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Corey Goode - Presentations for 2019 - Tentative Plans for 'Cosmic Waves' Conference - Update and Commentary

Source: Sphere Being Alliance - Facebook

Published: December 22, 2018

By: Corey Goode

We are getting hundreds of inquiries about where I will be speaking in 2019 after the apparent 'blacklisting' of me and my information at other major events (As well as Radio Shows) in our community.

We are planning out 2019 and will announce our tour schedule very soon. We are planning to do an event with Joan Ocean in Kona, Hawaii April 8-13th, called Cosmic Waves that will be a speaking event and swim adventure with dolphins.

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Speakers will join attendees on the dolphin swims and get to spend quality time together. Please keep an eye out for more information about the Cosmic Waves event over the next week.

This will be my 3rd event with Joan Ocean and I have really enjoyed the intimate adventures she has organized in the past. I look forward to spending time with everyone on the boats and in the water with the dolphins next year. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season!


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It's been a very interesting year. 2018 has been dotted with surprises and events which, for most of us, stretched far beyond our wildest expectations. The collection of public disclosures and personal revelations have been enough to make a person's head spin, even for the strongest among us. Nevertheless, every one of these revelations has provided us the opportunity to face new and potentially uncomfortable, yet much-needed truths about our world.

With each progressive revelation comes the opportunity for growth and transformation both on a personal and a societal level. As events turned out, it was the truth community which received one of the largest disclosures a group can experience.

Just as the whole of world society is experiencing a mass cleansing, the truth community and its various outlets are facing a similar cleansing event. According to multiple sources, the same corporate interests that have been manipulating and extorting humanity as a whole still have influence within the UFO and disclosure communities.

For a long while, we have heard Corey Goode state that Ufology has been infiltrated on multiple levels. However, it was not until this year that we saw undeniable evidence of this compromise.

Many of us were surprised to witness the concerning actions of certain organizations which seemed to have the intent to deceive their audiences for the sake of their own profit. This formerly trusted company which just prior to these questionable actions, had attracted large crowds of curious truth-seekers, and yet was now selling entertainment and counterfeit truth in its place.

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This was a difficult situation to witness. However, the lesson which many of us learned from the ordeal with Gaia helped us to see the real motivations of different members of the truth community.

Within any situation, we may be presented with a multitude of motivating factors. Some are motivated primarily by principle, personal integrity, and dedication to the truth. Others may be more motivated by selfish intention or profit. In any situation, it is important to distinguish between these various motivations so that we can see the true reliability of any source.

Though it was difficult to see the apparent split between Corey and certain parties within the truth community, it was good to see each party showing their true colors. By all appearances, Corey is still dedicated to his mission to achieve a full revelation of the truth through Full Disclosure, while other parties are more concentrated upon growing their own brands and maintaining popularity among their respective audiences (sometimes at the expense of speaking the entire truth).

Within this and any situation, it is important for us to avoid casting blind judgment, especially considering the fact that we have no facts about the situation itself. At this point, we only have rumors and superficial observations from our own outside perspectives. Though we can all hope that the best comes of the situation, it is important that as always, we focus on the information presented, use the discernment skills we have gained thus far, and keep an open mind.

Many hold the belief that we have the ability to choose between two spiritual paths (or in some cases, three); these are the paths of service to others and service to self. Each of these paths holds its own experiences for an individual to have in their own time. In this current situation within the truth and disclosure movements, these pursuits are visibly in play. And granted we consciously choose the path which best suits us, we can freely learn according to our own desire.

In my personal view, there is nothing wrong necessarily with either of these paths. They are both legitimate ambitions to pursue, and as long as we are willing to face the consequences of our actions, there is no wrong path for us to take as individuals.

Of course, there is always the path of neutrality, in which an individual chooses to remain uninvolved with the polarity of the universal experience. Though according to sources, the neutral path does not offer the same opportunity for growth, there may still be value in its pursuit.

Personally, I choose to serve others, though admittedly, most of the time, I don't know how. (Nor do I currently have the resources or sustainable health necessary to do much.) Nevertheless, the choice is still there.

It has been unfortunate to see certain formerly trusted organizations utilize such a low-brow tactic as censorship (practices which the Cabal and various secret societies are known for). The practice of blacklisting and censorship have been trademark tactics of the Deep State/Cabal in their efforts to stop the truth community from progressing. Many of us were surprised to see that certain companies and organizations were now using this tactic to prevent Corey Goode from being heard.

At this point, most of the organizations that previously supported Corey and the Full Disclosure movement have now chosen to turn their backs and to allow themselves to be influenced by financial gain instead. Whether the motivation has been the fear of punishment from the Gaia company or the loss of their own audience, for whatever reason, these organizations have chosen to allow obvious smear campaigns and financial manipulation to scare them away from a more unified disclosure movement.

Nevertheless, the push for Full Disclosure still very much exists and regardless of the questionable organizations that choose censorship instead of the free speech necessary for attaining truth, the movement will continue until the task is fully completed.

The censorship will not last.

It seems clear that humanity has chosen truth, and granted we maintain this increase in momentum, we will achieve the greatest level of disclosure possible. The truth will be known and the world will be greatly impacted by all of those who contribute their own efforts (whatever those may be) to ensuring its complete revelation.

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