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Cobra - Sisterhood of the Rose - A History, Update, and Planetary Activation - June 16, 2018

It's been stated that, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla said this amid his many breakthroughs in physics, inventions, and his para-scientific discoveries. And even though many of his achievements remain a mystery (or unacknowledged), his perspectives about energy as being the center of our learning, seems to be accurate.

As we can imagine, if ever we desire to create great change in the world, it is our energy, frequency, and vibration which must first change in order to bring this progress about. With regard to the Event, global prosperity, mass arrest of elitist criminals, and the various other developments we wish to see, it is this change in the energetic frequency of our planet which will likely bring this desired progress to fruition. So where to start?

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According to various sources, there have been a number of spiritually oriented groups that have met throughout history which were exceptionally proficient at creating global change through self-discipline and alteration of their own energetic states. One of these groups was the predominantly female order known as the Sisterhood of the Rose.

According to Cobra, this same order of special souls has the same opportunity today in our present world. Their predecessors played a similar role in ancient Atlantis and Egypt, during the early 11th century, and the early 19th century, according to Cobra.

Here is the recent update from the 2012 Portal website on an opportunity for the people of the planet to embody the same divine energy as this Sisterhood of the Rose and to have further impact upon the planet for our current time.

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Source: 2012 Portal

Published: June 16, 2018

By: Cobra

Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Activation

Time has come for a huge number of physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups to be activated on the surface of this planet.

From now on, those groups will be supplementing the planetary Cintamani energy grid in transmitting the energies of Compression Breakthrough. They will also serve as vortex nodes to activate meetings of Soul Family members which will facilitate spiritual activation of the planetary Soul Family mandala.

Positive emotional connections between members of the planetary Soul Family mandala will speed up the process of the Compression Breakthrough.

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Many physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups have already been created and you can join them. Over 50 groups are already listed here:

Many more groups are being created daily, and if you have a physical group that meets regularly and has three people or more, you can have it listed on the above list so that people who live in your area can join. To have your group listed, please contact

General instructions for your group are very simple.

First, your Sisterhood of the Rose group is a Goddess Temple:

Second, do the Return of the Goddess and Goddess Vortex meditations. Instructions for both meditations are here:

Third, you can do the Sexual Healing meditation:

1. Relax your body and watch your breath for a few moments.

2. Visualize a brilliant white light entering your physical body and all energy bodies as you inhale, then exhale that white light into your surroundings.

3. Now visualize a soft pink rose bud in your heart chakra. As you breathe that rose starts to bloom. Keep doing this for a few minutes.

4. Visualize a red rose at your intimate area. As you breathe that rose starts to bloom. Keep doing this for a few minutes.

5. As you inhale, the sexual energy of the red rose is rising up your energy channels to the pink rose at your heart chakra.

6. As you exhale, visualizing the loving, healing energy of the pink rose descend into the red rose at your intimate area creating a loop of energy. Repeat this for a few minutes.

When you keep meeting regularly doing those meditations, your group will become a powerful channel of Goddess energy and will greatly assist in building the planetary network of Light.

Goddess wants Light and Light it will be!

Read more at:

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According to multiple sources, our current time period is one of exceptional importance and is key in creating renewal, healing and liberation for the entire planet. As we may have read, meditation is key in creating this change not only within ourselves and within our community groups, but in the surrounding society and within the world as a whole.

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In order to have the greatest amount of impact, it is becoming more and more crucial that we make efforts not only to converse with other like-minded people, but that we physically meet together. According to research, this is the best way to have the greatest impact in the intended direction. In essence, this congregation of souls helps to anchor the energetic intention of the group on the physical plane, according to sources.

With these details about meditation in mind, we may be wondering about the true history of the group mentioned. As it turns out, Cobra posted the details of this group years ago. However, it does not appear to have been discussed on many other sources in alternative media.

Here is Cobra's post from 2014 on the Sisterhood of the Rose.

* * * * *

Source: 2012 Portal

Published: May 27, 2014

By: Cobra

Sisterhood of the Rose

In Atlantis, priestesses of the Goddess were gathering in circles of twelve to anchor the energy of peace and harmony. They were called the Sisterhood of the Rose. They later reemerged in ancient Egypt as priestesses of Isis, with rose being a sacred symbol of the Goddess Isis. In the time of Crusades, Sisterhood of the Rose was the feminine counterpart to the Templars. During World War 2, they tried to influence some of the top Nazis, sometimes successfully persuading them to more peaceful ways, and thus saving many lives.

Venus-Sun transits in 2004 and 2012 were a coded sign in the sky to reactivate the Sisterhood of the Rose:

This summer, a grand trine of Eris, Lilith and Chariklo will activate the Goddess archetype on this planet on a deeper level than ever before. It is interesting to note that at the same time outer solar system objects Chariklo, Pholus and Ixion will make a triple conjunction in late Sagittarius, close to the position of the Galactic Center. This signifies a breakthrough of the suppressed Goddess archetype from collective unconscious on a planetary level. Feminine principle was suppressed by the Archons throughout the human history by female sexual energy control and manipulation and the key to liberate the feminine is for women to allow themselves to feel their sexual energy, align it with their heart and express it in their own way.

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At the moment of summer solstice on June 21st, the process of activating the planetary Goddess archetype will begin. This will be activated by many women from the Resistance Movement and the Pleiadian fleet meditating and directing their loving energy to humanity. You can join that meditation in your own way. Summer solstice comes at 10 hours 52 minutes GMT. This equals 12:52 pm local time in Egypt and central Europe, 11:52 am BST in London, 6:52 am EDT in New York, 5:52 CDT in Chicago, 4:52 MDT in Denver and 3:52 PDT in Los Angeles.

Our core group will be anchoring those energies on Ibiza. Ibiza is an island, sacred to Goddess Tanit. She is the Goddess of waters and her springs and fountains bring healing, rejuvenation and alignment of electromagnetic field of our body and our energy field. She is a Cosmic Goddess and Romans called her Juno Caelestis. She and her island will support us on our path of individual, planetary and cosmic integration. You are more than welcome to join us:

It has been requested from the Light forces that women and men with inner connection with the Goddess begin to gather in groups to reactivate the Sisterhood of the Rose. Those groups need to gather physically at least once a week and invoke Goddess energy for planetary peace in their own unique way. Those groups will become the feminine aspect of support for the planetary transition at the time of the Event, whereas the Event Support groups represent the masculine aspect.

It has been requested from the Light forces that at the time of the Event all Sisterhood of the Rose groups meet, meditate for a peaceful transition and invoke Goddess energies of Love and harmony.

You can read more about the Goddess and how to connect with Her here:

Many temples of the Goddess will be built after the Event. Until then, you can light a candle in this virtual temple of Isis:

Read more at:

* * * * *

We may note that the meditation mentioned above is in reference to the summer of 2014. So the information about the timing of the meditation no longer applies.

Admittedly, the subject of this sisterhood is somewhat difficult to research in that there are not many sources that discuss it in much detail. It leaves open the question of whether or not there are any specifics to the energy contributed by this group, or specifics to the practices they kept.

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According to the above post, it does appear that this group was positively oriented in their intentions. However, for the sake of argument, let's consider the point about this group being the counterpart of the Knights Templar.

It is unclear as to how Cobra intended to communicate the point about the Sisterhood being counterpart to the Templar Knights, but let's say for instance that this meant that the two groups were largely similar in practice and dynamic.

According to evidence, the Knights Templar was similar to groups such as the Freemasons, in that the group held a variety of beliefs and was a combination of positive and negative membership. In general, they had their own order and standard of lifelong dedication. Again, we cannot say any of this for sure, but let's assume these details for the moment.

It is believed that the Templar Knights were actually Satanic within their upper echelons. Similar to the Freemasons, this group is believed to have practiced multiple traditions of the dark occult and virtually any practice they could get their hands on in order to achieve the military, financial, and political advantage over the majority of Europe during their time of operation.

If Cobra's definition of this Sisterhood group holds true, it would not make much sense that such an order would be destructive in orientation. Being the divine feminine, there might be a strong energy of vitality, nurturing, and support. If this feminine group was the counterpart to the masculine of the Templar Knights, this might mean that their opposite attributes might help to balance whatever destructive energy the various aspects of the Templars may have created.

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Once again, none of this exercise represents provable fact. Rather, it is meant to prove the point that there is always a choice of orientation between positive and negative polarity. This choice is an active one and must be made by each individual on their own terms. Moreover, we may remember that our actions are controlled solely by our own choices and are independent of any other party in the past, present or future. This means that no matter what others have done, and no matter what their intentions may have been, we ourselves have the independent, free-will choice to act on our own to whatever capacity we choose.

Though we cannot say for certain who or what the Sisterhood of the Rose was, we do know a good deal about who we ourselves are. And if we have been active in choosing our desired course for the future, we may know that this perspective is particularly beneficial for our present situation.

It seems as though all it may take to catalyze global change is a conscious choice to work together with benevolent people around us (benevolent people being those who have learned to let go of ego and who've learned the value of serving others) for the sake of the planet. The moment we begin to do this and form habits which contribute to this positive energy, vibration, and intention, the faster the planetary liberation and renewal may commence.
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