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Divine Frequency with Teresa Yanaros and Corey Goode - Answering Viewer Questions and Addressing Critics

The past few months have been extremely interesting.  Though at times, the state of the disclosure movement has been somewhat turbulent, there has always been forward progress. We have heard the many testimonies come from whistleblowers and sources such as Corey Goode. Some of the testimonies from these sources have been somewhat verifiable, while others have remained largely mysterious.

In the subject of ufology, mystery is nothing new.  Every whistleblower has some amount of mystery to their testimony, and every source has some aspect of unverified detail. As most of us have known for a long time, when it comes to UFO and black project secrecy, the deeper the project, the less we will know about the reality behind eye-witness testimonies. The greater the cover-up the less evidence we will see that the alleged projects exist.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Validating the 20 & Back Program with William Tompkins

Since we already know that most of these projects were never intended to see the light of day Earth-side, it is no surprise that any whistleblower does not have sufficient evidence to fully support his/her claims. The question becomes, if we already know this simple fact of secrecy to be true, why do so many people get angry at the lack of thorough proof?

In a state of secrecy of government, science, religion, and every institution in our world, the possibilities of truth could be endless. Therefore it is only responsible to consider all possibilities until we have the entirety of the truth. This is why myself and thousands of other people have enjoyed listening to the testimony of Corey Goode. The fact is that this testimony is part of the puzzle we have to solve, and no amount of defamation attempts will ever change that.

It is understandable that some have significant difficulty with certain claims. However, in any difficulty, it is important to forgo our urge to respond in anger and frustration simply because we do not immediately have every answer we desire. It is for this and many other reason why I am grateful for the efforts which Goode has made to attempt to answer as many questions as he can to give people a starting point to do their own research and find the answers we all seek.

With that, here are Teresa Yanaros and Corey Goode.

Corey Goode Interview - Current Events and Q/A - July 25, 2017

Source Link - Corey Goode Interview - Current Events and Q/A - July 25, 2017

UFO Religions

The center of the accusation of religion seems to stem from one quote that was either neglectfully or deliberately taken out of context by Dark Journalist. This quote came from an article written by Dr. Michael Salla titled, Corey Goode on Nordic Extraterrestrials working with Religious Leaders for Disclosure.

Here is the excerpt in question.

Q3. What were you told about the contents of an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement in terms of why it would become the basis for a new world religion?

After these beings are introduced, they expect the public will have a lot of questions about the ET’s. The ET’s beliefs and knowledge of the Universe and God would be among the top questions. At this point these beings are expected to share a newly crafted belief system that is based on the ET’s true belief system. These beings will be doing this to help Humanity from the ET perspective.

Dark Journalist asserts that mere utterance of this statement is evidence that Corey Goode is promoting a new-age religion lead by blue avians with Corey Goode as the center. However, if Dark Journalist took the time to learn the actual message and the context in which this article was written, he would have known this was not the case.
By simply reading the first paragraph of the article and taking to time and energy to learn that there are two completely different disclosure narratives in play, Dark Journalist could have avoided making this mistake. Below is the first paragraph of the article.

The following answers were received from Corey Goode on June 26 in response to questions I sent to him about information he shared recently in an article about the Vatican being involved in an extraterrestrial disclosure initiative. In his responses, he provides further details about what he has been told by multiple sources about ongoing events involving the Vatican, Nordic extraterrestrials and a US Air Force run secret space program.

As anyone who is familiar with the Cosmic Disclosure series will know, there is a very big difference between the partial disclosure narrative and the Full Disclosure narrative which Goode and many other people have been attempting to promote. Partial disclosure only involves the release of certain advanced technology, the disclosure of ETs to some extent, and the revelation of a small portion of the Secret Space Programs. This is the disclosure to which Dr. Salla's article is referring. But again, most of those familiar with the show already realize this.
This partial disclosure narrative is one narrative linked with the Catholic Church, the Air Force, and the Lower-Level Secret Space Programs. It is the one linked to the religious narrative, and it is this narrative which Corey Goode has warned us about in the past so that we are not taken by any new ET religions promoted by any religious entity.

It takes minimal effort to learn these details as they are a common topic within the Cosmic Disclosure series. One instance of the mentioning of this topic can be found in Season 6, Episode 17, “Viewer Questions Part 5." Here is that excerpt.

Cosmic Disclosure - Season 6, Episode 17 - 27 Dec 2016

David: All right. Now, we have another one which gets into the kind of stuff that we try to normally avoid, but we're just going to engage on this. We agreed off camera that we would talk about this because there has been some attacks that have come from Dr. Steven Greer, trying to undermine your credibility, my credibility . . .

Corey: . . . and Tompkins.

David: . . . and that of William Tompkins. And I just want to point out, before we ask this question, that I have all the greatest respect for Dr. Greer's work. I was at the Disclosure Project event in May 2001.

I met most of the 39 witnesses myself on the ground. And I've also encountered a variety of people who did not speak to Greer, who had never wanted to come forward, and they only trusted me. For whatever reason, that's just the situation I ended up in.

They told me a lot of things. You come along, and then later Tompkins came along, and I'm hearing the same stuff, which had never been put online.

When you and I first started talking, there were literally dozens and dozens and dozens of examples of this happening.

So it's kind of embarrassing because somebody like Greer might think that he's got all the information, whereas a lot of people have come forward who didn't talk to him. And with my own discernment, I saw, okay, this guy, Corey Goode, actually has the goods. Pun intended.

All right, with that as a disclaimer to start, let's ask the question:

“Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project and ET Contact Initiative states that ETs and EDs, meaning extradimensionals, must have a very high level of consciousness that would preclude them ever being negative or hostile, and that hostile ETs are nothing more than a propaganda trick. What are your thoughts?”

Corey: Well, those of us that have had experience know that there absolutely are negative ETs. The thought that all of us damn, dirty apes are the only evil beings in the universe is a little insulting.

Duality does not end where our atmosphere ends. A lot of what he said is that we may be setting up people – saying that there are negative ETs – setting them up for some sort of a false flag invasion.

Well, from what I've been told, using technology to project an invasion in our skies is really no longer viable.

What they've moved to is a plan to disclose the lower Secret Space Program – lot of the people he's talking to – and to introduce us to a human-looking non-terrestrial that they'll say has been here helping us for a long period of time.

And then that human-looking non-terrestrial will introduce to us a new sort of esoteric type of religion that they have.

And if we are under the impression that all ETs are positive when they arrive here, we're going to succumb to our programming, drop to our knees, worship them, and, without question, take on a new religion.

So I think that all of us have our own personal belief systems, UFO religions, if you will. And, you know, that's fine. But it's a double-headed coin when it comes to people saying that it's dangerous to say that there are negative ETs, while with what I just said about people thinking that there are only positive ETs, can set up humanity for an even larger type of slavery.

David: Well, I would also want to point out here that this is not simply a question of two public figures who claim to have insider testimony warring it out on an opinion basis and only having opinion as to whether one is judged to be right over the other.

I would say, as somebody who's been on 90 episodes of “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel, that we have a lot of academic research from so many ancient cultures where it's very clear that they were contacted by extraterrestrials.

And the overwhelming majority of those cultures report negative beings and positive beings warring in their skies, warring with each other on the ground, trying to control people on the ground.

So this is an academic discussion. There is no evidence in the academic literature from all these ancient civilizations that we have voluminous records of, of only one good group contacting.

There always seems to be a war between good ETs and bad ETs in all these ancient traditions.

Why do you think that is?

Corey: Because duality is throughout the cosmos. You know, you have these negative beings that are very destructive to consciousness. And then you have these positive beings that are trying to, I guess, put their thumb on the scales in a non-interventionist way, to help us expand our consciousness.

I don't consider myself a journalist. I just have a tendency to be curious out loud, and to follow my own nose to get to the answers. If my writings are helpful to the next person, I'm glad. Responsibility to detail and truth are my goals, but I have to admit being a bit zealous at times. In general though, I do not consider research that difficult. After a simple word search, I was able to find the above quote with no problem, so it makes me curious as to why it was not possible for Dark Journalist—a proposed professional journalist—to do the same.

The facts seem to reveal that the revelation of a UFO religion is not a new concern. In fact, it was Corey Goode who introduced the concern to the audience before anyone attempted to use the accusation against him. The strange part is the number of times which Goode warns the audience not to view him as a guru or any type of savior. He says this in plain English several times throughout the series. Yet for some reason, Dark Journalist asserts that Goode is “creating a religion.”

By using the propagnadistic tactics of quote mining, big lie, assertion, and many others, Dark Journalist seems to have been attempting to destroy the awareness the full-disclosure movement has attempted to create. However, that conclusion is left up to you the audience. Either way, I would task anyone with the challenge to find any benevolent source of information that consistently uses manipulative tactics as Dark Journalist does. It is not likely you will find any. As I have said many times, truth needs no manipulation.

Defamation and Hypocrisy

It is interesting to see the hypocrisy of the movement that sought to demonize the concept of Full Disclosure. (This was a point I appreciated.) It seemed that at every turn, the small number of individuals pushing the idea were using their own flaws as accusations against full-disclosure activists. People who specialized in cult orchestration accused others of being cult leaders. Those who were found to be linked to Luciferian worship accused others of being satanists. Those who were trained showmen and performers accused others of being actors and frauds, and those who were after money themselves accused others of being greedy.

The experience was bazaar to see, to say the least, and I can understand the emotional trip that many likely experienced from watching all of the unnecessary drama unfold. However, there were lessons to learn, nonetheless. From this experience, we might learn to avoid publicly accusing those around us. As we have seen, accusations have a way of instantaneously morphing into confessions.

It became apparent that those behind the defamation campaign had a centralized mentality about them. It was clear that the same tactics that were used to demonize President Trump were being used against the people in the truth movement who were promoting Full Disclosure.

These people seemed used to attacking those they perceived as "leader" and then watching the “followers” scatter afterward. However, in my observation, there was never much of any intention to “follow” any one person. The reality of the truth movement is that there are no central leaders. We don't necessarily “need” them (as some may think of the word) because we are awake, though we very much appreciate many public figures along with their service to humanity. This concept seems to confuse the Cabal and those who attempt to defame.

Their methods are not working because those methods are designed for a sleeping population. However, we are no longer asleep and this terrifies those who still have the need to control others. We may note that no matter what, it is still important to avoid gravitating toward any cult mentality. Just because we happen to be awake does not mean we are invulnerable.  

The Path to the Dark Side

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” - Yoda

Master Yoda said it best in the movie, Star Wars - The Phantom Menace, but is this statement true, and if so, how may it apply to us? In the movie, the quote was referring to how a student of the force can turn to the dark side of the force. We may relate this to our personal life as how a person can change from being a benevolent individual into a self-seeking, negative and destructive person. The commonality in most, if not all of these situations, is that the individual experiencing the conversion has no idea that this conversion is taking place. Even after the conversion has begun to take hold of them, many still do no realize how drastically they have changed.

There are certain painful situations in our lives that impact us in unforgettable ways. We don't always know the purpose of these situations. Sometimes, these situations can seem so obscure and abstract that we are not even aware of them until years after they've occurred. Yet these experiences have more impact on us than any other. Here is an example of this path. There are variations, but this tends to be the general progression of experience.

Please note that I do not at all judge anyone who walks this path—whether accidentally or deliberately. For a brief moment in my past, I actually stepped onto it. The experience can be synonymous with facing our shadow self and learning how to love that part of us back to wholeness. This is not an experience to look down upon, but it is one which we must avoid remaining in if we wish to avoid being consumed.

The Path
Desire – In the beginning, we simply want something—an object, a person, acknowledgment, or attention. Oftentimes, it's money or material possessions.

Distorted Desire – When we become confused and our desire ceases to appear as a simple desire, we can begin to see it as a dire need. Due to our insecurity, we forget the true nature of our relationship to the object of our desire. This can happen in unhealthy romantic attractions.

When we have feelings for someone, we might pursue them with some level of interest. If they don't show much interest in us, and we lack the emotional security to move on, we may begin to overcompensate and begin to come on extra strong. In such situations, we may not know why we feel this need for this person when not long before, we had no idea who this person was. Yet after they reject us, we somehow need them.

In these situations it can be a person, a material possession, or some type of emotional fulfillment we believe the person might give us. In other words, we perceive a person, a situation or object not as they truly are, but as a drug.

The Illusion of Abandonment – In an unhealthy state, when we are rejected, we can feel empty, not because of the other person/people involved, but because of our lack of effort toward our own personal growth and self-healing. Instead of brushing off the situation, looking inward to heal, and then moving on, we feel defeated and betrayed. We begin to see the situation as though we have been wronged even though the other party was only using their free will to accept or reject what was presented. This can easily happen with would-be stalkers who feel overlooked by a celebrity they admire.

Resentment – After we allow ourselves to be deceived in these ways, we then have the option to be resentful from the distorted situation. If our sense of entitlement is not satisfied by our perceived provider, we become angry at them. It is as thought this person we hardly know has become the image of a neglectful parent who is failing to give us what we think we need, whether it be an emotional or material desire. In this state, we have chosen to see ourselves as the surrogate child of our perceived provider.

In this distorted view, our fictitious provider won't give us our attention, our acknowledgment, or our money (whatever the case may be) and we become angry and enraged.

The Choice to Hate – We may feel betrayed and abandoned even though the situation explained is a complete fabrication of our own making. It is at this stage where hurt and anger can turn into our hate.

Vengeance – Once hate is born, action is only one step away. Many times, those who follow this path of destruction feel completely justified and innocent in their actions. In this state, we become fully immersed in our illusion of victimhood. It is in this state that the path of destruction becomes visible to others.

In the eyes of those who launch smear campaigns, the act of slander is not at all wrong. Those behind these campaigns see themselves as completely justified and right for promoting the manipulative tactics they use. It is justified to ruin reputations and to slander the target. In the eyes of slanderers, they are saving others from the pain they themselves have experienced.

Smear campaigns and destructive propaganda are seen as righteousness to those on the destructive path. It appears as justice to those who participate. In their eyes, there is nothing wrong with slandering others. Even though none of us would ever want to be treated this way, those behind these campaigns spare no effort degrading their target until the target is broken.

If this sounds like the story of the Cabal's idea of Lucifer, there is a reason. This is actually the embodiment of the Luciferian experience. A person will feel rejected, betrayed and abandoned. After that point, they begin to see all of those who do not share their pain as the enemy.
They resent the happiness of others. They see this happiness as scorn and callousness to their own pain. However, in reality, it is they themselves who have chosen to abandon themselves and to live in the pain of false victimhood. They are faced with the choice to live in this distortion or to rise above it and to face and heal their own emotional wounds.

Once again, this account is not at all to judge anyone who has chosen the destructive path. I have had experience facing my own demons and this path was a short portion of that experience. I have gone through this and have come out a more humble, yet more empowered person because of it. So I do not at all judge those who experience it, nor do I condemn or hate anyone who chooses to continue on the dark path.

My own experience was with a close friend of mine. We are still friends now, but for a short while, I actually thought this person was evil incarnate. Of course, this was not because of anything they actually did to me. It was because of how I briefly chose to perceive what they did.

I went through the stages of fear, abandonment, anger, and briefly, hate. When I got to hate, I started laughing at myself and couldn't stop. I laughed at how ridiculous I felt for actually hating my friend. Then I realized that it wasn't even me that was egging me on down this path of darkness. It was some unknown force that seemed to want to turn me into some kind of Vadar character.
It was when I realized how ridiculous it was to hate anyone that I stopped kidding myself and pulled myself out of my slump. Don't get me wrong. The state I was in was horrible and when I say, “I pulled myself out,” that is not just an emotional change, but an intense energetic process.

What did I originally want? I needed an advanced type of energetic healing and literally thought that I was going to die without it. Little did I know, I had the answer right under my nose. It was just that I was too panicked to realize it. Overall, I learned a lot, and am better for it.

Just after I had this difficult ordeal, I see this smear campaign coming forward. I do not think it was a coincidence that I got an inside view of the desperate state of the people who choose to hate and attack instead of love. The whole situation has helped me grow and to see myself in a new way. I think it was also for the purpose of showing others that no matter how deep we think we are, there is always a way back to reconciliation.

But enough about me. Let's get back to the motives behind smear campaigns.

The State of False Victimhood

It can be easy sometimes to feel victimized in life. Sometimes, we are actually victims of crime of wrongdoing, but more often than not, we let our false perceptions convince us of our victimhood. We may think about all that we have been through and how we have been seemingly forced into suffering in our lifetime. The experience can be painful and confusing.

In reality, it is possible to view our suffering in countless ways. However, the temptation many of us experience is to sulk in our own self-pity. In this state it is easy to believe that we have no choice but to be a victim and to simply stagnate without growing.

Tips on Discernment – The Flexible Mind – Exploring the Benefits of a Multidimensional Thought Process

We may see our own flaws which often contribute to our difficulties with others, but there is no obvious way that we can solve or resolve them. Instead of searching for the solution, some choose to consider their situation hopeless. Left unresolved, these issues can plague us constantly, making life even more difficult to endure. In this state, we may begin to lose hope and abandon both ourselves, and our quest for self-growth and maturity.

In our hopeless state, we may believe that our only sense of comfort would come from ignoring ourselves and pretending that our personal problems and character flaws did not exists. In reality, we could easily lift ourselves out by searching into our pain and probing the depths of our issues to find the lesson within it. We could find the root of our pain, and resolve and heal it, if only we had the will to act. If we do, our sadness is healed, our depression lifts and we realize new heights of existence which we never imagined possible. However, if we do not, we sink deep into our own self-defeatism.

In this state of self-defeat, we perceive introspection as self-torture. To look into the mirror is like twisting the emotional dagger in our hearts. (This dagger could be said to represent our perceived personal failure.)  Again, in reality, we could easily remove it, and heal. However, instead of pulling this dagger out, we have chosen to punish ourselves and forget about our need for healing.
Over time, we may actual find a sense of comfort in our stagnation, and as long as no one disturbs the dagger protruding from our emotional body, we can forget about our pain. However, when someone comes along and reminds us of our responsibility to self, it hurts terribly. They are disturbing our dagger and are even “threatening us” by offering to help pull it out.

The pain is agonizing and in a state of self-defeatism, many would do anything to make the pain go away. Instead of wanting to avoid injury, those who live in self-defeat can actually want to avoid healing. In this state, a doctor can seem like the devil himself. In fact, anyone who suggests healing and expresses the need for inner work can appear evil to those who have chosen to avoid the pain of healing. When these healers come along, those who hate the idea of healing would do almost anything to make them go away.

“Make it stop!” “..No more pain!” “Leave my knife alone.” In self-defeat, our instinct for survival is turned on its head and begins to work against us. It is no longer our own survival that is the priority, but the survival of something else—something that feeds on our pain. So when someone like a Corey Goode comes along telling us to forgive ourselves and others, the experience can be infuriating. The action of self-forgiveness reawakens the memories of everything we have worked so hard to forget. To forgive ourselves, we must face ourselves, but at this point, we have stuffed all our pain deep within, and we may have no desire to resurrect all of that agony.

In our desperation to end the pain, we may search for some savior to "rescue" us from our own self-healing. We may think to ourselves, “If only someone would make the pain go away!” Enter a smear campaign which attempts to discredit this person who we perceive to be “causing” us pain and agony.

If we are in a state of self-defeat, those who launch smear campaigns against those who remind us of our pain, can seem like saviors and saints. In our state of self-defeat, seeing or reading slander enables us to forget our pain. “Thank goodness I don't have to listen to someone who reminds me of myself,” we might think. We may even begin to see those smearing as divine messengers, heroes and truth-tellers. We jump on board with virtually anything they say because they have rescued us from our pain, but at what expense?

Divide and Conquer – An Expose on How the New World Order “Globalists” have Manipulated Americans for Decades - Links and Commentary Included

No matter how manipulative the slanderers are, no matter how dishonest they might be, and no matter how many double standards they present, they are always justified in their own eyes. There is always room to criticize another human being, considering the fact that we all have flaws. However, to those who slander, any imperfection—whether true or false—represents an inexcusable and fatal flaw of character. The slanderer will actually begin to treat their target with the same cruelty they have used to punish and abandon themselves.

Those who smear others act in pain much like those who blindly follow the smear artists. These tactics come from severely wounded people. Consequently, they will resonate most with those who are wounded in similar ways. This is why we see such tactics of propaganda used by the Cabal in their political, religious, financial and social institutions. The Cabal members themselves are wounded in numerous ways, and so are those they employ. They have chosen the path of destruction and this is the path of Lucifer—a character they believe to be the “misunderstood victim” of a “malevolent god.”


At this point, there might be some who hate me merely for writing these words, but that is okay. It was not at all my intent to offend anyone, but if you were led to read these words, there might be a reason you did. If you find any truth within them, and if that truth helps you in some way, I am glad.

I know what it is like to be in this state. Working through these difficulties was part of my awakening experiences, and once in a while a portion of the ordeal resurfaces for me to heal. I don't take the hate personally, but I do encourage those who are tempted to direct their attacks at me or anyone else speaking about self-healing to refrain for a moment, and consider whether or not there is a better way to use your energy, and a more productive way to handle the situation.

The Two Poles

Just as the fruits of the destructive/negative path are clear, the fruits of the positive/productive path are obvious if we chose to see them  Just as Teresa states in the video, both of these paths have value to them. One destroys while the other creates. In truth, both work as a team to maintain balance in the universe. However, it appears that we have had a significant imbalance due to the influence of the Cabal and their controllers.

It is our job—every one of us—as divine souls to chose our life course and to do our best to represent ourselves as best as we are able. I personally choose the path which creates. However, this is not to devalue those who might choose to destroy. The path of construction, or what we may refer to as the "positive polarity" is one which produces that which the negative path fears. It is the role of the negative path to attempt to eliminate that which the positive polarity produces.
We may see two poles, but we are all part of the same toroid of consciousnessthe combination of the infinite and the infinitesimal.  At the center, we are all the same divine consciousness.

Those on one path may perceive those on the other as "evil." However, due to the variation of perception, the concept of "evil" seems to be in the eyes of the beholder.

Those on the negative path hold the task of attacking and destroying that which they perceive as a threat while those of the positive path create newness in the universe. Those on the positive path have the task of realizing that all things are one while the negative path see itself as the oneness of all things. On the benevolent path, there are no enemies, only choices of divine souls. There is no need to defend or fight on the positive path, but the negative path must fight endlessly to preserve itself, or at least that is the perception.

Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity

The positive polarity produces while the negative consumes—much like the relationship between a lion and a gazelle. One pole represents endless creativity while the other is a consuming black hole. (Consider Hollywood movie remakes and how virtually no creativity comes out of movies scripts anymore. From Hollywood,we only see remakes, soft disclosure and Luciferian propaganda. The creativity is sparse because the negative Cabal controls the industry.)

The fact is that there are no perfect people. No one can walk their path with total perfection of conduct, but we all do our best to represent ourselves and the universe in the most upright way we know how.

There is much more to say. The above video has so much to offer for our consideration. For now, let's do our best to keep an open mind and to treat those we interact with as we would want to be treated.

Remember, this is a group effort and we are all in this together. Even if you feel alone, you're not.
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