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Sphere-Being Alliance - The Mandela Effect, Merging Timelines and Ancient Aliens from the Future - Commentary and Links Included

The concept of time is one which many of us think we understand. We look at the clock, read what we see, and note how much longer we have to get to the next task on our schedule. Yet how often do we stop and truly consider what time actually is?

"Time is an illusion."  "There is no time." "Time is on my side, yes it is," claim several song lyrics and philosophers, but what were these lyrics referring to?

Throughout history, we have had sun dials, hour glasses, and massive grandfather clocks to help us schedule our life experience. Along with these tools, humans have devised hundreds and possibly thousands of calendars over the centuries to assist with agricultural cycles, astronomical and astrological readings, and predictions in relation to cosmic events.

It appears that the understanding of cyclic norms within our galaxy have been some of the greatest accomplishments of ancient civilizations on Earth. Though these developments were said to have been brought by various, advanced ET groups who gifted humanity with these and much more, these advancements changed the way in which humankind lived. Yet even still, throughout history and in our present, there is this lack of understanding of the concept of time.

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As things appear, we don't actually need this concept of time at all.

It is possible that the concept we call time was devised to assist the hyper-busy schedule most people endure on any given day in modern society. If the establishment wanted its people/slaves to work a hard day and to be productive, they may have introduced the concept of time as a sort of psychological drum beat by which the slaves could pace themselves. However, this is only a guess.

This seems to have been the case in past centuries. However, at present, it appears that humanity is beginning to free itself and is redefining society from the ground up.

What we seem to find when we truly stop and consider the concept is that time and space are one and the same substance. This substance is not fixed or rigid as we have been taught to believe. It appears to be flexible, malleable, and almost fluid at times. In fact, much of the new theories of astral and quantum physics are finding that spacetime is a fluid, and is the foundation for all matter and energetic transfer in the universe.

To add, the observer effect has proven that we as conscious beings have the ability to affect matter and energy simply by observing an object or process take place. If our consciousness has the ability to affect physical matter in measurable ways, what might this mean?

If I had to speculate, I would say that just as science has found that space and time are one and the same, that this spacetime is a fluid, multidimensional substance in which everything in our universe is suspended. From a perspective of higher consciousness, spacetime could be described as the universal playground of consciousness.  Within this substance a conscious being could have any experience they chose at any given moment. They could manipulate space, time and matter in any way they chose. This may actually be the case at our present moment, according to the discover of the observer effect. The only reason we might appear to be limited in this playground is because our collective consciousness has been controlled and limited from reaching its true potential of creation.

In short, we have been manipulated to create our own limitation.

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So getting back to the question of time... Let us consider that time, as it truly is, has the ability to sort of shift gears without us noticing. When the collective consciousness is divided and creates two different experiences simultaneously, it can be confusing to us as apparently limited humans in a supposedly limited society. To digest this point a little farther, when our collective mind is divided, we may actually create two different realities. These realities could also be described as separate timelines, and as these timelines interact, they can cause confusion among the population.

We as a collective have not become fully aware of our potential of limitless creative ability. Consequently, we are often surprised to see multiple realities existing in the same space and time. However, if the observer effect functions on a macroscopic scale, our collective consciousness could actually be steering the nature of reality on our planet. In my view, it very much is.

The following exploration by Corey Goode gives an interesting, real-world look into the concept of timelines and the Mandela effect. Within it, Corey makes a strong point that our reality is much more complex and more flexible than we might presently be aware.

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Source: Sphere Being Alliance

Published: April 20, 2017

By: Corey Goode


The message for humanity is that – and it's the tenet of many religions – is that we need to become more loving, we need to become forgiving of ourselves and forgiving of others, thus stopping the Wheel of Karma.

We need to focus on becoming more service to others on a daily basis. And we need to focus on raising our vibration and our consciousness.


Of course, we're talking about the Mandela Effect and optimal temporal reality, or optimal timeline.
What is the Mandela Effect?

What is the Mandela Effect? Raise your hand if you do not know? I'm sure pretty much everyone here . . . a lot of people know. Okay.

In 2013, Nelson Mandela dies and it's announced, and thousands and thousands of people across the country were pretty confused. And I was one of them, because I remember Nelson Mandela being announced dying in prison years before.

Anyone here remember that? Okay, a small number. Okay.

And raise your hand if you remember Nelson Mandela actually dying in 2013 and don't remember hearing about him dying in prison. Interesting. Okay.

Millions of people have reported the phenomenon, and I've noticed it myself.

Mandela Effect, Merging Timelines & Acient Aliens from the Future - Corey Goode

What are the Theories?

What are the different theories of what's occurring?

Are we experiencing alternate realities? Is there something occurring like CERN that is splitting space-time or causing a strange merging of other realities?

And are we having false memories?

Psychologists and psychiatrists have used Occam's razor, which we hear all the time, and stated the most likely scenario is that people are having false memories, which is . . . they need to explain why a certain number of the population are having the exact same false memory.

Are they the effects of time travel?

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Now, I think we've all heard of the different programs where people travel back in time. That went on for some time, (smile) but they realized that they were fracturing space-time and the current timeline.

So they started going back trying to fix those problems, causing more problems.

And finally, a non-terrestrial group visited us and told us that we needed to stop messing around going back in time because time was elastic, and just like space, it'll snap back together.

And that could explain some of the things that we see with the Mandela Effect.

And, of course, the psychologists say it's an effect of confabulation, a clinical term for memory defects.

We picked out a few examples. There were hundreds of examples online. We picked out a few that I actually experienced.

Raise your hand if you remember it being “Oscar Meyer” with an 'e'. Okay. That's what I remember. Now, it's “Oscar Mayer”.

And we did some research. There has been changes in marketing and that kind of a thing, but you look back at old commercials, you cannot find commercials or ads in the 'old' configuration.

Of course, I remember “Sex in the City”. I mean, that's the show that was on all the time. I remember that.

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Raise your hand if you remember it as “Sex and the City”. I mean, that blows my mind.

I mean, little things. Do you remember him having a monocle? Yeah?

If you don't remember him having a monocle, raise your hand. Okay.

And, of course, the one everyone talks about “The Berenstain Bears”. Yes, I remember it as “The Berenstein Bears”, and now it's “Berenstain Bears”.

And the Kit-Kat bar. How many people remember the dash in the middle of Kit-Kat? Yeah.

How many don't remember it ever being there? I mean, the person next to you that raised their hand when you didn't, are they from a different timeline? You know, are you from a different timeline?

Or do one of the two of you have a memory defect?

This is the one I had the hardest problem with when I actually watched it, because I remember “Luke, I am your father”. I remember comedians using it. I remember it being “Luke, I'm your father”.

And when I watched it again, and it said, “No, I am your father”, I was heavily puzzled.

Does anyone here not remember it being “Luke, I am your father”? Okay, so that's universally strange.

And, of course, “Field of Dreams”, “If you build it, HE will come”. That was used in a lot of comedy routines – sitcoms would repeat that. Now, if you watch the movie it's “If you build it, THEY will come”.

Some people have researched it and talked to the original screenwriters and people involved with the movie, and the people are baffled. They say, “No, it was always 'they will come'”.

How did Ra Tier Eir Explain the Effect?

How did Ra Teir Eir explain this effect? As I mentioned on Cosmic Disclosure, I was shown kind of a curtain of . . . it looked almost like crystalline rods all lined up perpendicular, and they were kind of turning. And as they were turning, I was seeing all these different scenes that would become blurry and then become crystal clear – strange things like nuclear bombs going off in a large city in the United States, dirty bombs going off, a meteor hitting the ocean.

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I asked what I was seeing, and Tier Eir said that there has been a merging of timelines.

It's occurring from a number of different things, the energetic changes that are occurring in our solar system. The mass consciousness is guiding these changes, and there is also indeed this almost elastic effect to space-time that begins to bring temporal realities collapsing them back in on each other.

So apparently, at one point we were all horrified at seeing a nuclear bomb going off in a city in the U.S., but something occurred in the Mandela Effect to where none of us remember it or experienced it.

So talking about these different commercials and products, that was a very small scale of the Mandela Effect.

It's happening on a large scale as well, and many people have no memory whatsoever of the different timeline.

Explain the Codependent Super Consciousness?

I was shown by Tier Eir what our super consciousness was, because I just wasn't getting it when he was trying to explain it. My third-density mind was not wrapping around it.

What he did is he basically pulled me out of my body, because there was no other way to view this. And as I was expanding, I was seeing all these different, I guess, souls that are alive now, you know, from humanity.

And as I started being pulled further and further away, each individual became almost like a pixel, and I saw this super being. And this super being had a very feminine energy about it. And it had a very traumatized energy about it, as though it had . . . It was related to me very much like a battered wife. It has PTSD.

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This is our super consciousness . . . is in this state.

Basically, what was related to me is that different groups like the Reptilians, they have a codependent relationship with us to where they are the abusers. They are supposed to be learning through this process as well - their super consciousness.

And then we have the super consciousness of other non-terrestrial races that are like the neighbor next door that intervenes when domestic violence occurs.

That was a difficult concept for me to understand to be honest that we're existing, making decisions and experiencing things on such a wide range of levels.

You know, the super consciousness is relying on each of us to get to where we need to be to help heal the PTSD and get it over the point to where it can start healing again. Apparently, it's not at that point yet.

Are Starseeds more able to witness the effect and why?

Are Starseeds more able to witness, or understand, the effect of the Mandela Effect? It seems that a lot of the people that are noticing these changes identify theirselves as starseeds. And we've been seeing starseeds activated like we've never seen before.

People contacting us very excited about their mission for the first time. Everyone around them is excited. I'm sure half of you, if not more, are . . . have a mission and are looking for a way to make sure that you can achieve that mission.

Raise your hand if you feel like you're here for a reason? You're on a mission.

What is the “Most Optimal Timeline”?

So what is the most optimal timeline? The most optimal timeline is what we see in all our different belief systems – this Ascension Event – becoming a fourth-density being and leaving behind all of the pain and hurt that we've held onto that's anchoring us to third density.
How Do We Navigate to the “Most Optimal Timeline”?

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The way we navigate to this optimal timeline is that we have to hit our missions with intent. It's time for us to come together, put aside all our different belief systems, understand that none of us has all the answers, no matter who is up on what stage, and that we're all looking for the same thing. We're looking for the Truth.

If we can come together under that flag, then no one can stop us.

Can Time Be Manipulated?

Can time be manipulated? It can and it has been manipulated. That was a major issue that was caused by our early programs, especially when we first . . . The torsion field drives that we had in the 1980s were the top of the line. But in the '90s, they developed temporal drives.

These temporal drives let them jump enormous distances in space-time, but when you're that far advanced in technology, if you're traveling in space, you're a time traveler too. You can travel back in time.

I've mentioned before it's very possible that our ancient aliens haven't even discovered us yet. They could in 2030 come flying up to our solar system, discover us and decide to start flying back in time and watch us evolve to where we are now.

These abilities . . . All of the most advanced beings have that ability. They can travel through time as easily as they can space.

What is the Co-Creative Consciousness?

What is the co-creative consciousness? The co-creative consciousness is something that we have naturally that The-Powers-That-Be want to keep us ignorant of.

They use our co-creative consciousness as their black magic. They will plant a seed in our co-creative consciousness and then usually what catalyzes that seed is emotion. They'll do a false flag. Or they'll have a media event that will cause people to have a strong emotion that will catalyze the seed that they had planted.

So they are basically tricking us into using our own powers against us.

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If we learn to use our co-creative consciousness, it's over for them. That's why they keep this group of people here. They use divide and conquer to keep us at each other's throats debating all of our different belief systems.

There's a reason for that. We're a major danger to them.

Roger: We've got a question here, Corey.

Tanya: Hi, my name is Tanya. What you just said about that described exactly what I thought I read about when Mandela died, or supposedly died in prison. The-Powers-That-Be, and I don't know that much about politics, but, you know, down in Africa they were concerned about the mass uniting and supporting and getting too much personal power from Mandela.

So they put that lie out that he died to break the momentum and to break their connection with Mandela to control the people so that when he actually got out and died that upward spiral of energy that they were having in their connection with him was broken.

And then he came out and it sort of like . . . the momentum fizzled a little bit. And then he just went on and lived his life.

Corey: I'd heard that too, but I'd also heard that the people that have researched looking back at the media archives were unable to find any of the announcements of his death.

Tanya: I saw the announcement of his death, and I . . .

Corey: If you could find any archives, that would . . .

Tanya: I intuitively knew it was a lie, so I went looking for the information, and intuitively I knew somebody put it out as bullshit. But anyway, my other question for you was, who is Ra? Yeah, who is that?

Corey: Who is what?

Tanya: Ra.

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Corey: Oh, Ra Tier Eir. Raise your hand if you watch “Cosmic Disclosure”. Raise your hand if you don't watch “Cosmic Disclosure”. (Laughter) Okay.

Have you heard of the Blue Avians? Okay. Ra Tier Eir is the one that interfaces with me the most. He's one of the Blue Avians.

Question: Hi, Corey.

Corey: Hello.

Question: I have a question going back to what you said about feeling like the energy was a battered wife, or, you know, battered wife syndrome.

And what came to me to ask is, is that Mother Earth? Would that be the energy that we're all experiencing?

Corey: That's a good question. On the level that I was shown, this was not Gaia. This was not Mother Earth. This was the mass consciousness of human beings, not animals, minerals, the spirit of Gaia. It wasn't any of that. It was just the mass consciousness of human beings here on Earth.

Roger: Okay, one more question here and then we'll move on.

Question: Could you explain what “starseed” means?

Corey: Yes, there are a number of terms for “starseed”, but a starseed is a person who took on a mission. Basically, you could be a different non-terrestrial group, a different higher-density group, and you make some sort of a soul contract agreement to come and incarnate here on Earth for a mission.

I would imagine almost everyone here is exactly a starseed. Raise your hand if you think you're a starseed.

The ones who didn't, you're probably a starseed or you wouldn't be here. (Laughter)

I'm going to move on. Are you all liking this format? (YES!) Okay. We're trying out a few different formats. We thought we would try this one. It seems to be working out.

How is our Co-Creative Consciousness used against us?

How is our co-creative consciousness used against us? I discussed that with the black magic the Cabal uses. They'll maybe have a movie about a large earthquake or terrorist event, and then they'll have a false flag. And then our co-creative consciousness will make it possible for something larger to occur.

There are a lot of different levels that they use it at. I'm sure many of you are familiar with how black magic is used and how much consciousness plays into it.

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How do we give consent to use our Co-Creative Consciousness against us?

Raise your hand if you consented to be a free-range slave. (Laughter) Nobody? I don't remember that either.

How did we give consent to those who use our co-creative consciousness against us? Well, one of the biggest ways is through apathy – lack of action, lack of standing up and fighting back. Many of us are primed to do that and are already doing that.

All of those who are asleep, the vast majority of this mass consciousness that we are talking about, this mass consciousness being, they are steering the ship right now. But as you know, a small rudder can change the course of a ship.

A small number of people who claim the power of our co-creative consciousness and begin to demand that suppressed technologies are released, that's how we're going to make things happen. We're not going to have someone come and make an announcement on the news, or a government official.

We're going to have to demand it and get out, protest, do the mass meditations. It's time for us to come together and work on this.

Do you agree? (Yes! Applause.)

How do we stop the highjacking of our Co-Creative Consciousness?

And, of course, how we stop this hijacking of our co-creative consciousness is being aware of what they are doing.

Now that you're aware, and you were probably already aware, but if we can make other people aware of what's going on, the tactics won't work.

Question: How are you doing? What was my question? Go back one slide. I actually forgot. I just need to see it.

Oh, what do we do about the psychotronics? In my experience of learning about this, I've run into, after learning things, being heavily triggered, my friends and whatever, and it seems to me . . . myself, most of the time if I'm aware of who I am, whatever, I can kind of counter it now.

But for those that don't know it, and most people don't, it is so . . . Well, people don't know this is even possible for this to be happening. And it seems like it needs to be stopped but maybe not by us. Maybe we do need help with it. Do you have any opinion on that?

Corey: Psychotronics?

Question: Psychotronic mind control . . . the technical mind control.

Corey: Will, there are many levels of it. There are advanced ET craft in orbit that also use relays on Earth that have a giant grid to suppress our consciousness and basically it's mind control.

We have social mind control – all these different social norms, that if you don't want your people breeding outside of your race, then you make up all these social rules for them. Well, that's a type of mind control.

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Every single one of us is on some level of mind control, no matter how awake we are.

But for us to finally break these tools that are being used against us, it's very difficult to defend against them, if not impossible. It's almost impossible.

So it's going to have to come to a tipping point to where we have some sort of revolution, not a violent one, but one that is a revolution of ideas, and people getting out like I was just saying to basically topple The-Powers-That-Be.

Until then, I've seen these technologies used . . . you really can't protect yourself once you've been targeted.

Basically, what I've been told is to get off our knees, to stop looking for someone else to solve our problems and saving us. We've contributed to the problem so we're going to have to contribute to the solution. (Applause) Yeah.

Each of us . . . We are the savior that we've been waiting for. (Applause) And the only thing you've been waiting for now is for us to claim that power as sovereign human beings. One more? Okay.

Question: So for this co-creative consciousness, and I feel like there's a tipping point, like a number. Do we know of a number that makes, from mass consciousness to our power as the co-creators in this room and the starseeds that are here, is there a number that we're looking for to hit? How many people can we impact to make that ripple effect happen and then shift so that the mass consciousness that's there now is now in this co-creative consciousness in a positive way?

Corey: You just beautifully set me up for the “100th Monkey Effect”. Thank you.

What is the “100th Monkey Effect” and how can that be a tool for change?

Exactly what she was asking. The 100th Monkey Effect, and I can't cite it verbatim for you, but it was a study that . . . They observed apes, or monkeys of some sort, that began to use tools, certain tools, and using them in a certain way. And they'd never seen them doing this before.

Well, people that were observing them many miles away, separated by ocean even, I believe on islands, about the exact same time, the same species started using the same tools in the same way.

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And they're trying to reconcile how did that happen? Is there some sort of connection with all of their consciousness to where information flows back and forth on a level that they're not aware of, and, of course, we're not aware of.

Well, those of us in the room would say, “Absolutely, yes, that's occurring.”

Does that answer your question? Okay.

I borrowed David Wilcock's clicker, and I think it's as old as he's been doing presentations. (Laughter)

What is the “Observer Effect” and why is this being hidden from the public?

What is the 'observer effect'? One of the things that you don't hear talked about very often in science is that if you observe an experiment, you can change the outcome or have an effect on the outcome of that experiment. They've done a lot of studies on this.

That is a hint. And the reason I'm telling [you] about that is that is a major hint that our co-creative consciousness has an effect on time, space and matter. We can manifest things.

The more we have an understanding of that, and the more we come together, as a group we can manifest things.

And that's also how such a small number of people can manifest the most optimal temporal reality.

We're the people that can do it if we get together.

How can mass meditation and focused intent change the world?

How can mass meditation and focused intent change the world? Everyone here, I'm sure, is aware of all the different mass meditation groups. We definitely need to get all those together focused on one single intent.

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There have been studies that showed that . . . There was one study that showed a bunch of people got together and meditated on lowering crime, and crime lowered.

There have been studies that show, in addition to the observer effect, that we have an effect on the world around us. It can be a positive one, it can be a neutral one, or it can be a negative one. It's up to us to choose that.

And if we focus all of our intent on the same outcome, that's the reality we'll move into.

In what ways are Starseeds activating right now?

In what ways are starseeds activating now? I stated earlier, I've seen more excitement in more people's eyes recently about their personal missions than I think I've ever seen in my life.

Raise your hand if in the last year, especially, you've become more empowered and have felt this urgent need to focus on your mission. Yeah, that's . . .

And it's not just people getting excited because they heard a new idea of concept. This is occurring with people from a wide spectrum of different belief systems.

Question: Hi, Corey. I'm kind of new to following what you've been doing on Cosmic Disclosure. And how do you tell if you are a starseed and what you're mission would be? How do you discover that or find that information?

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Corey: Usually, that occurs in your awakening process. I hope my wife doesn't mind me bringing up her . . .

Right before I started to talk to David Wilcock and come out publicly with this information, I had never told Stacy any of this.

She had, of course, observed things like me calling out at night and hearing weird things, but nothing of this extent.

At the time, if I would have told her, she would have taken her two kids and moved to Missouri. (Laughter) Yeah.

Right when I was getting to a point to where I had to start talking about it, I was guided to get a book. It's “How to Change the Habit of Being Yourself”. What's his . . . Joe Dispenza? Dr. Joe Dispenza, yeah. “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”. I felt guided to get the book. I never read it, but Stacy read it.

At some point through the book, she started . . . All of this information started hitting her, and she started freaking out. And she came to me, and she was like, “What's happening?”

I told her, “You're having a download. It's okay. Just sit back and enjoy.” (Laughter)

So she kicked back, and it was very quickly after that that I was able to start telling her all of these different details in a way that I knew she wasn't going to flip out on me.

It's within that awakening process that she realized that she had a mission, and that she was a starseed.

If you're getting to a point in your awakening, if you've been asleep for a long time, and you're starting to feel like you have a mission, you're being drawn here, then you're a starseed. But for you to feel it yourself, it's going to take a little bit further in your journey before you can see the different signs and have the validations that you need. That's my humble opinion. I'm no expert on that, of course.

Roger: We'll do one more question here and then we'll go on.

Question: Hi, Corey. Thank you for your thoughts. Is there any way that we can go back to a lecture point and you can tell us more about the Sphere Alliance and about the Avians? I'm very impressed by your ability to all of a sudden be a messenger of humanity to all these other beings.

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Can you please elaborate more on that subject? Thank you.

Corey: Okay. I'll give a brief version. I was first contacted by the Blue Avians through dreams. It was one of those things that you knew was not a dream. Tier Eir appeared and was doing hand signals, and there was no communication that I was aware of.

And I woke up from this dream, and I remember that I was a little bit disturbed because I knew it wasn't a dream. I didn't know if someone was manipulating me.

As Roger and my team can tell you, I don't go in doe-eyed with everything. I challenge things.

So I was worried. I knew of the technologies that were out there that could manipulate people.

And finally, Tier Eir appeared in front of me in a physical form. When it was proposed to me that I would be up talking in front of a lot of people, or representing them in front of a large number of people, I was more than freaked out.

I'm an extreme introvert. I have a weak voice. I mean, I had all these excuses that I was offering up to why they should not ask me to do this job.

All I heard was, “It's of no consequence. It's of no consequence.” And they told me that I had agreed to do this at some point.

Since then, they have had me interface with them for a number of different beings, and they've been delivering or pushing me to deliver the Blue Avian message – the one of become more loving, more service-to-others on a daily basis, to forgive those who've hurt us, and, biggest of all, forgive ourselves. And by doing this, we'll stop the Wheel of Karma, and we'll have an opportunity to have this consciousness renaissance that other beings in our local star cluster have reached. It's our turn.

Are there any other questions before I move on, or is that it? Okay, one more.

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Question: Hi, Corey. My name is Josher. She started off introducing you by saying you were an empath and you started this path at an early age, or at least being prepared to interact with different beings. Was there a practice that you had to, as a sovereign being, to protect your mind and your heart when interfacing with different entities?

And would that practice be applicable, sort of, on a broader scale?

Corey: Yeah, I lot of times you'll see people offering some sort of broad stroke way to protect yourselves. One of the things that . . . before they taught us a certain method to protect ourselves, they basically profiled us.

Each person were very different in personality types. Our belief systems play into it, what you believe is possible. There are a lot of things that play into the type of defense that will work for you.

With me, when I felt attacked, I was basically putting a torsion field vortex around myself and mentally pulling each end, and it would snap together in the middle. That would . . . It was somehow sending some sort of . . . Something was happening on the ethereal level that gave me protection. It caused feedback on those that were trying to harm me during interfacing. It could occur so quickly that you couldn't use those types of defenses.

Some of these beings were very evasive when they interfaced with you, and they used different ways of interfacing. Some of them . . . you hear your own inner-monologue voice. You'll hear things come like that, but others they will use flashes, memories of your life, smells that remind you of something, tastes. They'll use all of them together.

There are a lot of different ways that they can affect you, of course. But a lot of times it was just a crap shoot. You'd get what they call an etheric headache or hangover, basically, and it would be the worst migraine you'd ever had and they'd last three to five days and you'd just lay in bed.

That type of communication is occurring so quickly at light speed that there's really no reaction time to be able to defend yourself.

How can creativity and inspiration change the world?

So how can creativity and inspiration change the world? The group here at this expo [are] very creative people.

Now, if we can use media, music, art to plant seeds in the co-creative consciousness of the mass consciousness, we can begin to kick in that 100th Monkey Effect, but we can also prepare them for when they do start to hear some of these disclosures that are very difficult to hear.

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A lot of us want to believe Disclosure is going to be a Kumbaya moment, but it is going to be a traumatic . . . It's going to be one of the most traumatic things that ever happened to this planet. That's what Disclosure is going to be.

I've said before, all evolution occurs through stress. And this is going to be a major stressful evolution, but it's one that is far overdue.

So what can we do? If we put our talents into our arts, our media, our music, each one of us is on the front line and a soldier in this battle to affect the co-creative consciousness.

We have a lot more power than we've been led to believe.

What does 'United in the Community' mean?

What does 'United in the Community' mean? We don't have to agree on most things even. The only thing that we really need to agree on is that none of us have the answers, and that if we can unify this community, we can affect massive change.

I think we do have troublemakers out there that are always trying to stir up problems, but for the most part, I've never seen people more willing to work together. People that usually keep their work from each other, “This is mine. No, this is mine,” well, now they're sharing and they're working together.

We definitely need more unity.

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