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UPDATE Plus CORRECTION - Secret Space and ET Federation with Corey Goode and Jimmy Church - Video, Links and Commentary

There have been some very interesting developments on the surface of our planet lately. According to reports, the developments off planet are just as, if not even more, interesting than what we are seeing Earth-side.
If we have read and examined the recent update written by David Wilcock and Corey Goode, we will know the possibilities of how interesting things might be at present within the various secret space programs. To add, the interviews which corresponded to this update seemed to be equally thought-provoking as the update itself.

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[UPDATE]: As you may have noticed, the video from this episode of Coast to Coast appears to keep switching from being available to being unavailable to view on YouTube. This seems strange, as I assume that Jimmy Church would have every permission to post this video on YouTube, seeing that he is a co-host for the show.

It is unclear whether or not YouTube is attempting to censor the video, but as things appear, the episode has been uploaded at least three times, but keeps being flagged as a copyright violation. Whatever the explanation might be, the video appears to be available on at least one other YouTube channel. The strange part is that this YouTube channel does not appear to have the same issues as the original Coast to Coast video. The video remains untouched on other channels.

We have updated the link below.

[CORRECTION]: In the last posting of this commentary, there was one sentence that did not line up with the point intended. This was one of the statements regarding Corey Goode's testimony about his experiences in Inner Earth and the information he claimed to have received from the Anshar group.
To correct the previous error, Goode did not say that Sitchen's work was perfect. His claim was that these translations were contrived to some extent. Also, to add to this correction, the episode in which these statements were made was titled, Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth – The Library, not the episode Into the Hall of Records, as previously stated. Here is the dialog from Inner Earth – The Library.

CG: And she brought out a-- she went and then came back with a book that was a dictionary, that was an ancient Sumerian dictionary. She says we have one very similar. It was-- she said, ours has-- it's a dictionary, a complete Sumerian dictionary that has two different languages-- I think Akkadian and Sumerian, or I can't exactly remember-- that is a dictionary for every ancient Sumerian word, what it means. They tell us, the scribes tell us in their own words.
Their book--
DW: This is sort of similar to the Rosetta Stone, which is what allowed people to crack a lot of these ancient languages in the first place. Because it was the same words in, like, three or four different languages.
CG: Right. And we've had this, supposedly, on the surface for I don't know how long, that our mainstream scholars use.
CG: But her book had three languages. The dictionary had three languages. It included her language, the proto or pre-language.
DW: So she brings out this dictionary. Was it an unusually large book?
CG: It was a very large book.
CG: And we didn't really-- she just showed it to me. And I looked at it, looked at some of the symbols, the writing. We really didn't flip around it because I didn't understand what it said anyway.
CG: And she began to tell me a story that made me a little uncomfortable in the beginning, about the story of the Anunnaki, the ancient Sumeria, and the current narrative that many in Ufology and believers in ancient aliens subscribe to. And she went on to talk about how all of the information-- and she pointed up to Zecharia Sitchin's books. She said all of the information in those books is pretty much contrived. She said, you cannot take those books, and you cannot go into a ancient Sumerian tablet, to the tablets and texts, and do translations and get what is said in those books.
And she asked me-- she said, do you know what Anunnaki means? And I said, well, I've been told, and I've read, that it's a catchall term that just means "extraterrestrial." It can mean any group that comes from the sky.
And she said, the root of the word means "royal seed." And I was like, OK, I can't dispute that. I can't-- how do you argue or dispute that? I was like, OK, I'll just listen.

And she went on to describe that there was a secret society that had put out this narrative, very cleverly, to make an elitist religion, to take an elitist religion from the surface and put it into the esoteric community.
DW: Wow. This is really mind-blowing, and I feel like I gotta add something here. When I went to college, I had a buddy who ended up living in a boarding house with me after I graduated. And we'll call him Antonio. It's not his real name.
He was from Spain. Here's the thing I have never said before, OK? He was personal friends with Zecharia Sitchin. He told me that he talked to Zecharia in person, and Zecharia told him that he was told what to write in the books by these Illuminati. None of it was really based on research. It was all contrived. Now, I've never shared that before, and this is blowing my mind, that she's telling you the same things. Very interesting.

To restate, my own commentary read that Goode said that Sitchen's translations were perfect. However, Goode never stated this, but stated the opposite. The way in which the error in the commentary was stated may have confused a few readers, and hopefully this update will clear that confusion up.

What is particularly strange is that I knew the point being made by the actual episode, but for some reason, typed the opposite. What is also strange is that I do not remember typing that sentence or noticing its presence in the commentary at all. This is not to defer responsibility, however.
There has already been more than enough confusion perpetrated by the group known as the Dark Alliance on these subjects. Consequently, in my view, there is no room for such errors. However, if the confusion caused you the reader to search deeper into the matter and find the accurate statements for yourself, it is for the better.

We strive for excellence here on DTM, and try to communicate as clearly as possible. If there is ever a statement that you feel needs further clarity, or if you happen to see a typo here or there, feel free to email us or post it in the comments below.

[End of Update]

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As we may know by now, this interview hit a few snags the first time around, with regard to Corey's health. However, David Wilcock and Jimmy Church covered the task like true professional improv musicians. The show went off without a hitch, and not only were we the audience surprised at how the smooth the last-minute change was, but it sounded as though Wilcock and Church were equally surprised.

The interview with Corey himself was just as interesting as the one which David Wilcock covered. However, Corey's interview was more focused upon specific aspects of the story as well as answering listener questions. This allowed us to receive greater details from Goode which the time-frame of the previous coverage did not allow.
In contrast, the interview with Wilcock gave more of an overall perspective on the pertinent update. Personally, I found both interesting, though I would definitely recommend investing the time to read the entire update as well. It will definitely be worth it.

Original Links - YouTube - Coast To Coast AM

Dark Alliance

As we may remember, it was in 2015 when covert interests behind secrecy and partial disclosure began spreading fear propaganda on social media like never before. This was one of several predictions from Goode's sources which ended up coming to pass. After this, Corey predicted a ramp up in these efforts by the establishment to attack truth communities online, and we saw this take place as well.

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Then one or two more ramp-ups were predicted, and later came to pass. Finally, Corey predicted that the partial disclosure narrative was going to be pushed forward by the corporate media, and right on que (after a few months), the corporate media began their campaign of partial and soft disclosures en mass.

We may also remember when Goode shared that before the partial disclosure could take place, that covert interests needed to squelch any and all narratives that offered more information than the partial disclosure narrative. Only a few months afterward, we met the Dark Alliance.

Distorting Reality

Goode mentions the way negative interests typically cooped any and all positive imagery and symbolism that they can. They then flip the imagery and turn it into something negative and contrary to its original meaning. This is the exact same thing which the Dark Alliance has habitually demonstrated. For example, Corey has stated from the beginning that nothing he said was meant to be turned into a religion. He stated that he was not a guru and that he did not have all the answers, and yet D.A. has been religiously spreading the rumor that Corey is "starting a religion."

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Corey has told us about his inspiration from his Christian upbringing and how he has learned to energetically clear himself by invoking the name of Jesus (but also states that there are many other ways to do the same thing). However, the D.A. says he is a "Satanist."

Corey told us how he was outed against his will by untrustworthy people whom he originally trusted to keep his identity secret. This caused him to lose his I.T. career (as mainstream tech companies don't' typically allow outspoken UFO-truth advocates to access their data) and created the need to seek other means to support his family. Yet the D.A. said that he came forward simply to "get attention" and to "get rich." From these actions, it appears that there is nothing that this Dark Alliance won't demonize and criticize for the sake of further ad hominem (very similar to the Illuminati cult). However, those who value firsthand information and who know how to stay clear of empty gossip, these rumors will not effect their responsible and objective search for truth.

Recent Developments

The latest script being spread about Goode and all of those who frequent his material is a rehash of the old materialthat being that Goode is "spreading a religion" and is a "cult leader." Basically, the D.A. is claiming that everyone is a cult member who has appreciated Corey's efforts. The strange part about this rehash is that no interviews or questions are ever presented to those accused.

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When I was accused personally, my accuser was a complete stranger who knew nothing about my life at all. My day-to-day activities are a complete mystery to anyone online and I keep it that way. So there would not seem to be any logical reason for a stranger to dictate my own reality to me. In seems that in this way, the D.A. has deviated even farther from practical journalistic standards than they were before.

To my knowledge, I am not the only person who has supported Corey who has been treated this way. It strikes me as particularly unhealthy that this handful of people have turned to such low standards of conduct. In my experience, these individuals do not attempt to learn what is true before spreading rumors like wildfire.

Any Disclosure Could Be a Good Disclosure

The proposal that virtually any disclosure could open the door to greater revelations was somewhat surprising to hear at first. The goal of a full and complete disclosure has been an exclusive goal for many people in the truth community today.

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At first, the proposal that even a partial disclosure could be a positive step seemed like a significant change of pace. However, it does seem that any change which opens the door for truth even a fraction of the way could be tremendous for the sake of complete disclosure.

The reason this seems to make sense is that in order for humanity to be free, we must work together in unified efforts to free ourselves while disallowing any opposition to distract us from our collective goal of complete freedom. It makes sense that there would be a chance to still work together even though others do not make a conscious effort to work with us. There partial contribution may help to compliment our efforts, and the combination of our collective efforts could lead to complete breakthrough.

UFO Religions

It was Corey Goode who first helped to bring attention to the concerning issue of UFO religions. One of the first time he mentioned this was during the first episode of Cosmic Disclosure. Another significant instance when Goode stated this was after his reported visit into the Inner Earth: Into the Hall of Records of Inner Earth.

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During this episode of CD, Goode stated how some believed that the translations of Zecharia Sitchin of ancient Sumerian text were perfectly accurate. Goode claimed that these translations were largely fabricated by Sitchin who was being fed information from Illuminati interests. This was a difficult notion to digest for many, but it did allow many people to rethink their own belief systems which may have been dependent upon the notion of the Anunnaki and other ancient tales.

This is another strange part about the negative rumors being spread about Goode in these ways. It seems that Corey refuted most of these accusations before any of the critics were paying attention.

One of the major concerns created by the D.A. came from an article written by Dr. Michael Salla. The article was well-written and descriptive on the subject of a possible religious disclosure. This was one of the possible disclosures which Corey stated might take place.

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In my observation, the information from Goode about a possible religious disclosure was stated objectively. It was not stated as a necessarily positive thing or a negative thing. With this recent goal of getting a foot in the door of disclosure, it would seem that any disclosure might be a good thing, granted the people did their part at forcing the establishment to tell the rest of the truth and to drop the religious agenda. This goal of collective personal involvement was one of the main points of Corey's original message. However, this detail was completely ignored by the Dark Alliance initially, and seems to remain a point of ignorance up to this day.

What Good Would Brainwashing Be?

Goode made an interesting point when he addressed the possibility of his being brainwashed. It has been clear that certain interests do not want him speaking. It has also been interesting to hear the responsible criticism of some of goods material. However, not much of this criticism has been very responsible.

Richard Dolan made a good point that much of what Goode says is difficult to evaluate scientifically. Yet at the same time, we know that there is much more to evaluation than science lends credence to. The fact is that we do not necessarily have to believe everything Goode or anyone else says. The choice of belief or disbelief is completely ours, and to my knowledge, there is no right answer as some may think.

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There is, however, a responsible and ethical means by which we can gain information. This method of gaining accurate information does, in fact, have a particular procedure. Many people choose to hold to this responsible standard, but some don't. Some don't care whether or not they are responsible or not, and this is their right as well.

So getting to the interesting point which Goode made, this was in reference to the illogical belief that he was brainwashed to share truth that various SSP interests did not want him to reveal. I would add to this argument that if the Reptilians could not communicate with the positive SSP (as stated in the recent interview with David Wilcock and Jimmy Church), then the Draco, the SSP, and multiple Earth interests could not harm Goode in any way unless they wanted to receive retaliation from all three parties.

This is not to say that I think Goode is "on the side" of the Draco, but to make the point that they are merely one of many parties that consider Corey's connection with other groups to be advantageous to them. This may have been why Goode was such an effective distraction for the combative Draco in the tank on the Mayan ship.

Disclosure Beyond Belief

The bottom line seems to be that it does not matter what our individual beliefs are. As long as we are able to maintain focus and ensure that the entirety of the truth comes forward as, this seems to be the best course of action, whatever our beliefs may be. By our diligence, personal integrity, and responsibility, all paths may lead to a full and complete disclosure. My hope is that we embody each of these traits in the coming days and weeks, as it seems that disclosure is not far off.
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