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Disillusionment: An Unexpected Opportunity: Commentary on the Recent Revelations of Corey Goode

Disillusionment Opportunity: Commentary Revelations Corey GoodeThis week, Corey Goode broke the news that Zecharia Sitchin's translations regarding the origin of Earth humans was most likely contrived. This news may be considered shocking, if not "Earth-shattering" for much of the alternative audience, and this is understandable. This article is not particularly about the details of that account but is rather an examination of the potential benefits to we, the audience. As we encounter this revelation (or any other which may arouse feelings of discomfort within us) we are presented with a very unique opportunity.

This brings us to a very interesting point commonly encountered during the awakening process. That is the encounter of the iconoclastic principle. Any information we encounter which stirs up an insecurity or invokes a violent emotional reaction has the ability to show us aspects of ourselves that we may have never seen before (or may not have wanted to see). These dogma-shattering ideas have a way of proving not so much the principles they propose, but the fact that we may have accepted our initial ideologies in haste, insecurity, emotional dependency, and/or illusion.

One common mistake that many people can make is to consider a particular belief system to be the ultimate goal of their existence. In other words, the lack of full awareness of self within an individual can often cause them to view their previously accepted beliefs as part of themselves, as though they were somehow born with them. In truth, no belief, by itself, is vital to life at all. The belief system is not an end (or ultimate goal) any more than it was a beginning (that which we were born with), and only serves as a temporary means to our growth in the moment. However, in our delusion, we may see the opposite, thinking the belief is the ultimate goal of not only our own lives but should also be the goal of everyone else as well. (This excludes provable fact, of course. If a principle would stand in a fair court of law, adjustment of one's belief might be in order.)

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode, Michael Tellinger, and David Wilcock: Ubuntu and the Blue Avians' Message

We have all experienced this (or witnessed someone else experiencing it). An individual adopts an idea they assume to be true, but the moment someone else disagrees with that idea, the individual becomes offended. Most of us logically realize that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. (Though it is ideal that belief is based upon provable fact, this is not always the case.) However, some people, in their state of unawareness, tend to hold beliefs simply because they make the person feel secure. The person can carry this false sense of security around with them, most likely unaware that they are doing so, and the moment someone else disagrees with them, the individual (person 1) may lash out, as the disagreement represents a threat to their own fragile belief.

The fact is that there is no perfect belief (as these beliefs are based upon the illusions we experience in life). Every unfounded belief that we choose to carry with us in life may be wrought with mistakes, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies, whether or not we choose to see them. Whatever belief we hold, it must be understood that that belief is not at all an absolute, but only a fallible, temporary placeholder for true emotional security and integrity of knowledge. Any idea accepted in full health and awareness must be accepted with this in mind.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Who Built The Moon? – Videos, Links, Transcript, and More

Please know that I do not at all make these statements lightly. I say these things having been raised in what could easily be described as a religious cult, and with the memory of slowly breaking free from very strong tactics of manipulation and mind control. I present these statements because they ring true for not only myself but for many who have had the unfortunate life experience that I've endured. There were many tools at my disposal that assisted in my mission to break free from not only religious control, but from the control of the system in general. One tool was essential in this endeavor. This tool was called “Pathwork”.

Pathwork is a set of teachings that include multiple principles discussed within the Law of One texts. These teachings were passed down in the form of insightful lectures that allow an individual to accurately evaluate, observe, heal, and ultimately grow within the core of their being. Its focus is upon the inner self, as the self is the ultimate source of all things one experiences. Here is what the Pathwork teachings (transcribed during the late 1970s) have to say about the new age that is now upon us.

"In the age of duality, from which you are practically moving out now, diversity existed on outer levels, while uniformity and conformity often existed within the personality, wiping out true individual expression.  The age of unity and unification brings a much different picture.  Outer diversity or differences will disappear, for they lose their importance.  Outer belief systems will no longer be confused with inner independence of spirit.  Personal identity will no longer be attached to nationality, or religious affiliation.  Thus a defiant rigidity will no longer prevent people from finding their soul’s oneness with the all.

Diversity and the individual divine expression of each human being will gain a much greater importance in the new age.  Out of group unification and group consciousness a much more clearly defined individual will evolve.  These clearly defined individuals will contribute a greater unity to the group process."

We who are alive today, are the first-hand witnesses of this reality being birthed into existence. We don't have to look too far to see each of these aspects of change taking place because we hold within ourselves the fruits of these changes. We, as free human beings, no longer have any need for belief systems (at least most don't). These systems are part of an age in which very few had any awareness in their ability to think, act, and feel independently. It is understandable that this newness may be met with hesitation, apprehension, and even fear, but these are not obstacles for many of the progressive and awakened souls on the planet today.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Inner Earth: The Grand Tour

The belief, by itself, is not at all a permanent end, but only a temporary means to teach us that which we are to learn in the moment (though each of us already holds this knowledge within on a higher level). Unless we have solid proof for that which we believe, we may end up robbing ourselves of the opportunity to grow in security of self, and may instead, place our security on the presently uncertain and potentially fictitious. Those who truly love themselves and who hold true security within themselves will be conscious to avoid any violent, or knee-jerk reaction to any alternative view to that which they hold to be true. They will simply consider what is shared, and depending upon their level of knowledge and maturity, respond accordingly. There is no need for cult followings, hasty conclusions, or rash, emotional substitutions for fact. In learning, the only need we have is for the patience to allow truth to reveal itself, as well as the attention and willingness to accept it.

Before we are able to see truth, we must learn to see ourselves, and every aspect therein. To do this we must learn to examine even the negative/dark aspects within ourselves, so that we can accept, heal, and forgive them. Only then can we perceive truth clearly. Here is what this Pathwork source has to say on the evaluation of self.

"Transformation of negative consciousness and energy becomes possible after you finally allow your negativities to surface, accept them, and take full responsibility for them.  A vague and general awareness of destructive and evil intents does not suffice for the transformation work to take place.  The negativities must be fully seen, in all their details; fear and shame of them must be overcome; hiding and camouflaging or whitewashing must have stopped; exaggerated self-blame must be relinquished.  What is necessary is to simply and honestly own up to the full force of devilish attitudes and to all their puny details.  Only this act will free you.  The act is by no means a morbid or self-negating process, however.

Some of you may still wonder why so much emphasis on the negative is necessary for genuine spirituality to be reached.  Some of you may have tried other approaches, hoping to bypass this highly unpleasant task, but real solutions cannot be reached, nor can integration occur in those other ways.

The fruits of your hard work in this first unpleasant phase are beginning to be reaped.  A number of you have succeeded this past year, after arduous work with negative matter, to effect true transformation.  The founding of the Center has helped greatly in this particular aspect of the work.

The phases of transformation are not exactly divided.  They overlap.  In one area you may have faced the negative aspects, removed blocks, and be ready for transformation work, while in other areas there is grave distortion and destructiveness untouched so far by your conscious awareness.  In still other areas you have gained full purification and are clear and free.  This is why it is difficult to judge whether total self-purification has been achieved or not.  Only complete dedication, watchfulness, awareness, readiness to dismiss wishful thinking and restrain pride will protect you from illusion—and the pain of disillusionment."

The means to change the world, and to fully manifest this Golden Age which awaits our agreement thereto, lies within each of us. The more we examine and heal the dark distortions within our own being, the more we will see the corresponding changes occurring in the tangible world. In order to do this it is imperative that when we experience these times of discontent and emotional upheaval, we go within, and ascertain the true origin thereof (as opposed to looking for someone to blame).

Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth: The Library - A Synopses Plus a Premonition of a Monumental Testimony

Corey Goode has given us quite the pill to swallow. If the information he has shared makes us uncomfortable, it does not at all mean that we are in any “danger” (which would otherwise justify the fear some may feel). If we find ourselves feeling uneasy, threatened, afraid, or angry, the sentiment represents an opportunity. This is what it feels like when potentially fictitious ideology is challenged, or replaced with something more solid than itself. The question remains... Do we have the integrity of character to handle the call to change stirring within us?

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  1. Refreshing and true. So happy you wrote this and so glad I am not "the only one" who sees this too...

  2. And how does Cory Goode dissolve every reference to Sitchin's Annunaki without any physical evidential corroboration? Who gets to sweep his hand and brush away every dig and archaeological site on the planet that corroborates this "visitation?" I'm sorry, but I trust the vast body of evidence over Goode's grandstanding.

    1. No article I write is really intended to tell you what to believe. That's your responsibility to decide. As stated, this article is about confronting the emotions that come up when facing a challenge to belief. Of course, we always have the option of fighting an idea. You might find that pretty exhausting though.