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Sphere Being Alliance - Contacts, Conferences, and Plans for Conscious Community - Update and Commentary

A lot is changing in world society. Some events are progressing more gradually than anticipated, while others seem to be in a state of overdrive.

Many of the predictions of the whistleblower and experiencer, Corey Goode, have come to pass, while other predictions still have yet to reveal themselves. We have the ongoing process of disclosure both in corporate media and through alternative sources. We see world events of massive revelation of past crimes along with major instances of progress and resolution of conflict.

In many ways, it appears that love and unity are winning. However, it is up to each of us to become more active toward these ends, and this is the note upon which Corey presents his recent update.

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Source: Facebook - Blue Avians

Published: May 3, 2018

By: Corey Goode

UPDATE: We had a blast at the New Living Expo in San Mateo this past weekend. I have been traveling and working non-stop for the entire year. I am hoping to have some downtime before the next event. I look forward to appearing at Contact in the Desert where we will be screening a documentary that we have been producing called “Above Majestic: The Implications of a Secret Space Program”.

We also recently introduced sales of our Limited Edition Graphic Novel Package for “Return of the Guardians”. We haven’t even properly announced or advertised the Graphic Novel and the sales have been extremely steady the last few days. Thank you for your support! We are also working on a feature film about my 20&Back experiences.

Why do a Graphic Novel? Why do a Feature Film on the Secret Space Program and interactions with Blue Avians? Are you really doing all of this to effect the mass consciousness or is all of this to become rich and famous?

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We are working on dual missions of demanding the release of suppressed technologies and to assist in raising the consciousness of Humanity. While we are not looking to get rich, we would love to find a way to allow us and other star-seeds to earn a living while working on their missions. The mission is difficult enough without all of the work and family commitments.

From the beginning, when I was asked by the Blue Avians to come forward with my testimony, I told them no one would believe me. They replied back “It is of no consequence, it is only important that this information enters their consciousness”.

It took me quite a while to fully understand what was meant by that statement. Tear-Eir stated that it is most important for Humanity to focus on releasing suppressed technologies and to become more spiritual or raise our consciousness.

In addition to releasing new courses, media and book projects on these two topics, we also plan to organize marches and other social campaigns to raise awareness of suppressed technologies and how they could benefit the global society.

My team has also formed a new events company. We hope to do one large Festival and another Expo style event in the Boulder, Colorado area every year. We are also developing out monthly events at E-Town, also in Boulder. We have found how important it is for the “tribe” to meet on a regular basis to recharge our spiritual batteries and commune.

It is amazing how many talented people are moving to Boulder and finding ways to work with us. There seems to be a Consciousness Art and Media Movement starting up here. It is amazing to witness and be a part of. The “Consciousness Renaissance” has begun and I am living at ground zero for this event!

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We are not only hoping to create a successful Media and Events companies, but also provide more free content that educates and expands the consciousness of attendees and viewers.

Not only do we want to deliver this “red-pill content” to the main stream but also begin to provide much more free content via articles and new media on YouTube and Facebook.

We are also excited to develop more and more content on an exciting new platform called OnStellar. Please sign up and use “SBA” as the code so I get affiliate credit.

We also hope to develop one or two free weekly shows on our Sphere Being Alliance YouTube channel in the coming months. We will make announcements as all of these projects develop.

I am finally beginning to receive briefings again from Alliance contacts.

A number of my contacts had gone silent over the last several weeks during what I was told was an “operational phase.” Many of these contacts were also admittedly taken back by the peace agreements in Korea.

The war hawks among the Administration were pushing hard for a conflict on the Korean peninsula as well as cause a conflict with Iran.

I will be publishing updates on these briefings very soon.


Corey Goode

Please share this update far and wide!

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In a recent presentation, Goode made an important point about unity of purpose. He mentioned that it was not necessary that we all wear our beliefs on our shoulder or judge everyone around us based upon their individual viewpoints. In essence, beliefs are as various and plentiful as human beings themselves in that no two people hold the exact same viewpoints. Naturally, this dwelling upon beliefs would lead more toward separation than unity.

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It would seem more beneficial for the purposes of strength in numbers, that we withhold our beliefs for the most part and simply concentrate on the qualities we all share as human beings. This will help maintain the bonds between our fellow man and fellow woman, and this will assist us as collective humanity to break free from our state of mass ignorance and captivity.

The fact is that it is not necessary that we accept absolutely everything which Corey or any source says. Unless a principle resonates with our own soul and seems beneficial to us, there is little reason for us to accept it.

We all have quite a bit to learn and grow through ourselves. We might also keep in mind that just because a principle does not sit well with us in one moment does not mean that we may not benefit in some way from its consideration down the road.

If the principles of love, forgiveness, and serving others (in balance with meeting our own needs) sit well with us, these are the major points within Goode's overall message, according to past testimony. It is not necessary to believe in "eight-foot tall blue bird beings" (as Corey has referred to them at times), as such possibilities are naturally difficult for some to accept.

It may be much more beneficial to focus upon disclosures we may all benefit from. Among these are advanced healing technologies, free energy, and the existence of ET intelligences. Eventually, we would like to see the truth of the crimes against humanity exposed in full so that the public can come to terms with the dangers of further secrecy. However, for now, we need a starting point which everyone can get behind.

If there are certain portions of Goode's testimony that do not resonate, there is no imperative need to accept them. We can simply retain what does resonate with us and let the rest go. No one is here to force-feed us and at this point, no one has attempted to.

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Naturally, it is good to fully consider testimonies which are congruent with multiple other sources. Seeing that this is the case with much of Corey's testimony, it does seem logical to consider these congruent aspects.

I thought it interesting to see the surprise in the contacts which Corey mentions. As we may remember from past testimonies, the North Korean issue was said to be one way through which a disclosure of off-planet weapons systems might be disclosed. According to Goode, the conflict was planned to be escalated and then advanced weapons were to be used and revealed to the public. However, thankfully, there is now peace in the Korean peninsula and no reason to attack the positively progressive situation there.

It is interesting to see the surprise of Corey's contacts with regard to the peace agreements. This shows that even those who are reported to be in the know about covert issues do not always know what the other facets of the Alliance are doing. There can be positive changes which can even surprise seasoned professionals. In light of such cases, it is always good to hold an optimistic perspective over any situation, as we never know exactly when situations might resolve themselves.
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