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Sphere Being Alliance - The Distinction between Fear Mongering and Full Disclosure - Links and Commentary

Let me ask you a question. What is fear? We consider fear to be an emotion that is natural for any given animal/human to feel in an a potentially dangerous situation. But how often do we experience this fear when we are in no danger at all?

In modern society, our emotion of fear can be a tricky thing. We may not be running from ferocious carnivorous animals like our ancestors may have. We aren't scaling treacherous mountain passes on a daily basis, and we are not held at gunpoint every time we walk out of our door in the morning. I feel for anyone who may have to experience these things, but for the most part, with respect to actual physical danger, what do we truly have to fear?

When we read material online and we become afraid, what is it that makes us feel afraid? Is there some danger within the words? When we receive new information, does reality itself change in some way so as to put us in more danger after we read the information as compared to before? Forgive the numerous questions, but these are important points to consider given our unique juncture in the age of information and disclosure.
Today, information and revelation are commonplace. At the same time, so is misinformation (as is disinformation). However, for the most part, we are able to see the difference between these, granted we have the initiative and discipline to gain the knowledge necessary for doing so. Yet even as we acknowledge our present need to considering as much information as possible, we still have this associative fear response while studying certain topics.

Let's consider these things for a moment as we read this discussion by Corey Goode on his thoughts about fear and the need to conquer such emotions if we are to gain authentic truth.

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Source: Facebook - Blue Avians

Published: December 27, 2017

By: Corey Goode

What is the difference between "Fear Porn" and "Full Disclosure"? How can disclosure and truth be "fear porn"?I'm not talking about propaganda, I'm talking about the release of verified info such as the plans for an open war between the Alliance and Cabal Assets and Proxy Countries/Groups.
The most severely fearful info has not even been released to the public yet. If you consider this info "Fear Porn" you should prepare yourself for a "Fear Porn Fest" like no one has seen before as more of this corruption and human trafficking information comes out. Most of us understand that a Satanic Elite have been controlling the planet for thousands of years on behalf of a group of negative ET Races.

As more and more of this info is disclosed the general population is going to be in complete shock. The info that is going to come out is VERY fearful and upsetting. As stated, ALL EVOLUTION occurs through stress. Those of us with our heads in the sand and not wanted to hear any of the information that threatens "Our Truth" will be in the same camp as those asleep. 

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The truth IS extremely horrifying. Those who expect Disclosure to be a peaceful moment on the planet that matches up with our hundreds of different UFO religions are going to be very disappointed. None of our belief systems will not be verified by disclosure. 

We have to confront these horrifying truths and process them if we are ever to heal and move on as a species. Do not shy away from the dark disclosures that come out about our world. Process them and move on with the intention to expose and change these horrible truths. I say embrace the horror and transmute it into a new future for Humanity. More and more of these hard truths are going to be posted here in the coming weeks as the news breaks or my Intel Sources say I can release certain info. We want FULL DISCLOSURE NOW!!! No matter how rough it is for Humanity to go through. 

As the updates come out of recent meetings between the Blue Avians and the Super Federation and Council of Saturn (& Anshar) as well as the briefings Gonzales and I received from the SSP Alliance everyone will see how hopeful things actually are. The 22 Genetic experiments have been suspended and the participants (Positive ones) have been ordered to assist Humanity guide its own Genetic and Spiritual development free of covert ET interference. It is now Humanity's turn to stand up and liberate ourselves. Tear-Eir; "Get off of your Knee's... YOU are the ones you have been waiting for"! 

Have a Happy New Year!

May it be a year of FULL DISCLOSURE, warts and all! 

Corey Goode

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Personally, I can see why Corey considers the advent of disclosure to be difficult to handle. In many ways, it could be. However, I would like to leave open the possibility that there are ways to mitigate this fear and to come out of any shock of revelation with little detrimental effect.

It does seem reasonable that many people will experience significant fear (along with many other simultaneous emotions) upon receiving a full disclosure. However, I would invite us to consider the possibility that we as a species may gain enough self-awareness, enough maturity, and enough backbone to weather full disclosure without much issue. Anything is possible, I believe, though I imagine that this preparation would take a significant amount of effort.

Let's consider the concept of fear.

From a perspective of evolution, fear is believed by psychologists to be a physiological response to sudden and immediate stress. Our heart rate jumps up, our breathing quickens, and our adrenaline starts flowing. This is because the body is preparing to either fight off a dangerous attacker or to run in order to save life. Yet today, most of us feel fear even when no one is attacking or physically threatening us in any way. Why?

We could describe this instance of fear as a sort of anxiety related to our ideas of potentially hazardous situations. But why would we so quickly and so easily associate our reading material with danger or even death. We might consider this seemingly instant association normal, considering the copious amounts of propaganda we've been exposed to, but such a quick response does not seem to indicate a state of psychological health. This is the potential imbalance we are interested in.

The truth seems to be that throughout our lives, we have been conditioned by media to feel fear upon receiving certain types of information. This information, by itself, is not dangerous at all, yet it still has a way of invoking a fear response within us. Consider for a moment, the contents of the television commercials, news reports, and programming we have become accustomed to. In recent years, if we have paid attention, we may have noticed that the fear programming in these media have skyrocketed in the past few years.

Let's consider advertisements. In any given commercial, we are presented with an unpleasant situation of any given severity, and are then told that the situation could easily happen to us. We then believe the message and are coerced into a state of panic. Within this panicked state, we are unable to reason, and it is in this moment when the sales pitch is thrown at us.

Advertisers know exactly how to pull our strings to get us to buy what they want us to buy. Fear is actually a common tactic used to make psychological suggestion stick (though it should be noted that just because we feel fear does not mean we are being manipulated). This is due to the way which our fear response prevents us from thinking properly.

During the fight-or-flight response, blood flow is significantly diverted from the brain and is concentrated in the muscles. This prevents the individual from thinking properly when they are afraid, and this is why fearful people tend to do things they wouldn't normally do.

Fear programming in media can condition audience members to feel fear on command, and through the mental association that forms between the advertised situation and our own memories, our fear response can be catalyzed and expounded upon. It even seems that the more we watch corporate news and programming, the more we are prone to respond to the fear programming.

Even when we choose to give up to corporate media and begin our independent search for answers, we are still primed for this blind fear response. When we consider the proposed evolutionary intention of fear, this response does not seem to make much sense. Why would we be afraid of words on a screen?

In the moment when we read information we have never read before about situations we have never personally experienced, why do we become afraid? It is understandable if we have a general fear of the unknown. This fear may actually be a primal response to unfamiliar situation. It may be an adaptation designed to help us stay in areas that are familiar, generally safe, and predictable. When we venture away from our familiar territory, there is potential hazard, but there is also significant opportunity as well. If this is the case, the question becomes, "Why do we treat information as though it were territory?"

The truth is that most of us have lived relatively safe lives; we have not experienced the full extent of true fear. We may have experienced associated fear or relative fear to that which we have experienced in the past, but with regard to the fear of information, there is only the illusion or memory of danger.

This associated fear is still a significant emotion, and I do not intend to downplay our past experiences. My intention is to let us know that though this fear may be a challenge, it does little more than limit our knowledge of the world and universe around us. When we consider this, it becomes clear that it is not the information where the problem lies, but our own limiting thoughts thereabout that hold us captive.
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This fear of information does not save our lives as natural fear was intended to. In fact, I have trouble seeing any benefit at all to fearing the act of learning. If information is true, we benefit in learning it. If it includes both truth and falsehood, we have the opportunity to learn discernment. If it is false, why would there be any reason to fear it?

What is our response when presented with unfamiliar information? Do we know why we feel the way we do in these situations or are we still unfamiliar with our own behaviors?

I would encourage all of us to take responsibility for our emotions and to avoid blaming others for our personal emotional reactions. There is after all, no law that says that we have to respond to any situation with complete horror and dread. If we do have fear, there is nothing stopping us from taking control of our emotions in that moment and helping them to work toward our advantage and the advantage of those around us.

This does not mean placing ourselves in harm's way, but simply involves taking a second look at our lives, becoming aware of ourselves at a deeper level and truly disciplining ourselves to respond in the way we consciously choose to. In doing this, we become less manipulable to those who previously programmed us through television to be little more than good consumers. Once we achieve this discipline, our potential for learning and expanding in consciousness becomes boundless.
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