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Cobra - Starseed Mission Activations Reported to be Taking Place - Considering Ways to Handle the Changes Responsibly

Looking back on the days of March 29th through May 5th, it seems that this week represented a particularly significant moment. This general time period appears to have brought with it a notable change within society in that the various events we have previously observe on a global scale now appear to be manifesting on a tangible and personal level.

In the recent past, there have been a variety of progressive, simultaneous changes in the lives of many of my own friends and acquaintances. These changes have ranged from the social to the curricular, and the energetic types, but what was especially interesting about these changes was that all of them seemed to occur during the same general time-span. What was equally astounding was that these events came in such parallel to the recent update from Cobra regarding spiritual activation.

In short, it seems that many of the activations we have envisioned in the past are now manifesting in multitude in the lives of many.

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I have personally witnessed and experienced strange and abrupt endings followed by some of the most liberating and progressive changes a person can have, including issues with the DTM website to interactions on social media, positive personal developments, and more. Along with these changes, there have been a number of accelerations in less tangible and in more spiritual ways. Upon observing these events, it does appear that the planet is not only experiencing a massive transformation for collective humanity, but that the change is now occurring on the individual level as well.

In combination with the observable changes and activations, there seemed to be opposing circumstances which happened during the exact same time the personal progress was occurring. It was as though some variety of negative influence had been watching the success of various light-workers. Perhaps they saw our present progress toward global liberation and possibly anticipated future progress. This may have led them to attempt to stop the changes from continuing. If this is true, the plan does not appear to have worked, but there did appear to be opposition on many levels.

According to observation, this standard of duality does appear to be part of the universal standard of operation. At every level of scale, we have opposing expressions of energy in that every energetic system has a way of balancing itself. Every up has a potential down. Every high has its opposing low. Positive has negative, hot has cold, and every star has its balancing singularity. This principle of duality can also apply to spiritual/energetic growth and evolution.

Without the challenging oppositions to growth, we do not have the opportunity to build integrity as we grow. We may have growth, but without obstacles, we would not have the tenacity to endure all of the challenges which may befall us following the progress. In this way, we may consider the fact that apparent opposition is not an entirely destructive thing.

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In a significant way, the opposition we have had could be considered assistance in our upward trajectory. Though destructive behavior is not at all preferable for most people, it does exist in the world. We can either fear it and potentially hate those who choose it, or we can use that potential destructive intent toward our growth and expansion.

With the opportunity for growth, connection, and expansion may come potential obstacles to our growth. However, these obstacles appear to be helping in the overall progress of the reported activation.

Many times in life, we are presented opportunities which seem to be answers to our prayers. However, preceding our success with these opportunities, we may experience a sort of trial period during which our resolve and determination are tested—seemingly to their fullest extent. We may think of this trial period as our right of passage or a means for us to prove to the universe and to ourselves that we have truly reached the level of mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic maturity to handle the change responsibly.

After we have passed this test, we have confidence that we may handle the new change with the responsibility and integrity necessary to benefit other souls and the planet as a whole.

We may keep these possibilities in mind as we read the brief update from Cobra, and consider the potential impact of a massive simultaneous activation event for thousands of souls on the planet.


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Source: 2012 Portal

Published: May 4, 2018

By: Cobra

Firing the Grid

The Pleiadians have communicated that this short message needs to be relayed to the surface population.

The Pleiadian Fleet is now utilizing AN conversion to start spiritually and energetically activating certain key members of the surface population in full alignment with their Soul free will.

The purpose of this activation needs to remain classified for now.

This activation may include visions, lucid dreams, kundalini awakenings and rapid transformation of belief systems.

If you are experiencing such an activation, stay calm and do not act impulsively, especially in your close personal relationships.

Victory of the Light!

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