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COREY GOODE: Letter in Response to Ongoing Defamatory Attacks

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Published: March 17, 2020

By: Corey Goode

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have been so supportive of this mission to help awaken humanity and bring our planet to a better future. So many of you have worked tirelessly to help this cause, and I couldn't be more humbled and grateful for your extraordinary contributions.

As some of you may have witnessed, a coordinated attack began yesterday against me and David on social media. What you do not know is that we were threatened in writing in advance of these attacks. It appears that these strikes were carried out by the attackers’ proxies, who almost certainly do not know what is actually happening.

The threatening letter we received was gigantic: eighteen single-spaced pages and eleven thousand words in length. It was filled with dozens of malicious lies and assumptions, which viciously targeted me and David – and our families. Worst of all, this letter contained a very serious blackmail and extortion attempt - a Class 1 felony that can put someone in prison for years. The attackers threatened to publish these lies as if they were the absolute truth across social media platforms.

We were also threatened that these lies would be taken to certain mainstream media outlets, which have allegedly been working for months on an “investigative” “hit piece” on me and David. These outlets received Cease & Desist letters from us previously, due to their ongoing harassment and threats to ruin our reputations and careers.

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The writer, or writers, of this letter, demanded that David Wilcock and I both hand over our entire ownership interests in certain creative projects we worked on together - forever. Otherwise, we were told that all of these incredibly hateful lies about both of us, and our families, would be released to the public…as if they were factual. This is textbook blackmail and extortion.

Additionally, in the extortion letter, certain seeds of information were grown into wild forests of darkness through paranoid speculation, as if I am some dangerous, nefarious and evil person. This is simply not true. I have been doing the best I can in the midst of a host of very difficult circumstances, which have at times included serious financial despair, as well as incessant defamatory attacks by those who wish to silence my testimony.

Instead of bowing in fear to this astonishingly criminal betrayal, I chose to respond with the help of my attorneys and notified these attackers that I would not be intimidated, and that their letter constituted blackmail and extortion. The individuals behind these attacks are angry because I called them out on their unlawful behavior (which threatened to hurt innocent people), and demanded that they make things right. My lawyers also notified these attackers that if they followed through on their threats, I would have no choice but to pursue legal action. This is where we currently are as I write this letter.

My own attempt to negotiate a peace treaty and mutually-agreeable resolution has been stunningly rejected. Instead, it appears that the individuals who threatened me and David have now moved forward with their public attacks (apparently through proxies), as they warned they would in their blackmail/extortion letter. As a result, they have left me with no choice but to report them to the authorities and proceed with civil action against them. This means that the truth about these matters may eventually come to light through court documents and legal proceedings.

To be very clear, this is not the way I wished to handle these issues. I have intentionally kept these matters very private, so as to avoid causing unnecessary harm to others or their reputations, and to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Sadly, a few colleagues who I once greatly admired apparently chose to take sides without having all the facts. Without coming to me or David in private, they blasted me and David to tens of thousands of fans and supporters yesterday.

My lawyers have screenshots of all of these posts, and the comments related to them. It is unfortunate how many people do not understand what constitutes defamation under the law, or how damaging it can be – or the financial harm it inflicts on us and our families.

Amazingly, none of the people who “went public” are actually directly involved in the matters which formed the basis of these coordinated attacks. I suspect that these people may have been manipulated and used. They have no idea what is going on. To those of you who were unwittingly sucked into this, notwithstanding the pain you inflicted upon me and my loved ones, I want you to know that I love you, I forgive you, and I appreciate all that you have done to help this important mission.

Someday, you will know the truth.

It has been deeply disappointing to discover that some of my colleagues lack the maturity and discernment to come and speak with me or David directly if there is a matter of concern, rather than attacking us in a public forum. We have been entrusted with the great honor of helping to lead our planet to a brighter future with inspiration, dignity, and grace. Yet some have elected to squander this opportunity by taking to their platforms to attack other respected leaders in our community. What a shame. These colleagues have no idea what has transpired behind the scenes, nor that the basis for these attacks actually involves us standing up for them and their interests.

That said, the Universe has a way of bringing forth the Truth. Now, we at least know where these individuals stand.

I have also been attacked by people that I entrusted to work very closely with me. Some of these people leveraged our relationship to gather proprietary information for themselves (or others); and build their own names, brands, platforms, and businesses. I celebrate the successes of everyone I have had the great honor of working with, but I am saddened that after sharing these opportunities with them, they would turn their backs on me so viciously and publicly – especially when they don’t know what is going on.

Why don’t they know? Why don’t you know?

I always first try to deal with people in private, as I do not wish to cause any harm to them – or anyone else for that matter. Sometimes, I am forced to fight and stand up for myself in public – and when I am forced, I will do so. I am also engaged in active legal disputes, and I am unable to speak about certain details as a result. I hope that all of you will understand and respect these boundaries, and continue supporting this mission, even though I won’t be able to share every detail of what goes on behind the scenes.

Have faith.

I MUST also protect my intellectual property – and yes, I MUST protect my ability to earn a living from it.

If I do not do this, I will not be able to afford to dedicate my full time and attention to creating programs, films, classes, and conferences where I can help get this information out to the public – and awaken our beloved planet. I am a responsible father and husband; and like all of you, I, too, wish to take care of my family. There are individuals in this community demanding that I allow them to use my image and likeness “for free” – so that they can leverage it to make money for their own business ventures. And then when I refuse, they take to social media and blast me.

I do not embark on expensive and exhausting legal disputes for sport or pleasure. However, I will not lay down and allow this important mission to be hijacked by those who wish to engage in manipulation, self-dealing, and unscrupulous activities.

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Notwithstanding how these individuals have behaved, I also refuse to respond to them in-kind. That is not the way of a leader, and I will lead by example.

To those of you who have stood strong and continue to support me and David, THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the high road. Thank you for refusing to lower your vibration. Thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt. Thank you for having faith. Thank you for standing for the Light. We know your names; we know your faces; we see your comments of love and support. We send our love back to you, and We THANK YOU.

All of this said this is what I hope you will keep in mind…. Regardless of any public statements that you may come across from others (whether from yesterday, before that, or going forward), I do hope that all of you will use your inner wisdom and exercise discernment. I also hope that you will not engage in speculation, conjecture, rumor-spreading, and the like. Please do not allow yourselves to be swept into the drama. These are the low-vibrational activities that keep this planet from Ascension. That's exactly what the dark forces want – to divide us so that we remain weak, powerless, and enslaved.

For my part, I will continue to stand firmly on my ground. I will not give up. I will continue to fight for the Truth - for all of us – no matter the cost.

Our planet, and all the people and creatures upon (and within) it, are worth it. We are ALL worth this fight! And I hope that you will continue to stand firmly by my side, take up your sword of light, and speak truth to power as we continue on this profoundly important mission.

We are on the front line TOGETHER – let's never forget that!

Thank you,
Corey Goode

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  1. Dear Corey,
    Beginning with your first appearance on David’s show, I recognized myself in you (namaste). We both have a friend in common that we each value and hold in high esteem. You have my unwavering support and admiration 24/7, and we know this adds up to something energetically.