Monday, February 22, 2016

Dutchsinse - Corruption, Black Water, and Many Unanswered Questions


On the morning of February 22nd, residents of Crystal City, Texas were greeted with a disturbing surprise coming from their faucets.  The water came out black, and with a foul smell.  These residents were particularly surprised because, according to many, no city official notified them prior to this discovery.  Many received word of the boil order, but only well after the fact.

City officials claim to have no idea why the water was of such poor quality on the morning of the 22nd.  However, upon investigation, the answer may clearly present itself.  Here is Dutchsinse with that investigation.

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My Personal Take

In my speculative opinion, this whole situation reeks of a very familiar odor, namely, that of the Flint Michigan water contamination issue. Both situations include clear signs of negligence, if not outright sabotage.  There are dozens of questions being asked in both situations, but within the mainstream sources, no one seems to be asking the 'right' questions.

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Crystal City  has already been put on the map with the mark of rampant political corruption.  Consequently, it would not be so difficult to imagine some sort of scam or distraction at the expense of the people, but again, this is only speculation.  My question will remain until we receive a clear answer...  How long will it be before we see the city officials of Flint Michigan hauled off in handcuffs?


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