Wednesday, January 15, 2020

THE FINAL DISCLOSURE - A New Year 2020 Exclusive with Corey Goode and Edge of Wonder - Part 1 & 2

This was an intriguing pair of interviews by SSP whistleblower and producer, Corey Goode. In this discussion, Corey gets into several different subjects including disclosure, the Alliance, and the progress of various initiatives to free the planet from the remnants of the Cabal.

Corey's information has become known for being substantial, provocative, and largely reliable when compared to real-world proofs, and the intel included within these interviews maintained this trend quite well. As tough as it may be to top his own past talks, Corey seems to have included even more weight within this two-part interview than those of the past. Of course, I am referring to his knowledge and perspectives about the anticipated data drops we may receive upon a mass disclosure event.

According to Goode, the coming disclosures may include information not only about ET life, advanced technologies, ancient history, and other such topics, but will also include information about our communities—specifically, certain figures within the truth community whom we might be familiar with. Some may actually take the difficult disclosures personally and may find it challenging to accept any negative information coming forward about figures they admire.

This, I believe, is one of many reasons why it's important for each of us to avoid any hero worship of any particular figure. If we are intent upon finding the truth, we must pursue that truth regardless of where it may come from or where it may lead our responsible search. Though we may frequent various sources, it is necessary for anyone who intends upon realizing true information to rely upon the logical process of investigation.

By doing this, we can remain both flexible and yet attentive to whatever significant information comes forward. We can also count on uncovering the soundest information possible, granted we stick to this responsible practice.

With that, here are Ben and Rob of the Edge of Wonder and Corey Goode discussing the possibilities of the oncoming disclosures.

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