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New Living Expo 2018 - Surviving the Transition - Full Disclosure, Solar Flash, and Our Future Ascension - Presentation by with Corey Goode - Video and Analysis

By now, we are most likely well familiarized with the broad-range and various subjects discussed by SSP whistleblower, Corey Goode. These testimonies have been intriguing and sometimes, controversial, but have always been excessively thought provoking. This discussion from the New Living Expo conference brought forward many topics—many of which were being shared for the first time. And as always, these topics brought with them plentiful questions for our consideration.

When we see a presentation with the title above, we may be tempted to have an apprehensive or fearful reaction to the material. However, upon hearing how many considerations of possibility the presentation has to offer, the opportunity begins to become more appealing.

When we think of what it means to survive, it is easy to assume that some mortal threat to our lives and safety awaits us in the near future. However, we might keep in mind that we as a planet are in complete control of what we ourselves experience. Granted, there may be a number of necessary, natural occurrences which we might want to be aware of, we always have the opportunity—granted our chosen path allows it—to weather whatever obstacles come our way.
Along with potentially dangerous events taking place during the solar flash event, it is predicted that we as a planet will have the most amazing ascension experience imaginable. The specifics of this ascension are unknown. However, we may do well to consider the possibility that the ascension event—for those who choose to undergo it—will render the seemingly dangerous occurrences on the planet harmless to those who have done the work necessary to move forward.

When it comes down to it, the question most of us are asking is, "What will the change look like once we see it in plain sight?" In this presentation, Corey Goode attempts to answer this question and many more, according to his own experiences and best projections for our future.

Surviving the Transition - Full Disclosure, Solar Flash, our Future and Ascension

The Universal Thought

For a good while now, multiple scientific publishers have been steadily introducing audiences to the idea that the universe is not merely a chaotic, accidental mishmash of random systems. Even though this has been the normal narrative of established science in the past, the MSM appears to be revealing the principle that the universe functions much like the human brain.

The relationship between the cosmos and the human brain (or mind) has been well maintained for thousands of years in many ancient teachings from around the world. Philosophical practices such as those of Buddhism have frequently discussed this principle of synaptic patterns within the universe. In fact, this orderly pattern appears to be demonstrated at virtually every level of reality.

The principle of "As above, so below," is well known within awakened communities today and as the situation appears, the arena of scientific publication is catching up to some extent.

Question about the Anshar

In the past, Corey has stated that the Anshar are a benevolent group, but that even they have lessons to learn as a population. Corey also stated that this group had been contacting surface humanity for centuries and has strategically concealed their true identity in order to remain safe from surface humans. According to testimony, this was because the Anshar had been attacked in the past and were not interested in giving away their vulnerable position in Inner Earth.

I suppose that if the Anshar or any other group from Inner Earth wanted to deceive surface humanity in any other way, the task would not be very difficult. The notion of strategic concealment seems to make sense. Still, Goode makes the point that if this Inner Earth civilization wanted to deceive him in some undetectable way, there would be no way for him to know.
There have been certain sources in the truth community that claim that the Anshar are a negative group. This proposal was associated with this idea that the Anshar contacted multiple groups on the surface throughout the planet's history. It was later assumed that these surface groups which eventually became negative, did so as a direct result of the contact with the Anshar.

Though this may be an interesting consideration, as we ponder the thought, it is important to remember the reality that (1) accidents happen and (2) positive groups in our solar system have a history of accidentally causing trouble for those of us in 3rd density, according to reports.

Whenever dealing with cultures meeting and exchanging information at any level, there is guaranteed to be at least some miscommunication. To add, when dealing with negative Cabal and secret societies such as the Nazi's, Freemasons, and the cult of Saturn, these groups regularly pervert nearly every bit of wisdom they acquire and turn it into something negative. We know this because we see their bastardization of ancient religious teachings and of ancient mystery schools virtually everywhere we look.

With this in mind, it is easy to realize that virtually anything the Cabal touches turns negative, but not every belief system they have is original or accurate. Just because information has an effect on a person or group does not automatically mean that the negative result was intended in the sharing of the information.

Considering the fact that we do not have any conclusive information on any ET group, it may not be the best idea to begin condemning groups before we even know who they are. We might keep in mind that up until this point, we have only received testimonial accounts, and though some groups do appear to be negative to some extent, it does not seem wise to condemn the unknown out of fear.

We might keep in mind that to date, we have not yet received any solid evidence that any Inner Earth civilizations are real. However, the possibility can be easily considered, especially when taking into account the fact that we on the surface know virtually nothing about the true reality around us. Even still, we must wait for conclusive evidence one way or another in order to be sure.

Each of us has our own responsibility to research each of the points made and to discern the truth for ourselves. This requires an open mind to new possibilities as well as the discipline to forgo any hard conclusion prior to having a full understanding of our entire planetary, galactic, and universal situation. These, along with all other hidden truths, may be brought forward upon the event of Full Disclosure.

Group Consciousness

The point which Corey Goode makes about a possible future in which no one would be able to lie or to keep secrets from those around them, was intriguing. This would be a very interesting society to live in, I think.

If we consider how many relational problems have been caused by a lack of adequate communication, and then consider how much our experience would change if those problems were to suddenly be eliminated entirely, the result could be fairly amazing. Aside from maintaining general ethical integrity, people would have exceptional incentive in being generally good to those around them. There would and could be no abuse without immediate consequence, no crime (since everyone knew the thoughts of others), and no deception due to the fact that everyone was connected.

Of course, this would be the eventual state of society and may take some time to reach. However, if we are considering the possibility right now, chances are the process of developing this society has already started. In such a society, Full Disclosure would be more than an event; it would be a continual way of life.

In addition to considering the advantages of psychic connection within society, it is important to consider the responsibilities involved in this ability. In a society in which telepathy was a normal occurrence, the discipline of self control with regard to thought would become a necessity.
At present, most humans have little to no clue how to process the contents of their own mind, let alone control the entirety of it. With as many stressers we have at any given moment, it is understandable that we allow our minds to operate without any attempt to control the chaotic process. Our thoughts can be unhealthy, imbalanced, and sometimes, disturbing.

Most people have little to no idea of how to discipline their minds to be quiet enough for telepathic contact. However, within a society of telepaths, the act of learning mental discipline might become easier, and may even be as necessary as keeping the peace in an auditory sense.

When we are at peace within ourselves, it typically means that we are able to handle the stress in our lives in a healthy way. It does not mean that we are separate from the potential difficulties which may surround us, but that we are willing to simplify our situations without falling too far out of balance. In a telepathic society, this would mean that instead of dealing with imbalanced situations alone, we would have a community of minds to assist us in solving any problem.

This would mean that we would be able to resolve conflicts, mental distortions, and misconceptions much more efficiently than we would on our own. However, the state of mental unity might take a good while before reaching this stage of cooperation.

Points of View

I found it very synchronous to hear Corey talk about the example of lenses. This topic of glasses was one which I had a significant interest in years before I started writing publicly. When I first awakened, I had thoughts about the world and the universe—many of which seemed interesting, but I would only consider these to be personal or possibly subjects to discuss with a friend. There were other subjects which I felt were too broad-spectrum and relatable to keep to myself. I didn't know if they would help anyone, but they related to societal problems and I felt that sharing them may help others understand themselves better. It was for these reasons that I wrote a certain post on my Facebook wall back in 2010. I called the post, "Glasses."

Glasses - A Facebook Post

How do I see the world around me? What is it that makes me confident in that which my senses perceive? Every one of us wares a pair of glasses. These glasses are not prescription. They are a fabrication of our upbringing, our life experiences, and impressions. These glasses are our fears, the beliefs we carry, the perceived truths that we swear by, and though they may serve a purpose, each and every one of them, in one way or another, is flawed.

For a good while now, I have been learning to question not only the world around me, but myself as well. “Why?”, you might ask. ...because I want truth, and not the “truth” that was impressed upon me from childhood (which would render me subject to childish means of thought). Not the “truth” of any belief system handed to me by establishment (which may forfeit my own freedom of individual consideration), and certainly not “truth” of commonly excepted assumption, but actual truth, as that which I learn and am able to prove for myself.

This is not, however, to say that my search solely rests upon my own interpretations. Truth is an organism which requires multiple open minds to track. It cannot be found while window shopping, and it is not in the checkout line at the grocery store. It is, by nature, inconvenient. It is counter-intuitive. If you believe you have found it, chances are you have missed it entirely.

As long as I have searched for it, one fact remains constant. That is, that truth is beyond my own capacity and comprehension. It cannot simply exist within the confines of my mind (which is delusion), or my present state of being (which is self-idealization). The more I search for it, the more I realize just how big it truly is. To grasp it takes more than I presently have within me. That is not to say that I consider it lost. The reality is that I must grow.

I believe it to be alive. It is as a wild animal, illusive and avoidant of the perils of the careless and absent-minded. To track it, and observe it in its natural habitat takes a rare type of endurance, strength, and will. It cannot be captured or caged. It cannot be tamed, tempered, or watered down for the sake of the squeamish. To do so would be to cheapen and ruin it. It is, however, our freedom to do so, but when we do, we must realize that we only cheapen it for ourselves. We only ruin the experience for ourselves and for those who blindly listen and believe us.

Why do I speak of truth in this way? “Why is Shem ranting?” I “rant” because I see my own need to see clearly, but this need is not only my own. It is not simply for me and for those I know, or the friends, family, and coworkers who have impacted me. I believe it is for all of us.

Why question my own pare of glasses? ...because they are flawed. This was one of the most difficult realizations I have ever made, and also the most valuable. The world is not as I myself see it. It is more. It is bigger, multi-faceted, and multi-dimensional. There is much more to consider aside from that which makes me comfortable. There is much truth that is pleasant and comforting, but there is also that which is painful, truth that is infuriating, that is terrifying, heart-wrenching, life altering. Yet it is all true. To face it, I must face myself. I must look into the mirror. I must take off my glasses and see the caked on filth that I have struggle to look though for my life's entirety, and after I see myself, to accept myself, flaws and all. Then I have the power to grow, to correct those flaws, and the capacity to accept even greater truths about myself, of those around me, and of reality as a whole.

Every change can be challenging, and every realization, difficult to accept, but only at first. The pain, and discomfort of our disillusionment is completely short-lived in comparison to the prosperity that soon follows the decision to search ourselves. Afterward, every day is not only a new day, but it is a new you/me as well. When we have no illusions to hinder us, our lives become completely new. It is then that we are truly able to experience life.

I look forward to this. I look forward to a time when this process is automatic for me. It has gotten easier over the years, but I still have a ways to go, and things to move. However, I am getting there. I want to look through clean lenses again, if in fact I need glasses at all.

You may either find these words valuable, or worthless. You may be inspired, or you may be furious, but if you are either, or in between, I invite you to ask yourself why. Let your furry or inspiration fuel your own search for truth. Ask yourself why you feel what you feel, and then answer your own questions.

We are in control of our own personal growth and evolution.

Thanks for reading.

This post appears to be the same concept which Corey has been discussing in his recent conferences. For some reason, I was inspired to write about it years before ever knowing who he was or much about his testimony. This appears to be one of those topics which certain people are downloaded with for possible future benefit for other people. If this was the intent of the inspiration, it seems that my sharing this post was the part of the goal.

The Rough Transition

According to Corey's testimony, there may be any number of events taking place at the moment of the solar flash which we might consider catastrophic. This might include a meteor exploding above the Pacific Ocean, global volcanic activity, and fiery events taking place over two portions of the Earth's surface.

Corey also talks about the possibility of a physical pole shift in which the Earth may tilt on its axis by roughly 20 degrees. According to his description, such an event would result in massive oceanic displacement where mile-high tsunamis would wipe over coastal regions on a planetary scale. The tsunamis would also cause high winds that could reach 1,000 mph as massive amounts of water pushed the air above it.

These are all possible experiences which could take place following the solar flash event, according to Goode. Though this testimony might sound disturbing, there is a strong possibility that we as a planet choose a different course.

Though Corey Goode claims that to some extent, this event needs to happen, he also claims that we as a planet have the ability to determine our experience before, during, and after it takes place. It is unclear as to what extent our influence might reach. However, it would make sense that we as a species have the ability to choose some aspects of this experience.

Along with the uncertainty of what the solar event will be, we have the uncertainty within the results of ascension itself. The spontaneous change within human consciousness, society, and the planet as a whole could have any number of results.

According to Goode's past testimony, he was told that the ascension would involve the change in consciousness of humanity. He stated that we would realize in that moment that we did not need to have the present planetary situation we have endured, and from that shift on consciousness, we would begin to recreate our reality from a state of higher consciousness.

It is unclear to what degree the human race is able to shift with regard to consciousness. However, I believe that it is important that prior to any opportunity to do so, we make sure to imagine the greatest, most extensive, and most beneficial outcome for such an event as possible, and not to limit our vision of positive results following an ascension event.

Possibilities for Ascension

There is one particularly interesting possibility about the prospect of a complete change in consciousness. We may consider the idea that our entire physical experience is governed by our consciousness. Our daily routine, our health, our emotional state, and our perceived physical reality as a whole are governed by our perception. With this in mind, we might consider the result of a spontaneous shift of this governing energetic force which we call consciousness.

If consciousness is the foundation for our entire perceived reality, and if our own projected manifestations in life are governed by this consciousness, what would the result be of an immense jump in this ability of manifestation?
Would it be possible to shift timelines to one in which everything we desired to experience happened the moment we chose to experience it? Would it be possible to reduce the amount of potential damage of the solar event to a minimum? Further, would it be possible to peacefully send every soul in their chosen direction of their next experience according to their own karmic need?

If we truly have an innate ability to manifest any experience we desire, this may mean that our future is in a constant flux. It is an unknown at present, but every decision we make on a planetary level may be influencing that future experience one way or another.

The more we consider the vast possibilities of ascension and a solar flash, the more we may realize that nothing is certain except the certainty of the power of our own ability to manifest. With this in mind, it may become clear that we have a responsibility to actively and consciously manifest that which we want as opposed to that which we don't.


Considering all that seems to have taken place in the past surrounding Corey Goode's testimony, it is not surprising to hear that some have taken his words to extremes. According to the testimony, some have accused Goode of spreading both fear porn and hopium (a colloquialism which combines the words hope and opium) as though the intent is to create unhealthy expectations.

It seems that some people do not want any outward suggestion about future events, and this is fine. Some audience members will naturally gravitate toward anything which allows them to fully consider all possible factors which may affect our future, while others tend to avoid any suggestion they do not feel comfortable with.

Naturally, we all tend to do what feels best for us, and this situation is no different. Our future is ours to create. However, it is important that we realize that we have every ability to create the reality we want to experience while simultaneously listening to various possibilities of future events. As long as we gain the discipline to do both, there does not appear to be any harm in hearing possibilities, whether they be preferable or unpreferable.

Possible Timelines

Let's consider the point during the talk when Corey discussed the subject of inaccurate prophecies. Goode's testimony seems to suggest that just as there are ancient prophecies here on Earth about end times or transitional times, there are similar prophecies in the historical records of other worlds within our local star cluster. According to Goode, very few of these prophecies of other worlds ended up being very accurate when the respective ascension events took place.

If this is true, it would mean that we as modern humans do not have much of a way to determine what exactly will happen, that is until we create it.
We might think of the situation like a bus ride. If we picture ourselves as a passenger on a bus that is moving down a highway, the situation may begin to make more sense. Imagine that this bus had seats on it that could change places on the floor and that as the trip goes on we are getting closer and closer to the driver's seat. Now imagine that as we near our destination, the driver of the bus moves aside, and we are allowed to take the wheel and control the journey from there.

This complex analogy of events may, in fact, relate directly with our relationship with our destined future. We may have prophecies and those prophecies—to some extent—might be accurate. However, as we come closer and closer to the solar event, we gain more and more control over the experience to the point where no one but us is able to determine what the future holds.

This analogy may explain why prophecies become less and less accurate the closer we come to our destined transition. No one can predict an exact course before that course has been chosen.

From a purely emotional perspective, I don't entirely like the pace of progression which Corey describes with regard to the slower development of humanity. It does appear to be possible and does offer eventually preferable circumstances. However, there may be more ideal and more progressive possibilities in store for humanity than a long drawn-out process of improvement.

From an intellectual perspective, the process does seem contiguous and sensible with regard to the possibilities of human progress. It would make sense that a portion of the population would progress more quickly than the rest and that eventually, the two paths would reunite at some point in the future.

Whatever the future hold for us, we may do well to remember that it is we who are collectively choosing the next stage of our evolution.
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