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COBRA - Critical Mass Achieved Exactly Three Years After it was Explained - February 26, 2017

The day of Sunday, February 26 was quite an eventful day. This was a time filled with multiple group meditations and energetic efforts to move our planet forward on many different levels. Around the entire planet, the people assembled for the sake of creating the best future they could imagine.

The lunar eclipse, which occurred the night before, seemed to motivate multiple groups to initiate their various creations and new beginnings. Though a small number of these groups may not have had the best intentions at heart, most of the people were extremely constructive and did their part at maintaining positive and transformative energy.

Many of us are familiar with the global ascension meditation which takes place on a weekly basis and is orchestrated by Cobra and the 2012 Portal website. This global meditation has included thousands upon thousands of people from around the world, who come from numerous walks of life. This group has consistently come together for the sake of helping humanity and the planet transcend our current issues and to usher in a new age of prosperity and higher consciousness.

If we have kept up with recent developments, we may also know that our efforts have paid off in major ways. On Sunday, February 26th, Cobra left a short, and yet profound announcement on the Portal website. You can read this announcement below.

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Source: 2012 Portal

Published: February 26, 2017

By: Cobra

This is just to let you know that the critical mass has been reached. What we have achieved is epic.

Full report will be released as soon as I gather all intel.

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As we may have realized, this is an extremely significant achievement. If this is true, it means that the work that we have completed thus far is paying off in major ways. It could very well be that these efforts are about to yield the jackpot of all achievements—ascension.

COBRA - Full Etheric Liberation Report - March 1, 2017

According to past articles by Cobra, this announcement is astronomically positive. This critical mass of consciousness has been a major goal of all of those who have been meditating and working toward planetary breakthrough. Simply put, this critical mass represents the core group of people needed for group meditation in order to effectively influence the entire planet for the sake of ascension. Let's get an expanded view of this concept.

Below is a previous post from Cobra which appeared on the 2012 Portal website back in February of 2014.

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Source: 2012 Portal

Published: February 26, 2014

By: Cobra

We Have The Power

Despite appearances, we have the power. Free will is the ultimate law in this universe and when a critical mass of people makes a decision for the planetary liberation and insists long enough, that liberation inevitably comes. This is the highest natural law and the Cabal will have to obey it, willingly or unwillingly, and release the surface of this planet to humanity.

When a critical mass of human beings gathers with a focused intent, it can have a drastic effect on the planetary situation. The critical mass for humanity fluctuates somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 people.

We have managed to gather about one quarter million participants for the Peace Portal Activation on August 25th, 2013 and we have managed to avert the possible military invasion into Syria.

Global Consciousness Project, directed by Roger Nelson from Princeton University, studies the effect of synchronized human consciousness at events of planetary importance, on random number generators. The project does not measure if the effect is positive or negative, it registers only a deviation from statistically expected results:

This project has proven beyond reasonable doubt (the odds against chance are more than a trillion to one) that unified human consciousness does have an effect that is far from random:

This project has found out that Peace Portal Activation (p=0.027) has affected global consciousness more than any event since beginning of 2013, except for Nelson Mandela's »death« in December last year (p=0.013). It had more effect than resignation of the former Pope (p=0.087), election of the current Pope (p=0.186), Boston false flag event (p=0.765) and Sochi Olympics (p=0.202)! And about the same effect as the 9-11 false flag event in 2001 (p=0.031):

Factor p represents probability that a certain event generated its effects by chance. It is a fairly good measure of a global coherence of consciousness on the surface of the planet. The lower the number, the more powerful the coherence of consciousness is.

Aion Portal Activation on November 23rd, 2013 has also reached the critical mass and a tangible result was the Iran peace agreement just a few hours after the activation. The effect of the Aion Portal Activation on the human consciousness is measured here:

We can influence the coherence of consciousness on the planet everyday, not only at portal activations. Exposing truth through the alternative media and mass protests, if they persist long enough, are the most effective ways to achieve that coherence. When the critical mass of truth will be exposed through alternative media, it will trigger a chain reaction of the planetary awakening which will be synchronized with the Event through the Galactic pulse.

The Galactic Central Sun is the source of our free will and of course the Cabal can not stop the Galactic Central Sun! Nor can they stop the cosmic wave of Light which accelerates the key breakthroughs in evolution to happen faster and faster, converging into a mega breakthrough point in our near future:

We are far more powerful than it sometimes appears:

Despite the mainstream media blackout, mass protests have reached the United States (the country with the strongest Cabal control) and this is a very good sign that we are close to the breakthrough:

When this realization penetrates through the masses, it will help co-create the Event.

The other crucial factor is the fact that the Fed does not have the gold:

People are beginning to realize the fact that the gold is gone:

Again, when this realization penetrates through the masses, it will help co-create the Event and the Reset of the financial system as the critical mass of trust in the fiat system will be gone.

The Cabal has made some desperate moves lately, like »suiciding« the bankers and manipulating color revolutions in Ukraine and Venezuela by Jesuit-backed Blackwater/Xe/Academi snipers and their Muslim Brotherhood cohorts killing people and inciting violence.

It is good to note that the same Muslim Brotherhood propaganda pamphlets that were handed out in Egypt were also given to Ukrainian protesters:

We are entering a very interesting period in a few days. Let me conclude by making a hint that mass arrest scenario is not the only aspect of the plan to remove the Cabal from power.

Victory of the Light is near!

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It just so happened that this announcement from 2014 came exactly three years ago to the day, before the most recent announcement of the critical-mass achievement was posted. This seems to be an extremely significant synchronicity spanning over years of time.

According to the whistleblower, Corey Goode, those within the positive Secret Space Program Alliance have been extremely surprised at how fast events have progressed thus far. These personnel have technically predicted various events of disclosure, planetary liberation, and the anticipated solar event which is predicted to change all life on Earth. Those within the SSP originally predicted the solar event to take place between the years 2018 and 2023. However, events are said to be transpiring so quickly that it has been difficult to predict when the solar flash will occur.

Cobra - Situation Update and Monthly Cobra Interview with Prepare for Change - November, 18, 2016

By my own estimates, we could experience this solar event any day now. It has been stated numerous times (and I tend to agree) that we the human race are in complete control of these events as they unfold. If we have reached critical mass, this could mean that we are actually teetering on the threshold between the old world and the new. This is an extremely exciting thought.

To ensure the greatest possible outcome for our world, we must focus our collective intention upon that which we want and that which serves the greatest good. To add, if we truly desire the greatest good to manifest in our lives, we must let go of that which does not serve us in that highest good.

There is quite a bit of detail to the art of manifestation. For a more expanded explanation, click the link below.

Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity

If predictions are correct, we have an amazing future ahead of us. Let's make it happen.

Thanks for reading.

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