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(NGC - 4725)


(NGC - 3504)

...Square galaxy.

(NGC - 7331)


(NGC - 6753)


(NGC - 2403)

Here we see a loose clustering of stars.  It's a cubical galaxy called "Sextans A".


(NGC - 3059)


(NGC - 1087)


(NGC - 1058)


(NGC - 2763)


(NGC - 4304)


(NGC -2525)

...Pentagon or hexagonal.

(NGC - 6643)


(NGC - 5676)

We've never seen this publicized before.  This is a clear hexagon.

(NGC - 2223)

(NGC - 157)


This is classified information.  If they ever told us about this, we would start asking the wrong questions.  We would start to learn that we as human beings aren't as limited as we have been made to believe.


(NGC - 3294)


(NGC - 5457)


(NGC - 628)


(IC - 749)


NGC - 6699

Geometry within the Quantum World

Let's see how much of this geometry we can find in the world of the quantum.

We'll be looking at the work of Dr. Hans Jenny-- the physician and natural scientist who coined the study of "cymatics".

Vibration in fluid creates geometry.

Dr. Jenny followed in the footsteps of Dr. Buckminster Fuller in his study of the effect of sound frequencies in fluids.

This is image is nothing more than water, sand, and sound.  We see that specific harmonic tones create this distinct geometry.

Notice how clear the star tetrahedron is.  We can see a cube as well.

All we need to do is change the frequency, and the shape changes.  If we change the frequency back again, the shape reverts to the original.

Here is where we get our galactic shapes. 

This is the micro version of those galactic shapes, once again proving the universe is fractal.

Next, Dr. Jenny tested larger amounts of sand and water.  When the same frequencies are applied, we get multi-cellular formation.

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While Hans Jenny discovered the geometry of vibration, Dr. Robert Moon would discover this same geometry within the atomic nucleus.

You may recognize Dr. Moon from his work on the Manhattan Project.  Needless to say, he knows his physics.

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This is what atoms really are. We see nestled, platonic-solid geometry.

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Platonic Solids

The nucleus is not protons.  The protons are actually corners of this geometry.

Let's look at the structure.

Oxygen has 8 protons.  Put those eight protons together, you get the corners of the cube.  (When you're breathing oxygen to stay alive, you're breathing cubes.)

Next, we have silicon with 14 protons, which has the 8 corners of the cube, plus the 6 corners of the octahedron, making 14 corners.

(There's nothing solid within the atom.  These are all standing waveforms just like in Dr. Jenny's experiments. Fluid plus vibration creates geometry, and this geometry is fractal and universal.  We can prove this.)

Iron has its 26 protons, and these are the corners of the icosahedron, the octahedron, and the cube, adding up to 26.

Palladium is rarer than the rest, but the principle still applies.  It has 46 protons and contains the corners of the cube, the octahedron, the icosahedron, and  the dodecahedron, which add up to 46 corners.

One interesting fact about palladium...  If you put it into heavy hydrogen, you get heat, as well as what is called "cold fusion".  This heat production never stops.  The reaction is continuous.

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The cabal doesn't want us to know this, but the information is started to come forward, nonetheless.

Consider salt for a moment.  You have two atoms--sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl)--with incomplete geometric structures, and when they come together, they create whole geometry.  This is why chemical bonds form--to create whole and stable geometric structures.

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Let's take a look at the technique of atomic force microscopy.

This is the best image we have of atomic stricture, and it comes from a technique called "non-contact atomic force microscopy".  It's complete with honeycomb hexagons in the form of the familiar star tetrahedron.  The following explanation comes from the website, “ZME Science”.

“Atomic level imaging has come a long way in the past decade, and after scientists first managed to image molecular structure and even electron clouds, now a group of researchers at IBM Research Center Zurich have visually depicted how chemical bonds differentiate in individual molecules using a technique called non-contact atomic force microscopy (AFM)...

To create the images, the IBM researchers used an atomic force microscope with a tip that ended with a single carbon monoxide molecule. The CO molecule traces the image by oscillating between the tip and the sample. By measuring its wiggle and inter-molecular force  the AFM can slowly build up a very detailed image.”

Now, let's take a look at the concept of microclusters.

These are actually considered to be a new phase of matter.  Notice that you can easily see familiar geometric patterns (the icosahedron to the right).

These are images from a scanning electron microscope viewing of gold atoms.  (Each dot is a single gold atom.)

These microclusters are formed by stacking gold atoms one at a time.  When this is done. the atoms gravitate toward each other like magnets and automatically form this geometry.

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Geometry in DNA

Let's cross the line into life.

DNA actually has the hexagonal and pentagonal structures within it, but is there more to this structure?

Dr. Mark White made a ground-breaking discovery with regard to the hidden geometry of the DNA molecule.

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Dr. White found that there was a certain form around which the double helix was wound.

That form was the dodecahedron (corresponding to palladium).  The double helix of DNA is actually wrapped around a totem pole of dodecahedrons.

The exact same angles can be seen in the dodecahedrons and the DNA double helix.  It's uncanny.

The song of the creator, the Ohm which creates and sustains the geometry is still present at every level.  ...and it is in our DNA as well.

Wilcock makes the point that nothing we have seen here can be disproved.  The science is too solid. There are too many commonalities to be called "fluke" of "coincidence", and yet mainstream science rarely ever touches the subject of congruence between these subject matters.

The intelligent universe creates these shapes and eventually life.  All that is needed is water, and energetic input and life will eventually form.

According to the conventional model of evolution, it happened once.  ...But if it happened once, why would it not happen twice?  If it happened twice, what's to stop it from happening all of the time everywhere the conditions mimic the supposed first time?

Life may, in fact, be the rule, and not the exception in our universe.

(To make my own point in this case...

Any intelligent person knows that no detached equation means much unless it can be scientifically proven. So why was so much credit given to the Fermi equation, seeing as it was nothing more than a detached, arbitrarily derived theory, and was never proven to begin with?

This equation never represented anything close to applied science.)

This is the real, evidence-based science.  The galaxy is loaded with Earth-like planets.

This fractal geometry is responsible for forming countless structures in our universe at every level, scope, and size.

It would be logical to assume that wherever this geometry exists, when the conditions are right, life will inevitably form.  Again, all that is needed is water and some sort of electrical energy.

They have found numerous Earth-like planets in recent times, yet they still assume that only a small percentage of these worlds would have life, but at least we are making progress stretching minds.

The seed at the center of the universe is conscious.  If it is truly the source of the entire universal hologram, that would mean that everything within the universe exists within it.  This can be seen in the fact that the merkabah is a foundation aspect of human, energetic anatomy.  The human anatomy includes the merkabah because we as conscious beings are an expression of that universal center as well.

We as human beings are conscious.  Logically speaking, this means that that universal center contains some form of consciousness within it as well, and if that consciousness has expression within us, why would it not be expressed elsewhere as well?  It's a big universe.

With regard to the slide, even with such a conservative estimate, 100,000 planets still equates to quite a few places to visit.  Wilcock told how many within the Secret Space Program have revealed that all Earth-like planets almost invariably have life on them.

Approximately 100 million intelligent civilizations...  That's a big difference from 2.14.

All of this is Law-of-One science.  Each of the points David makes in this presentation can be found within the Law of One text.  The amazing part was that it was only after Wilcock found all of these amazing facts did he find out that they were in the Law of One the entire time.

In order to find these planets, all one needs to do is to look in the goldilocks zone of a star system.
This is the distance from the star where conditions are not too hot and not too cold for life to evolve.

There are numerous Earth-like planets out there.  These are just a few.

According to NASA, we are the little red dot in the fake Milky Way and are the only planet with intelligent life on it.

In actuality, a more accurate estimate is that all of the stars we can see with the naked eye may have planets orbiting them which harbor life.

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