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Possible New 20 & Back Whistleblower, Michael Gerloff - Video, Links, and Commentary

Since early 2016, there have been a number of individuals coming forward who've made detailed claims about what has come to be known as the Secret Space Program. Many of these individuals have given testimonies that are so extensive and so profound that it becomes virtually impossible for a person not to take notice.

These various testimonies do not seem to be average stories cooked up by science fiction authors. Rather, these accounts seem to have real substance, official documentation, and even show themselves—through the demeanor and consistency of the various whistleblowers offering them—to be authentic and genuine.

Many of these whistleblowers have produced documentation from their military service, have shown notable consistency in their accounts, and have even included medical and work records to help support their claims. To add, when we compare these independent testimonies to one another, the congruence is striking. The total contents of these disclosures seems to reveal a significant need for us to fully consider the possibilities included within them.

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Despite the need for our thorough consideration in pursuit truth, there seem to be a few people who apparently do not want audiences to give such considerations to new possibilities. As we have seen, an extensive effort to propagandistically attack individuals who speak about the SSP has been attempted by a small number of individuals. Though short lived, these efforts to smear and attack people for merely speaking have been somewhat of an annoyance in alternative communities online as well as in the real world. It was these attacks which helped to motivate one particular individual to add his own experiences to the public record.

It was at the 2017 Eclipse of Disclosure conference that I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Gerloff. The conversation was a pleasant surprise since I did not realize that other SSP experiencers would be willing to come forward and give their testimonies about the Secret Space Program. I asked Michael why he chose to come forward despite the difficulties other whistleblowers had faced. He stated (paraphrasing) that he saw how whistleblowers were being treated by certain people in the community and that he wanted to see more respect shown to these whistleblowers.

I can relate to the sentiment rather thoroughly, as many others seem to.  It is preferable that we show respect for others whether or not we completely agree with their perspective, I believe. It is also important to show this respect for others if we intend to be productive in reaching the truth.
Michael also shared that he actually brought documentation to the conference which proved the validity of much of his testimony, and was able to show these documents to a number of the attendees there. He shared that he hoped this evidence would help shed light on his forthcoming testimony and the testimony of other experiencers.

Here is the first interview with Dr. Michael Salla and Michael Gerloff.

Covert Recruitment into Space Marines "20 and Back" Program

This portion of the interview was the first of several forthcoming releases from Dr. Salla and Mr. Gerloff. The talks that follow become even more interesting as Michael's story progresses.

Michael Relfe

This testimony seems to add new dimension to the disclosures that have already come forward from others who claim to have served in the Secret Space Program. We may remember the testimony of Michael Relfe from 2016 and how Relfe served in the U.S. Navy for roughly three decades. During this time, Relfe claims to have had a very similar story to that of other SSP whistleblowers.

According to interviews, Relfe enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1976 and was secretly recruited into one of the secret space programs during his term. On record, he only has about eight years of military service. However, with the 20 & Back tour which he claims to have completed, Relfe may have at least 20 years of service—in addition to his eight years on record—to account for.

Randy Cramer

Similar to Michael Relfe's testimony, whistleblower Randy Cramer testifies to serving his own time in the SSP on Mars. According to Cramer's testimony, his 17-year term included his involvement in the super-soldier program in which he was expected to go on any mission as ordered and to kill anyone or anything he was order to kill. According to Cramer, many of these super soldier programs involve a person being genetically profiled and to some extent, engineered so that the subject could be best prepared for the missions they would be sent on throughout their service.

Laura Eisenhower

Laura Eisenhower is a unique individual with a number of extraordinary testimonies. She recounts her dealings with higher consciousness from an early age and always felt guided to modalities of health and natural wellness. She eventually found her way to energetic healing, organic food production, psychic reading, and public speaking.

Around the year 2012, Laura claims to have found herself under strange circumstances. During this time, she tells of how she was approached to be a member of an off-planet Martian colony. She refused this attempted recruitment, but due to the persistence and forceful treatment she received from certain parties, she endured physical and energetic harassment following her refusal to acquiesces to this mission to Mars.

Eventually, she was able to escape from many of these issues that made life difficult at the time. Following the ordeal, Laura chose to take on public speaking and to raise awareness about the reality behind the Mars mission and the numerous crimes against humanity which the Cabal has committed on and off planet.

Corey Goode

Corey Goode has become a well-known name within the truth community due to his willingness to come forward and share his experiences in the various levels of the SSP and his personal life. Goode is one of many people who have helped define a more involved approach to our collective pursuit for truth. He and others have not only spoken about the possibilities we have to discover on and off planet, but these individuals have also shown that it is very possible for people to work together even when their beliefs do not completely agree.

These developments in the truth community have helped shed new light on our collective potential in cooperation. Although a select handful of people attempted to silence, ridicule, and character attack Goode (and a few others), his testimony has had a profound impact on the perspective of audiences as to what we might expect from a complete disclosure event.

Goode claims to have served at least three different terms in the 20 & Back program. He also tells of his continued experiences of visitations and communications with non-terrestrial beings. These accounts seem to be somewhat regular for various people around the planet. However, Goode was one of the first to actually express a detailed and scientifically plausible experience to compliment his claims of off-planet activities.

I was interesting to learn of the possibility from Corey Goode's testimony that many ET abductions were actually related to an organized collection of ET scientific experiments. As Corey states, these ETs are experimenting with human DNA in order to assist the process of evolution in different ways.

Exopolitics - Secret Space Programs, Sphere Being Alliance & Corey Goode Testimony

William Tompkins

The testimonies of the late William Tompkins may be some of the most significant in our time. Tompkins is remembered as a well-known expereincer and operative in SSP operations. His testimony seems to have the ability to connect the dots between all of the other accounts of experiences in various secret space operations.

Tompkins was recruited into the U.S. Navy at the early age of 12 and worked for companies like Vultee Aircraft and Douglas Air Company. Tompkins also recounts working in a Douglas think tank in which he helped reverse engineer ET aircraft and technology, and designed carrier ships that were intended to travel in space. Since his career began, Tompkins' expertise seems to have consisted of ET aircraft and technical design as well as numerous other aerospace design work.

One of the most interesting aspects of Tompkins testimony, in my opinion, is his experience with reverse engineering ET aircraft designs by the Nazis during WWII. As he recounts, Tompkins worked to debrief American spies who gathered intel from Nazi territory. He then used their information to create images of the technology and aircraft the Germans had acquired from Reptilian ETs. Through these efforts, Tompkins assisted the Allied forces to compete with the technological advancement of the Nazis.

Later on in Tompkins' testimony, we learned that he may have been one of the major sources from which later secret space programs based their research and development. As stated, one of the roles that Tompkins claims to have played was to design Naval space carrier ships. These massive ships were designed to carry hundreds of smaller craft over distances throughout the solar system and beyond, and it was likely Tompkins' designs that allowed other whistleblowers to travel through space during their terms in the SSP.

Exopolitics - Secret Space Program Disclosures & False Flag Alien Events

Stay Tuned

We cannot say for certain what the entire truth is. Behind the illusion of that which we consider normal here on the surface, we may find a world that is completely beyond words. However, thanks to the brave people who have come forward to recount their personal experiences, we have that much more to consider regarding the possibilities of the forthcoming disclosures.
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