explain these objects away by claiming that they were comets, but comets don't travel together like this. Also, one would be hard pressed to find any mention of any such double-comet siting prior to the publishing of this unreasonable explanation.

One thing you will find often in mainstream science is that scientists seem to be ill-equipped to make new discoveries or to handle anything unexplained with an open mind. There seems to be no room for change in the mind of the conventional scientist (at least not in the public eye).

These scientists try to say that there is no connection between the CME and their supposed comets.

This happened on December 5, 2014.

The back story is that the cabal decided to fire their state-of-the-art weapon at one of these spheres. (I believe the location/former location was at Pine Gap, in Australia.)  This was the best weapon they had, but the sphere simply reflected the beam back at them and blew up the entire base. These benevolent ET's used a principle found within the martial art, Ikido, which involves redirecting an opponent's energy back at them (according to Corey Goode).

Many may ask why these beings don't just attack and destroy all the cabal cells and free us, but the fact is that, due to the Law of Free Will, we ourselves have to rise up against our oppressors. This is what these beings have been trying to communicate to us since they first made contact.


Strange Red Sphere on ISS Feed

Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap

After this weapon was fired, and the Pine Gap base destroyed, a global defense grid was reported to be erected by the benevolents and a similar shield was raised around the entire solar system.  This basically trapped all of the villains in the solar system (along with everyone else) prior to what will most likely be some type of tribunal.  These negative beings will inevitably have to face trial and recompense for all of the crimes against humanity they have committed, and with our valiant effort, this will happen much sooner than later.

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Sun Cruisers

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