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Corey Goode - Update on Operations Status of the Alliance and Confirmation of Previous Testimonies - December 8, 2018

UPDATE: We may each remember the previous update from November the 8th when Corey Goode delivered news of significant changes within Alliance operations. According to the intel, there are so many sensitive ongoing operations within this mysterious coalition that not much detail can be shared. More importantly, however, Goode mentioned that the Alliance was no longer interested in communicating through the same channels as they had in the past.

From Corey's description, it seemed clear that there was a direct intention that the Alliance only communicate through the obscure intel drops from Q Anon on the 8Chan website. 

Those who have not yet caught onto the very organized, strategic, and yet cryptic way which the Q drops are posted may not realize just how significant these communications may be. Yet, the numerous notable sources which have confirmed this informationcombined with the strange way in which the corporate media consistently attacks the Q group's credibilitystrongly suggests that this source is highly valuable on multiple levels.

If what Corey shared on November 8th is true, this would definitely explain the valuable information this cryptic 8Chan source has given over the past year or so. By all appearances, the Alliance is actually using the 8Chan website to communicate through code and subtle suggestion.

In a recent post on the Sphere Being Alliance page on Facebook, Corey Goode made a short but interesting point. In this post, he shared that Q has recently confirmed one key detail of Corey's last update from the 8th of November. Here is that post from the Sphere Being Alliance page.

We reported the operations status of 'The Alliance' in early Nov. WEEKS before Q and 'Anons' confirmed in posts this week. Proves our intel is GOOD & RECENT! CG

The above images appear to be screen captures from various devices of Q's 8Chan posts. Together with the text, the story depicted by 8Chan appears to fall directly in line with Goode's recent update (to restate). If the Anon posting their observations about aircraft above Area 51 are accurate, this seems to parallel the notion of high Alliance activity in what looks to be the final phases of Cabal take-down.

According to the above post, activities of this nature do not occur very often, even over a site as mysterious and secretive as the so-called Groom Lake installation (another title for Area 51). Of course, we cannot yet say what is taking place within Alliance operations, but by all appearances, there is both high activity and low informational output regarding the possibility of events. Together, these probabilities suggest that very sensitive operations are taking place which may require radio silenceperhaps until the main objective of complete Cabal overthrow is achieved.

Though there is little information coming forward about the ongoing operations against the Deep State, it does appear that we have reached what could be the most exciting phase of global liberation yet. This is the moment of anticipation prior to receiving what we hope to be the best news the planet has received in centuries.

The ongoing yellow vest protests occurring in multiple nations serve as a sign that the people have finally had enough of globalist manipulation. Contrary to MSM narratives/cover-ups, these protests are not merely about fuel prices.

This is also a time during which our collective intentions are shaping the events of the coming weeks and months to fit our collective vision for the future. Whatever the outcome, I believe it's important that we remember that it is our collective intention which brings that reality into being.


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Source: Corey Goode - Facebook

Published: November 8, 2018

By: Corey Goode

Alliance Update: I received a brief update from one of my one remaining and original Alliance contacts. I was told that all of the lower level briefings and bridge calls had been shut down this week due to a new phase of operations. This further added to the disarray of the lower and some mid-level Alliance cells and assets.

One of the most sensitive phases of the Alliance take-down of the Cabal is said to have begun within the last few days to a week. If this latest intel is accurate, we expect the fist to tighten around operational information, even more, leaving many who have been fighting in the dark along with us until the objective is completed.

I was told that only a few select sources will be leaking specific Alliance intelligence items in a way that will prep the public and disseminate intel to higher level Alliance Cells. I was also told that the Alliance hopes to do most of this work completely covertly. They have cover stories prepared along with the needed theater if any of these operations spill over into the public.

See also - 514th Military Police Company Deployed to Guantanamo Bay; Does This Spell Military Tribunals for the Cabal in the Near Future?

This source went on to inform me that all of the people training in hangars with floor plans taped to the floors and practicing breaching certain facilities and bunkers have been deployed to the field. These operatives are not making as many arrests as one would think but are mainly gathering vast quantities of last-minute evidence before they bring cases before secret grand juries to be accepted into evidence. They are preparing for highly secret and coordinated military and civilian trials.

I was informed only in recent days have some of the elite learned that the people they thought were their trusted bodyguards were actually their very own personal prison guards. They have been in custody for months without knowing and now the shock and panic has truly set in.

This has resulted in waves of lower leave affiliates of these elites coming forward to the Alliance and turning states evidence and getting immunity in exchange for their testimony.

We were told that none of these operations could occur until they felt they had cleaned up the FBI, DOJ, DOD, and SCOTUS. The recent intel that these operations are now underway is a sign that the Alliance feels that these Government entities have been cleared of compromised individuals enough to proceed with THE PLAN.

After most of my Alliance contacts became compromised and were placed in custody, I found out that many of them will be going through the same trial process as the elites that they had pledged to defeat. All of this information weighs heavy on me as I prepare to fly to Washington D.C. for the 11-11 Mass Meditation.

We will be meditating for the freedom of humanity, the expansion of its mass consciousness and the release of suppressed technologies. Please join us in these meditations and give positive intent and energy to the battle against evil that is occurring on a Physical and Spiritual level.

Corey Goode

Read more at: Facebook.com - Corey Goode

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