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Benjamin Fulford - Western Civilization Continues to Implode as Old Paradigms Cease to Function - Partial Update for June 25, 2018 - Commentary and Interview Included

Source: Benjamin Fulford

Published: June 25, 2018

By: Benjamin Fulford

The old regime in the U.S. and Europe is collapsing in a way that is now becoming obvious even to the most brainwashed and illiterate Westerners. This collapse ultimately stems from the social instability cause by extreme concentration of wealth in the hands of a very small clique of closely interbred oligarchs now known as the Khazarian mafia. Fortunately, a revolution has begun that will soon liberate the West, and the rest of humanity, from these self-appointed, war-loving social engineers.

For now, though, there are multiple signs of a very dangerous and chaotic summer as the old system collapses. In the U.S., the undeclared civil war that has been raging since the election of Donald Trump may lead to nuclear terror inside the U.S. by Khazarian mafiosi, say CIA and other sources.

If this happens, retaliation will wipe out the Khazarian strongholds in Israel, Switzerland, Italy, and elsewhere, Pentagon sources say.

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One of many signs of how open the warfare within the U.S. government has become came last weekend when Trump tweeted about the “Russian Witch Hunt,” noting that, “With all of the bias, lying, and hate by the investigators, people want the investigators investigated. Much more will come out.” This was followed within an hour by a tweet from former CIA head John Brennan saying, ““Your fear of exposure is palpable. Your desperation even more so!” and calling for a coup d’├ętat against Trump, something that in normal times would lead to his arrest for treason.

Then we have one of Canada’s leading news magazines openly and only half-jokingly calling for an invasion of the U.S. because “America has become a failed state.”

We also have the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, saying in a speech in London that, “It is not written in stone that the trans-Atlantic bond will survive forever.”

We could go on and on pointing out signs of a major undeclared civil war in the West, but the media is so saturated with this that doing so would become redundantly repetitive again and again.

The reason for this extreme high tension is impeding military action on several fronts by both the U.S. and Russian armed forces that could depose several governments and change world maps, say Pentagon, CIA, FSB, and other sources.

Big military action is most likely in the Ukraine, Israel, and Mexico as part of a secret deal between Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the sources say.

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By Benjamin Fulford's request, this posts contains only a portion of the update. The full report is regularly available on the following Thursday.

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While the updates from Benjamin Fulford can be helpful, I believe it is important to note a few observations. We might notice the seemingly negative and pessimistic tone with which this particular update comes. The point about an imminent collapse of the West does appear to be one of multiple possibilities. However, the fixation on this one possibility without apparent consideration of many others is notable.

Combine this fixation on a negative outcome with the fact that the East (which Fulford tends to favor in many cases) would greatly benefit commercially to see the West lose its ability to financially compete with China, Japan and the other economic powers in East Asia. To add, though it has been speculated that a rogue nuclear attack of some kind, might be planned by unknown Deep State-controlled interests, this is again, only one of many possibilities.

The threat a rogue nuclear attack has been noted for years by U.S. Intelligence, but seems to have been avoided up to this point. (This may be one of the reasons as to why the Trump administration has attempted to tighten immigration policy.) So to see it singularly suggested as a first point of possibility within the update, again, tends to come across as pessimistic and almost leading.

There are countless directions which an update can take. However, this one appears to have an undertone of desired destruction of the West without much suggestion of hope for a better outcome.

In my view, to concentrate on the advantage of certain world powers in the tone of one's writing while fixating upon the suggested destruction of other world powers does not strike me as very balanced. However, the perspective may still be valuable if these details are taken into account.

For further perspective, here is an interview hosted by Prepare for Change with Benjamin Fulford as guest.

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