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This is another example of the Mandelbrot set.

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The Mandelbrot Set

You can demonstrate fractal geometry with any shape.  This is an example of pentagonal geometry.

The Amplituhedron

This brings us to a major discovery in quantum physics.  That is the discovery of the "amplituhedron".

Two physicists, Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka may have very well cracked the code to quantum physics.  These two men examined the concepts behind the dreaded Feynman diagrams. (Familiar to most grad students studying physics, these are diagrams that literally take 90 to 100 pages to solve just one.) In their observations, they stumbled across a revelation, and actually found a hack, of sorts,  to drastically simplify these calculations. 

Discover Magazine had this to on the subject.

“A new computational insight in 2004 dramatically reduced the amount of paper required to describe a collision, and these new formulas combined multitudes of Feynman diagrams into a single mess of math. Last year, Princeton physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed was analyzing the formulas in search of a better way to simplify these quantum calculations. Using only pen and paper, he discovered a new kind of geometric shape called an amplituhedron — one that hints at a new way of seeing the universe.

Arkani-Hamed noticed the formula could be rearranged and still yield the same answer. Like paleontologists brushing away dirt to reveal a fossil, he and his colleagues found the pieces of a shape within the math — pieces that together form a multidimensional amplituhedron. The shape’s dimensions — length, width, height and other parameters (hence “multidimensional”) — represent information about the colliding particles, and the equation describing its volume also describes the particles that emerge from the collision. 
This result, the volume, is a single term that fits on a space the size of a napkin.”

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So every last quantum collision possible can be summed up with this one shape.  It is like a sort of quantum fractal within the fabric of the universe

David shared that at first, the picture of this shape didn't strike him as significant.

It was interesting in color and form, and also reminded him of a diagram made by Sr. Roger Penrose.

Sr. Roger Penrose is a world-renowned quantum physicist who made significant contributions to the theory behind black holes with his "twistor theory".  He is a practitioner of what he terms "recreational mathematics", which is a challenging, and yet fun way of using math to explain the quantum and astral worlds.

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Sir Roger Penrose - British mathematician

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This  image depicts one of Penrose's diagrams.

It seems that these two physicists, Arkani-Hamed and Trnka, may have completed the work that Penrose started earlier in his career.  Notice how similar the amplituhedron looks to Penrose's diagram above.

David explained how excited he got when he saw this form, as it bore a striking resemblance to a very familiar form.

This amplituhedron is exactly one-fourth of the merkabah (also known as the "star tetrahedron").  Mathematically speaking, there is no need for the other three-fourths to calculate the entirety, as this form is so symmetrical.

Here is a partial form of the merkabah.  We can start to see the resemblance.

Here is the full merkabah.  When we compare the two images, the similarity becomes very clear.

This was originally an animation in the actual presentation, but for the sake of simplicity, here are the three slides end to end.

Here is the combined image to show the similarity between shapes.

So we see this shape is very significant, and not just in the world of science.

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This is what the Tibetans have been telling us for years.  This is the face of the universe; the primordial sound; the Ohm the ancients depicted in their mandalah.  This is the form that makes the resonance wave which creates all of reality.

This form fractalizes and emanates outward.  The mandalah is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional  form.  The circle around it represents the spherical resonance wave that emanates throughout the universe.  This is why we find these forms throughout the universe.

We see it again here.

...and here.  We see the merkabah and surrounding, spherical wave.

...And once again, here is the merkabah represented as the human body.

To clear things up, this was originally a positive symbol, but the Freemasons co-opted it and turned it into a negative symbol.  This is why it is shaped like the merkabah as well.

Let's take a look at another aspect of sacred geometry.

This is the tetrahedron surrounded by the octahedron.  Notice the octahedron is resting on its side at a 45-degree angle.

Here, the tetrahedron/octahedron combination is on its side.

This is a diagram that Wilcock made to illustrate the concept of nestled platonic shapes.

Someone else made this colored version based upon the original illustration.

Again, here is the octahedron inside the star tetrahedron. 

Again, we see the octahedron is pointing at a 45-degree angle.

...But what's the application to this nestling?  "Where is he going with this?"

Think about the origin of the universe.  The moment of the big bang (or big expansion) was like a huge belch, and this big belch expanded and extended outwards.  At the farthest reaches, we will find dust and gasses.

So if this seed is in the center of our universe, and can be seen fractally in many systems therein, this means that at the farthest reaches, we should find this same geometry.
The gases should form the shape of an octahedron.

This is an image of the known universe from the Planck telescopic array.  Notice that the dust has a weird structure to it. 

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This is similar to a Mercator projection.
It is the sphere of the visual range of the Planck telescope, only flattened out.

If you can tell what this is, it is mind-blowing.
This is the sphere itself, and it is in the exact proportions of the octahedral arrangement. 

You can even see the 45-degree angle.

The cosmos is both a singularity and is this enormous cloud at the same time, and they both have the exact same form.

In astrophysics, galaxies are organized into groups called "super-clusters".

Let's take a look at how these super-clusters are arranged.

This is the shape and arrangement of galactic super-clusters.  We can clearly see the octahedral form and end-to-end arrangement.

(One could imagine these as being nestled within the interior of merkabah forms.)

Those blobs on the corners are actually billions of galaxies.  This is another aspect of fractal cosmology.

This is another model of the super-cluster.

It's been found that our local galactic cluster is three octahedrons deep.

These octahedral forms started showing up in a field with convenient timing to David's processing this information.

We can see clear fractals of octahedrons represented.

This is the same crop formation from a different angle.

David shared how the octahedral fractal was pretty clear, but he was also trying to determine the specific shape of the universe.  Just then, one crop circle, which he had seen before, came to mind.  It's a cluster of octahedrons.

Galactic Geometry

This platonic solid form can be seen at every level, but can we see it at the galactic level?

This is the image we are given of how our galaxy is supposed to look.

This is a fake image.  We know this because we have real, deep-space images of other galaxies to prove what real galaxies look like.

Wait, octahedral galaxy?

According to the conventional model of astrophysics, there are no forces that are supposed to be able to create structure like this.
Yet here it is.

This is not a fluke.  If it were, we would only see this one.

Here it is again.

This is M-61.

According to the mainstream model of astrophysics, this should be just another circular galaxy.  Gas should be just gas, right?  Yet we see more geometric forms.  This one is hexagonal.

This fractal aspect of the universe can be seen at the galactic level as well.

NGC - 1232...

Here we have pentagonal form.  It's almost perfect.

This is the same image as above, only in reverse.

Astronomers will sometimes use the x-ray filter to get rid of glare and glow.  You can clearly see five straight lines.

This is the database we are referencing.  It is very extensive.  One could spend days trying to view all of the images within it.

This is the section within the database where these images can be found. ("Part V. The Illustrations")



We see more straight lines.

This is NGC - 3646.

This is the same as the above viewed in the x-ray range.

This is the blue light spectrum of the above image.

This image represents dust distribution.

This is a pentagon tilted on its side

(NGC - 23)


(NGC - 5806)

This one is less obvious, but it's a rare example.  There are still hints of straight lines.

(NGC - 7217)

We can see clear, hexagonal geometry in this one.

(NGC - 3351)

This is NGC - 3647.  It's pentagonal.


(NGC - 5005)

This could be either a pentagon or a hexagon.  It could also be both.

(NGC - 613)

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