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Sphere-Being Alliance - Update for December 18, 2017 - Uniting Our Efforts to Encourage Greater Disclosures until Full Disclosure Is Achieved - Links and Commentary

Clearly, most of us are ready for Full Disclosure to take place. We may remember when we were first informed by David Wilcock and Corey Goode of the efforts of corporate media and interests behind the Air Force and CIA to push a partial-disclosure narrative instead of the entire truth. This intel was delivered during the Conscious Life Expo of February, 2016 and since then, we have continually seen accurate predictions come through Goode's intel.

From the predictions of escalation of soft disclosures in corporate media, to the efforts of covert interests to troll and misinform the truth community, we have seen the a progressive escalation of attempts to discredit the numerous efforts of Full Disclosure.

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It was uncanny how each of these predictions came to pass—suggesting that Goode is actually in contact with those who posses high-level intel on numerous fronts. It has also been interesting to see how desperate the CIA and covert interests have been in attempting to drive newcomers away from the truth community. The amount of smearing we have seen take place has reached insane levels—levels that none of us had expected to see. However, it has been quite reveling to see the tactics used in the various covert efforts to prevent the full truth from coming forward.

If we may have noticed, these tactics imitate those of the Project Blue Book cover-up almost exactly. (The debunkers of Project MJ12 also come to mind.) With a few exceptions, these smear efforts have all of the familiar methods of Blue Book and a number of other pseudo-studies performed by government interests. As we will recall, Project Blue Book was supposedly an investigation of UFO reports in the U.S. from the 1940s to the late 1960's. However, according to the confessions of its own operatives as well as numerous investigators, the reports from Blue Book were nothing more than a smokescreen designed to whitewash and discredit UFO cases and to convince the public to ignore the phenomenon altogether.

On the public side of Blue Book, there were no elements of professional investigation whatsoever. All of the authentic data which was gathered during the project—which actually supported the existence of UFOs as real and possibly extraterrestrial in origin—was classified and swept under the rug until now.

Now, in present day, we see what has appeared to be an "investigation" by certain people who claim to be professional journalists, but who only seem interested in making the subject (i.e., Corey Goode and Full Disclosure) look bad by any means necessary. It seems as though the exact same unethical, dishonest, and propagandistic tactics are being used in present day to convince the public to ignore Goode's testimony and the testimonies of multiple other whistleblowers, and to deflate the Full Disclosure movement. However, we see through this attempt—at least those of us who remember our history do.

This is not to say that Corey Goode is "perfect" or that he or anyone else should be "worshiped." In fact, one of the first thing which Goode stated was, "I am not a guru. I don't have all the answers." He also made clear that nothing he stated was intended to start anything close to a religion. To add, most of those I have seen reporting Goode testimony consistently reiterate the need for every individual to discern their own truth and to come to their own conclusion. By doing this, we can be better equipped to take responsibility for our life experience once we achieve complete freedom.

Every testimony from consistent sources needs to be thoroughly considered and investigated in order for us to attain the entire truth. If anyone attempts to convince us to ignore this data or that source, chances are their motives are not as honorable as we may think.

Full Disclosure is not—and has never been—a "religion." It is not a "cult" as the smear campaign likes to assert. There is no belief system attached (unless you count the belief that every human being deserves freedom and prosperity). Full Disclosure is not even a declaration, as I see it. It is a bold question that deserves an answer from every secretive, elitist institution on the planet that has kept humanity enslaved. As long as the method is peaceful, constructive, and life-honoring, every individual is in charge of his/her own way of demanding that complete disclosure takes place.

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It's true that some interests do not want the truth movement to succeed. They don't want us to unify and work together because when we do, it will be the end of their games forever. However, their destructive desires are irrelevant. The truth is coming forward at an ever quickening pace, and it is only a matter of time before the revelations are complete.


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Source: Facebook - BlueAvians

Published: December 18, 2017

By: Corey Goode

Update on its way! We have recently had a few articles that seem to edging us all closer to some type of disclosure. We are seeing MSM cover the Pentagon's study of UFO's as well as the announcement of an audit of the DOD (Which is actually the more important story). We may not have heard about the DOD UFO Project if an audit had not been ordered. The Alliance has decided that a Full Disclosure would be to traumatic and possibly destroy what is left of our civilization. This is something that we all obviously disagree with.

I say rip the bandaid off and let the healing begin! I am hearing a lot of chatter about more infighting in our community around the partial disclosure narrative. We have people like Tom Delonge coming in seemingly out of the blue to talk about disclosure. This has many in the community suspicious. While we all want a Full Disclosure, I think we should UNITE on getting any type of disclosure we can. I say we support De Longe and others as a first step towards unity. We can then stand firm and say "No, we KNOW there is more"!

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If the Alliance plans on a partial and slowly rolled out Disclosure, we can force that time table to speed up by holding them accountable. Once a little disclosure has occurred, many will already be wondering what else they are hiding. This partial disclosure is not only focused on UFO's. It is true that the Cabal/Deep State is wanting to use the disclosure of Aliens and the MIC SSP as a way to distract from the corruption and human trafficking information that is about to come out. For this community to force a Full Disclosure during the planned limited release of information, we will have to unite and work together!

In recent briefings I was given a little more info about the avalanche of sexual misconduct cases that are being exposed in Hollywood and DC. The large number of these cases coming to light are to not only begin cleaning the swamp but also begin to acclimate the public for news about human trafficking. I was recently in an 8 hour briefing where human trafficking was covered in gruesome detail. This information is so disturbing that the Alliance is working to gather as much evidence as possible to wrap up the secret grand juries that have been investigating.

The Alliance believes that if mass arrests occurred prior to this information coming out that the Deep State would be able to foment a civil war among the American People. What is occurring right now is "Mass Indictments"! As I stated in David Wilcocks recent article, many of these perpetrators are under house arrest and don't even know it. The Alliance has been infiltrating security details over the last few years. These security details have been coopted to secure the people they are protecting for prosecution if given the order.

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These grand juries are working very closely with Military Intelligence who has been investigating this matter for some time. The problem has been that with the Deep State in control, the Cabal would basically have to arrest itself. This briefing was so upsetting that I don't know if I will ever be the same. What they do with these children before and after they have perished is shocking and horrifying!

As a father, I can't even mention one or two of the data points I was given. I will be sharing the rest of this information in an article/update in the next couple of days. I am speaking with David Wilcock about doing a joint article with this information being so Epic! Stay tuned for more information.

TY, Corey Goode


Read more at: Facebook.com/BlueAvians

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This update seems to have some particularly encouraging information within it. If it is true that the Alliance is working for the safety of the people to these extents, this is a very good thing. According to some reports, the blackout in the Atlanta Airport was actually deliberately caused in order to thwart a potential false flag attack. If these details are accurate, it seems to corroborate with the information Corey shares.

On the subject of cooperation with certain partial disclosure advocates, I was initially resistant to the idea. Personalities such as Tom Delonge tend to concern me with regard to their motives for coming forward while having no extraordinary experiences with ETs or special access programs beforehand. How exactly does a rock artist gather so many former military and government operatives around him to deliver a message of disclosure?

Then I realized that no matter what, we are always able to ask pertinent questions. The importance of these inquiries is clear, and when the public sees officials refusing to answer these questions, the public may grow even more curious.

It is important, I believe to clarify what Goode is stating here, as in the past there was some confusion as to his words. Some previously thought that Corey somehow switched camps and that he was promoting partial disclosure in some way. I do not believe that is the case here. If I understand correctly, Corey is stating that we as a community may want to give Delonge a chance while keeping our own goals for disclosure in perspective.

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Though it might be a challenge to be heard by the same interests to which Delonge is speaking, it may be helpful to combine efforts with those who already have media attention. When this is achieved, we would then be able to gain the momentum necessary for the final push for full revelation. It is very possible that we can help benefit disclosure efforts with this greater level of unity. Who knows? Maybe Delonge will open his mind to greater possibilities when he is able to meet others from within the truth community.

In my own mind, full revelation of institutional secrecy is inevitable. There is no other option. Humanity deserves to know the truth that has kept us subservient to Cabal controllers for millennia of time. As I have stated in the past, if knowledge is power and the truth holds the power to set us free, then the revelation must be full in order for us to achieve complete freedom.

I am all for greater levels of unity in the truth community, and if combining forces even with proponents of partial disclosure can aid in the efforts of complete and total revelation, we might give it a chance.
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