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Sphere Being Alliance - "Dark Alliance in Panic Mode, Threatens My Family, David Wilcock's Life, and Legal Entrapments" - Links and Commentary

When I first read this update from Sphere Being Alliance, part of me was excited. This was because the failure of the Cabal at maintaining secrecy and control is obvious and impossible to hide at this point. On the other hand, I was concerned for the people involved--not only the victims of these underhanded actions, but those who perpetrated these actions for the sake of maintaining Cabal control.

It is clear that the dam is about the break wide open and that Cabal interests have little choice than to sit downstream and watch. Their only hope now is to confess what they have done and beg for forgiveness. If they do not, their worst fears may come to pass. They will likely be legally accountable to every last crime against humanity they have committed against the planet for the past century, granted we maintain peace and allow these legal proceedings to take place.

My concern also stands for all of those who have participated in smear campaigns and those who have attempted to tarnish the good name of modern whistleblowers for nothing more than personal attention. These defamers have chosen what they desired. However, that choice may not simply have been benign in nature.

Divine Frequency with Teresa Yanaros and Corey Goode - Answering Viewer Questions and Addressing Critics

As the following articles suggests, those who payed for the smear campaign are very likely the same interests who made the attempts on David Wilcock's life as well as those who are intent upon destroying the livelihood and family of Corey Goode. I do not see these destructive interests succeeding, but I do have concerns about the consequences of their actions in their own lives.

If any of these defamers accepted money in exchange for attacking whistleblowers, their lives may be in jeopardy. The Cabal does not typically value the lives of those they use to accomplish their insidious goals. They see human beings as tools, and if an individual they intend to use is willing to sacrifice others for their own selfish gain, that person could easily be next sacrifice.

Whether the sacrifice is ritualistic or if it is committed to silence any living witness, the Cabal typically considers those who accept money for such actions to have authorized their own destruction in such dealings. If the Cabal sees fit, they do not typically hesitate to eliminate living witnesses to their crimes against humanity. These Cabal interests will not want to leave any loose ends untied.

Cobra - Big Breakthroughs - A Short Situation Update for July 30, 2017

These cabal employees would have money in their bank account which could be traced back to Cabal sources. They would have the testimony to prove the guilt of Cabal interests, and in an act of further desperation, the Cabal might use their common method of suicid'ing their employees to keep them quiet. As things stand, no one who works for the Cabal is ever truly out of harm's way.

This is only a possibility. However, it stands to reason that if Cabal interest are fearful enough of being outed, their actions could become even more desperate. The only way for current or former Cabal employees to remain safe may be to come forward and absolve themselves. It may be safer to come forward and tell everything they know in full public view. After all, the Cabal cannot silence what has already been openly stated.

No matter what, it seems that the battle is almost over and that the good side is winning. It is just the details of the outcome that have yet to be determined by our positive intentions and choices of experience.

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Source: Sphere Being Alliance

Published: August 17, 2017

By: Corey Goode

Death threats… by phone and in writing. Blackmail efforts for over a million dollars. Possible attempted murder by sabotaging car brakes. Anonymous calls to Child Protective Services saying my children are in imminent danger. All worldly possessions of a fellow insider, Pete Peterson, being illegally seized and sent to the dump – causing losses in the millions. Armed policemen, protecting the crime, with the homeowner guaranteed 90 days in jail if he comes within a mile of the operation. Simultaneous seizure of his truck, leaving him with no transportation.

Sphere-Being Alliance - A Short Post from Corey Goode on Current Issues and the Law of One Text

This might sound like the plot for an invigorating thriller film. I wish that’s all it was – but this is my life as it stands today.

I am sharing information that, while hard to believe for many people, would utterly transform our society if it were true. Why would these increasingly severe, if not potentially lethal attacks be happening to me, to the people I love and to the people who support me if I were somehow making this all up – as the critics invariably suggest?

I am currently in McCloud, California, with a portion of the Full Disclosure Project Team. The rest of us should arrive late tonight. I have been on a three-week trek from Dallas, Texas through the Boulder, CO area to look at rental houses. Then we drove to the gorgeous Mt. Shasta area for our upcoming Eclipse of Disclosure conference.

We have been driving through beautiful and desolate geography, and I have been mostly unplugged from the Internet. On August 5th, I received a newsletter notification that David Wilcock had published a new article on his website Divine Cosmos. I was unable to read the article at the time due to all the driving. I did not realize yet that David had taken steps to defend himself against severe attacks against him and me that have been ongoing for all of 2017.

Eclipse of Disclosure – The Experience – Recounting Memories from Mt. Shasta

When I woke up the next morning, I noticed that David had sent me a few emails and Skype messages. He was describing the “hack attacks” that were occurring on his website after publishing his article. He stated that a person had left a comment on that article claiming responsibility for these aggressive and damaging hacks. The person threatened to release a “data dump” that would “ruin us both” if David did not make a grandiose, public “dumping” of me – cutting all personal and professional ties.

David had already privately informed me about being threatened in an extremely similar fashion through one of his once-trusted insiders on the phone, as of July 3rd. Some of the same phrases were used in both threats. This showed that the JackSmith message was related to the threat David had received by phone. This formerly-trusted insider told David that a major campaign was underway to “take Corey Goode to the slaughterhouse.”

David was told that his career would be spared if he would reject me in a public way. He was also told that if he did this, he would be rewarded with rapid career and wealth growth. This incident shocked David very hard, as he had established a friendly rapport with this individual over a number of years.

David Wilcock - New Briefings on Antarctic UFO Crashes... and SF Conference This Weekend! - Divine Cosmos

This insider stated that the information I was releasing about the Military Industrial Complex Research and Development bases in Antarctica had to be discredited. The R&D that is being carried out in these locations is said to be of the highest security clearances and most sensitive domains in terrestrial matters.

It was clearly communicated that the Lost Antarctic Ancient Civilization narrative was not only acceptable to report on, it was highly encouraged.

On Tuesday, August 8th, just three days after David’s article went live, I found a strange email in my personal inbox. In this email, the sender identified himself as “JackSmith.” By this point, everyone knew this was the alleged hacker of David’s website.

He was now claiming that he wanted to come forward as a whistleblower and expose the full nature of the operation that he was involved in conducting against us, on behalf of a powerful group. This group obviously appeared to be what we have called the Cabal. He said this information-sharing would be very dangerous for him to do, and that he wanted us to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for his protection.

He wouldn’t even reveal his identity until we signed, but he said we would be very surprised by the prominence of his family once we did. He also said that he wanted us to pay him back by promoting something for him later on. He gave no indication of what he intended us to advertise. This, of course, is attempted blackmail. He was actively hacking us, threatening us that it would continue, and saying that he wouldn’t tell us what he was doing unless we paid him for it.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - The Law of One and the Secret Space Program - Exploring the Striking Correlations between the Law of One and Past Testimonies of the SSP

I have made the full email available in its entirety, other than redacting a few names and pieces of personal information. The full email is available to legitimate researchers who want to investigate these matters.

I checked the Email’s “Host Header” for IP information that may provide information on where this individual was emailing me from. It was obvious that they had used a Virtual Private Network to hide their location. This was not unexpected from someone who claimed to be responsible for hacking a website.

I skeptically replied to the email, requesting more information. I received a fairly quick reply stating that they were a part of an organization that had been working to foment a civil war within the Ufology community. This team claims to have focused an attack campaign on me since the beginning of the year.

Early this year, I announced in updates and on Cosmic Disclosure that I had been briefed on a major operation against our community. The goal was to discredit anyone that was not pushing the accepted narrative on disclosing the Secret Space Program. I was told that we would all come under a heavy attack that would be extremely organized and convincing. This, of course, did begin in earnest immediately after Contact in the Desert and included targeting of the MUFON symposium “The Case for a Secret Space Program”

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