Monday, November 5, 2018

'The Video The Internet Doesn't Want You To See' - Interview with David Wilcock and Corey Goode on the Blockbuster Documentary, 'Above Majestic'

It's been only a matter of days since the documentary, Above Majestic hit the internet with an impact like no other. Right off of the bat, audiences were raving at how exciting and well-made the documentary was. At the same time, the Cabal-controlled establishment was busily attempting to censor the onslaught of vital information on social media--a level of active censorship (combined with strange and seemingly nonsensical reasoning) which the public has not yet seen. Nevertheless, the information within this production continues to break through social barriers and boost public awareness of hidden truth in unspeakable ways.

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The following video consists of multiple clips from the Above Majestic production as well as a number of excerpts from interviews filmed in tandem with the documentary. To my knowledge, there is a great deal of valuable footage that did not make it into the documentary's final cut. However, this footage may be progressively released at various times in a similar format for the public to enjoy.

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