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Name: Shem El-Jamal

Position: Creator, Head Author, and CEO

Discerning the Mystery Mission: To provide truth-seekers with a diverse array of news and information, as well as the skills necessary for accurate independent journalism and research, and to help readers succeed in their overall quest for knowledge.

Education: B.A. in Industrial Design

Description: The field of product development introduced me to a new way of observing and appreciated our physical experience as human beings. This primed me to study and appreciate my own awakening experience as it unfolded, and drove me to help others discover and appreciate their own inner journey and its ability to prepare us for virtually any new discovery in our lives.


• Independent Journalist

• Graphic Designer

• Artist

• Free-thinker

• Lifelong Student of Science, Spirituality, and Consciousness


My upbringing was significantly difficult in several ways. Being raised by a single mom, my family was impoverished, but still, we were grateful for what we had. My siblings and I grew up with very little but to a large degree, our circumstances encouraged us to become sensitive and caring people.

Early on, my family got involved with a Christian church that helped provide for us at times, but after long, this organization revealed itself to be rather manipulative and controlling on several counts. Yet because of my exceptional naivety at the time, the reality of this dysfunctional environment went unnoticed. It took a good portion of my life to realize the truth of this unhealthy situation and to move beyond it. Yet despite the difficulty of this ordeal, even this extended experience helped teach me the difference between real authentic love and control.

I spent my college years giving all of my energy to religious tradition and yet found my life lacking in nearly every other area. My latter years of college demanded all of my time and energy while at the same time, seemed to rob me of my health. Though I had an avid interest in martial arts and body consciousness, my body did not cooperate. I finished my college education with a high GPA, but with deteriorating health.

Not long after I entered the workforce, I realized that my health challenges would not let me get far. I was faced with a debilitating illness that made work increasingly difficult, but my life still demanded the efforts of a healthy person. I did my best to do what I could until my body gave out. This was followed by an extended sick leave (which led to permanent resignation) from my then-current job, and years of extreme pain, surgeries, extended hospital stays, and further isolation from normal society.

During all of that time, I was gradually awakening to the greater spiritual reality that I had missed up to that point. I was also awakening to the greater possibilities of health, longevity, and vitality which, until that time, illness had prevented me from experiencing.

This was also a period when I was receiving several intense downloads of information which I did not understand at the time, but which I felt would play a significant role in the future.

At that same time, the world of the supernatural was becoming a particular interest of mine as well. This was not entirely due to my upbringing necessarily, but because of the many strange phenomena which seemed to follow me wherever I went.

After all the physical difficulties that I had endured combined with all the knowledge, spiritual experiences, and insights I gained, I was encouraged to come forward and share what I had gained with others. However, initially, I did not know how to do this.

Following a rocky start, I found that a personal blog was the best way to communicate with anyone who wanted to consider the insights I offered. I also knew that the healing I needed would not come from a society that was fueled by control, poverty, sickness, and death. Further, I knew that I was only one of millions of people who were suffering in similar ways.

I figured that if I wanted to gain health, freedom, peace, and to expand my knowledge of the cosmos, why not help as many people as possible do the same? This is how the Discerning the Mystery blog came to be, and though there may be many improvements to be made, it is my hope that this resource can assist readers in immeasurable ways.

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