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The Benefits of Hardship – Exploring the Positive Side of Misfortune and the Limitless Worth of Our Collective Life Experience

“As we become more enlightened, as we know ourselves more, truly anything is possible. When you connect to your true self, then life is limitless and anything you can possibly imagine can be your reality.” - Yut

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When we have the courage to explore—when we truly learn the value of stillness and of unconditional gratitude for every situation we endure—only then can we truly appreciate life as it was intended to be appreciated. Within this appreciation, we have the discipline of self-responsibility as we endure the difficulties and enjoy the pleasures of our life experience.

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We have all experienced some level of consciousness awakening in our lives. These are experiences in which we realize that there are new dimensions and perspective to life which we did not realize existed previous to our awakening. These awakening experiences can vary significantly. They can come through major life changes, new curiosities, or new information. They can even come from the traumas and difficult situations we face.

My awakening experience was somewhat different than others I have heard. Early on, I was interested in many different subjects. I had spent the entirety of my life at that point being controlled within organized religion. Yet beyond this control system, there was not much I knew about life or the world around me. So naturally, the beginning of my awakening experience invoked quite a few questions.

I had quite a few interests and avenues of study to pursue. In fact, there were so many topics I wanted to study that I would go to the library and leave with a duffel bag stuffed full of books. I had such an enormous hunger for knowledge, seeing that I had been taught to remain ignorant and subservient for the majority of my life. Eventually, my appetite for knowledge exceeded my ability to ingest such massive amounts of information.

At that initial point, every aspect of my life was focused on detail-oriented research and information gathering. There was a desire to learn the truth about the world, but I later realized that my life was not moving in a direction that was conducive to further academic pursuits.

Among these issues, my health was deteriorating at a confusing pace. These concerns combined with my need to let go of my passion for learning left me at a loss.

This was a difficult adjustment for me because I was genuinely interested in learning. I had actually replaced organized religion with academic study, and within my particular religion, I was probably one of the most dedicated followers in the congregation (not at all to brag though). My point is that leaving organized religion left an emptiness where obsessive dedication once sat.

I felt as though learning was my purpose. It was my new-found reason for existing, and yet I was unable to continue. While facing this confusion, I had numerous other matters to tackle. My basic needs of survival took priority over everything else, and on any given day after dealing with these issues, I did not have much energy for studies.

After several years of inner work and a dark night experience that almost took my life, I found myself gaining back some of the hope that I had lost along the way. Ascending the ladder of progress and self-development, I found myself running a website, delivering the details of the world's mysteries to the people as best I could, but at the same time, I did not realize what made my own journey different from that of others. I was forced to leave so many of my former dreams and life passions behind in order to survive, which left me without much direction. In short, I hadn't the slightest clue how my contribution was important.

I had been through so much pain and difficulty and wondered why. I also wondered what my contribution to the awakening movement could be. “What made me unique among others, and what gift did I have to contribute in making the world a better place?” I would ask myself. There were actually several, but this was difficult to see at first.

I believe my unique contribution is appreciation. This is the appreciation for everything that I had to live without which I found others typically consider normal. This is a level of appreciation which many people don't reach simply because they are spared the level of suffering others are made to endure.

A key way to fully appreciate life beyond the material—beyond this tangible experience we have—is through tremendous suffering. In order to truly know and to value what a life is made of, one needs to see it taken apart piece by piece. Though this may seem harsh and graphic, there are those among us who lived it, and just as the pleasant experiences of life give us desired universal enlightenment, those that cause us pain are valuable in a way as well.

Of course we tend to feel great loss when that which is most valuable to us is taken from us or denied us altogether. It is a devastating experience to witness our lives dissected in front of us, but in this horrendous experience, we gain priceless knowledge. We learn to put a life back together again in a way which most people do not know.

We learn the priceless lesson of how to mend a broken soul and bring wholeness to those who have lost hope. We know the value of a healthy heart and mind after facing and mending the wounds of a lifetime.

After being brought within inches of our own mortality, we realize what it truly means to appreciate what we have. Additionally, we easily know what people generally need for their own growth and development because we experienced firsthand the lack of these attributes in the whole of our own life experience. Afterward (given we endure this difficulty), we have a new and rare appreciation for life and our universal experience as a whole.

And so those who endure this monumental suffering experience are gifted with a keen ability to provide for others. This is the ability to provide emotional support for people in a way that most people don't realize they need.

When I took special time to consider the extensive suffering I have endured in life, I gained a better understanding of the difference between lack and abundance. I realized through this juxtaposition of extremes that what I was searching for initially in information doesn't really need to come from information. I believed that information was the key, but the reality is that information is simply a conduit. This is a conduit to the vibratory familiarity which every soul seeks. Now what do I mean?

When we embark upon our search for higher truth and wisdom, we are actually searching for our own resonant frequency in which we feel most at home. This frequency brings us as individuals closest to Source. Most people don't realize this. They don't know why they are searching. They know that they are looking for truth in information, but they realize that not all information suites them. Not all information gives them what they need. It doesn't fulfill what it is they desire most.

The experience of searching can be a bit frustrating because when we first begin our search, we do so blindly. We are compelled in a certain direction, but don't understand the reason we are traveling in that particular direction. And so when we boil down one's search for answers and fulfillment, we realize that it is actually our own selves that we are searching for.

Though unconscious, this pursuit of evolutionary advancement is central to an individual's life, growth, and prosperity. This is the subconscious/unconscious effort to evolve—to look for one's resonant frequency. And many times, an individual will suffer along this path. This suffering is not intended to break the individual. On the contrary, it is an influx of the specific resonant frequency an individual needs in order to progress (at least in the current condition of this planet).

A person will look for one type of fulfillment through pleasant experience or the resonant frequency which makes them feel most comfortable and at home. There is another frequency which gives an individual the unpleasant sensations mentioned above. These are the sensations we have when we experience anger, sadness, pain, grief, or when we see another human being suffering

These frequencies when amplified in the energetic field of an individual, can be somewhat destructive to our sense of peace and harmony. However, when these stimuli are amplified, the individual has an opportunity to evolve.

I appreciate the ability to know what people need. The only way I was able to learn what I needed—whether consciously or subconsciously—was by going without it. Granted I had food, clothing, and a place to live, and relative health beyond that of a person dying in a hospital, but beyond these physical basics, there was severe lack. (I could go into detail that might make this explanation more comprehensive, but for now, I will spare the specifics.)

The experience of undergoing these stressors and difficulties in isolation gave me an appreciation for what a person actually needs. It's said that you don't know what you have until you lose it. On that same token, you don't realize what a person needs when you are denied it. It's only after a person is disillusioned and shown what they have been missing that their perspective changes completely.

After such revelations, life tends to have a new dimensionality to it. This experience of disillusionment is worlds different from the experience of most people who have not endured such lack.

You don't realize what you don't have until you see what other people do have. Granted this revelation brings the opportunity for envy of jealousy. However, these are not at all productive results of the disillusionment. So what is left is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and the overall appreciation for everything we do have.

Now, whenever these opportunities or privileges of life come my way, I can appreciate them in greater ways than I ever have, and more than anyone who might take them for granted.

Having learned all of the empty holes that an individual may have emotionally, we may then know how to give them what they need so that they can take their own journey to provide this support for themselves. I know how to give confidence, support, and how to show compassion in a way that other people may not. And so my suffering and lack of providence led to an abundance for others, and this is just one positive aspect of the benefit which many of us were able to gain.

Among the many different benefits which suffering can bring, there is an even higher purpose. We may base this explanation upon the spiritual concept that our universe consists of the two polar opposites of light and darkness—of positive and negative.

The nature of the polarity of light is that it is infinite, never-ending, and self-renewing. The dark/negative polarity could be described as a self-consuming void. The negative pole consumes itself and anything that comes too close. In the context of soul polarity, when pitted against each other in contest, light always triumphs. Darkness always falls.

Ultimately, there is no contest. Light, by nature, is infinite. It is a never-ending wellspring of creation. Darkness is a black hole with a hefty appetite and due to the fact that it cannot sustain itself, darkness gives way eventually, whereas light always endures. This difference only manifests after extensive contest, however. Darkness may last thousands of years before giving in to light. Consequently, the souls who are exposed to darkness last for a time, but in the end, they always give in to the light.

So what does this have to do with suffering?

Those of us who suffer beyond a certain point have been exposed to the front line of this contest between light and darkness. We were brought to the very edge of existence between the wellspring and the void and were given the choice between the two. Some were lost, but some achieved something else.

Some of those who suffer in immeasurable ways may be those who chose prior to this lifetime, to experience the worst of the worst and to endure this pain as long as a soul is able. They may have participated in this soul agreement as a particular portion of this experiment. This portion involved a specific test to see whether a not a soul could endure everything endured by the worst of those on the negative path without actually turning to the dark path. In this way, these souls may have created a chance for universal balance and resolution for both the paths of darkness and light.

It could simply be said that infinity cannot be broken, but darkness has had their fair chance at proving this principle false. Those who are most aware of their connection to the infinite are among those who endure while those who forget their connection to infinite Source give up.

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In order to endure such immeasurable hardship, a soul must remember their connection to Source. This connection cannot be broken, according to universal law. The only way a soul can experience the loss of this connection is in a fictitious, self-created illusion. Yet when we acknowledge our own unbreakable connection to infinite peace, fulfillment and love, and when we realize that our source connection is an irremovable part of us, we can endure anything.

These are possibilities worth considering, I believe. The fact is that suffering, imbalance, and lack never go unresolved or unhealed. Suffering always has a reason hidden within it, but it takes a willing eye, an open heart, and full awareness of our unbreakable connection to divine love, to find it.

Thanks for reading.

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