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COBRA - WW3 Thwarted, Electronic Harassment, and Our Collective Need to Hold the Light - Situation Update - April 22, 2017

To hear that such progress has been made in the last weeks and months is uplifting in a number of ways. We've heard from Cobra that our efforts during the recent Peace Mediation were extremely successful, and that the conflicts in Syria and the surrounding area were de-escalated significantly. This recent update from Cobra adds to these encouraging developments a topic which many of us will appreciate all the same.

The struggle of many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors to maintain positive focus and forward momentum can be difficult. What makes this even more difficult is the constant harassment by directed energy weapons or what has been common referred to as "electronic harassment."

Dr. Michael Salla - Is Pentagon Using MOAB Bombs Against Giants Hidden in Afghanistan?

Many of us are all too familiar with the sensation of scalar frequencies at night or during the day at inopportune times. We have been sleep deprived, forced to endure pain and discomfort, and have even had the life forced energy taken from us in various ways.

These heartless acts of harassment by Cabal cronies have gone on for decades unanswered and unchallenged. In combination with these types of physical harassment, many have endured the age-old negative implant process. These implants take on a number of forms and serve any variety of destructive purposes. Some are designed to mislead individuals attempting to gather psychic information while others are intended to simply steal life force.

Some of these implants even have the ability to control the mind if the individual allows such control to take place. Combined with the electronic harassment, these implants can wreak havoc on our mission as Lightworkers and warriors.

It is encouraging to hear that on the physical side of the equation, those who have chosen to victimize Lightworkers will be meeting the long-awaited consequences of their actions. No longer will we have to sit back and allow those without conscience to energetically attack us. According to Cobra, those who have suffered in this way will actually be receiving relief from such annoyances very soon.

This is just one of the many intriguing topics covered in this recent update from Cobra.

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Source: 2012 Portal

Published: April 22, 2017

By: Cobra

Now that the Cabal could not trigger World War 3 directly: ,

they have turned to electronic warfare.

Breaking News - U.S. Launches Military Strike on Syria - Links and Commentary

Aside from many times mentioned plasma scalar weapons, they are now using directed energy weapons to their fullest, targeting key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in an obvious attempt to remove them from the surface of the planet, as the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors with the power of their unified consciousness are one of the main obstacles in Cabal's plans to create global war.

Directed energy weapons are physical radio frequency, laser, microwave, sound or plasma beam weapons that can incapacitate the target:

False Flag - A Modern and Historical Account of Staged Attacks by American Interests and the Economic Powers that Fueled Them

These weapons are used by the Cabal agents worldwide, torturing a very important segment of civilian population:

Also, the Cabal has bribed many people from the general population to become unconscious co-perpetrators of those crimes against humanity. These sheeple are thinking that they are just spying on targets with a funny looking telescope, when in fact they are irradiating the target with a directed energy weapon:

A certain elite task force has begun removing key perpetrators of those crimes internationally. They "shoot first and ask questions later." They have issued a warning, stating that "anybody using a directed energy weapon against a civilian target, either knowingly or unknowingly, is committing a crime against humanity and may expect to be dealt with." They have also stated that an "international diplomatic and political scandal with far reaching consequences, exposing certain key people from the United States, responsible for use of those weapons against civilian population, may explode soon."

Vault 7 - CIA Hacking Tools Revealed by Wikileaks - Links and Commentary

Another source has stated that "the King has declared the opening of the hunting season." Regarding this statement from the "King" it is interesting to note that George Bush Sr. has received a warning from Maat:

Last Monday, the Pleiadians have contacted top Russian military personnel about the directed energy weapons issue. If the attacks on the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors do not stop, the option now on the table is to disable key organizations perpetrating those crimes with a selective EMP strike or with another similar electronic warfare operation. The first two targets mentioned were DARPA and Raytheon.

UPDATE - The Final Defeat of the Cabal, Tangible Evidence, Energetic Changes toward Planetary Breakthrough, Plus a Word on Discernment and Plausible Deniability

Russian electronic warfare capabilities were tested on Tuesday, when Russian electronic warfare system Khibiny has successfully paralyzed NORAD across Alaska, as you can read in this partially correct report:

Here I need to say that while NORAD was down, the Pleiadians took certain action on the surface of the planet.

US Air Force Officials Investigate Claims of Secret Navy Space Program - Dr. Michael Salla

The following article was issued as a warning to negative factions within DARPA and US Air Force:

Also, power outages in San Francisco, LA and New York were NOT a coincidence:

Now it is of the utmost importance for all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors to invoke and anchor the Light as much as humanly possible, although I am fully aware that we are tested beyond limits. Here is a very good and effective example of how to do this:

The other extremely important thing is to awaken as many people as possible to the reality of directed energy weapons. The easiest way to do that is to make the following article viral through your blogs and your social networks:

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Transformational Power of the Great Solar Flash with Jay Weidner

Our unified awareness and consciousness will transmute this situation, as it has transmuted countless situations before.

Victory of the Light!

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