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Roger Richards and Full Disclosure Now – Interview at Eclipse of Disclosure 2017 - Video, Links, and Commentary

By this point, most everyone in the awakened community knows of the importance of disclosure and truth in our world. We have seen the effects of the secrecy and lies that have been perpetrated against the people for generations on end, and I believe it is safe to assume that most if not all of us are ready for monumental change. Understandably, this change may come with some level of challenge.

For a good while now, we have seen numerous efforts of resolution for the past difficulties within the truth and disclosure community. Many of us have done the inner work necessary to move above and beyond these past issues and are ready to push forward to global liberation, and I commend everyone who has made this personal choice for themselves. In fact, this discussion covers this very subject.

Eclipse of Disclosure – The Experience – Recounting Memories from Mt. Shasta

It was a privilege to interview Roger Richards, especially at a conference as significant at Eclipse of Disclosure, 2017. This was actually the first conference of this kind I have attended, and was also by far, the most energetically catalyzing event I have been to in years. To hear the perspectives of one of the key contributors to this transformative event was a remarkable thing to experience.

I've found Roger to be one of the most forthright, genuine, and easygoing people I've encountered. The conversation during the interview honestly did not seem like an interview in that is was natural and was filled with numerous interesting insights. In fact, even though I had notes that I intended to cover, the conversation seemed much more interesting than most of what I had written down.

Here is the Discerning the Mystery interview, Roger Richards at the Eclipse of Disclosure Conference.

For those interested in hearing more about Roger's story, he has posted a number of videos on the Facebook page Full Disclosure Now. These videos offer an extensive view into Roger's personal life and the situations which brought him to his present place of productive community-based activism. These posts also serve as adequate contextual references for the above conversation. For those posts, click the following links.

Post by Emma Gold – June 7, 2017

Divide and Conquer vs Healing the Collective Schizophrenia

Post by Emma Gold – July 6, 2017

Our Need to Cooperate

There was one point during the interview when Roger expressed particular passion for unity within the truth movement. Unfortunately at that point, the camera battery died and had to be recharged, but I thought it necessary to emphasize the point which Roger was attempting to drive home. That is that it is entirely possible for any group to work together for a positive cause.

It doesn't matter how differently two individuals think, what their opinions are or where they were born. Any two people can get along if they choose to, and when they set their minds to it they can work together for a productive purpose. Full Disclosure is quite possibly one of the most productive ends we can peruse at this point, and aside from the empty accusations that were made to smear those promoting it, its need is still crystal clear.

There is no responsible reason why grown adults cannot work together to solve the world's problems, and as far as I can see, there is no reason why we cannot put our differences aside—whatever those differences may be—to achieve these goals. In fact, when we definitively decide to cooperate in these ways, and we choose to uphold respectful standards of communication and conduct, it is nearly impossible for negative influences to divide us.

It is an historical constant that any grassroots movement of the common people is sabotaged by the powers that be. No matter what rights the people fight for, the elite have always attempted to subvert community groups with the typical divide-and-conquer tactics. However, most of us have grown wise to these tactics, and if we choose to unite in respect and trust of one another, nothing can stop us.

Our world society and the planet most definitely need the truth to be revealed, and the sooner we stop fighting, the sooner we can put our heads together and gets things done.

For all of those who agree and would like to help volunteer for the sake of truth and disclosure, here are the websites mentioned in the video.

My thanks goes to Roger and all of those who worked hard to make the Eclipse of Disclosure conference a successful and positive event.

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