Monday, March 21, 2016

Dutchsinse - One Simple Earthquake Prediction Provokes Smear-Ad from Mainstream Media

In recent years, it has become more and more clear that some within the USGS (United States Geological Survey) and the PSNS (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network) are not concentrating on science alone.  It seems that, at times, the collective ego of many within these establishments often hold "higher" priorities than scientific accuracy.  Just days after the Youtube personality, Dutchsinse published a video in which he made a simple earthquake prediction which bordered Mt. St. Helens, a mainstream media news outlet (in connection with these establishments) published blatantly, propagandistic smear content directed specifically at this Youtube personality.

The strange part was that this attack made absolutely no reference to the actual prediction of this earthquake.  In fact, the prediction was spot-on accurate.  The earthquake did take place and it was right around the region where Dutch predicted it would occur.  However, the truth did not seem to matter to this news company.  Instead of concentrating on accurate information, this company claimed that Dutch made a statement  which he did not make, and afterward, ridiculed him for making this fictitious statement.  This tactic is known as an "Ad Hominem Attack".

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In recent times, Dutchsinse has expressed concerns over, not only scientific inaccuracy from official, geotectonic monitoring agencies, but the tendency of these agencies to resort to data falsification, and even petty intimidation toward ordinary people making predictions on Youtube.  However, this case was even more significant, as it demonstrates the tendency of many agencies and media outlets to target Dutch specifically, while leaving other, like Youtube'ers alone.

(Once again, please excuse the frustrated tone.)

In light of these occurrences, I'm wondering what could be so horrible about one Youtube'er that these professional agencies would postpone their official occupations just to make harassing phone-calls and to mount smear ads.  In this case, I would say ego is the biggest culprit to blame, but still somehow, I have a feeling it might be more.

A few weeks ago, it was discovered that many of these agencies were cancelling vital services.  However, if funding were the issue, one would think that the least important services would be the first to get cut from the budget, but this was not the case.  It was, in fact, many of the services from the most earthquake-prone areas on the planet which were first eliminated.

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There is also this apparent tendency of the USGS to remove earthquake data from their database, or even to avoid reporting certain seismic events altogether.  It would make sense if these events were small in magnitude, but many of them have been quite significant.

As Dutch has continually said in recent times, "Something's going on".  As far as what that "something" is, we may have to wait and see.

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Click here to watch the video taken by PNSN of their flight up to the mountain.


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  1. great article! thank you for writing on behalf of this research and earthquake reporting which is necessary to our survival! Humans will survive! Even if they don't want us too!

  2. Thank you for your article! Have they now killed him off? I can't find his updates!!! Please tell me he's okay!

    1. He hasn't been killed off even though Youtube discriminates! Check him out daily if you haven't already. His earthquake forecasting tutorials are not hard to grasp and apply to the entire globe.

  3. we love you dutch...keep on keepin on....Phuck'em all...please, don't spend precious time trying to defend yourself...we get that they're years behind info...old school crap.
    God bless you and the Dutches...we pray for you every single morning! Honestly...we do pray for you and your loved ones and your mom too

  4. Great article. I myself have witnessed quakes on spectros that never appear in the reports. The Grants given to U.S.G.S. is our Tax Dollar and as you stated seems they would put that money to better use doing their job. Then we get the recent Oct. 2018 news of employees watching porn while working and infecting their systems.