Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dutchsinse - March 20 - Global Earthquake Forecast, Plus an Important Update

Dutchsinse is a Youtube personality who monitors data from various official monitoring agencies on the subject of weather and geotectonics, analyses it, and then presents his unique style of forecast on how current conditions may impact different areas around the globe.

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Dutchsinse - Update for March 11, 2016 - US Naval Research Lab Admits HAARP Rings are Real

Dutch's accuracy in prediction rivals many of the professional organizations whose data he collects.  Consequently, he has endured numerous instances of harassment and smear campaigns (most likely due to jealousy) from those within these agencies, but even still, he faithfully gives his take on forecasting on weather and geotectonics.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Pyramids and Ascension – Summary, Commentary, and Links

This episode of Wisdom Teachings focused on the technology of pyramids, where they came from, and how they were originally used to increase one's ability to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. The focus of this episode was more on the process of ascension and what is required of an individual in order to achieve it, according to the Law of One. In this article, however, I have included more detail on the technology of pyramids, their origins and a number of examples of the variety of pyramids we see all over the planet.

The Technology of Pyramids

On a global scale, we have these enormous, structures which are made of various types of stone and natural materials, and yet they seem to be extremely durable, considering the conditions they've been exposed to over the ages. The construction methods of these pyramids have long-since baffled the minds of modern, conventional scientists, and engineers. Even to this day, no one on the planet has been able to reproduce anything close to them using conventional means and modern technology.  (However, the alternative side of science is another story.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Age Regression and Time Travel Technology

Both last week and this week, Cosmic Disclosure has showcased the topics of the highly advanced technologies used by the Secret Space Program, as well as other organizations.  I found this week's topic just as interesting as that of the last, which covered nanotechnology and time travel.

According to Corey Goode, the former inhabitants of the destroyed planet, Maldek, created an inhabitable living space inside of our own moon using this nanotechnology, which collectively functioned under the guidance of their own artificial intelligence.  To read last week's article on this topic, click here.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Who Built The Moon? – Videos, Links, Transcript, and More

Monday, March 21, 2016

Dutchsinse - One Simple Earthquake Prediction Provokes Smear-Ad from Mainstream Media

In recent years, it has become more and more clear that some within the USGS (United States Geological Survey) and the PSNS (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network) are not concentrating on science alone.  It seems that, at times, the collective ego of many within these establishments often hold "higher" priorities than scientific accuracy.  Just days after the Youtube personality, Dutchsinse published a video in which he made a simple earthquake prediction which bordered Mt. St. Helens, a mainstream media news outlet (in connection with these establishments) published blatantly, propagandistic smear content directed specifically at this Youtube personality.

The strange part was that this attack made absolutely no reference to the actual prediction of this earthquake.  In fact, the prediction was spot-on accurate.  The earthquake did take place and it was right around the region where Dutch predicted it would occur.  However, the truth did not seem to matter to this news company.  Instead of concentrating on accurate information, this company claimed that Dutch made a statement  which he did not make, and afterward, ridiculed him for making this fictitious statement.  This tactic is known as an "Ad Hominem Attack".

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Who Built The Moon? – Videos, Links, Transcript, and More

Many of us have heard, in recent times, of the notion that the moon is an artificial satellite, and that it may have come from somewhere else in our galaxy. This episode of Cosmic Disclosure is geared toward filling in the gaps with the details of the origin of the moon, according to the experiences of Corey Goode.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Cosmic Disclosure series, in my opinion,  is that it falls in line with proven scientific possibility. We know of the strong possibility that life developed in more places in the universe than just in one bog, near one ocean, on one planet, within one tiny star system in the virtual infinity of the cosmos. If we can accept the possibility that life sprang up from inanimate matter once, it's not much of a stretch to imagine such an occurrence happening twice. If this happened twice, than why would it not be happening everywhere the conditions are right?

This does not at all seem far fetched, in my opinion. If we can come this far in our perspective of what we consider to be possible, why couldn't numerous forms of advanced life evolved, develop space-travel capability (as we did), and at some point in time, eventually meet?  Who has the ability to say, with certainty, that this has not already happened?

Friday, March 18, 2016

REVIEW - 2015 - Nation Reacts as Chicago Police's Secret Prison is Exposed - Revelation Confirms Suspicions over NDAA

Source: The Anti-Media

Published: February 26, 2015

By: Cassius Methyl & Nick Bernabe

(ANTIMEDIA) CHICAGO, IL — Is this the calm before the storm? We are in the midst of an earth shattering revelation about Chicago Police detaining protestors, minorities, and unidentified enemies of the state in a secret detention warehouse in the Homan Square area of Chicago. From Anti-Media;

The Guardian has reported that Chicago Police are operating a secret detention facility that mirrors the CIA’s “black sites.” From violations of due process to torture, the revelations raise serious concerns about the deteriorating state of freedom and justice in the United States.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Prepare for Ascension

This episode of Wisdom Teachings was of particular interest to me for two reason. The first is that, for the first time, I was able to see, in depth, the actual connections between the various ancient myths which seem to define the cyclical, cosmic events we are now experiencing. The second reason I found this episode exciting was the fact that it was the first time I was able to see the video evidence of the sunken, Atlantean-era city, off the coast of Cuba. Both of these aspects of the show demonstrate evidence of what the Law of One terms a “confluence of energy”.

The subject of this confluence of energy was actually omitted from the original Law of One publications. As David Wilcock recounts, Carla Rueckert (the original channel of the Law of One text) left a section of the text out because she felt that the information it contained was too shocking for humanity to hear. Wilcock described how he and Carla would have debates regarding the transformation of humankind according to the text. The topic of debate was whether this change of humanity was to be spontaneous or gradual, and over a longer period of time. Wilcock described how this was frustrating, as Carla kept arguing the point that the change was gradual and yet at the same time, held back the information which may have proven it to be spontaneous.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode, Michael Tellinger, and David Wilcock: Ubuntu and the Blue Avians' Message

In this article, I chose to combine the two episodes of “Cosmic Disclosure: Ubuntu and the Blue Avians' Message”, Part 1 and 2. While watching these episodes, it was clear that they were of a different format and flavor than previous episodes. We normally hear the testimony of Corey Goode regarding past and present events from his experiences with the Secret Space Program, which are quite intriguing. However this time, the focus was more terrestrial.

These episodes focused on the ancient African principle of “Ubuntu”. The philosophy behind this principle could be termed “unity within community”--a sort of sharing and caring for one another. When an individual succeeds within a community, the entire community succeeds. This is how nature functions. Each organism survives, and thrives within its environment, and as it does, it contributes in some way to the other organisms around it. A more traditional way of putting this principle is, “I am who I am because of who we all are”. This is the staple of Ubuntu.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dutchsinse - Update for March 11, 2016 - US Naval Research Lab Admits HAARP Rings are Real

In recent times, Dutchsinse has received a hefty amount of vindication with regard to his claims in the past.  Dutch has become well-known for his unconventional view of meteorology and geotectonics, and has many times been attacked by those whose only interests seem to be upholding their own blind, skeptical point of view.  However, on one particular matter, this has completely changed.

In February, 2013, the US Naval Research Lab completed experiments which confirmed the phenomenon of "artificial ionospheric plasmas", or the more commonly termed, "HAARP rings".  NRL News had this to say.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Super Earth - Transcript, Commentary, and Links

In this episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode gives details on the subject of the "super-Earth" which is said to be a former planet in our solar system (Maldek).  As discussed in previous episodes, this planet was destroyed in a war which took place many hundreds of thousands of years ago.

I found it interesting to hear this testimony, as it came from Corey's account of the information from the smart-glass pads.  (As discussed previously, these glass pads are advanced media devices said to be used among Secret Space Program personnel.)  It was particularly interesting because at the time, Corey had never read the Law of One material, and yet we hear this SSP material corroborating many of the details listen within the Law of One text.

This is an intricate puzzle which we have been exposed to in recent times.  We have a situation in space that is completely foreign to most people here on Earth, and we are tasked with retrieving and verifying any helpful information to help us solve this puzzle.  Though our task is not yet complete, this episode provides a separate, and yet congruent view of the ancient history of our solar system.

With that, here is the transcript from the episode, "Cosmic Disclosure: Super Earth."

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Sunken City of Cuba

This episode continued the discussion of ancient civilizations that experienced the great cataclysms of the past. It focused on the destruction of one ancient city that seems to be closely related to Lemuria. David Wilcock starts off with a recap from previous episodes of how the different civilizations received pyramid technology from the Ra group, but instead of using it for positive ends, they created an elitist society and kept the benefits of this higher technology to themselves. The cataclysms that followed were a sort of karmic balancing of all of the negativity these civilizations brought to the Earth.

Dutchsinse - US Geological Monitoring Agencies Canceling Vital Services and Omitting Earthquake Data

On March 2, Dutchsinse disclosed evidence that the USGS (United States Geological Survey) was most likely omitting data from their website and database.  He starts out observing different earthquakes using the USGS feed on the Earthquake 3D software, acknowledging that these earthquakes did, in fact, take place (and were significant in magnitude).  However, instead of recording these events from their own feed, the USGS seems to have omitted these earthquakes from their records.

One particular quake was located in western Indonesia and southwest Sumatra with a 7.8-magnitude rating.  This is the same fault line which caused the mega-tsunami back in March, 2005 .  This quake can clearly be seen, and yet the USGS not only failed to record it, they actually decided to stop monitoring the area entirely.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - The Atlantean Catastrophe

This episode of Wisdom Teachings began with a rather profound introduction. David Wilcock made the statement that this information was the most important of all that he has divulged within the series. That is, that we as human beings are here for a specific purpose. This purpose is not based in wealth, power, or anything else within the material. Rather, our purpose is based within the spiritual. There is an agenda that is being fulfilled through our experiences. This agenda is that each of us learn to be more loving, more kind, generous, and forgiving.  No matter what situation we find ourselves in, this purpose, in one way or another, is playing out in our everyday experiences.

I find it interesting, yet not surprising that this may be a true purpose in life. It would make sense, as every major religion holds these as core values (though many of these religions tend to stray from these values when it comes down to practical application).  It is possible that at some point, these faiths were more accurate, but over time, became distorted.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Afterlife Investigations: A Featured Documentary - Credible, Scientific Evidence that Suggests that Life Does Go On

Many of us believe that life is more than it appears to be, and that our experiences go far beyond that which we're able to sense within average, physical interaction.  We are all accustomed to viewing the world around us with a certain sense of normalcy, but could there be another side to it all?  ...or even multiple sides?  Could there truly be a dimension of life that we have not yet accessed on a personal level which may provide greater understanding of who we truly are?  One group of investigators believes they have found an answer.  ...and that answer is quite extensive.

In 1993, a group of investigators set out to uncover the truth about what many refer to as the "afterlife".  They employed the expertise of multiple investigators from numous professions, as well as multiple, third-party scientists to observe and record their sessions.  The footage and data they gathered may cause even the most inflexible of skeptics to rethink their opinion.  Here is an excerpt from their website describing the details.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Conscious Life Expo - David Wilcock - Page 1 - New Intel, The Human Evolutionary Leap, Sacred Geometry, Illuminati Secrets, and More

This presentation quite possibly contains some of the most important information you will ever encounter.  I say this because, for the first time, an individual has combined proven, scientific fact from multiple disciplines, and with them, (in a way) single-handedly solved the scientific "unified field theory."  Not only this, but as we look at the scope of this information, we may also realize that these facts have very significant philosophical and spiritual implications for each one of us.  If we want to know who we are, why we are all here, and what our true purpose is, this information is very likely to help us answer these questions.

We know that knowledge is power.  Each of us has our own right to this inherent, internal power, but in order to use this power to its full potential, we have to bring our own knowledge to its full potential.  This is most important when there are those around us and within our society who deliberately try to take this power from us.  With this realization, our learning becomes vital to our very survival and prosperity.

Many have tried their best to distract from this information, to counter it, to launch preemptive, disinformation campaigns against it in order to lessen its impact, but their efforts were all in vain.  The knowledge is ours to explore if we so choose.  So with that, here is David Wilcock's lecture from the Conscious Life Expo 2016 (in paraphrase, along with complementary information and links).

Conscious Life Expo - David Wilcock - Page 2

This is another example of the Mandelbrot set.

Click here to view the animations.

The Mandelbrot Set

Conscious Life Expo - David Wilcock - Page 3


(NGC - 4725)

Conscious Life Expo - David Wilcock - Page 4

Suppose that just as our planet was born roughly 4.54 billion years ago, there was another planet.  Only that planet was born roughly eight billion years ago. That's 3.46 billion years before Earth.

(The image is a bit dark in some areas, but what is stated on the slide is also states above.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Mandelbrot Set

Here are two animations of the Mandelbrot set.  Notice that no matter how far we zoom in, there are always multiple expressions of this exact same shape.  This is a perfect example of the concept of "self similarity at all levels".

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Mandelbrot Set

Sun Cruisers - with David Wilcock and Corey Goode: Slides and Commentary from the Conscious Life Expo

This year's Conscious Life Expo brought many new revelations, and much more is said to be on the way.  One of the subjects discussed was the arrival of the large, planet-sized, spherical ships that began arriving in our solar system during the 1980's.

The first of these spheres came in the early 1980's, and as it did, it began to orbit each planet one by one.  It started with Pluto, then moved to Neptune, and then Uranus.  Due to this pattern of motion, this first sphere was termed "The Seeker".

This sphere had two portals--one on each side. According to David Wilcock, these portals were measured to be 800 miles wide each. Three different insiders came to Wilcock with corroborating intel with regard to these details.

One strange issue with this sphere was that it would not respond to any attempts at communication. It was hailed numerous times by Solar Warden ships, but no answer was given, accept, "We are peaceful explorers".  The Solar Warden ship basically responded with the message, "GTFO".

The people within the cabal/Illuminati thought that these spheres were their own "gods" returning to help them establish their New World Order, but of course, they were wrong.

These spheres continued to arrive, but their appearances became more numerous around 2012.

These are the images that were displayed at Wilcock and Goode's presentation at this year's CLE.  They were originally collected by SOHO (Solar Heliospheric Observatory), a NASA platform.

Corey Goode Stalked by Black Chinook Helicopter

Recently, Corey Goode encountered a Chinook helicopter that seemed to be specifically focused on himself, and his house.  This happened very recently--soon after he was warned to back off from the "full-disclosure" narrative.  In this footage (which debuted at this year's Conscious Life Expo) it looked as though Corey was trying to stay somewhat out of sight, but at the same time, was trying to get a clear shot of the people who were making it a point to stalk him.

As Goode maps out the scene of how this encounter took place, he describes going outside to find this helicopter hovering very close to his house.  It would hover, circle around, and come back to repeat this process over and over again.  This went on for around six minutes.  The strangest part of the situation is that Corey doesn't live anywhere near a military base or installation of any kind.  As I understood it, these choppers have never taken any route close to his house.  Not only, this but as David Wilcock mentioned, it was possible to see these people looking directly at him during this encounter.  That's how close they came.