Wednesday, March 25, 2020

DAVID WILCOCK: The Story Beyond the 'Great Pandemic' - Video Presentation

There's no more hiding the fact. The world is changing in huge ways—many of the ways previously predicted by various sources. Yet despite the apparent foreknowledge of these changes, it can still be rather difficult to navigate them.

Perhaps the most exciting possibility in recent discussions is that the mass-arrest scenario which so many of us have been anticipating could very well be occurring as we speak.

Since the initiation of several quarantine orders by numerous governments began (due to the reported Coronavirus outbreak), there has been talk of several large-scale military operations ongoing behind the scenes. Many truth-seekers have theorized about the possible mass arrests of Cabal and NWO interests going on behind the facade of this alleged health crisis. This seems to be a strong possibility, considering the numerous sources that have thus far disclosed very similar information about these issues.

MASSIVE US 'Military Exercise' in Europe Despite Travel Restrictions; A Cover Operation for Mass Arrests?

One of these sources is, of course, the well-known David Wilcock.

DW is one of several sources which inspired me early on in my awakening to look beyond the surface of any news story and to search for hidden meaning behind initial impressions. His example of using proven professional journalistic standards to research alternative topics (topics which conventional media typically rejects) served as a stepping stone in my journey of self-education in the area of alternative research.

There were many figure that inspired my awakening initially. But in the area of journalistic integrity and meticulous sourcing, David Wilcock was one of the more notable. And due to the fact that he has been so thoroughly attacked and denigrated over the years for speaking out, and yet his audience is constantly growing regardless of these negative attacks, it's clear that many responsible audience members are equally intrigued by David's work.

With that, here is the much-anticipated presentation by David Wilcock about the underlying significance of the Coronavirus and its continued discussion in current news reports.

Some of the material which David recounts in the discussion is in review of his past research, but as usual, the review very well correlates with the new intel from a series of briefings he and a handful of others reportedly received prior to recent Alliance activity.

The consistency of this new information in combination with the typical amount of resistance which certain parties gave to this presentation tell me that the information David has to offer is reliable and substantial to the conversation. It was certainly substantial enough to attract the attention of a few YouTube trolls/bots.

Though the interference was not very substantial, there does appear to be a new last-ditch effort by online trolls/bots to cause trouble for certain sources of truth. The tactic of these trolls is to flood the YouTube chat with porn ads from a handful of accounts that appear to have been made by one person. The apparent intent of this act is to distract audience members with cheap thrills (or in this case, the same 30-second video) and prevent them from fully benefiting from the actual presentation. Again, this is not a very substantial issue, but one to watch for in the future, at least until all Cabal operatives/bots are cleaned up.

These issues were marginal, but still interesting to see. It's small problems like these that let us know that certain interests are afraid of what progress we as a community could make upon hearing and considering new information.

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