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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - We Are the Martians

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock MartiansThis week, David Wilcock continued his talk on the transfer of the former Mars population to Earth--delving into the Law of One text and its likely meaning. This episode was rich with information (one of the more densely-packed episodes I have watched thus far). So it was a bit more difficult than usual to summarize the entirety, as there were so many points to talk on. It was still very interesting, and as usual, left me wanted to hear more.

Starting out, Wilcock mentioned the point that he made last week regarding the being known as “Yahweh” of the Old Testament of the Judeo-Christian bible. He described how this being, through the free-will choice of Moses, was gradually replaced by an impostor.

According to the Law of One, Session 18, the true Yahweh was actually a very positive being, but due to Moses' carelessness and poor choices, this positive being was allowed to be replaced by a negative impostor. This is where all of the anger, death, genocide, blood sacrifice, jealousy, and vengeance commonly mentioned in the Old Testament came from. According to the Law of One, these were commonalities because they represented the true nature of this negative being (or group of beings who were actually the Draco).

18.23 Questioner: Well, was Yahweh then of the Confederation?

Ra: I am Ra. Yahweh was of the Confederation but was mistaken in its attempts to aid.

18.24 Questioner: Then Yahweh’s communications did not help or did not create what Yahweh wished for them to create. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The results of this interaction were quite mixed. Where the entities were of a vibrational sum characteristic which embraced oneness, the manipulations of Yahweh were very useful. Wherein the entities of free will had chosen a less positively oriented configuration of sum total vibratory complex, those of the Orion group were able for the first time to make serious inroads upon the consciousness of the planetary complex.

Let us address one issue before we continue, as I realize this subject can be very sensitive for some readers. According to the Law of One, and the laws of Free Will, no absolute good can automatically impose itself upon anyone unless they themselves have the intent, and make the choice to have such a positive influence. The same goes for negative influences. By choosing specific thoughts and actions, we choose to be influenced by those same thoughts and actions from others. This can be a difficult concept to grasp, especially for those who hold any emotional dependency upon any Judeo-Christian belief systems.

Many times, in religious contexts, it can be easy to accept any ideology under the assumption that perfect goodness and love are an absolute guarantee without one's active and conscious choice. However, this is inaccurate. Choice is the foundational principle of the universe itself. This choice is Free Will. If we are to be influenced by the positive, it must be our conscious choice through our thoughts, energy, and action. As we have been clearly shown in modern times, if we choose otherwise (the negative), there is always someone waiting to take advantage of our negative choice.

(One key point to note is that this negativity was the major factor that actually shortened the overall lifespan of the people on Earth at that time. According to the Law of One, the average life of a human on the true positive, service-to-others path is roughly 900 years.) (See Law of One, Session 22)

So to summarize, we have Moses, who had been given the power to perform supernatural feats, allowing these abilities to go to his head, which caused him to fall into an egotistic mindset. This inevitably invited the negative influence to replace the true Yahweh beings, but this did not mean that this positive Yahweh influence was completely out of the picture. According to the Law of One, this Yahweh group was the same higher-density consciousness that was in charge of transporting planetary populations from one point to another according to their karmic need at the time. (If I am to understand correctly, this would mean that the true, positive “Ra” being behind the Law of One was also the true, positive “Yahweh” behind the positive aspects of the Judeo-Christian accounts.) This Yahweh group was intent upon helping the Earth's population heal from the former negative influences from which they had come.

David continued to describe what the Law of One terms the “three communications”. These communications represented the three different aspects of positive influence from the Ra/Yahweh group. The first was genetic influence which involved cloning the souls who lost their lives in the Mars disaster. The next communication was the physical/sexual interaction for the purpose of breading and introducing higher-vibrational offspring onto the planet, and the third was through psychic messaging or channeling through select individuals who could accurately interpret the messages given.

One specific point made about these communications was that it was directed toward healing the damage incurred by the souls who came from Mars. These former Mars inhabitants were mid-third density when they were cloned and brought to Earth. The beings who were already on the planet were graduating from second to third density. This meant that the Ra/Yahweh beings were intent upon helping the planetary population integrate the higher third-density attributes into their being according to their specific level.

There was one point in David's presentation that I found particularly interesting. This was the data point mention in the Law of One in Session 64, regarding the sleep cycle of some humans who have a higher amount of Martian soul memory than the average person. These individuals, instead of having the typical, 24-hour sleep cycle, have a cycle closer to 25 hours.

64.14 Questioner: Thank you. I read that recent research has indicated that the normal sleep cycle for entities on this planet occurs one hour later each diurnal period so that we have a 25-hour cycle instead of a 24. Is this correct, and if so, why is this?

Ra: I am Ra. This is in some cases correct. The planetary influences from which those of Mars experience memory have some effect upon these third-density physical bodily complexes. This race has given its genetic material to many bodies upon your plane.

This is one instance where the Law of One gives a specific, researchable data point that we can verify on our own. At this point, David referred to a specific Harvard University study on sleep cycles. Here is an excerpt from that article.

“The internal clock that drives the daily activities of all living things, from wild flowers to whales, is wound by Earth’s rotation. The 24-hour cycle, tied to one turn of the planet on its axis, embodies a biological clock mimicked by timepieces invented to measure the human day.

But these external clocks don’t exactly match the biological tickings inside ourselves. Many measurements led to the conclusion that the internal clock period is actually closer to 25 hours; that is, the biological clock was thought to drift toward a 25-hour day unless it is set back an hour each day by exposure to morning light and to external clocks. This situation is blamed for a long list of sleep problems.”

Now, the most accurate measurements to date, made by researchers at Harvard University, reveal that our natural daily rhythm is much closer to that of other living things than previously believed. The better match opens the way for experts to more effectively treat sleep problems involving night work, jet lag, Earth-orbiting astronauts, or just not being able to go to sleep and wake up on time.

By recording the daily rhythms of hormones and body temperatures in 24 healthy young and old men and women over a one-month period, the researchers conclude that our internal clocks run on a daily cycle of 24 hours, 11 minutes.”

This study, completed around 1999, detailed this anomaly that Harvard scientists could not account for. They placed the blame upon various sleep disorders but were not completely certain of what was causing this 25-hour cycle. As stated, the study was only conducted on a small sample set (24 healthy people). This would mean that the study could only be so accurate. As the Law of One stated, this extended sleep cycle is not always the case, and only tends to occur in those who hold souls memories of their former lives on Mars. As I understand it, these soul memories translate to cellular memory in the physical body and effect circadian rhythm.

Wilcock wrapped up this week's episode with his working hypothesis that the Ra/Yahweh group was actually one of the higher-density groups from Inner Earth. This was one implication from the Law of One writings that was rather ambiguous, but as I understand it, there were many key points of correlation between the descriptions of each.

Whatever the truth is, it will be revealed in good time, or at the time when we choose to see it. Whenever that time comes, we must remember that according to the Law of Free Will, in order to find reliable, trustworthy information, we must learn to be reliable and trustworthy ourselves.

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  1. Densities are control systems, you are already an infinite being sovereign integral. This is not a school for souls this is a prison matrix. The dimensions including the astral are all holographic programs created by anu in this fake holographic universe. Even "advanced" aliens are brainwashed too. We are already advanced and that's the prison.

    1. We see the universe as we choose to. Ideally that choice is to our greatest benefit, and to that of those around us. Whether you choose to see it as free of confined is your free choice.